Unexpected Fate

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chapter 25

Finlay stuffs his hands in his pockets waiting for my reply,

“Um I don’t know it’s your choice, I picked the last time” I looked down at my feet to anxious to look at his chocolate eyes.

What if he doesn’t like the way I act? I mean Finlay has to keep a certain reputation and I could ruin everything he’s worked for. After a couple seconds of silence I lift my head up to see Finlay with his signature smirk across his face,

“Well if it’s my turn to pick a movie I’ve got the perfect one” after Finlay finished his sentence he turned and walked back into the lounge where I followed quickly behind him.

I’m in for a surprise now.

Finlay throws himself on the sofa stretching out his arms over the cushions, I walk over and sit next to him only feeling slightly awkward. It’s awkward because I don’t know how he feels about me or could I just be like another Victoria?

I give him a sheepish smile before I turn to the tv seeing Finlay’s picked ‘The Conjuring’ it doesn’t look that scary.

I get comfy leaning back on the cushions feeling Finlay’s warm arm tense under my back before relaxing.

Just as the movie starts my stomach screams for attention (right at the silent bit as well), I try to play it off but it’s clear that Finlay heard as he asks.

“Have you eaten?” I can see from the corner of my eye he’s staring into the side of my face, I gulp before replying.

“No I haven’t, guess it just slipped my mind” I turn to look at his small smile forming at the corner of his plump lips.

“It’s a good thing I’m starving too, I’ll order pizza” Finlay jumps off the couch walking into the kitchen to order the food.

Feeling Finlay’s touch break from mine slightly dulls my mood but until I know what he thinks and feels about me I can’t show it.

I turn my attention back to the movie until Finlay walks back in saying that the food should be here in half and hour.

He sits down besides me and pulls the blanket over the both of us. I smile wishing this could happen every day.

Well I lied when I said the movie didn’t look scary, I practically hid behind Finlay the whole time and all he did was laugh. Little bugger.

I pick up the empty pizza box from the coffee table and walk into the kitchen to try and find a bin, after a little searching and Finlay telling me where it is I chuck the pizza box away and walking around to the stools sitting on one. Finlay following my lead as well.

“So how did you like that film?” Finlay’s signature smirk fell across his face while I simply rolled my eyes. He just picked a scary movie because he thought the one I picked wasn’t scary, and to laugh at me when I screamed.

“Well the bits I actually watched was good, you’ll have to tell me the rest” I say with a smile remembering that I used Finlay as a shield almost pushing him off the sofa. Finlay chuckles covering his gloating smiles with his hands, those strong hands that lead to his huge muscular arms that looked like they are alway tensed. Getting a bit carried away Samantha, jeez really need to keep my cool.

“Well you need to watch the second one as well” his hazel eyes searching for something in mine,

“What? There’s more than one?” I whine before slumping over slightly.

“Hey there not that bad. Well apart your to chicken to watch them” my mouth drops open to his remark, I’m pretty sure he just called me chicken, me a chicken?

“Umm no, you are so wrong there, I wasn’t being a chicken” I cross my arms in protest.

Finlay raises one of his eyebrows, scoffing slightly.

“Of really then what where you doing?” Quick Samantha think of something witty to say, think of something cool. My mind goes blank thinking that I’ve waited too long to reply I blurt out.

“Well you had something on your back so I was trying to get it off” and the worse comeback award goes to... me.

Finlay laughs dropping his hands down on the table allowing me to see his toothy laugh, this pure moment of innocence makes me smile, seeing him happy.

Finlay composes himself before saying,

“What you had to get something of my back 12 times?”

“Hey it wasn’t 12 times more like 10 but that’s not the point you had something on your t-shirt think it’s a stain” I screw my nose up giving a childish nod, maybe he’ll believe me.

Probably not.

“Yeah yeah you keep telling your self that” Finlay looks at something behind me giving a slight pout,

“What’s up?” I ask bringing my hands to my head so I can rest my chin on them.

Finlay nods behind me, causing me to twist my head seeing a calendar on the side,

“It’s a month till Christmas” why does he say it like it’s a bad thing, Christmas is the best time. Matthew would have the tv on in the background, we would sit on the sofa in our pyjamas all day watching movies and eating junk food. I would buy Mathew some presents and let him open them throughout the day to make them last longer, they weren’t anything big but he loved them all.

Christmas is all about family and spending time with people you hold dear to your heart, so Matthew and I would travel down to Louis house on Boxing Day.

“You say it like it’s a bad thing” I say moving my chin trying to get comfortable.

“No I like Christmas don’t get me wrong it’s just that I’m not here during the December month. I take that time off to see my family but my brother doesn’t like having buster and pebbles round, I’ve tried asking Kyle if he could look after them but he’s not around either”

I looks down at his hands, it’s not fair that he has doesn’t get to see his family on Christmas.

With out thinking I say,

“Well I could look after the dogs if you want, I mean I’m not leaving the city for Christmas and I could feed them after I pick up Mathew from school” Finlay eyes go wide at my reply as he says,

“You would do that for me?” I give him a small smile.

“Of course I would, plus I really like pebbles and buster” I look over my shoulder to see the two grey hounds cuddling up together in their bed.

“Thank you so much Sam, you’re such a great friend” I smile drops still looking at the dogs. I’m just a friend to him and that’s it, so that’s how I need to act. I plaster on a smile turning back to.

“Course that’s what friends are for” I look down at my hands looking at a bit of dirt under my finger nails, really need to clean them.

“Sam?” I look up at Finlay making a humming noise to answer his question.

“What were you about to say before, Victoria knocked on the door?” My eyes bulged slightly at his question, I can’t tell him how I feel not now anyways, not when he sees me as a friend.

“Oh erm, it was nothing important” I tried to look into his eyes but something inside me was telling me not too.

“You can tell me sam”

“Seriously just drop it, it’s nothing worth repeating” Finlay’s smile dropped slightly but he quickly recovered,

“Well it matters to me, if you ever need to talk about something I’m always here” I feel my cheeks warm in his response,

“And I’m here for you too” I pull out my phone seeing the time is almost 11. It would be cruel of me to make Emma wait any longer.

“I should probably head back, Emma’s looking after Mathew for me and I feel guilty making her stay this long”

Finlay lets out a shallow sigh, he turns around and walked to a few cupboards opening a draw, I heard the rattling of metal against metal but so stopped as he grasped the object fully in his hands.

Finlay turns back on his heels and walks over to me, I stand up to face him better only now just realising how tall he is, he stood at least a foot taller than me maybe even more. I hate being small. Finlay’s hand takes a hold of my instantly feeling electricity between us, he flips my hand over so my palm if facing up, Finlay dropped a pair of keys into my hands with his other hand following closely behind it to seal my fingers around the keys.

“These are keys to my house so you can get in and feed the dogs, but when I’m back don’t bother giving them back to me, I want you to have them” my mouth opened slightly as I watched his Adam’s apple bobble in and down and he swallowed.

“Are you sure?” Finlay’s fingers squeeze tighter around my hands, “definitely”.

Finlay walks me to my car where I hop in the drivers seat, we say our good byes and I start to drive away.

I look in my mirror seeing Finlay getting smaller and smaller until I turn the corner of his house.

Why didn’t I just tell him?

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