Unexpected Fate

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chapter 16

It’s been 16 hours, not even a full day and Samantha has already crossed my mind there’s just something in her eyes that makes me smile to myself when I think about her. But we are just friends, that’s what she wants and I don’t want to push anything.

Plus being friends is a good thing the press won’t be on us as we are “just getting to know each other again” as Samantha puts it, and Kyle won’t ask to many questions.

I think about the media for a while I know that Samantha doesn’t care about the fame and publicity but I don’t want to put her life in it, it’s selfish of me if I do; that why I don’t Mind keeping our friendship on the “down low”. I know that Kyle will take care of the media as well but a small part of me wants people to know about Samantha.

A small ring from my phone came from the kitchen, I jump off the couch waking up Pebbles who was laying on my feet. I walk into the kitchen and grab my phone of the counter seeing I have a text from Kyle.

Hey kiddo just to let you know a couple guys and I are having lunch 2 weeks from now so clear your calendar that day.

I reply saying that’s okay.

I don’t even know my plans for this week let alone next week.

I check the time seeing it’s 2:43 and being a complete stalker that I am, I know that Samantha finish’s work soon and has to pick up Mathew.

I’m not actually a stalker I’m just a good listener, she’s told me about juggling two jobs and looking after Mathew.

I open the draw next to me looking for the phone I gave to Samantha and the charger for it. I jumped into the jeep and pulled off the drive way.

As I got out the car the cold air hit me like a bullet train, my cheeks turned numb feeling as if I have small cuts on my cheeks.

I should have known to bring a coat it’s almost winter and I’m in a lousy hoodie. I pulled the hood over my head and tightened the strings, I leaned back on my car waiting for Samantha to get out the diner.

A few more minutes went by and I started to think that she already left but a small ringing of a bell from the entrance caused me to look up.

Samantha’s dressed in a pair of back jeans and a small white t-shirt (she wasn’t prepared for the weather)

She threw a bag over her shoulder and crossed her arms close to her chest to keep herself warm,

“Samantha!” I exclaim, she whipped her long brown locks behind her back and turned to stare at me, for a moment I didn’t think she noticed me until a smile broke on her face. That smile, that’s the smile I’ve been waiting for; the kind that tell you she couldn’t be happier to see you.

Samantha made her way over to me still with her arms crossed which made her boobs look perky, I tried not to stare too much but I can’t help it.

“What are you doing here?” She stood a mere foot away from me. My guts telling me to put my arms around her but my heads telling me she just wants to be friends.

“Well I was in the neighbourhood and thought I’d come and see you” okay that was a complete lie but no one knows that.

She scoffs a little as if she knew I was lying- it was worth a shot- she looks down at her watch and sighs.

“It’s been lovely to see you but I have to go or I’m going to be late to pick up Mathew. I’ll see you soon” she turns back and starts to walk towards her car.

Instead of letting her go and walk to her car I grab her wrist and turn her back into me, obviously she’s taken back and stumbles almost falling over but this time I catch her waist before she hits the ground.

I’m so close to her, our foreheads are almost touching and all I can do is stare into her eyes, i feel myself start to get lost as her warm breath hits my lips. My heart starts to slow its pace as I help her back up my arms still around her.

Samantha’s eyebrows knit together giving me a confused look,

“Sorry, l-look I’ll take you too Mathews school, you know we could make a day of it or something?” I pull my arms away from her waist and scratch the back of my neck.

It’s funny as soon as my fingers left her side the electricity that sparked through me instantly left, it’s like she’s a drug that I need more of.

“You know that doesn’t sound like a bad idea, you’ll get to know Mathew as-well” she stood there looking into my eyes with a small smile.

We hop into the car and talk about our days until we reach Mathews school, Samantha told me to park up and she’s get Mathew.

“Wait, before you go take this” I pull of my hoodie and hand it to her, she starts to protest,

“No no I can’t it’s yours”

“I want you to take it, it’s cold out I don’t want you to get ill” she smiles and says thank you, I don’t care if Im cold and I only had a shirt on I’d still give it to her.

She pulls the hoodie over her head and smiled.

As she steps out a huge smile plasters over my face as she steps out closing the door. She walks towards the school and the words F.Everett is printed in white on her back, it’s part of my collection that I have to showcase and of course what better way than on Samantha.

10 minuets later and still no Samantha, look up from my phone to search for the black hoodie that she’s wearing.

I sigh as I see her carrying Mathews back pack in one hand and his hand in the other.

She looks so cute with him, each time she looks down at him her smile gets brighter. They eventually reach the car and the look of confusion and amazement came across Mathews face, the back door opened and Samantha lifted up Mathew into the car and buckled him in,

“Hiya kiddo, how you doing?” Mathew looks up and smiled shyly at me but doesn’t say anything. Samantha hops in the passenger side and pouts her lips (god those lips) and looks back at Mathew.

“Matt you can talk to him” she says and turns back, I suggested that we go back to my house and have dinner, Samantha didn’t want to at first but Mathew wanted to and seemed very excited. I take Samantha back to her apartment so she can pick up a few things and drop off her bags.

As she got out she pulled the hood over her head and walked out to her place.

For a few minutes the car was silent I didn’t really know what to say it was a bit awkward.

A small puff of air came from the back seat, I looked in the rear view mirror to see Mathew.

I turned to look at him and smiled,

“Everything alright bud?” He looks up at me and scrunch’s his lips to the side,

“Do you love Sam?” As those words left his mouth my eyes went wide.

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