Unexpected Fate

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“Hey Finn I heard what happened, you poor thing” Victoria says in an almost mocking voice as she places her handbag down by her feet that are enclosed by a pair of red heels, she wraps her arms around my waist resting her head on my chest.

Why the fuck is she here, and of course it has to be Victoria that comes over when Samantha’s here. Victoria thinks that her and I are together and meant to be- I know I said that every time I told her no... but that’s not so true. Victoria and I had a one night stand about a year ago. And I’ve lived to regret it- now she’s obsessed.

Victoria squeezes her arms around me tighter obviously feeling that I don’t hug her back, I just stand with a deadpan expression wanting to shove her off of me and push her back out my house. But I can’t, it would be wrong of me and plus she works for Kyle. The last time Victoria came round my house she stayed for hours trying to convince me to let her sleep the night.

Victoria reluctantly let go of our hug but her hand still grasps around my arm.

“I was so worried that you got hurt” Victoria’s hand slightly clenches around my arm, she brings her other hand that are accompanied with a set of bright pink talons up to my face placing her cold skin over my cheek and gently rubbing her thumb over my cheek bone. This is a little to close to comfort.

I subtly roll my eyes before making contact with Victoria’s eyes, her eyes looked like freshly cut grass and the beginning of spring right before that flowers bloom- it’s a good thing I have hay fever- but her eyes are filled with desperation and lust, she’s toxic and she knows it.

Before I knew what was happening Victoria’s hand had snaked round the back of my head intwining her fingers in my hair pulling me closer to her, her lips twist into a devilish smile as she closes her eyes and pushes out her lips.

My hands come up to her waist to push her off but I do my heart stops,

“Finlay is everyth-” just before Victoria kiss’ me she broke away in shock giving Samantha the look of disgust and pure hatred for breaking what ever the fuck was about to happen.

Samantha however just stands in the hall way entrance frozen- fuck -for a split second I could see hurt in her snowflake eyes, the kind of hurt that stems from betrayal, it’s not what it looks like and she needs to know that. Samantha quickly snaps out of her shock state and gives Victoria a small smile,

“Hi I’m Samantha” she takes a couple steps and out stretches her hand for Victoria to shake, I could see the hate that Victoria had for Sam without even knowing her. I just pray that they both play nice.

Victoria takes Samantha hand shaking it obviously quite aggressively as her knuckles turn white, I quickly take a step towards Victoria giving her a look to back down. She gives me a deadly smile and pulls her hand away from Samantha’s,

“Victoria” her voice laced with venom as she looked sam up and down scoffing before turing back to me, she crossed her arms and says,

“Well aren’t you going to send you cleaner away?” Victoria hiss’ making a shooing action to Samantha with her hand. I mentally face slap myself knowing this couldn’t get any worse.

I can’t believe it, I can’t believe I just walked in on Finlay about to kiss this Victoria bitch. I’m such an idiot to think that Finlay liked me, he’s a player and I believed his lies. Finlay Everett cast a web of lie and deception and I fell right into it and now I look like a fool just stood here in between them.

Victoria’s hand grasps tighter around my hand

her neon pink claws slightly dinging into my skin, I want to move my hand back in pain but I’m currently emotionless, even with the crippling pain running though my hand, seeing Finlay’s hands on her waist held so firm is worse. A lot worse.

Finlay takes a strong stride towards Victoria clenching his jaw in the process, I could see all of he’s features tense, Finlay physically grew with anger staring straight into Victoria’s eyes almost telling her to back down.

What is happening? Finlay was going to kiss what I can only describe as a demon and now he’s trying to protect me from the ‘she devil’.

Victoria obviously see’s the scowl from Finlay’s face and let’s go of my hand- thank fuck, any longer and I don’t think I would have a hand- she turns back to Finlay and gives him a petty smile as she spat,

“Well aren’t you going to send you cleaner away?” Excuse me bitch?! She’s a cheeky little sod and someone needs to put her in her place, I wait for Finlay’s reply seeing that he clenches his fists turning his knuckles a pale white. He’s getting angry. Too angry.

“Why the fuck are you here?” I can see Finlay trying to hold him self back from doing or saying anything he’ll regret.

“Finny I came for you” I mentally cringe at the name as she turns to look at me with her dead eyes.

Victoria is clearly a stuck up bitch that didn’t get enough loving, she’s dressed in a short black skirt accompanied with a red plunging v-neck showing off way to much boob and a cheap fake Gucci bag resting by her feet.

“obviously she beat me to it but now I’m here you can go on your way” Victoria crosses her arms giving me a small smirk. I know I haven’t known Finlay for a very long time but I do know that he doesn’t what Victoria here, I can see it in his eyes they are filled with hate.

Finlay was about to say something when I jumped in and said,

“Excuse me, you listen hear you cheap ass Barbie wanna-be, you can’t just claim somebody, it’s so profoundly clear that Finlay doesn’t want you here so I suggest that you take your fake Gucci bag and your stick on nails and get gone.”

Victoria stare dumbfounded for a moment with her mouth open, she looks at Finlay and then back to me before regaining her composure.

I have known Victoria for about 10 minuets and I hate her she’s the devil in disguise. I could go on and on with the reasons why I already hate her but she’s not worth my time.

“Finlay you’re going to let this bitch talk to me like that?!” She screams making me scoff. Finlay took a step in-front of me protecting me from the devils gaze, I can protect myself but it’s clear that Finlay’s the only one that can talk to her.

“Leave” Finlay says in a strong but ordering tone that I’ve never hear before, at this point in time I don’t recognise Finlay Everett his whole body is tensed, his arms are practically bulging out his t-shirt, his hands are pulled behind his back as if he’s restraining himself. It scares me to think just how angry he could get but right now I’ve never been more turned on.

I step out from behind Finlay giving Victoria my classic smirk.

Victoria gives a shocked look to Finlay’s reply, she stays still for a few seconds before picking up her fake bag and swinging the door wide open just as Victoria walks out the door she come to a halt with her hand still on the door knob, she flicks her head towards mine and Finlay’s direction her glossy blonde hair following close behind her,

“Watch you back” she sneered at me before closing the door, Finlay took a step towards the door but before he could do anything I grab him by the arm feeling his body instantly relax under my touch. Finlay stays there completely still for a moment before turning around to face me with sad eyes,

“I’m so sorry Sam, I promise you nothing happened between Victoria and I” my mind recalled the moment I walked in on them as if I almost forgot what happened.

I trust Finlay so if nothing happened then that’s what happened plus I don’t think he would ever get with her.

I decided to play it cool as if it didn’t bother me as much as it has, i shrug my shoulders and say,

“It’s okay Finlay it’s not like we’re together or anything, you don’t need to tell me what happened” I mentally scream as the words came out of my mouth before I could stop them. Finlay’s whole demeanour dropped after I finish, he had his classic dead pan expression painted across his face; I could see how sad that made him, I should have just hugged him or something.

Finlay opens his mouth as if he was going to say something but then changed his mind as he closed his mouth again.

I stare into his hazel chocolate orbs longingly, I should tell him how I feel but it’s not the right time, my heads in a really weird place.

Finlay intakes a deep breath puffing out his chest, he looks down to stare at me almost burning holes in my face from his gaze,

“So what movie do you want to watch next?”

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