Unexpected Fate

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chapter 11

My eyes peeled open seeing the glare from the sun aiming straight into my eyes-thanks a lot sun- I shuffle slightly to move away from the sunlight that shines through the crack in the curtains. They’re not my curtains.

I must have fallen asleep round Finlay’s again, I don’t remember his mattress being as hard as this, I look up to see a stern jawline pointing away from the sun, his brown (slightly curly at the top) hair is messy and sticking out in different directions.

I lift my head up noticing that I’ve been asleep on his chest, his breaths are deep and slow- not to mention his pecks are rock hard- each breath lifting my head up and down.

I feel guilty I’ve slept round his house twice now and both time have been uninvited. I should leave. But what if that makes me look like a weird hooker that leaves without saying goodbye, but I can text him saying I had to go and I had a lovely time.

I sit up my legs laying over his, I go to push myself forwards but just as I do Finlay stirs in his sleep moving his legs to the side causing me to fall back on the sofa. His powerful arm catches my waist and brings me to his chest. My face is now being smooshed into his chest.

Well that’s my plan to leave over. I let out a huff of air, I’m not saying this is uncomfortable but he’s got his arm wrapped tightly around my waist.

I poke him in the chest- no luck- I poke again but this time harder, this time he scrunched up his face but still he doesn’t wake up.

I huff again and try to push myself away from him, now this time I connect with a pair of dark hazel eyes that scans my face and then the situation we are in and let’s go of my waist in haste almost surprised.

As he let’s go he rolls back and lands on the floor, a low groan escaped his lips as he stands up. I laugh at his tired state and say

“Morning sleepy head” I lean my head on my hand still laying down, he looks down at me and smirks slightly saying,

“Hey that’s what I say” he scratches the back of his neck and yawns.

“Not today” I reply and hop of the sofa and grab my clothes from the coffee table,

As I walk out to the hall I grab my shoes and make my way to the entrance.

“Where are you going?” Finlay questions mere centimetres away from me, I stop dead and turn to see his eyes still deadpan- oh man this boy has no emotions- I smile a little,

“Well I’ve overstayed my welcome and, I don’t know, I should go” I look down at my shoes-screw putting them on I got some trainers in my car I’ll put them on.

“Don’t be silly you haven’t overstayed your welcome, if I didn’t want you here I wouldn’t have invited you over” I nod in his response,

“Come on I’ll make some breakfast” he turns to the kitchen and I follow him.

After breakfast we decided that we should go to the beach and enjoy the sun.

I put back on my clothes and got my trainers out of my car. Finlay hops in the drivers side of his jeep and I jump into the passengers side. Even in the sun Finlay’s still wearing his leather jacket.

It wasn’t a long drive before we reached the beach, it was quiet in the space Finlay had picked. I got out and took off my shoes tying the laces together and holding them by a finger.

We stroll down the beach talking about everything. We talked about my work and his and then his family, I know that he lives alone he has a mother and father who are still together and has a older brother by a couple of years, and a younger sister but he only really sees them on holidays or if they come and see him as he’s busy constantly and they live in another state.

We skip the conversation on my family, I just can’t bring myself to tell anyone in detail about it. Not yet anyways.

We walk for a while until Finlay stops out of the blue his face pale and deadpan, looking over my shoulder.

I don’t need to turn around to know that people are taking photos of Finlay and I, I see his expression has now deepened into a frown.

“Come on we’re leaving” he says nothing else and turn back towards the car.

Should I have gone over there and said something? No, I shouldn’t get involved after all I’m a nobody.

After reaching the car the ride back to Finlay’s place was silent, he insisted that I ‘come in and watch a movie or something’ I mean I have nothing else to be doing so I agreed and we picked another ‘classic movie’ called ‘Good will hunting’.

About half way through the movie Finlay got a phone call he sighed and excused himself from the room, I figured it was his mangers or something.

About 7 minuets later Finlay came back no words escaped his lips. His facial expression was emotionless and his eyes never left my sight. Who was that on the phone? Why is he acting so weird?

A small ringing sound came from my pocket I pulled out my phone seeing the caller ID is Kyle. I sighed I knew I had to take the phone call it was probably about the photos, I excused myself from the room and headed to the kitchen.

I answered the phone,

“Hello Kyle” I probably sound bored but I don’t want to be talking to him.

“What the hell were you thinking?! just as we have your name out of social media you go and put yourself back in it, now with this mystery girl. We all said we wanted you to stay away from drama and away from the god damned cameras” I clench my teeth to stop myself from saying anything I would regret. I stay silent as I knew he was going to carry on,

“Lucky for you they didn’t get a good shot of that girl so they won’t be able to identify her an-”

“Her names Samantha, Samantha Kane. People have names Kyle” I say proud of my comeback.

“Samantha Kane really? Do you even know who she is?” He responded, I fell silent not knowing what to say to that.

“You really don’t know who she is? Finlay she came to audition at our studio and I turned her down. She’s using you Finlay can’t you see that?

She’s climbing her way up and using you to do it” I feel my stomach start to drop, is she really using me?

“Look you don’t know anything, besides me and Samantha are just friends nothing more, I have to go” and with that I ended the call.

I slumped onto the side of the counter thinking about how this has happened.

Kyle turned her down and she saw me coming out the car maybe thought she could get to know me to use me to get her fame. She must have known me as she knows I love a chase, that’s why she didn’t act interested, she planted the paper with her numbers there for me to find. Then she so happens to be at the school I’m performing at, standing right where she knew I would see her, and of course I followed her. And finally she acted like a damsel in destress in the middle of the street and the dead of night for me to take her back to my house and become friends with her.

My heart sank at the thought she was using me, she must have been this whole time.

I stand up feeling my emotions completely drain from my body as I step back into the lounge, seeing her there with her legs pulled up close to her chest and her eyes glued to the tv with a small smile on her face.

I sit back down my eyes not leaving her body, she moves probably uncomfortable that I’m looking at her.

The movies almost ended and I haven’t taken my eyes off her once this anger inside of me is just building up I want to stay calm but my angers getting the best of me.

“Why? Why’d you do it?” I ask almost spitting out my words, her head snaps towards me she looks almost frightened,

“Finlay what are you talking about?” She question me,

“Why the fuck are you using me to get the fame you always wanted?” I could feel my eyes turn dark with anger and hers looks hurt. But I want fucking answers and I want them now.

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