Unexpected Fate

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chapter 19

I pull out my phone feeling the vibration of a message, I open my phone seeing that Kyle sent me a message saying,

Don’t forget to be ready at 12 for lunch, Mark and I will be late but Tom will be round to pick you up.

I look at the message and pull my eye brows together in confusion, who the fuck is Tom and mark? I though Kyle said it was some buddies.

I let out a small puff of air and reply with and okay.

I hop off the couch startling buster and Pebbles but they quickly relax again, I walk upstairs to my room. I take off my t-shirt and I look over at the clock on my bed-side table. The time read 9:54 so I decided with 2 hours until I have to go I would work out, I walk back down the stairs still shirtless into the gym I had built, I turn on the music and the room intensifies with sound. For the next hour and a half I work on my back, arms, and abs.

I put the weight back into the support rack and stood up, I turned off the music and walk out of the gym and back to my room. After I had a shower I got changed into a pair of blue jeans and a black T-shirt knowing that it’s cold outside I put on a grey hoodie and over the top of that I have a blue denim jacket that my stylist picked out.

I walked back into the lounge picking up my phone shoving it into my back pocket, I make it to the front door where a dull white car is parked with a guy no older than me sat in the drivers seat with his window down. I lock my house and walk up to the car, the guy had black shades covering his eyes his hair was long brown and floppy, he smiled a toothy grin from which I saw a toothpick sticking out his mouth,

“Well, hop in” he said gesturing to the passenger side. I cross my arms already feeling the tension between us,

“I don’t let other people drive I’ll just follow behind you” after saying that I walk to my jeep Tom utters a few words under his breath and pulls of the driveway.

We drive for about 35 minuets until we reach a turning for a parking lot, but about 5 minuets before reaches our destination I knew exactly where we were going.

I pulled up into one of the parking spaces and hop out the car, a faint hum of country music fill my ears, I let out a small breath of air. Out of every diner and restaurant in LA they had to choose this one out of all places. Samantha’s work.

Tom hops out his car giving me some time to see his full body, he’s smaller than me but still well built, he’s wearing black jeans and a red zip up jacket that was too small for him so it showed off his muscles. I rolled my eyes and walked with him into the diner seeing Colin already standing by the door. When did he get here?

We walked inside Colin following closely behind me, the bell at the top of the door rang to show costumers have walked in. A few people’s heads turn in my direction and a girl with ginger frizzy hair shouts my name and runs up to me but Colin block her way as she tried reaching out her arms at me.

It took almost 20 minuets to get to our table as I had to take pictures with everyone, as I sat down the pit in my stomach got bigger as I knew in a matter of minutes that more people will turn up asking for photos.

Tom takes a seat and laughs,

“Someone’s popular” I scowl at him a little and he continued to laugh.

The noise was hectic as people called my name and asked for pictures. Colin tried his hardest to control the crowd but people still slipped though.

“Guys please I’m the same as all of you please just leave me be for now I’ll take photos with you later” I try to shout over the crowd but it was no use.

Tom looks at me with a bit of worry in his eyes and I just bow my head in defeat.

The crowds shouts slowly start to die down being replaced with a loud metallic band, the banging continued for a couple more seconds and there standing next to a table was Samantha.

I had just finished giving an order to the chef when the noise of people screaming overpowered the kitchens, I slowly stepped out seeing the diner almost packed full of people most of them being teenage girls but a man in the distance caught my attention. Kyle slater.

He looked at me with wide eyes and moved towards me, it took minutes for Kyle to reach me but I knew instantly that this crowd was for Finlay. I take a step back knocking into the chest of my manger who looks distraught at the chaos the crowd is making. Many plates and cups have been smashed looking like confetti over the ground.

“Samantha” Kyle says to me. I snap my head towards him with my full attention.

“We need to get this crowd out now, they are swamping Finlay this isn’t going to be good for him” he then turns to the manger who has a stern look on his face,

“Sir I will pay for all the damages and extra just get these people out” the manger looks as if he is having a battle with his mind for a moment then nods his head,

“Everyone everyone settle down and peacefully make you way out side now” he shouts but it doesn’t work the crowd just gets louder screaming Finlay’s name. After a while of my manger trying his turns back to me and give me a hopeless look.

I muster up all the courage I have and begin to push my way through a couple people in the crowd but it soon back fired as someone elbowed me hard in the cheek causing me to fall to the floor. My mind flashed through my dream last night and I soon feel phantom pains in my chest.

I get back up in haste looking at Kyle who has a shocked expression on his face, I walk past my manger and into the kitchen where I grab two saucepans.

I walk back out into the crowd and start hitting the pans together, the noise was unbelievable awful worse than having nails to a chalkboard. The people around me looked back in shock and anger. Soon the whole diner was silent they stared Down at me waiting to see what I would say,

“GET OUT” my voice booms louder than I thought it would some people walk out and others stand there still looking in shock.

“Hey I traveled down here to get a photo” people started to agree with the voice in the distance,

“He is a person the same as you so stop crowding him and get out, unless each of you want to pay for the damages you all have done to this place?!” More and more people left the diner complaining and shooting me some harsh comments- I hope to god I get a pay rise for this shit- the people don’t leave however they simply just wait outside the diner but as long as they aren’t in here I’m fine.

I walk back to put the pans back in the kitchen but as I do Kyle and my manger steps in my way. My manger thanks me and walks back into the kitchen-douche- Kyle smiled at me and says,

“I can’t thank you enough for what you just did for Finlay” I smile and fiddle with the pans in my hand,

“Of course anything for a friend I would do it again if I needed to” Kyle places his hand on my shoulder,

“He’s very lucky to have someone like you in his life, and I’ll make sure your boss gives you a pay rise” we both chuckle for a moment and part our ways, I place the pans back in the kitchen and grab a broom to sweep up the broken plates and glass.

I push the door open to get back into the diner and almost hit into a guy wearing a red jacket. Surprised by this I stumble back slightly, I feel his strong arms wrap around my waist shooting tingles through my body.

I look up at him seeing a pronounced jawline and green glossy eyes staring at me intently, he was very hot his tanned skin matched his dark brown hair that hasn’t been styled.

Once I was stable on my feet he let go of my waist,

“Sorry I thought the bathroom was this way” I nod slightly and reply

“Yeah it’s just down there to the left” he thanks me and walks past,

“Oh hey I didn’t catch your name” he said before he reached the toilet,

“It’s Samantha and you are?” I leaned on my broom slightly,

“It’s Tom” then he walked into the bathroom, I take in the view of the diner seeing shattered glass all over the floor and food spilt over chairs and tables, if someone didn’t know Finlay was here they would have thought a bomb went off.

I look around seeing Kyle talking to another older man and Finlay staring at me never taking his eyes off of me, a minute later he walks over and engulfs me in a hug.

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