Unexpected Fate

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chapter 23

I pull on my joggers and a black t-shirt again, I grab the towel from the side and ruffle it through my hair till it’s almost dry.

Chucking the towel on the rack I walk out the bathroom hearing the end of my door bell ring. That’s weird I didn’t think anyone was coming over and Wayne didn’t send me a heads up.

I got Wayne to be posted at the entrance today because of all the drama that happened at the diner, I knew the news agencies would be all over my house trying to figure out who the mystery girl is; where she lives, who she to me and so on.

Sam threw herself into danger to protect me she didn’t even care about the consequences, I was so stupid to get her involved in my life, now she hates me and there nothing I can do I have no idea what the press are going to say or where they are for all I know they could still be out side my house. I don’t want to get in the way of what Sam wants even if it kills me to see her with that shit head Tom.

I walk down stairs each step I’m dreading more and more. Please don’t be the press I don’t want to have a fight with someone I’m not in the mood.

I walk slower than normal hoping that the person would just get bored and walk away.

I walk down the hallway to the door letting out a puff of air before I grasp the cold door handle and twist it open.

Pulling the door open my eyes connect with Samantha’s blooming blue bell eyes piercing into my own but this time something felt different every time I used to stare into Samantha's eyes it was like there was a storm thickening just before the lightning cracks it’s light through the darkening clouds.

But her eyes are clear glaciers, perfect and rich with colour something I don’t think I would ever get tired of getting lost in.

I soon become perplexed into why she’s standing on my door step if anyone should be standing on a door step it should be me with an apology.

I subconsciously knit my eyebrows together as I as,

“What are you doing here?” Dear god my voice sounds awful.

I use this time to take in Samantha’s appearances, she’s wearing a grey pair of trainers with a couple of stains in them, a pair of black jeans and a black hoodie. My black hoodie, I know it mine because of the way it fits on her small body and if she turned around my last name would be on the back. She looks adorable.

She pulls a bag of my favourite popcorn (sweet and salted obviously) and a packet of skittles close to her chest just showing me, she never says a word and she doesn’t have to I know exactly what’s she’s saying.

I feel my lips deepen into a smile as I open the door wider for Sam to walk in, I watch her luxuriant brown hair bounce slightly in the messy bun she's pulled her hair into as she walks into the house; but making sure she takes of her shoes before she steps onto any carpet, this girls definitely cute for caring about my carpet.

Sam walks into the kitchen where she opens the popcorn and throws one into her mouth, I lets out a small chuckle as I walk over to grab a bowl and pour the popcorn into the bowl.

“So What brings you here?” I say grabbing the food and walking into the lounge feeling Samantha follow close behind me.

“Well my boss rang and said he’s seen me on the news so best not to come in for today you know with my black eye and all” I hadn’t even noticed her slightly swelling purply pink eye until now, guilt washes over me instantly after Sam spoke, she can’t go to work because of me;

because I chased her down, because I wanted to become friends. I say wanted to be her friend but it was more like needed, i needed to know her, to know this mystery girl and the secrets she keeps. And then I fell and I fell hard for someone I couldn’t have for some I can’t have because she might like someone else and could only think of me as a friend; I felt my stomach twist as I ran through the thought of that.

I let out a sigh causing Samantha’s expressionless face to stare into mine,

“I’m so sorry Sam, you shouldn’t have got involved, i-I’m such an idiot.” I say as I rub my brow bone with one hand.

I feel Samantha’s small warm hand wrap around my own taking me by surprise, this small action causes me to smile slightly.

“Hey listen it’s not your fault that I got involved Finlay, it’s not your fault that people are idiots and have to swarm you to the point where, you are going to have a mental break down” well she’s not wrong about that “they need to realise that you are more than just a picture or a autograph, so I had to tell them.” Samantha gently squeezes my hand almost as a reassurance.

I don’t know what’s running through Sam’s mind to have come over here and care about me but I must have done something right-don’t know what but oh well.

" you just love making trouble” I say still looking down at her hand, when I saw the bruises around her eye I wanted to punch the dumbass who thought it was a good idea to lay a finger over her. I felt my blood start to pump faster just thinking about it.

I shake off the feeling as Sam chuckles slightly sadly letting go of my hand.

“What can I say drama just follows me everywhere” Sam tucks a small piece of hair that had escaped her messy bun behind her ear.

