Unexpected Fate

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chapter 29

I fold Mathews favourite pair of Spider-Man pyjamas neatly and place them into his suit case along with an assortment of other clothing and toys. A whole week he’ll be away, I’ve never been away from Mathew that long. But he’ll enjoy himself I know he will, it’s what he wanted.

Finlay’s been gone for a couple months now, and I hate the fact I miss him so much. We text and call every chance we can but it’s not the same, he’s not here. I can’t stare into his brown leather eyes that always promise me a new long lived story, a new reason to love him more. I can’t see those deep dimples he gets when he smiles causing my stomach to knot with butterflies. I can’t feel his warmth around me keeping me safe. I’m back to being lonely and I hate it.

I zip up Mathews bag seeing him sat on the couch already dressed with his coat and backpack on.

“You all ready to go bud?” I call walking down the hall. Mathew beams at me before jumping of the couch and running to the door, he swings it open and bolts down the corridor.

I quickly lock the door to the apartment and chase after him so he doesn’t hurt himself. We both get in the car and Mathew squeals with excitement, I smile down at him before looking back at the road as I pull away. We make it to the airport within a couple hours, Mathew had fallen asleep about 30 minuets into our journey but I expected he would we both had to wake up at 5 in the morning to make sure we got here for 8.

I move Mathews shoulder waking him up, “We’re here!” He screams looking at me. I laugh as I scruff his hair, “Yeah bud we’re here now we just need to find your friends and teachers” we both get out the car walking into the airport, I don’t even need to look around to know the class are already here, I can hear the kids screaming in excitement.

Mathew and I walk up to the class and teachers where I hand Mathew his suitcase bending down to hug Mathew. I whisper in his ear “you have fun ok, and remember if you need anything or just want to come home you get one of the teachers to ring me and I’ll come get you, I don’t care if I have to drive a million miles, I’ll always be there. I love you” Mathew hugged me tighter saying he loved me too. I let go seeing him join his other friends, I should probably go I don’t want to be one of those ‘clingy mom’s’. I turn around to be greeted by Jake Wallis, he gave me a tired smile before saying, “I’ll look after Mathew you don’t have to worry about a thing” I gave him a smile and thanked him.

I get back into my car and stare at the airport, I don’t want to be alone right now. I’m 19 I don’t want to work all the time and re-live the same boring day. I want to go out and have fun, I want to do something adventurous, I want to make some mistakes and not care about the consequences. I want to be free.

I pull out my phone calling in the diner, after the second ring someone picked up, immediately I knew it was my boss. I take in a deep breath trying to calm my nerves before saying, “hiya it’s Sam, you know the vacation leave you said I have, well I’m using it now. I going out of town for a week and won’t be able to work” I close my eyes waiting for his reply. It took a couple seconds before he cleared his throat before saying, “okay see you in a week” I snapped open my eyes in shock, he actually let me. “Thank you sir” I say before I hang up. Now all I have to do is call Louis.

It didn’t take long to convince Louis to let me have to week off, he actually encouraged me to have longer but I refused. I’m currently back home packing, I know where I’m going and I know who I want to see. I put my toothbrush and toothpaste into my duffle bag and zip it up, I turn off all the lights and run back into my car with my heart beating through my chest. I drive through the country lanes so I wouldn’t hit traffic, I see the trees besides me swirling into colours of vibrant greens and pinks from the flowers along the road, spring it the best time of the year. It’s a time for new beginnings.

I drive till my eyes get tired and my arms are sore, I was just about to pull over when I saw a sign that read “Welcome to Salt Lake City!” I wicked smile painted over my face and I pressed harder on the gas pedal. It took about another half an hour to reach the Salt Lake City Stadium, I turned off my car listening to the low hum shortly cut off. I get out feeling the spring breeze brush gently over me swing shivers down my spine, I can feel my heart racing a million miles per hour.

I walk over to the entrance of the stadium with the help of a few street laps that lit my way, I left my apartment at around 10:30 and it’s only just turned 8 o’clock so I’ve been sat in a car for almost 10 hours. My butt is killing me. As I walk over to the entrance I see two men standing dressed all in black, their faces are illuminated by poster that read “FINLAY EVERETT WORLD TOUR TONIGHT” I walk a bit closer and the two men took a side step in blocking my path. “Sorry ma’am entry is no longer allowed, the website was clear on the timing” his voice has a cold and heartless tone. I give him a small smile and say, “I’m a friend of Finlay’s if you let him know Samantha Kane is here I’m sure he’ll let me in” they look at each other before erupting into laughter. “Listen kid you know who many people tell us that? I suggest you get back in your car and go away, maybe next time you’ll pay for a ticket” what a prick. I scoffed folding my arms, I open my mouth to say something witty when a voice called out my name.

“Samantha?” Both the guards looked behind them seeing Kyle, Finlay’s manager. “Hey Kyle” I say waving my hand sheepishly. “Boy am I glad to see you, Finlay will not stop complaining that he hasn’t seen you” Kyle moves the guards away and pulls me into a hug, I kindly hug him back sending a glare at the guard that spoke to me. Kyle takes me inside the stadium and I take in the view, everyone is busy rushing around fixing costumes and putting make up on dancers. It’s hectic but so cool. Kyle takes me to a lady dressed in a red silk blouse and a black denim skirt, her hair was a fiery ginger that was straighten into a bob cut.

“Samantha I would like you to meet Kylee, she’s Finlay’s stylist and before you say anything no we are not related.” I laugh at Kyle before shaking kylee’s hand. She gave me a bright smile before looking me up and down, suddenly I’m feeling very self conscious.

