Unexpected Fate

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chapter 14

I peel my eyes open seeing the picture of my dad sitting on a small glass table in front of me, I sit up clicking my back and neck trying to ease the knots in my back from this damn sofa.

A small knocking came from the door- probably what woke me up- I stand up blowing out a puff of air.

I swear if to god if this is Finlay I will slam the door back in his face.

I open the door with no expression on my face but soon a small smile plastered on my lip when I saw Louis holding Mathew who was sleeping in his arms.

“Hey Samantha” he whispers softly walking inside.

“Hiya Louis, was Mathew okay?”

I say closing the door behind them,

“Yeah he was fab, he never left Daisy’s side” a small chuckle escaped his lips as I took Mathew in my arms and led him to his room.

After I tucked Mathew in bed I walked back into the lounge to see Louis holding the picture of my dad looking at it almost longingly.

A sad frown came across his face, his whole body shifted slightly- man Louis must be missing him as much as I do- I clear my throat, and move towards Louis.

We both take a seat on the couch.

“I’m sorry Sam, he was my best friend and I miss him so much, there’s not a day where I don’t think of him. I don’t know how you’re so strong” she says holding back a sob looking into the photo.

I have to be brave now, I can’t have us both crying.

A sad smile painted across my face, I put my hand on his shoulder to grab his attention.

“Yeah it’s hard not having him around, I miss him every day, but a small part of me can see him in everyone, even you. He’s still here with us we just don’t know it” I say and smile a little.

I can’t help but think about Finlay, I know what he did was wrong and I should never forgive him for that but I shouldn’t hate on people, my father taught me better than that.

After a while of talking Louis went home, and I decided to go to bed.

I’m so exhausted from today that some sleep should do me some good. As my head hits the pillow I’m still wide awake, my mind spins around the thought of how hurt Finlay looked, I shake away the thought.

Why should I be the one to see if he’s okay, he’s the one that hurt me. Hell he’ll never come back and see me again I’m a no one to him, just another mistake.

I treated him as a friend, I wanted us to get along so he could see what it would be like to not have the money or the fame, but I guess he wanted the fame. After all a person who grew up rich and famous will always go back to that life, they can’t live without it.

I never cared for his fame or his money, I’ve lived without it for so long. I only cared about him, I finally found someone who didn’t care I have to take care of Mathew or that I’m practically broke and struggling with two job. It felt like for that small amount of time that he too only cared about me.

I sighed to myself as I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

The lift to the elevator slowly opens, I stuff my hands into my pockets and walk out, the sun immediately hitting me, I squint slightly- where the fuck did I put my sun glasses- Kyle’s assistant (Victoria) waits by the elevator to assort me to his office.

“Hi Finlay” she beams at me moving closer to my side,

“Victoria” I say completely dead pan, still looking forwards, I know she’s moved closer towards me as I can feel her arm touching mine.

She’s obsessed, she thinks her and I are “meant to be” as she’s put it before, every time I have turned her down.

She’s blind to the word no, Victoria whipped her long blond hair behind her shoulder and giggled- why the fuck is she giggling I’m not in the mood to deal with her. it’s been almost 3 months since Samantha and I last talked and I haven’t heard a single word from her. I had an argument with Kyle about her a couple weeks ago, I was so angry at him. He just assumed that she was doing me wrong, I know it’s partly my fault but I’m to stubborn to say it out loud.

Anyways we argued and I stormed out like a brat, I realised that if I keep on storming out of peoples lives I’m never going to make amends.

If I learnt anything from Samantha that would be it, I let out a sad sigh just thinking about her.

A small hand wraps around my arm pulling me closer to her,

“What’s wrong Finn?” And starts to stoke my arm, I move away from her looking into her green eyes,

“Nothing” I don’t want to talk to her, her presence is just annoying me.

“Oh come on Finn I know you too well, what’s really got you down?” She moves closer towards me with a smirk on her face causing me to deepen my frown, I step away from her realising I hit the door to Kyle’s office seconds later Kyle opens the door causing my back to fall into him.

Victoria eyes widen as she gives a sheepish smile and walks away.

“Finlay what are you doing here?”

Kyle sounded surprised as he helped me up.

I walked over to one of his chairs and sat down, he did the same.

“Look, I- I’m sorry. I don’t want to cause anymore tension, I didn’t mean to say those things” I look down into my lap,

“It’s okay son, you still thinking about that girl?” He places an arm on my shoulder and I nod my head saying nothing.

“Ah I remember my first heart break” my eyes go wide at what Kyle just said, heart break?! I don’t get heart broken I do the heart breaking.

“What no she’s was just a friend, she treated me so honestly, she didn’t care about my fame and fortune”

“I- I’m sorry too, it’s my fault that you pushed her away” he let out a slow breath,

“How about we go out for a drink?”

I’m already hungover as it is but I can’t refuse a drink.

“Yeah that sounds great”

After a couple hours Kyle had finished all his work, we took the elevator down to the lobby and waited for Kyle’s black Mercedes-Benz to show.

The car ride didn’t take long at all, the bar was in the middle of the city. I hopped out the car and walked inside the bar, Kyle just paces behind me.

We walked in and it was pretty quiet and full of Middle aged people- no one would recognise me quickly then- I took a seat in a small red booth and Kyle sat opposite me with a huge grin on his face. What’s he so chipper about?

I slumped back in my seat still staring at Kyle, okay I had to know what this guys problem is.

“What’s with you Kyle, what is it?”

He smiled even bigger and chuckled slightly.

“You really have no clue do you?”

I shrug my shoulders,

“Ummm no?”

“Well let me point it out to you” after Kyle said that he reached his arm and turned my head towards the bar.

No fucking way.

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