Unexpected Fate

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chapter 2

“Woah love if you wanted a photo that bad you should have just asked” I say looking at a petite girl, her kinked brown hair covering the sides of her face looking stunned at my comment I made, still looking into my eyes she glared for a moment.

Does she not know who I am? No, everyone know who I am.

I look her up and down -she’s pretty hot, not a glamour model I can tell by the way she’s dressed; a denim skirt with a grey lose T-shirt tucked into it and a cardigan hanging over her shoulders- still I smirked at how shocked her face was still with her blue eyes piercing mine.

I stick out my hand to help her up feeling guilty because I got in her way in the first place but she refused my help and pushed my hand away.

She’s got to have some balls on her to refuse help from me any other girl I offered help to would be pouncing all over me, I feel a bit offended in all honesty.

She grabs the papers that she dropped on the floor most of them looking like sheet music, wonder if she works in global. She looks at me and then behind me to my buddie Colin, I say buddie but he just comes out on business trip with me to make sure I don’t do anything stupid.

“Look I’m sorry, I was just in my own world for a moment” I say, I wonder if she’s going to tell me her name, maybe I can ask around in Global if she works there. No luck. She remains quiet and I’m getting impatient I’ve got bigger things to do than talk to her so I speed this up saying,

“I’m Finlay, Finlay Everett”

Sending her a small smile but I don’t get one in return. Rude. She hesitate for a moment maybe the light bulb has flicked on inside her slow brain of hers and figured out who I am.

“Good for you and I’m late” and with that said she turns whipping her hair behind her shoulder and walks away. She walks away from me?! I mean everyone fucking knows about me and she has the audacity to walk away from me. The fucking cheek of it.

A group of girls spot me in the distance I turn to walk towards the doors of the Global not wanting to take pictures with anyone right now just as I was about to move I stepped on something soft- please don’t be gum- I moved my foot out the way seeing a small folded piece of paper, that girl must have forgotten to pick it up, I swiftly grab it off the floor and stuff it into my pocket of my leather jacket, I quickly jog inside, Colin following closely behind me.

The noises of the girls screaming is like music to my ears, I can’t get over the way she looked at me with disgust not knowing who I am. My thoughts were quickly taken away from me as a man a couple inches smaller than me wearing a ugly pair of cream trousers and a blue shirt calls my name,

“Mr Everett, this way please” we travel up in an elevator to the top floor where I know Kyle Slaters office and conference room is, the man knocks on the door before walking in and introduces us. Slater and I have been partners for a while he was the one that made my career start in the first place, he tell’s me there are a few people waiting in the conference room.

As we walk in I see my head of media who tracks everything the media says and knows about me, and a couple other people.

I sit down next to slater as a couple people begin to talk, I can’t help but think of the damn girl, no ones ever looked at me like that, I guess she thinks I’m some kind of rich snob... we I kinda am a rich snob, I’ve never been careful with my money, I don’t care what I do, where I go and who I talk to. I’m not afraid of some confrontation God knows how many fights I’ve had, my tempers pretty short but I can keep it cool most of the time.

“Finlay?” Slater says I look up and see that everyone is silent and their attention is focused on me,

“Sorry come again?” I say trying to make up for the fact that I haven’t been listening this whole time,

“Well as you know the media is taking quite a storm to you recently giving you a bad name for yourself, now we have come up with a way to change the publics mind” she pauses for a moment making sure that I’m listening this time

“Go on” I tell her

“Well the plan is that you would go to a number of school that we have selected and have a Q and A session with the kids, you let them ask you question on your work and possibly sing a song or two” I nod my head but I’m not liking the idea so far.

“Not only will this be good for your publicity but it will also encourage schools to put better financial support in the music departments and inspire kids to take up an opportunity in the music industry. Not only that but it will get you support from the kids, teacher and parent”

I take a moment to process the situation and realise that there’s not really anything else I can do, I agree and tell them to work out the dates and email them to me.

It’s my own fault I’m in this mess I had a fight with a couple guys about a week away from a show I was doing In Manhattan, let’s just say I won the fight and one guy got the express ticket to the hospital. The next day I received threat letters, I wasn’t going to let that scare me, I was still planning to do the show but Slater refused to let me go through with it and cancelled last minute.

When The conference had ended Colin and I took the elevator back down to the lobby, as I’m walking out the Global entrance a couple girls call after me, but just before they could reach me my black jeep pulled up and the chauffeur hopped out giving me the keys.

god I want to get home.

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