Unexpected Fate

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chapter 15

“Seriously Kyle?! Why would you take me here?” I looking back at Kyle who still has a huge smile on his face.

“Because you can man up and go talk to her” I turn back to see her. Samantha.

Her wavy brown hair pulled into a loosed pony tail looks flawless as it hang just at the bottom of her back.

Her eyes are glued on the customer in front of her and a smile forms on her lips as she breaks into laughter.

She handed the other woman her drink and continued to talk.

“I can’t” I turn back to Kyle who now has a confused look on his face.

“What? why not?”

“She looks happy, all I can think about is how sad I made her in the end”

Kyle shakes his head,

“That wasn’t the end boy that was just the start, yeah okay it was a shit start but it won’t happen again. It was my fault that it happened, it was me that jumped to conclusions.”

I sighed a little,

“Are you really going to let her go again?”

I looked over to the bar to see Samantha’s wide eyes staring directly at me.

“Emma you’ve had 3 already” I say making her a fourth cocktail, she sits and twirls one of her cornrows with a grin on her face.

“Yeah and? This girl needs her drinks” she says pointing at her head.

I laugh as I pass the drink to her, she took the stirring stick and pushed down the lime. Emma pulled the drink closer to her and took a sip, she let out a breath of relief and looked at me.

“You woman are a goddess” she says causing me to laugh slightly grabbing a cup and drying it.

“Tell me something I don’t know” we laugh a little more and I finish drying the glasses.

I take a look around the bar to see if anyone needs to be served, the back of someone’s brown hair hair catches my attention. holy macaroni.

It’s him, it’s Finlay. I snap back to Emma giving her a sheepish smile that she see’s through immediately.

“What is it?” She lifts up one eyebrow.

“What nothing, why would you say that? Nothing the matter. Nothing at all” I lean my elbows on the bar to try and look cool.

“Yeah yeah Samantha spill now. You and I both know you’re a shit liar”

She takes another sip of her drink.

“Fine, you know the guy I was telling you about?”

“The one that accused you of something and then you told him to leave?”

I nod my head, “yup that’s the one”

“Okay what about him?” She took another sip.

“Well he’s sitting right over there” I nod my head over to Finlay’s direction before realising that if Emma turned to see Finlay she would freak out and he would hate me.

She goes to turn her head but I pull her cheek back to look at me,

“Hey watch the merchandise” she rubs her hand over her cheek,

“Sorry just don’t look” she agrees and I sigh.

“Look you told me a while ago that you were taught to forgive others even for their bad doings” I say silent and look down at the bar, Emma carries on by saying,

“So why are you refusing to forgive him? It’s obvious you still feel something for him, so why not forgive him?” I stare down into Emma’s empty glass and say,

“You’re right, I guess I just didn’t want to face the facts”

Emma slides the money for her last drink across the bar, she hops of the bar stool and says,

“I know I’m a genius, see ya later girl”

And walks out the bar.

I grab the cloth and another glass to clean.

I turn back to see Finlay staring straight at me with wide eyes.

I pull myself out of the booth my eyes still trained on Samantha, I sit myself on one of the bar stools.

“H-hi what can I get you?” Her voice is soft almost soothing my headache.

“Yeah can I get a beer please” I send her a small smile. She turns to grab a glass and pours me out a beer.

She places a coaster down and then the beer, I thank her and she gives me a small smile.

She walks away to clean glasses. She doesn’t want to talk to me, she doesn’t even want to see me. I knew this was a bad idea. I stare down into my glass seeing the froth of the beer, I frown slightly still staring into the glass.

I stared into the glass for what felt like hours but in reality it was only about half an hour,

“Wanna talk about it?” Samantha said breaking the silence in my head.

She stood there with her hand towel over one shoulder and her arms leaning on the bar side.

“I’m sorry, I was such an idiot, a jackass for that matter. I didn’t deserve to be mates with someone like you and I know you prob-”

“Finlay I forgive you, I forgave you along time ago. I just didn’t want to tell or see you because then I knew it would all become real. Everything would all be real.”

I know what she’s saying has a point but I can’t help but feel that she’s scared.

“Can we be friends again? I’m sorry I messed things up the first time but I won’t again” I say scratching the back of my neck, a small smile came across her face,

“No” my jaw dropped at her words, no? She just said no, I can’t believe it.

She laughed and slapped my arm lightly,

“Of course I’ll be your friend but under one circumstance”

I sigh in relief and nod my head,

“Go on”

Samantha moves her hands so her head can rest on them.

“Let’s start over like we don’t even know each other” that not a bad idea it would be like a fresh start.

“Okay I can do that” I take a small sip of the beer cringing on the inside, I didn’t want to drink it but I asked for it.

A smirk appeared across her face,

“That means no sleepovers” she shook her head.

Great no sleepovers,

“Ah common no sleepovers?” Taking another sip of my beer this time I need it.

“Nope you’re like a stranger again, you could be a stalker” she makes an over exaggerated hand movement and giggles, I laugh too remembering that she’s said this to me before when we met for the second time.

We talk for a little longer until Kyle pats me on the back saying we have to go.

I say good buy to Samantha as I walk out the bar and into the car still looking out to the bar.

Kyle laughs at me and says,

“Oh son, you are so crushing” I turn to him and say simply, “She’s just a friend”

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