“So what movie are we watching?” She says as she places her hands in between her thighs.

I lean back on the couch after grabbing the remote, turning on the tv, my first instinct is to wrap my arm around Samantha to keep her warm and close to me but I know I can’t, so we just awkwardly sit there with some distance between us. God it feels weird.

As I’m scrolling through Netflix to find something to watch I can’t help but notice out the corner of my eye Samantha’s hard stare gazing into my every now and then almost like she has something to say but doesn’t want too, I kind of wish she would as I could cut the silence with a butter knife right now.

We finally agree on a weird horror movie that’s probably going to be shit but Samantha wants to watch it. As the movie starts to play my mind drifts somewhere else, I start to replay the first time I met Samantha she looked so weak and upset even though she had this hard exterior, not even all the sass in the world (and trust me she has a tone of sass) could mask the longing and loneliness she kept behind.

And as time grew on I learnt more about Samantha in so many ways, I thought that her confidence was projected because she had everything she needed from her family, but in reality her confidence and witty comebacks was just a facade for the missing pieces of her life.

Samantha has built everything around her not leaving a thing to chance which is a tricky thing to do whilst trying to care for a sibling.

I’m soon pulled out from my thoughts as Samantha moves closer to me, sending butterflies to erupt in my stomach. How can one girl make me feel so on edge and yet so excited at the same time? So many girls have done the exact same thing and I’ve never given it a second thought but Samantha just makes me giddy not that I’ll always show her but it’s true.

I notice that she’s slightly shivering- it is pretty cold in the house- probably why she moved closer to me. I get up from my seat telling Samantha I’d be right back.

I practically bolt upstairs and grab the first blanket I see, I race back down stairs walking into the lounge where Samantha is fully immersed in the movie.

I pull the blue fluffy blanket over us making sure it covers all of Samantha,

“Thanks” Sam says as she delivers me a soft smile. I give her a side smile and just nod my head.

I push myself back into the cushions of the sofa relaxing fully as I glue my eyes to the TV screen.

The movies almost finished and thank god because this movie is shit but Samantha seems to like it, I guess she hasn’t seen very many horror movies to know the good ones from the bad ones.

Samantha repositions herself so she’s looking at me as it she wants to talk, I turn my attention to her waiting for her to say the first word.

“Do you ever get lonely? I mean in this house because you know, you’re just by your self.”

Samantha’s face has an unknown expression painted across it. Sam's one of those people that I can read quite easily but there’s certainly times where I have no idea what she’s thinking and it bugs the hell out of me.

“I mean yeah, but I know I have my friends and family I can see and plus I got buster and pebbles” I felt kind of bad telling Sam that I have family I can see as she’s grown up without a mother or farther and had to be the financial and emotional rock for Matthew.

“Why you ask?” I say as I knit my eye brows together.

Samantha let’s out a small puff of air,

“I don’t know, I- I just don’t think I would cope if I didn’t have Matthew” I give her a small smile and nudge Sam on the shoulder and say,

“Well I got you”

Samantha beams back at me with her cheeks turning a pink rose colour. She leans back on the sofa resting her head on my shoulder looking back at the TV.

I wrap my arm around Samantha just feeling like it’s the appropriate thing to do, she snuggles closer into my side sending fireworks through my body and I tighten my grip on her shoulder. This just feels right, I’m relaxed when I’m with Samantha, her aura just radiates something in me that makes me want to see her more almost a lust for her.

I’m slowly becoming more protective of her and it scares me how much I need her with me, to know where she and know that she’s safe.

The film carries on for 15-20 more minuets and each second I took in Samantha’s scent of freshly bloomed Lily’s. As the credit starts rolling Samantha looks up at me with her ocean orbs, our faces are a mere inch apart, I can feel Samantha breath hit my lips as she goes to speak,

“Finlay I-” Samantha started but was quickly cut off as the door bell rung through the house.

She lets out a sigh as her eyes flick from my eyes to my lips and back.

Was she going to kiss me? No I must be overthinking this right?

“I should- I should go answer that” I stare down at her lips that are centimetres away from my own. Fuck why does someone have to come over now.

Samantha moves away allowing me space so I can get up, I push my self up huffing and puffing as I make it to the door way.

I swing the door wide open starring into a pair of green orbs.

Fuck sake.

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