Unexpected Fate

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“Woah love if you wanted a photo that bad should have just asked” he says looking down at me, his hazel brown eyes scan my body and a smirk started to plaster on his face. Who the hell does he think Samantha Kane is just an ordinary girl with a dream of giving her brother the life that se could never have, working two jobs she decides to go for one last singing contract but fate pushes her away and into the back of a world-renowned famous singer Finlay Everett. Finlay Everett is an arrogant, self-centred and overconfident singer who believes that the world is his oyster. If Finlay wants something he believes that he could take it with no questions asked. How will Finlay react to Samantha Kane a closed off girl, who has more priorities than to take interest in Finlay Everett. with Samantha not knowing who Finlay is will this the kick starter for Samantha life? or is fate pushing her in the wrong direction?

Romance / Drama
deni pimlott
4.6 36 reviews
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chapter 1

I felt my heart pounding though my chest as I stepped away from the mic my legs started to tremble; this could be the moment that kick starts my life that changes what happens to my brother and I, I could give my brother the life he wanted. The recording light at the top of the door flicks off signalling me to leave the room.

As I push the door open my eyes connect with the founder and CEO of the company my heart starts to rush a little, this is it, I’ve put my all into this I just hope that it works in my favour.

He approaches me with a tight smile and extends his arm for me to shake

“Hello miss Kane, pleasure to meet you I’m Kyle slater but you can call me Kyle” I shook his hand noticing his British accent and replied

“Hello Kyle thank you so very much for this opportunity” I let go of his hand and wait patiently for his reply, I can feel my hands start to sweat and my legs begin to shake again.

“Miss Kane your voice has some great qualities to it and some great potential” my eyes began to grow wider and I start to feel my cheeks blush.

“However miss Kane at this present day your voice isn’t something that would attract an audience, so we cannot pursue this any further”

My heart sank the moment those words came out of his lips i tried to muster up a smile when a small knock at the door turned both of our attention a small figure of a woman with short black hair and bright red lipstick poking her head though the crack of the door asking if she could speak to Kyle in private, Kyle told me to wait where I was and one of his secretaries will escort me out an left with haste.

I guess he’s got something better to be doing, I put my hand in my pocket feeling the crunch of a piece of paper under my fingers I take out the paper seeing all my details written on it just in case i got offered a chance to sing but I’m not going to be needing this any more.

The door clicked open and a man in cream jeans and a blue shirt tucked into his trousers called me over to take me down to the lobby, I grabbed my sheet music from the table and followed him into the elevator and down to the lobby as he said good bye I thanked him and gave him a small smile.

I start to walk out of the huge Global building trying not to let a tear slide down my cheek this was my one wish not for the fame but to make my brother proud of me, I don’t like to cry in front of people, I can’t remember the last time I did cry in-front of someone it’s just not how I’ve learnt to live.

I take a sharp right as I get out into the street hearing the sound of people chatting away to each other and the blaring of car horns, I look down at my watch and see that the time is 3:08. Shit! I’m going to be late to pick up Mathew, I start to quicken my pace still looking at my watch when an immense force knocks me down landing on the cold unforgiving floor- that’s going to leave a bruise- I look up to see the back of a well framed man wearing black jeans and a leather jacket he swiftly turns towards me.

“Woah love if you wanted a photo that bad should have just asked” he says looking down at me, his hazel brown eyes scan my body and a smirk started to plaster on his face.

Who the hell does he think he is?!

He out stretchers his hand for me to take to help me up, I move his hand away and get myself up picking some of the music sheets I dropped around me.

As I stand up I see a tall dark figure standing behind him with his fingers interlocked with each-other; although he had sunglasses that cover his face from what I could tell he looked emotionless.

“Look I’m sorry, I was just in my own world for a moment” snapping me out of my thoughts he gave me a small smile which I didn’t return, I’ve had a bad enough day as it is.

“I’m Finlay, Finlay Everett”

It was silent for a moment as he tried to see a reaction out of me, seriously who does this guy think he is?

“Good for you and I’m late” and with that said I turned and walked away.

Only to be met with a group of girls screaming and running in my direction, I push my way though them and walk to the parking lot where my car is, I look behind me to see the group of girls have got bigger.

Maybe he was someone big and famous but I don’t care for any of that, I never have; growing up as a kid my parents had it rough and could barely afford the essentials to keeping them and myself healthy, we had no real form of entertainment, no tv, no phones, no radio and I didn’t mind it because every night I would stay awake listing to the old vinyls my neighbour would play until the sun came up.

I hop into my car -it’s nothing special it’s barely keeping its self together but with out this I don’t know how I would get my brother to school and myself to work- starting the engine I travel through the city to get to my brothers elementary school, god I hope I’m not too late.

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