Unexpected Fate

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chapter 22

You looked so angry with me did I do something wrong? X

Umm I’m just not keen on Tom so I didn’t like you giving him your number. X

I let out a shaky breath as I press send, I didn’t want to lie to Sam she deserves to know the truth. I throw my phone besides me and lay back on my bed smothering my face with my hands. It was seconds after that my phone rang, I was too nervous to pick it up. I know she’s not going to like what I said.

Well is it any of your business who I become friends with? X

Yes! God damn it I want to know everything about you, I want to know what makes you smile, laugh and cry so I know that when you’re sad I can always make you laugh and when you cry I can always make you smile. That beautiful smile.

I guess not... sorry x

I type in defeat, I don’t want to push her because I know I’ll just end up driving her away.

She doesn’t reply.

I place the phone on the table in front of the couch, does he really care about me?

A small smile blushed my face just thinking that he did.

I probably shouldn’t have been so rude to him, I let out a small puff of air as I stand to my feet, I walk over to the kitchen and grab a glass of water taking a sip of it. I smile looking into the water as my mind recalls the first time we met, he was so confident, he always had a grin on his face but now I can see him for what he really is, vulnerable.

He’s scared of being lonely, and in reality I am too, if I didn’t have Mathew I don’t think I’d be where I am today, I would have driven myself crazy in a life without anyone.

My mind suddenly flicks to the night he found me walking around the city lost, he cared enough to stop, to take me to his home and look after me. I know that I was asleep but sometime through that night I could feel his eyes gazing over me and his arms wrapped around me- something I never thought I would have- I wish I was awake for those couple of seconds. Even if they weren’t real.

But the moment I knew I was falling for Finlay Everett, he was waiting in the diners parking lot for me, he held me close for those couple of seconds and for once I could feel my heart skip a beat, this frosted over heart that has had to many breaks in it and Finlay Everett was the one that made me feel complete; the one to fill in the pieces.

He not only looked after me that day but he looked after Mathew, he cared for him like Mathew was his brother, Finlay didn’t care that our life’s are whirlwinds of chaos and working too many hours, he didn’t care that we don’t have money, that we don’t have a fancy house with 3 floors, he just cared about us. Nothing more, nothing less.

I put down the glass of water and walk into my room climbing over my bed and reaching under the pillow, my fingers brush over the soft fabric, I pull out the black jumper seeing the back with the words ‘Everett’ written on the back. I pull the fabric close to my chest before I put it on, this hoodie is the thing that keeps me warm at night that protects me from the cold, almost like he’s here with me.

My thoughts are interrupted by a knocking at the door knowing it’s Mathew I tell him to come in.

Mathew walks into my room with his hands behind his back and a sheepish smile on his face. Oh lord.

“What have you done?” I say in a momming voice.

He pulls my phone from behind him handing it to me and says,

“I rang Louis and told him that you got a black eye and it hurts, he said he’s seen you on telly and says that you should rest tonight so don’t come into work, and then I rang Emma and asked if she could look after me tonight and she said and I quote “any thing for you”" my mouth opens through his confession and confused on why he did that.

“And why did you do that?” And scoot a little closer to him intrigued in his explanation.

He dips his hand into his pocket of his jacket and pulled out my car keys- Jesus what next my shampoo- he placed my phone and car keys in my hands and then sat next to me.

“So you can go see him and talk to him, to tell him how you feel” he said looking hopefully into my eyes, now what he said made sense but I don’t think I have enough courage to.

“I don’t know Mathew what if he doesn’t feel the same way” Mathews small warm hand wrapped around my fingers, he move his hands to make my fingers enclose on my phone and car keys.

“Why wait to get his attention if you want it then you go for it. And trust me he dose” and with that The door bell rang.

I engulfed Mathew in a hug and kissed the top of his head, we both walk down the corridor to the door, we both chuckle slightly as we can hear Emma singing to some 90s pop song. I open the door seeing that she’s got her eyes closed and her head phones on, dancing slightly as she sings.

Emma soon opens her eyes and says hi to us and walks in,

“So where you going?” Emma asked already knowing my answer as she wiggles her eyebrows.

“Finlay’s there’s something I need to do”

Emma threw herself of the sofa, Mathew following closely behind her,

“Hell yeah there is, and then you need meet his hot friends or brothers and give them to me” I laugh and so does Emma as I walk out the house.

I open up my phone seeing it’s just turned 6:40, I wonder if he’s busy. I hop in my car and pull off the curb reaching the exit of the apartment, if I go left I’ll be at Finlay’s house but if I got right I’ll be at the store (I should probably buy snacks). A few minutes later I get to the store, I park up my car and walk into the store.

I walk up and down the crisps/sweets isle about ten time so I finally chose some popcorn and skittles, I go to the check out and pay for my things.

Once I’m back in my car a sudden rush of excitement and nervousness runs through my body.

It takes just under half and hour to get to Finlay’s house where I see the gates are closed that’s weird they’ve never been closed before.

I pull up just by the gates to see someone in the small room next to the gates, obviously I should talk to him. I roll down my window and say,

“Um hello is it alright if I go in I’m a friend of Finlay’s” he looks up from the computer screen with a disinterested look,

“What’s your name?”

“Oh it’s Samantha Kane” his eyes widen slight and then relax as he smiles,

“So your the Samantha Finlay talks so much about”

I feel my cheeks start to heat,

“I guess that’s me” I say with a small smile.

“I’ll let him know your here” he goes to pick up his phone but I quickly say,

“Could you not tell him I kinda want it to be a surprise”

The man puts down the phone and sends me a small smile,

“Of course, nice meeting you Samantha” he says as he opens the gate,

“And you mr?”

“Callum Wayne”

“Mr Wayne” I say as I drive through the gates into Finlay’s drive way.

I pick up the pop corn and skittles from the passenger side and get out the car.

I get to the front door seeing the door bell, I put my finger up to the button- this is it- I let out a puff of air and press the door bell.

I step back slightly waiting for Finlay to open the door, he’s probably up stairs.

At least 20 seconds have gone by before I hear foot steps coming closer to the door. The door is pulled open revealing a surprised Finlay on the other side, he’s dressed all in black with his hair kind of scruffy looking-but I like it.

“What are you doing here?” He said with a gravely texture in his voice.

I didn’t say anything instead I smiled and held up the pop corn and skittles. Finlay smiled almost immediately after and pushed the door out more letting me inside. This is it.

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