Unexpected Fate

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chapter 20

The crowd started to flow steadily out the door until it was just, Tom, Colin, Kyle, his friend, Samantha and I left in the diner.

I walked over to Kyle seeing that his buddie was shaken,

“You guys alright?” I look down at my shoes seeing pieces of shattered glass and plate imbedded in the fabric.fuck.

These were brand new shoes.

“Yeah just glad Samantha got them out when she did or who knows what would have happened” Kyle let’s out a small puff of air in relief and turns to his buddie,

“Finlay this is Mark he’s the head corporation of an off shore business attached to global” I shake his hand and before he could say anything I ask,

“Where is Samantha?” Kyle pointed over to the other side of the diner and turned back to talk to Mark probably to apologise for my behaviour.

I turn to see Samantha dressed in a ridiculous outfit that shows way to much ass and boob waking out the door of what I’m guessing is the kitchen. My eyes flick over to Tom who noticed Samantha walk out, Tom then quickly turned the corner to the kitchen bumping into her, Tom wraps his arms around Samantha’s waist catching her. Why the fuck did he do that?

Does he like her? Does she like him? Why am I just standing here?

My hands turn into fists as I push myself off the side of a table, I start to walk over to them but stop as he lets go of her waist.

They carry on talking for a while and my eyes train to Samantha she has a sheepish smile on her face and Is laughing a little- if only she knew how much of a jerk he is- Tom walks past Sam further down the hall when I hear them exchange names.

It took me weeks to get her name and she just gave it to him.

They are just talking and I’m over here looking like a teenage school girl, jealous and giving Tom the evils.

Yeah i’ll admit it I am jealous I can’t deny it but I’m not sure why I’m feeling this way, maybe it will just go away.

Samantha turn into the diner carrying her broom, she looks around soon connecting eyes with me but looks away. I watch her walk around and sweep up a bit, her silky brown hair that’s pulled into a ponytail has a few stands out of place but still looking flawless, her lips are a pale rose colour that compliments her skin.

Samantha’s eyes are like the ocean I get lost when I look into them, the deep shade of blue looks tainted slightly by a plum purple circling her left eye, why didn’t I see this before? She got hurt because of me. I did this.

Before I realised I took a couple long strides towards her and wrapped my arms tightly around her. Instantly I relaxed as I felt her small arms enclose the hug, I dip my head nuzzling into her hair taking in the smell of Lily’s.

“Why did you do that? You could have got hurt, you are hurt” I cup her cheeks in my hands and bring her face to look at mine so I can see her eye.

“You were getting swamped out there, I couldn’t just stand round and do nothing” she grabs one of my hands softly sending shivers down my arm I brush past my feelings and carefully stroke my thumb over her bruise only to have her wince in pain.

“You should have never done it, you’re hurting because of me” I let out a small sigh as I take my hands away from her face, she pulls her eye brows together and shakes her head.

“Don’t say that, it’s not your fault. I chose to do it” Samantha grabbed my hand trying to get me to look at her but the realisation suddenly hit me. There where a lot of paparazzi in the diner and a lot of them taking photos of Samantha. My heart began to sink as I knew I had to tell her she would probably be in the news.

“Sam they have your photo, I’m so sorry” I know I didn’t say a lot but I didn’t think I had to. She slightly loosens her grip on my hand as she says,

“Oh” I look down at our hands knowing that she disappointed but instead of her letting go she intwines her fingers in mine,

“Well it’s okay, we got though worse right? Finlay you’re my best friend and I don’t care if people see my face they don’t know who I am, you do and that all I care about” even though what she said hurt, I squeeze her hand acknowledging what she said and smiled at her.

She’s really ready to be stopped by people in public for me and to be asked questions by “Wannabe paparazzi” for me.

Samantha walked away to clean up the diner and I walked over to where Kyle, Mark and Tom now stand. I didn’t even see Tom walk back into the diner but here he is wearing a white v-neck (again to tight for him) his arms are crossed showing off his muscles that looked like the t-shirt was going to break. He looks like he’s been shopping in the kid section for all his clothes.

I walk over to them and we all sit back in the booth. The lunch was slow and irritating as any chance Tom got he would try and flirt with Samantha, sometimes she would ignore him but other times she would laugh and go along with his awkward pick up lines.

As we finished up lunch Kyle walked over to the manger probably to write him a cheque for the damages. Tom, Mark and myself waited over by the door that Colin is currently blocking with his muscular body.

I see Samantha carrying a tray walking over to the table to clean up the plates. Should i go over and say something to her?

But what should I say?

Before I even had a chance to think about what I would say I saw that Tom had the same idea as he’s already by Samantha’s side,

“I know you don’t know me very well but I feel like we should get to know each other better, so would it be possible if I could get your number” Tom asked as he pulls out his rose gold phone. My body instantly tenses as she takes his phone and put her number into it. I gave her that phone so she could message me not some other guys. If she needed help she could come to me.

Knowing the Kyle had walked back over I clear my throat catching the attention of Tom and Samantha. Tom walks over with a smirk on his face as he walks past me, Samantha stood there for a while trying to smile at me but finding it hard as I’m giving off a deadpan look that I’ve perfected over time.

I don’t say anything as I walk towards Colin, Samantha calls out my name but I don’t turn around I just carry on walking until I hit the crowd of people screaming at me and wanting to take photos.

I push my way through the group of screaming people with a bigger group of security now by my side. I start to drown out the noise almost fading to a blur trying to make it to the car, I shouldn’t have acted that way towards her, it’s not like she’s my girlfriend. I don’t know why I’m acting like this; I’ve slept with more girls that I could count yet I can’t get this one girl out my head. That damn girl. But it’s not like I can tell her she can’t get other guys phone numbers because she not mine.

She’s not mine...

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