Unexpected Fate

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chapter 10

It’s almost 5 o’clock and I’ve just finished curling my hair.

I stand up in the mirror looking at my outfit for tonight, I’m wearing a black and white striped long sleeved T-shirt that’s tucked into a small black pencil skirt that’s accompanied with a pair of small black heels.

I’m going for a black theme if you couldn’t tell.

I walk out of the apartment making sure I pick up my clutch that has my new phone and some money in it.

When I walk outside I see Jeremy leaning on his car with his arms crossed look down at his feet. He’s wearing blue jeans and a black button up.

I walk up to him and the sound of my heels catches his attention, he looks up with a smile on his face,

“You look good Sam” he says giving me a side hug as he opens my door for me.

The drive was slow and awkward as we really didn’t say much and gave each other an odd glance here and there.

As we walked into a diner (Jeremy had picked) we were met with a lady who took us to our table, I did feel sorry for the lady as she was in the most ridiculous outfit that pushed her boobs together and was very short at the back I mean one gust of wind and everyone will see everything, I know how she feels I have to wear something similar at my diner.

Jeremy however couldn’t take his eyes off her, his eyes reeked with hunger.

I scoffed a little as she cleared her throat in order to stop Jeremy staring at her.

“I’m sandy and I’ll be your waitress today, now what drink can I get ya’ll?” She had a southern accent but I’m not sure where from.

We order our drinks and in a couple minutes they arrived. We sat and talked about different things like how my day has been, I decided to leave Finlay out of conversation as I didn’t think he would want me to talk about him.

After our food came the rest of the night was quiet I didn’t really know what to say, it seemed that Jeremy was more interested in sandy the waitress that anything I had to say.

We split the bill, when it came to paying I wasn’t really into other people paying for me not that he offered anyways.

After Jeremy took me home I decided just to drive straight to Finlay’s house, I opened up my car and pulled out of the parking lot.

I do have to admit I did get lost it’s my first time driving though this part of Los Angeles. I quickly pulled over realising I probably should have texted him first so I shot him a quick text saying I would be round in 10 minuets and almost instantly I got a reply saying okay.

I pulled up and parked by his garage, I didn’t really know where to park.

I got out and walked towards the door that was already wide open.

I stood out side for a moment and knocked but I heard nothing so I walked in,

“Finlay?” I shouted, a couple seconds later a husky voice returned my call,

“I’m down here Samantha, just close the door behind you” I do as he says closing the door and following where his voice came from. I got to the spiral stair case seeing Finlay walking down shirtless, his defined abs almost glistened in the sunlight coming form a window above. Now that I’m seeing him without a leather jacket on his arms are huge and well sculptured.

I’m not sure If I’m drooling but I certainly have let my jaw swing lose for a couple seconds.

I never realised he has tattoos either, each one cascading down his arms and chest.

As Finlay reaches the bottom step he put on his black shirt and smirked.

I had to give her a view of some kind and it definitely payed off, it looked like her jaw almost hit the ground.

But so did mine as I saw what Samantha was wearing, every part of her outfit hugged the right curve.

“You look stunning, if I knew you were dressing up I would have done the same” I chuckle slightly showing her my attire of grey sweats and a black t-shirt.

She looked down at her self and smiled back at me,

“Don’t flatter yourself I just came back from dinner” she a feisty one not that I already knew that. But she was out on a date?

“So who’s the lucky fella?” I ask I think I’m making it a little obvious I want to know.

“Oh no not like that he’s just a buddy from work” her cheeks turn a slight red as she laughs. A part of me is relieved that is wasn’t a date but another part of me feels like a crazy person for just coming out with that.

“Ah I see” I’m trying to sound at least partly not interested.

“Well lets go watch a movie” I suggest we movie towards the lounge but as we do Samantha stops and takes off her heels leaving them to the side, I guess she didn’t want to ruin the carpet. I chuckle lightly and follow her as we walk in. She is a funny one isn’t she?

We finally come to the decision that jaws was a good movie to watch as Samantha hasn’t seen hardly any movies so I had to start her of with a classic.

The movie starts and I sit back down on the couch, whist Samantha is sitting on the other side.

“So why did you want to get dropped off at chase bank? You do know it’s a rough area there” I ask trying to break the silence, you know statistics show that, that area has the highest crime rates.

“I know I live there, it’s the only place I could find cheap that houses two people, my brother and I” she says her eyes glued to the tv screen.

I didn’t think she lived there, she must have it hard if that’s the only place she could afford.

I sink in my seat a little feeling guilty that I have this huge house with only myself living in it and she could hardly afford her place to keep a roof over herself and her brothers head.

“Where’s your parents?” I ask I’m not sure if I should have as she turned to me with sadness in her eyes,

“They’re not around anymore” she gives me a small sad smile and turns round to the tv.

We’re about 15 minuets in when I notice Samantha wiggling in her seat.

“Is everything alright?” I wondered,

“This outfits not really the type of thing you can wear for long before its starts to get uncomfortable” she wriggles some more and I chuckle in response.

I immediately knew what to do as I run up stairs to my room and grab a big grey t-shirt and some black sweats.

I run back down stairs and tell her to put these on.

A few moment later Samantha appears out from the bathroom wearing my stuff. I stare at her in awe for a moment she look adorable, my clothes are to big for her but she looks so happy now she is comfortable.

She come and sits back on the sofa a bit closer to me this time as she thanks me for the clothes, I tell her not to worry and that I’m going to get some popcorn. I come back with the popcorn freshly popped in a bowl and place it on my lap- hopefully this way she’ll move closer to me- and I was right In a matter for moment she had moved closer to me our bodies almost touching.

I liked this feeling she gave me. She made me feel nervous but also excited,

Like there is butterflies in my stomach but fireworks in my mind. I can’t comprehend the feeling all that I know it that it’s a good feeling. I’m not sure that Samantha feels the same way she has to much on her plate to even think about me in that way, but for now I’m happy with just friend. What am I talking about of course I should be happy with just friends I don’t even know the girl that well. I put my thoughts aside and just decide to relax in this moment.

With the popcorn all eaten and the movie coming to an end I feel a slight weight being pushed down on my lap. I see Samantha lying peacefully asleep on my lap, I smile to myself as I pull away some of the hairs from her face. It’s like déjà vu.

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