Unexpected Fate

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chapter 30

“You look stunning by the way” Finlay whispers in my ear causing me to turn my head from the car window and into his piercing brown eyes. We are on our way to the hotel where Finlay and his crew are staying. I’m glad I came here, I missed Finlay and he missed me too. Ever since we left his dressing room he would hug me at every chance, which I didn’t mind because I could breath in his strong but sweet smell of chocolate.

“Thank you” I blush as Finlay gives me a warm smile. We had just pulled up to the hotel and of course it super fancy; there’s even a man waiting to open my door open. I feel Finlay move away from me and out the car and just as the man was about to open my door he stopped and moved away. Finlay’s strong arm pulled the door open, he gave me a cheesy smile before extending his hand to help me out. “M’lady” his deep voice was laced with a sweetness that was only ever directed to me. He takes my hand in his and he leads me quickly into the building with Colin following closely behind us. Soon the sound of camera lenses being flicked open and closed could be heard, these pictures would be every where by tomorrow.

We get into the elevator, meeting Kyle as we walk in. For most of the journey up it was silent, until Kyle cleared his throat and spoke. “So Samantha, I have a room sorted out for you, it will be on the floor below fin-” Finlay tightens his grip on my hand “don’t worry about it Kyle, Samantha will stay with me” there was a pause before Finlay spoke again, “I do have the penthouse after all”. A smirk came across Kyle’s face and he looked at Colin who also had the same expression. Should I take the room? Before I could say anything the doors opened and both Kyle and Colin left the elevator, what do they know that I don’t ? The rest of the ride up the elevator was silent until we reached the penthouse. Once we were inside I stood shocked, the place was massive, I think you could fit at least 10 of my apartments in here. The walls where painted a crisp white with some photos of wildlife hung across the wall. Everything was neat and polished, all the furniture was leather and the low hung lights lit the room a golden colour.

Finlay lets go of my hand, leaves my side and enters the kitchen. He soon appears holding two bottles of water, Finlay gives one to me which I kindly take and start to drink feeling the refreshing water hit my throat. I could feel Finlay’s eyes wondering over me so I look into his eyes, his cheeks started to flush. “So lets go get changed into something comfortable” Finlay takes one of my hands immediately sending sparks up my arms and takes me to his bedroom (not that I know why because my stuff is in my car). The huge king bed has a black silk bedding draped over the sides that slightly glisten in the golden light. My mouth drops as I see my duffle bag laying on the edge of his bed. I know that he got one of his assistants to drive my car over here but I didn’t know they already brought my stuff up and why to Finlay’s room and not the room I was given?

Finlay leaves to go to the bathroom, so I take this time to find some clothes. I open my duffle and see Finlay’s hoodie in my bag, Kylee must have taken my bag here who else had my jumper? I pull out a black tank top and a pair of shorts to get changed into and place my duffle next to the nightstand. The door to the bathroom clicks open showing a half naked Finlay, he is gorgeous. Every muscle on his body is well defined, his arms tense when he sees me staring causing his veins to bulge slightly under the pressure from his biceps. I quickly look away and speed walk into his bathroom before I show how turned on I’m am just at the sight of him.

I get washed with the extra towels Finlay had left me and get changed into my pyjamas. When I leave the bathroom I throw my bra and pants next to my duffle and walk out of the bedroom and into the lounge. I see Finlay still shirtless sat on the couch his eyes are fixed to the tv until he turned his attention to me. Finlay gawks at me dropping his jaw in to process, it’s only now that I realise I don’t have a bra on. I never wear a bra when I sleep, they are just super uncomfortable. I sit confidently to the side of Finlay feeling his heat radiate around me. I watch the tv show thats on the telly and never look up to Finlay once as I feel his eyes glued to me.

After a couple episodes I feel myself start to fall asleep, just as I feel myself slipping into a deep slumber two strong arms wrap around my waist and legs. Finlay hold me bridal style close to his chest and I feel every muscle tense under my touch. We get to his room and I can tell he doesn’t want to let go as he stands there and lets out a long sigh, should I just open my eyes? Finlay lays me down on the bed and comfort consumes me, if I could take this bed home with me I would. Finlay’s breath fans my face as he brushes my hair away from my cheeks, I love these moments where I see Finlay so loving and vulnerable. The bed dips next to me and Finlay sits down, I hear him whisper “sam, where have you been all my life” I try and hold back a smile, which is harder than it sounds when you really want to blush at his cuteness. Finlay gets into his side of the bed and not long after that I fall into a deep sleep.