“Oh darling you look exhausted, I’ll give you a make over before you go” Kylee spoke in a strong British accent. Kyle nodded in agreement, “let me know when you Finnish Kylee and I’ll take you to see the end of Finlay’s set” Kyle turned to me. I nodded my head trying to hide my excitement. “There is a lot of people here today so I’ll sit you at the front vip section with me, Colin will be next to you the whole time” reassuring me that we will be okay. Kyle then walked away leaving me with Kylee who sat me down on a black leather chair, she starts to brush through my hair telling me she’s going to give me beach waves and then a light coat of make up. This is the first time I’ve had someone do my hair and makeup and I really like it, the whole time Kylee and I had a conversation about our days and how she became Finlay’s stylist. Kylee told me that one day a couple years ago when Finlay was on tour in England she walked into the backstage area and said that she wanted to work, at this time Finlay had just fired his last stylist so he took her on. He said he liked her enthusiasm, and now they are really good friends.

“Finlay talks about you a lot you know?” Kylee says and I feel my cheeks start to heat. I stay quiet seeing kylee’s about to talk again. “You definitely live up to expectations from what he’s told me, I hope he keeps you around” I look down in my lap “me too” I mumble so Kylee doesn’t hear but I think she did.

After Kylee did my hair and makeup which is stunning, she took me to the wardrobe room to see if there was any clothes I could wear, not that I didn’t mind wearing jeans and Finlay’s hoodie. After about 20 minuets in wardrobe we finally picked out black high waisted jeans, a grey plunging v-neck that’s accompanied with a red and black flannel shirt, Kylee kept it casual and paired the outfit with a pair of black and white converses. Real converses are definitely more comfortable than the fake ones.

She calls Kyle telling him that I’m ready and within a couple minutes Kyle appears from the stage door. “You look great, come on” he moves his head towards the door he just came from. I follow him through the door immediately deafened by the sound of thousands of people screaming and cheering for Finlay, I can also hear the soft sound of Finlay’s voice giving me goosebumps. We walk around back stage and before we walk into the vip section Kyle turns around and says, “we haven’t told Finlay you are here yet and don’t want to till the end of the set so he doesn’t lose his focus, he only has about half an hour left until his set is finishes” I nod my head saying that’s fine.

It’s funny that people think Finlay loses his concentration around me, that one person can make you do stupid things, utterly crazy things but still you never regret them. I walk with Kyle through the door seeing thousands of girls and boys (but mostly girls) screaming and throwing there hands out towards the stage where Finlay is. I turn to see Finlay dancing in a pair of grey ripped jeans and a black t-shirt that shows his defined chest and arms. The song he’s singing is up beat and sound cheerful, the dancers are doing all kinds of flips and tricks on stage. This is awesome.

Kyle and I get to the vip section which only has a few people in it anyways. I am directly to the side of Finlay seeing his strong powerful jawline tense when he takes a breath in.

A couple songs later and the stage blacks out, my ears are overwhelmed by the sound of people screaming for more songs. When the lights came back on it’s just Finlay stood up on stage, he gives a smile to his fans as they cheer his name. “How’s everyone doing tonight?” He shouted into his mic and raised one of his arms. I cheered along with the crowed earning a smile from Kyle and Colin.

“Okay so this is my last song of the night, this is one that no ones ever heard before so just sit back and relax and enjoy the music!” He says and the crowed cheers again.

A soft couple chords on the piano play and Finlay hums softly giving me goosebumps across my body. I close my eyes and just listen to his words.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it was meant to be. Or maybe it’s fate, fate that pushed you my way. Because I’m just a man, a man with no purpose, until you walked my way.

For a foolish heart we’re two worlds apart. But without your heart, I’m broken and scarred. I miss those deep blue pool that I get lost into. All I can think about is you.

The way that you, look in my clothes, drives me insane cause even with my sweats on you’re still stunning to me. The way that your smile, makes my mind swoon. And girl even when you think you’re not good enough, I can say you’re perfect to me.

For a foolish heart we’re two worlds apart. But without your heart, I’m broken and scarred. I miss those deep blue pool that I get lost into. All I can think about is you.

And girl even when you think you’re not good enough, I can say you’re perfect to me.

The cords on the piano slowly fade and the audience screams, I hear a few girls sobbing behind me. That song was beautiful, I don’t know why I felt so at home listening to it. Finlay’s voice is amazing, which makes me love him even more. As Finlay’s saying his good byes Kyle and Colin takes me back stage to Finlay’s dressing room before everything gets hectic. As I walk into Finlay’s dressing room Kyle shuts the door behind me, guess it’s just a part for one. I look around Finlay’s dressing room seeing empty bags of popcorn wrappers on the floor, that boy sure does have a sweet tooth. I take in my appearance in one of the mirrors handing on the wall, I look good. These jeans have sculpted my ass perfectly and the t-shirt doesn’t make me look frumpy and thank god I decided to put on a push up bra today.

I walk over to the grey couch Finlay has in the edge of his dressing room, might as-well make myself comfortable. In less than a couple seconds after I sit down the handle turns and the door swings open showing a very tense Finlay walking in, slamming the door and moves over to his mirrors. He hasn’t seen me yet, my heart is racing almost like it’s going to explode. I watch as Finlay puts his head in his hands and lets out an exhausted sigh before mumbling "where are you Sam", a smirk comes over my face as I say in a confident voice.

“You know you’re a lot more handsome when you smile” Finlay’s head immediately snaps up turning towards me with a grin on his face. “How are you here?” He says while running over to me engulfing me in a hug, I chuckle slightly as Finlay picked me up and spins me around slowly, it’s like fireworks night in my body every part of me was sparking with electricity. We break away from the hug, sadly, and I shrug my shoulders giving his a playful smirk “I’m magic” Finlay shakes his head and returns the smirk “you’re crazy” Finlay puts his strong hands on my hips making me shiver as I pull his back into a hug. Now this feels like home.

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