Nothing Like A Perfect Moment [Sequel to The Secret Babies]

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Chapter Six

“I will miss you so much, honey.” Dr Peters said and kissed Luis left cheek.

The little guy has proven to be a strong baby. He has added enough weight and he’s also healthy, ready to be discharged.

“I’m sure he will miss you too.” Lawrence chuckled as he watched Doctor Peters play with Luis in her arms.

“So I guess you are ready for this.” Doctor Peters smiled as she turned to take a look at Lawrence.

He has been learning about babies for the past one week, reading books, watching a lot of helpful videos and Doctor Peters also helped him out with What to do which also includes how to make Luis formula in the right way.

“I suppose I am.” Lawrence chuckled as he scratched the back of his head.

The truth is that, no matter how you prepare, you can never prepare enough, because it’s the practice that makes you perfect.

“You don’t have to worry about his health. We did a test and his heart is healthy. Just make sure you follow all the precautions I have given you and everything will be fine.” Dr Peters assured and he nodded.

“Alright then, I wish you all the best and if you have any problem, you have my number. I will be willing to help out.” She replied with a smile and handed Luis over to his father.

“Thank you so much for everything Doc.” Lawrence said and she nodded with a smile.

Doctor Peters escorted Luis and his father to the taxi waiting for them outside the hospital. They were leaving for the airport. They were going back home......

Several hours later.............

“Don’t tell me you are still gushing over my son,” Lawrence said in his possessive tone as he walked out of Luis’s Nursery into the living room.

“Don’t blame me. He is so adorable. I just can’t get enough of him.” Ethan replied as he cradled baby Luis closer to his chest.

Ethan picked them up from the airport about two hours ago. Luis was a good baby all through. He enjoyed being in his father’s arms. He didn’t cry except when Lawrence had to change him on the flight.

Immediately they got home, the first thing Lawrence did was to change Luis again and feed him after which he burped him. He did all that as Ethan watched him adorably.

After Burping him, Lawrence had handed baby Luis to Ethan so he could arrange the little boy’s room. But to his surprise, everything was neatly arranged and decorated. The theme colour was so adorable and everything he ordered was neatly arranged. He only ended up arranging Luis clothes and toys he brought from Detroit and he also changed the sheet in his crib.

“You really did a good job Ethan. You arranged everything in Luis room. Luis will be so proud of his uncle.” Lawrence said as he gave Ethan a goofy smile.

“Sure. What do you expect? He has the coolest uncle ever.” Ethan smiled as he took a seat on the couch with Luis still in his arms. The little guy was just looking at Ethan’s face with his hand wrapped around Ethan’s finger.

“Actually, it will be unfair if I take the whole credit, just thank your secretary when you see her.” Ethan chuckled and Lawrence jaw literally dropped.

“Ethan Uriel Morris. Don’t tell me you brought a lady into my apartment?” Lawrence groaned with a frown on his face.

“I couldn’t help it Larry. She just seems to know too much about babies.” Ethan grinned.

“Ethannnnnnn.” Lawrence groaned loudly.

“Just wait till you see her. She’s so beautiful.” Ethan said dreamily and Lawrence shook his head. His best friend can never change.

“That reminds me, when will you be coming back to work?” Ethan asked.

“Definitely not this week. But let’s see how it goes next week.” Lawrence said as he took a seat opposite Ethan.

“So, how about a Nanny for Luis?” he asked

“I don’t know about that Ethan. I just want to spend some quality time with my son for now. Besides, I don’t like the idea of him being around strangers.”

“Have you talked to mom? She could help you watch over him while you are at work.” Ethan asked and Lawrence sighed as he buried his face in his hands.

Ethan knows Lawrence’s mom will be willing to help but it seems Lawrence is not ready to ask his mother for help.

“You should talk to her. She and your dad are so worried about you.” Ethan said.

“I will try” he replied.

" I don’t know if they will want to see me right now. I mean, everything that had happened and all. I really don’t know how they will take in the whole matter.” Lawrence confessed.

“They are your parents. Trust me they will understand when you explain to them.” Ethan encouraged and Lawrence nodded.

“That reminds me. I need to charge my phone.” Lawrence said as he searched for his phone and plugged it.

He took a glance at the wall clock in the sitting room and said to Ethan. “I think it’s time for Luis to take his bath.”

“Hmm no problem, I can do that for him.” Ethan said and Lawrence glared at him.

