Nothing Like A Perfect Moment [Sequel to The Secret Babies]

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Chapter Eight

Madiana groaned as she heard the sound of her alarm. She reluctantly sat up and quickly said her morning prayers, committing the day to God’s hands. After that, she stood up from her bed and arranged it before heading to the bathroom to get ready for the day.

She eventually decided to wear a black dress and moved to the mirror side to apply her makeup.

She smiled at herself in the mirror as she was satisfied with her look. She then walked towards her bedside, sat on the edge as she slipped on her heels.

She reached for her handbag, laptop bag and car keys and found her way to the exit.

Madiana arrived at the office earlier than expected because there was less traffic on the road. She entered the office building then proceeded to the fifth floor. That was where her office was. Well, The Bosses and Secretaries office is located on the fifth floor of the building.

Madiana entered her office and saw a cup of coffee on her table. She smiled at that. No doubt it was Alice who had kept it there.

Alice is Ethan’s secretary. She’s a very nice girl and a close friend of Maddie. She’s 24. The same age as Madiana but Alice is a little bit taller than her.

Madiana settled down on her chair behind the office desk and started the day’s work.

Her office is not that big but very cosy, everything was neatly arranged and she had added some decorations to spice it up.

The first thing Madiana did was to send a message to Alice, thanking her for the coffee and she replied saying no problem and they will see during lunch break.

Maddie continued her work but stopped as soon as she heard a sound. She looked straight up and saw that it was her Boss.

Unfortunately, All the office in the building is made up of glass so it was like everyone could see themselves through the glass door.

She saw her Boss walking towards his office which was close to hers. On his right hand was a car seat with a baby in it. Then there was someone behind him whom Maddie recognized to be Dominic, his driver.

Dominic was carrying two bags. Maddy recognized one to be a baby bag and the other to be work bag.

Maddy’s Boss, Lawrence, opened the door to his office, he entered and placed the car seat on a couch. He picked up the baby who was sleeping and placed him inside a crib.

She had set up the crib together with Alice on Friday on Lawrence’s instruction.

She watched as Lawrence collected the bags from Dominic and dismissed him after which he removed his suit jacket, placed it behind his chair, took his seat and started working on his laptop.

Madiana did not know what to do. “Should she go to his office and welcome him?” This is the first time they will be seeing each other, physically. They had only communicated through email.

She sighed and finally took the big step as she stood up from her chair and walked out of her office.

She stood outside Lawrence office and knocked to get his attention.

Lawrence looked up and signalled for her to come in and Maddie entered as gently as she could and closed the door behind her quietly because she knew there was a baby sleeping and she did not by any chance want to wake him up.

As soon as she was in, she saw Lawrence looking at her with full concentration and she couldn’t help but admire the way he looked. He was so handsome. The pictures of him that she had seen did not do justice at all.

Lawrence noticed she was just staring at him so he brought her out of her thoughts when he greeted her.

“Good morning.”

She blushed as she realized she had been caught, she quickly composed herself and said

“Good morning Mr Williams. I’m Madiana Owen. Your secretary.”

Lawrence nodded and said, “I know.”

“I just came to ask if you need me to do anything. I’m almost done with the work from last week. Or do you care for a cup of Coffee? I can go make one for you.” She offered.

“No, thanks. I’m fine.” Lawrence replied after which he stood up and walked towards his shelf. He picked up some files and handed them over to her. Their hands brushed against each other, sending a weird feeling to both of them.

“I will send an email to you on what to do with them,” He said to her.

She was about to walk out when he spoke again.

“Thanks for helping out with decorating Luis’s room and thanks for arranging the crib.”

Maddy smiled ” You’re welcome Sir.”

Immediately she was out of his office, she sighed a sigh of relief. She thought her Boss was going to be a grumpy one but so far so good, he seems kind of nice and she was happy about that.

Madiana was halfway through her work when she heard a loud cry. She looked around and saw that the cry was coming from her Boss’s office.

She could see Lawrence trying to calm baby Luis down but the little man was still cranky.

She sighed and continued her work but she could not concentrate. Luis cry was getting louder instead and she felt so uneasy with herself. She loves kids so much and does like to see them cry, it breaks her heart when they do.

She took a glance at her Boss office again and couldn’t take it anymore. She did the only thing that came to her mind.

Madiana lost her manners immediately she heard Luis cry. She barged into Lawrence office without even knocking. She walked towards him and she could see tears in Lawrence’s eyes as baby Luis continued to cry.

Maddie pitied her Boss. It wasn’t easy being a single father. She could notice that Lawrence was frustrated too.

She looked at Lawrence with a sad smile and carefully collected Luis from him.

“It’s okay my love, Aunty is here. You will be fine.” Maddie said as she placed baby Luis on her chest and tried to calm him down.

Luis cry faded immediately his head landed on Maddie’s chest. The little boy felt like home.

Maddie smiled and kissed his forehead as she continued patting his back.

Her eyes went to Luis’s bottle that was on Lawrence’s desk. She walked towards the desk and picked up the bottle. She could feel it was hot, perhaps Lawrence was trying to make sure it got warm before feeding Luis.

She knows for sure that Luis must be hungry because he just woke up.

Her hands went to Luis’s bum and she could feel that his nappy was soaked. She approached the baby bag which was beside his crib and took out a change of clothes and a fresh diaper and wipes.

She got herself comfortable with Luis on an ash colour Sofa and changed him. She kept on tickling him and making funny faces to him which caused baby Luis to giggle forgetting he was hungry.

After she was done, Maddie grabbed his bottle, she opened the top cover and sprinkled a drop of the milk on the back of her left palm, she could feel it was already warm. So she placed Luis comfortably in her arms and started to feed him.

She smiled as she watched him. He latched on immediately she position the teat in his mouth. The little guy must have been very hungry. She sang for him as she fed him. And once she was done feeding him, she burped him.

She looked into Luis’s eyes and could not help but admire the colour of his eyes. Just like his father’s own.

That was when she remembered. She had totally forgotten her Boss was in the office and was watching her and Luis.

Her eyes searched for Lawrence and she found him sitting on a couch that was situated at the far end corner of his office, close to the window. He was looking at Madiana and his son with a smile on his face


Lawrence tried to calm Luis down. His food was still hot so he was waiting for it to get a little warm.

But Luis was not having it. His cries kept getting louder and it pained Lawrence to see his baby in tears. Lawrence was almost in tears too but he was saved by Maddie.

He watched as she gently collected Luis from him. And Luis cry subsided immediately his head landed on her chest.

He watched how she calmed him down, changed him, fed him and burped him. She did it effortlessly with so much happiness and adoration in her eyes.

Lawrence was shocked. He gently took a seat at the end corner of his office with his laptop on his lap. He was replying to some emails as he kept on taking a glance at Maddie and his son, watching her do her magic.

“It seems you’re busy. I can take Luis with me so he won’t be lonely.” Maddie offered nervously. She thought Lawrence would have lots of work to do. So she offered to take care of Luis.

“Are you sure about that?” Lawrence asked as he doesn’t want to impose any responsibility on her.

“Yeah, it’s fine.” She assured with a smile.

Lawrence then stood up from where he was sitting. He walked towards Maddie who had Luis in her arms and kissed Luis on his forehead.

Madiana could not help but smile at them.

“Thank you!” Lawrence whispered and she nodded with a smile.

She took two of Luis toys and walked out of her Boss’s office with the little boy in her arms.

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