Unexpected Fate

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chapter 21

I park the jeep in the garage and walk to my house. Todays been so exhausting I just want to lay in bed and do nothing, as I get inside I’m instantly welcomed by Pebbles and Buster who almost throw me to the floor.

“nice to see you too guys” I let out a small chuckle as I pat them both on the head. I walk into the kitchen and fill both their food bowls with dog kibble. I grab myself a glass of water and start to walk up the stairs, that’s the only problem about having three flights of stairs when you’re tired it takes ages to climb them.

I finally get to my room where I open the door and walk over to my bed. I plug my charger into my phone before running back to my door to close it.

As I do my eyes stare blankly at the white painted door opposite mine.

My thoughts flicked back to when I carried Samantha in my arms to bed and laid her down to sleep, I wish that could happen again because it seems like that was the last time. I feel like she’s slipping further and further away from me, the saddest part is she doesn’t even know it or how I feel.

I rush back to my phone and open up the texts between her and I, I look at the key pad not knowing what to write, my mind rushed round a million this I could say to her but I start of with,

Hi Sam.

Real smooth Finlay real smooth.

I wait a couple minutes just looking at that ‘delivered’ sign seeing if it would turn to ‘read’.

Nothing. I sigh as I put my phone back down and pull of my t-shirt. I open my closet seeing mostly black tops arraying from baggy jumpers to tux dress shirts.

I pull out a plain black jumper and throw it on, midway through pulling the jumper over my head I hear my phone buzz, she replied. Struggling with my jumper now I rush over to my phone and trip on my t-shirt I just took off, I topple to the floor where I let out a small groan.

Once I get into my jumper I picked my phone off the bed reading the text from Samantha,

Oh so we’re speaking to each other now?

I gulped down the rising lump in my throat,

Look I’m sorry I was having a shit day.

Not even a minute later Samantha replied with;

Yeah I know I’m the one with the bruises.

I’m so sorry Sam you should have never got hurt because of me.

It’s okay there’s nothing you could have done I chose to help you. X

My eyes widen at the ‘x’ at the end of her sentence, was that a mistake? Should I send one? Does she like me?

I’m so sorry Sam you should have never got hurt because of me.

I stare at his words and sigh slightly, as I’m typing my sentence Mathew walks over with a bag of frozen peas telling me it will stop the swelling.

“How do you know that?” I ask as I take the peas from his hand and place it on my eye wincing slightly.

“They do it in cartoons all the time” Mathew says as he climbs onto the sofa next to me.

"Thanks bud” I say but as I do I feel Mathew take my phone from my hand, a couple seconds later he gives it back to me.

I look down to see that he sent the message I typed out but added an ‘x’ to it.

I look down at Mathew with a puzzled expression, he simply shrugged his shoulders and said,

“What it’s obvious you like him”

“Wha- I do not” Mathew then gives the look that any parent would give if they knew you where lying. He’s a smart cookie he is and reminds me so much of our dad, he would give that exact look as well.

“Yeah okay whatever you say” he says sarcastically, I chuckle as I wrap an arm around him giving him a side hug, this would be perfect if dad was here.

Our little hug is interrupted by my phone ringing, Finlay had obviously replied.

I look at the screen reading,

Thank you and I’m sorry about walking out without saying goodbye. X

For some reason my body fills with relief seeing that he sent a ‘X’ back.

“See told you” Mathew says as he reads the message from behind my shoulder.

“Alright nosy” I say before Mathew hops of the couch to grab himself a snack.

You looked so angry with me did I do something? X

He had never looks at like that before so I have a feeling he wasn’t happy that I gave Tom my number. But why should he care he’s not my boyfriend, I’m not his.

I’m not his...

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