Unexpected Fate

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chapter 17

“Uhh well kiddo that’s complicated” I slur as I scratch my ear, he raises one of his eyebrows and nods his head,

“Yeah, right” jeez he seems to know more than I do.

" you love her and she likes you” his words were like a dagger to my heart but it’s true.

“I don’t think she loves you yet, you made her cry” why does it sound like I’m being lectured by a frickin 6 year old? Oh yeah that’s because I am.

What he said makes senses but how Samantha can’t see it is blowing my mind.

“How do you know that?” I didn’t think Samantha would talk to her brother about her problems.

“She’s my sister, she’s all I’ve got so I know when someone makes her sad I just didn’t know who, so I guessed” this kids bloody smart.

“I’m six I’m not dumb” as if he read my mind.

My jaw dropped at his response, but before I could ask something else the passenger door swung open and Samantha hoped in doing her seatbelt up she asked,

“So what where you two talking about?” Mathew breaks into a smile and turns to Samantha, “we were just talking about cars” I sigh in relief, this kid is a life saver.

The car ride didn’t take long and thank god it didn’t take long as Mathew kept saying “are we there yet?” I think if he said it again I would have cried.

Once we got in the house Mathew explored for a while and soon after wanted to play hide and seek. I know every hiding spot in this whole house so of course I agreed.

We play for a while until Mathew gets hungry so I decided to make pasta we talk a little more over dinner but Mathew just wanted to know about my work. I tell him that it’s tiring but worth it as you can change peoples lives.

After dinner we chill on the couch to watch some cartoons and after an hour or two Mathew falls silently asleep snuggled into Samantha’s side. Samantha takes care of Mathew so much she’s his rock.

“You okay?” Samantha voice snaps me out of my thoughts. Seeing her ocean blue eyes looking at me intensely I answer with

“Yeah of course I’m okay, why you ask?”

She looks at Mathew and says,

“Well this is probably not what you wanted to do today” I place my hand on her thigh immediately shooting pins and needles through my arm.

She looks down at my hand and smiles,

“Hey today’s been great I’ve got to see you more and got to know that little guy more” I gesture towards Mathew and Samantha giggles.

“We’ve tired him out bless him, I should probably take him home” I nod in agreement as Samantha picks up Mathew. We walk to the car and I hop in the front while Samantha puts Mathew in the back seat after she buckles him up she hops into the front sending me a smile as we pull off the drive way.

I pull up to Samantha’s car in the diners car park and help her get Mathew out my car and into hers.

she says her thanks and goodbye and turns to walk to her car but halts and turns back,

“I enjoyed today, I enjoyed seeing you it was fun” she let out a small sigh and carried on,

“Well I gotta get this monkey to bed and head to work but I’m sure I’ll be seeing you again soon”

I scratched the back of my head

“Yeah I would like that, bye Sam”

“Bye Finlay” we both turn and walk away, I got into the car and started to drive off.

I smile at the fact she wants to see me again.

After I tuck Mathew in bed I run into my room to get changed into all black clothes for work I quickly run back out grabbing the keys to my car and locking the apartment door behind me.

I got to work just by the skin of my teeth but the bar wasn’t busy at all I mean it is a school night.

I get behind the bar and pick up my cloth and start drying cups, someone clears their throats in front of me to catch my attention.

My eyes first catch her brown silky skin, her hands covered in various sizes and coloured rings.

Her maroon shirt clung tight to her curvy figure and her long brown curly hair swept over one shoulder. I smiled brightly and squeal

“Emmaaaaaa!” She beams and screams back,

“Sammyyyyyyyy” we both laugh

“You want a scotch on the rocks?” I ask knowing that it’s her “go to” drink.

“Yeah you know me so well”

I do it’s true.

I pass Emma her drink and she takes a small sip humming in awe as she stares at her glass.

“So how’s Finlay?” Say asks still looking at her glass and slowly looks up at me. My eyes go wide at her question, she knows about Finlay, but how? I never told her.

“How did you know?” I start to clean the counter,

“You didn’t actually think that I wouldn’t look when you told me not to? I mean it’s Finlay Everett for Christ sake” I laugh slightly.

An awkward silence fell over us for a few seconds before Emma said

“So, Tell me what he’s like?” She smiles and takes a sip of her drink,

“We he’s nice and caring I saw him today actually” Emma almost spits out her drink,

“What?! Tell me everything” we spent the next 15 minuets talking before I got called away to serve someone else. It’s been a weird atmosphere here recently Jeremy hasn’t talked to me much at all, maybe I should go find out why.

I walk over to Jeremy’s side of the bar and nudge him, he looks down at me and gives me a small smile.

“What’s up? Why don’t you talk to me anymore?”

Jeremy simply sighs,

“Look ever since our date I feel like I’ve ruined everything between us, I feel as if you’re uncomfortable around me” he places his towel down and his other hand places on my hip. I’m not even sure why but I’m comparing his touch to Finlay’s but I am, Finlay’s touch sends fireworks to my mind and Jeremy’s doesn’t it’s just a touch.

“Jeremy I’m not uncomfortable around you it’s just you won’t talk to me anymore” i lean up on the bar as he replies

“I know and I’m sorry from now on things will go back to normal I promise” he engulfs me in a hug and I hug back as well.

“Good” his hug was warm and comforting making me smile a little.

Jeremy gets back to serving a customer and I walk back to my side seeing Emma sat there waiting for another drink.

Typical Emma.

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