“No thanks. I don’t want you to drown my Son.” he mumbled.

“Common Larry. Why will I drown this little cutie.” Ethan pouted. He can behave so innocent and babish at times.

“Okay. You can take his bath for him. But under my supervision.” Lawrence said and Ethan did a happy dance with Luis in his arms.

They both proceeded to the bathroom and gave baby Luis a bath. Thank God Ethan did not drown baby Luis. It was fun watching Ethan bath the little boy, Lawrence had to unplug his phone to record the moment.

After Luis bath, Lawrence changed him and gave him his vitamins before placing him in his crib. The two best friends sang for Luis until he fell asleep. Even though their voices were so horrible, baby Luis got tired of it that he fell asleep.

Lawrence set the baby monitor and they quietly walked out of Luis room.

Lawrence checked his watch and saw that it was 8.13 pm. He decided to order three boxes of pizza for himself and Ethan. The pizza was delivered in thirty minutes and they both sat on the balcony as they enjoyed the pizza alongside cold drinks.

“So, anything new? How’s Sandra?” Lawrence started the conversation, asking about Ethan’s Girlfriend.

“She’s there, we ended things the week you left for Detroit.”

Lawrence almost choke on his drink.

“Seriously?” Lawrence said as he gave Ethan a weird look.

“I was getting tired of her, she was getting so clingy,” he replied as if it was no big deal and Lawrence shook his head. His best friend was so impossible. He had even lost count of how many girls he had dated since the beginning of this year.

“But guess what? There’s this girl I like.” Ethan said.

“I’m tired of hearing that Ethan.” Lawrence groaned as he remembered that’s what he says every time he’s interested in a new girl.

“Trust me, bro, I’m serious about this one.” Ethan said as he gave Lawrence a serious look.

“So who is she?” he asked as he took a bite of his pizza.

“Well I haven’t talked to her and besides I don’t know her name yet, She’s the daughter of the owner of Crownis.” Ethan said and Lawrence burst into laughter.

This is so weird. Whenever Ethan says he’s interested in a girl, he approaches her immediately and gets to know her. It’s no surprise that everyone says yes to him. Ethan is rich and handsome. Yet it’s so weird that this particular girl Ethan is talking about is not throwing herself on him,

“Don’t laugh at me.” Ethan frowned at Lawrence

Crown supermarket is an African food store/supermarket in Austin Texas. They sell African foodstuffs and locally made products. It’s called “Crownis” and they have different branches around the United States.

The owners are Nigerians, definitely, the girl Ethan has a crush on is a Nigerian....interesting!!

“So, did you at least try to talk to her?” Lawrence asked.

Yeah, I did but she cut me off.” He said which earned a chuckle from Lawrence.

“You don’t usually go to Crownis. What took you there?” Lawrence asked surprised.

“Oh, I went with Maddie,” he replied

“Maddie?” Lawrence asked with an eyebrow raised.

“Yeah, your secretary.”

“You know, I don’t allow that Ethan.” Lawrence groaned.

“No Larry, we are just friends. She’s very cool. I was driving her home after she gave me a hand with Luis room so she said she wanted to buy something at Crownis.” he said and Lawrence nodded.

“So what do you plan on doing now?” Lawrence asked his friend.

“Maddie told me not to worry. She’s working on it.” he smiled.

“I hope you are really serious about this girl.” he said.

“Trust me, I am” Ethan replied.

“So have you heard from Silvia?” He asked Ethan.

“No. But I saw her picture in a magazine last week, getting cosy with Gabriel. Guy, she has moved on. Just don’t disturb yourself.” Ethan said.

Gabriel also happens to be one of the most eligible bachelors in the country. He runs his clothing line and he is also Ethan’s distant cousin.

“I’m now wondering if I was ever in love with her” Lawrence whispered.

“I never liked her. Perhaps everything happened for a reason.” Ethan concluded.

Before now, Lawrence was thinking of seeing Silvia one more time and apologize to her but it seems that is no longer necessary since she has moved on.

“Were you thinking of getting back with her?” Ethan asked shocked.

“Not really. I just wanted to see her one more time and apologize to her. You know, the way I left things wasn’t proper.” Lawrence said.

“Not bad, but just forget about Silvia and let me tell you more about Maddie.” Ethan said with a twinkle in his eyes.

“Ethan.... ” Lawrence groaned.....

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