Unexpected Fate

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chapter 27

Just after New Years I came back home. I felt nervous driving back through the city, my stomach was tightening, my hands were sweating and my blood was pumping. I was excited to be back.

I pull into my driveway turning off the car I see the empty house that stood tall, I pull out my duffle bag from the passenger seat closing the door to my jeep behind me. I run up to my front door twisting it open with my keys, i throw my bag down and show,

“Boys, daddy’s home” I practically didn’t even finish my sentence before buster and pebble jumped all over me, each of them licked my face and sniffed the old smell of my family home.

I laugh uncontrollably trying to push them off, Samantha has already fed them today as it close to 9 o’clock. After I get the dogs of me I walk into the kitchen and grab a water, I see that Samantha’s cleaned up around the house. She didn’t have to do that but of course Samantha has to go that extra step, that’s why I love her.

My stomach twists at the thought, I love her and the next time I see her I’m going to tell her. I feel like a kid on a playground who has a crush, I’m giddy. She makes me happy without even being in the room, a famous singer has fallen in love with a girl I could only have dreamed of. I walk into the lounge and stop when I see a bag of popcorn and skittles on the side, with a note.

I know it’s from Samantha, who else would know my favourite food. A smile forms on my face as I sit down starring at the note with my name on it.

Samantha’s handwriting was messy but I could still read what she wrote.

I opened the letter pulling out a piece of paper, I unfolded the note and the whole page was covered in writing, which said.

Hey Finlay,

Welcome home. Buster and pebbles have been lost without you. I left you some snacks because I know you wouldn’t have eaten anything yet and I don’t want you to starve. Mathew misses you, just thought you’d like to know, and I, Ive missed you too. I hope you had a blast with your family you deserved the break.

Thank you again for my roses and necklace that I wear everyday by they way. And for my card, I’ve read that card a lot.

But I realised that it wasn’t just me that bumped into your life, you bumped into mine to, that day at the school.

The guy that bumped into my life, the guy that showed me there was more to life than work.

For the first time I’m happy I bumped into someone and fell on my ass, I’m happy I met you.

Have a good night Finlay, hopefully we’ll see each other soon.

Samantha xx

I smile longingly at the letter, damn this girl is amazing. Should I go to the bar? No, it’s too soon.

I grab the bag of popcorn and turn on the tv so I can listen to some shitty tv show whilst I scroll on instagram. Samantha should have a Instagram, she would take some stunning photos. Samantha’s one of these people who are easily very photogenic but is to camera shy to let anyone take a photo of her. I scroll through my explore page just seeing a lot of cooking posts, yes I do like to watch satisfying cooking clips okay there no harm in that.

I go to my direct message just for a laugh, it’s funny how people press send without thinking about what they are saying.

I scroll though most of them just seeing the normal one from girls who want attention.

Finlay fuck me please.

Finlay have I ever told you I’ve had dreams about you.

Finlay when can you come over baby?

I continue to scroll though them until I reach a message from Victoria. I roll my eyes but click on the message anyways, it might be important. Victoria has spammed me with a shit-ton of messages.

Hey finny hope you got home safe xx

I know it’s been some time since we last spoke but I’ve missed you, I can’t stop thinking about you.

We okay we left our relationship ship on bad terms but it was because of that beat Serena or what ever her name was.

Victoria is just being petty because she was the one that left and not Samantha, she knows I care for Samantha more than I will ever care for her and she’s jealous. Frankly I don’t care. I carry on reading the messages Victoria sent me.

Baby just talk to me, I can make you feel sooo good. I’ll be gentle I promise xx

I want to see you again when that house maid of yours isn’t round, we could have fun, just the two of us xxx

Message me when you can babe xxx

I turn off my phone almost gagging at the message I read. See when I said obsessed what I was meant to say was a psychotic bitch who will ruin your life. She needs a big red sign that says “stay away, I’ll destroy your shoes if you get on the wrong side of me”

I grab the remote next to me to change the channel but as I did my ears where filling with the sound of my door bell ringing though the hallways. I jump of the sofa and walk towards the door, I hope it’s not Victoria. God please say it’s not Victoria.

I swing the door open seeing Kyles face being illuminated but his phone screen that he’s looking down at, he turns his head to be with a big grin on his face.

“Finlay” he sings as he hugs me. I return the hug patting him on the back as he lets go.

“What are you doing here?” I stuff my hands back into my pockets.

As if it was possible Kyles smile grows and he says, “I’ve got big news kid”.


I close the door behind Mathew watching him dump his bad by the front door as per usual, I laugh to my self seeing him run as fast as he can to the toilet.

I pick up his bag and walk into his room seeing his bed sheet crumpled into a ball like always. Once I finish tidying Mathews room and making him dinner I finally have some time to rest. I plop myself onto the sofa seeing the rough springs stab at my back. I open my phone seeing no texts or calls from Finlay, that’s odd he usually message me every day. The last time we message he was thanking me for the food I left him. It’s been a whole day, I miss him.

I miss Finlay Everett. This warm feeling started to stir in my stomach, my cheeks flushed a warm red and my chest exploded with butterflies. I’m feeling like a child on Christmas Day, and it’s because of Finlay.

He made me feel whole even when I’m mostly broken and for that I love him.

I love him, I love Finlay Everett.

I quickly message Emma asking if she could look after Mathew for a bit and she said yes straight away. It didn’t take long for Emma to arrive and as soon as she did I ran out the door and jumped into my car. I watch the houses pass me by until it was just long stretches of trees, what am I going to say to him? I have to tell him, it’s unfair on him and myself if I don’t.

I get to his house pulling into his driveway, my heart rushing at a million miles per hour.

I jump out my car not even bothering to lock it shut, I pound on the door as hard as I can.

Not even a couple seconds later my eyes connect with his perfect hazel ones.

“Finlay” I say as he gives me an unexpected smile.

“Samantha I-” he paused for a brief second before saying, “I’m going on tour again” my smile faded.

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