Unexpected Fate

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chapter 18

I walk into the apartment carefully tip toeing to the couch so I don’t wake up Mathew, I’m exhausted mentally and physically I haven’t stopped for almost two weeks straight since Mathew and I met with Finlay.

One of the lady’s called in sick at the diner so I had to work extra shifts luckily I could as I asked Emma to pick up Mathew from school and looks after him until I get home. I’m so lucky to have Emma as she’s the only one I call on (yes I know there’s Finlay as-well but I would feel weird leaving Mathew with him) I did try to pay Emma for looking after Mathew but every time she says she doesn’t want my money.

Finlay and I haven’t spoken much since we last met he says he’s been busy with making songs for his new album, and even though I’ve been trying he still won’t tell me the name of the album or any of the song; he says he wants it to be a surprise for everyone.

I take off my shoes and sit down quietly on the couch a small puff of air escapes my lips as my eyes start to become heavy, without hesitation my head hits one of the pillows of the couch, I pull my legs up onto the end couch and I start to fall asleep not even caring that I’m still in my work clothes. I feel time begin to slow as my mind relaxes and I fall soundly asleep.

My body pushes its self through the hospital doors in a state of panic, a whirlwind of chaos lays out in front of me people screaming out in agonising pain, their arms reaching out to grab me slowly pulling me down to the ground with them.

My body gives in as they pull me down to the ground I scream hard as I feel my ribs shatter under the pressure, I feel like a thousand bombs have erupted from my chest. My screaming stops as I start to choke on my own blood, I move myself onto my side to relieve the pressure as my eyes collided with a pair of bloodshot green pupils staring into my very being. She reaches out her bloodied hand and pushes hard into my ribs,

“Help me, help me!” She screams as blood starts to pour out from her mouth,

“HELP ME!” Her pleads echo in my ears as I lose control of my body as it spins away from the woman and onto a soft blanket of a hospital bed.

I lay there still in shock as a slow heart beat from a heart monitor drowns out the woman’s plea for help. The beeping get louder until I can feel my ears start to bleed, I roll on the bed holding my hands tight to my ears.

Just as I was about to scream a familiar voice stops all the noises apart from a small ringing on the heart monitor.

“Sam?” I open my eyes and slowly stand with my back to the other hospital bed.

My breath starts to shake and my chin starts to quiver,

“Sam?” The same voice repeats, flecks of tears start to cover my eyes,

I turn around and stare at the small man laying in the bed,

“Dad?” I run over to his side and grab his hand, his skin is ice cold which numbs my hand.

“Sam stop it” he closed his eyes and starts to shake his head,

“Stop what dad? Stop what?” I squeeze his hand tighter,

“Stop running yourself, you need you’re time, I don’t want you to end up here like me” his head still swaying side to side as he speaks,

“I won’t dad I promise” running yourself was a saying that my dad and I would use when we would fix cars together, it meant that we were so deep in the work that we couldn’t see a way out and started to view things differently.

“Sam you have to take care of Mathew” he whispered as his heart monitor flat lined, I held him in my arms and cried almost screaming until a small echo of a voice called out my name,

“Sammy” I ignored it still clutching onto my father limp body,

“Sammy” the voice became louder causing me to look up at the hospital light which got brighter and brighter every time the voice called out my name until I was completely enveloped in light.

“Sammy!” My eyes shot open and I sat out with force almost head butting Mathew. I pant slightly as I feel my ribs and ears for any pain but there was nothing, the whole thing was a dream. I try to convince my self it was all a dream but it felt so real. Damn I really need more sleep.

“Sammy?” Mathew voice breaks almost sounding sad,

“Yeah Mathew?” I slur trying to control my breath,

“My are you crying?” Mathew brings his small hand up to my cheek and wipes away a cold tear. I show him a small smile and take his hand in mine,

“I’m just really happy that all”

He tilts his head slightly and looks down to his feet,

“If you’re happy then why are you crying?” I bring his chin up so he’s looking at me,

“I’m happy because you’re here with me and I lost sight of how much you mean to me” I engulf Mathew into a hug which he returns, I use this moment to look at the time seeing it’s almost ready for school, I must have over slept, wow almost 4 hours sleep new record.

“Come on we need to get ready for school” I yawn standing up clicking my back. I shuffle over to the wall and turn on the light switch, I winch as the light bombards my eyes.

With the room now flooded with light I see that Mathew is already dressed for school and his school bag by the side of him.

“Okay then I’ll go get ready”

After dropping Mathew off at school I drive over to the diner.

Switching off the engine I hop out the car slinging my backpack over one shoulder, I hear the small tune of some country music that plays on a loop in the diner.

I decided to walk in the back entrance because I’m a few minutes late and don’t want the manger to see. I leave my bag on the coat rack and tie my apron around my waist, I pick up a note pad and a pen and place them into the pockets of the apron.

I shift uncontrollably trying to get comfy in my clothes, my work clothes consist of a white tight button up that shows most of my cleavage and a short red skirt that matches with my checkered red and white apron.

I walk into the kitchen hearing the sizzle of food being baked. This is going to be a long day.

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