My eyes shoot open seeing the room of filled with darkness, I groan and close my eyes again trying to get back to sleep. I can tell you without looking at my phone that the time is around 6 o’clock in the morning, it’s the same time I wake up every morning so I can get Mathew ready for school. I flip over to the middle of the bed and suck in my breath when I see the silhouette of Finlay’s scuffed hair centimetres away from my face. I blink a couple time so my eyes could adjust to the light and see Finlay peacefully sleeping. The bed cover drapes at the bottom of his spine showing his god like muscles rippling up his back, he must have taken his shirt of before getting into bed. As Finlay sleeps a small smile curves on his lips, I wonder what he’s dreaming about.

I’m probably not going to be to bed again even though I’m exhausted, so I carefully move away from finally and sit on the edge of the bed, I wince as an awful creaking noise comes from the bed frame. I try to stand but as I do I feel Finlay’s strong arms snake around my waist and pulls me back into him, he groans and moves one of his hands to rub his eyes.

“What time is it?” His voice came out rough and dishevelled. I move out of his hold so I can turn to face him with a small smile on my face, “it’s sometime around 6" Finlay stops rubbing his eyes and gives me a shocked look. “You woke me up at six? In the morning? How can people be up this early, my brain hurts” he whines, and continues to whine for the next minute or so. I roll my eyes and place my finger to his lips shushing him, “if you would have left me on the couch, you wouldn’t have had to wake up at six” I drop my finger and Finlay smiles at my response, his places one of his hands on my hip before saying. “I wasn’t going to leave you on the couch by yourself now was I?” Finlay’s eyes gazed down to my lips and then back up to my face. I cleaned my throat, “anyways how long are you in Salt Lake City for?“. Finlay closed his eyes and huffed out a small breath, “I think another two weeks, this weeks our break and next week I’m recording with Tom” he said Toms name through gritted teeth, I’m not sure why Finlay doesn’t like Tom. I think he’s great. “Oh so is Tom here now?” Finlay moved a tad closer and says, “yes now go back to sleep”. I smile before surprising falling back to sleep in Finlay’s arms.

The rest of the day we didn’t do much apart from order food and watch tv, Finlay wanted to know everything I had been up to while he was away. I didn’t really do anything, I didn’t have the time to meet Emma or to see Jeremy apart from when I was working.

The next day I woke up to a single red rose in a glass with a note saying that Finlay had to go to the stadium and he would be back later in the night. I got dressed and walked down the halls of the hotel trying to find Kyle or Colin or anyone actually. “You look like a lost puppy” a strong voice came from behind me. I snap my head towards the voice seeing Tom’s mischievous smirk plastered to his slightly tanned skin. “Don’t do that, you scared the crap out of me” I playfully slap him on his hard chest. Tom unfolds his arms and laughs slightly, “you did that to your self princess” I scoff hard as I try to hide my blush. “What where you doing anyways?” Tom asks me. I walk with him to the elevator and say, “well I was trying to find Kyle or Colin so I could ask one of them to take me to the stadium as Finlay’s over there” Toms chest puffs out and he lets out a long sigh, I could see he was conflicted about something. “You should have just texted me I’m going there anyways, plus I’ve been here for a couple days now” I press the button for the elevator and stare back into his crisp green orbs. I’ve texted Tom a couple times since he gave me his number but nothing else happened, I’m starting to think he would be a really good friend to have.

We get down to Toms car and I decided to message Finlay saying I’m on my way to the stadium. He quickly reply’s telling me to be safe. The car ride was fun, Tom and I mostly talked about puppies and sea creatures. Tom isn’t afraid to be himself which is what I like about him. When I got out the car Tom ran to find Kyle and I was met by Colin who said to go to the stage, it took a good 15 minuets jut to find the stage.

I waited in the wings where I met Kylee who’s wearing a cute crop top and flared trousers. Now I’m feeling slightly under dressed wearing a pair of ripped jeans and blue sweater. “Hey girl, you look like you’ve actually gotten a good nights sleep” Kylee places her hands in her pockets and stares intently into my eyes. “Yeah, the bed I slept in probably cost more than my car, it was super soft” I drag out the super earning a laugh from Kylee. “I know the feeling” we stand there for a while looking out onto the stage where Finlay’s finishing his song. The spot light shines down on his muscles figure, he’s dressed all in black and looks like a sexy Greek god in all his glory... okay reel it in Samantha.

“Oh yeah after once you’ve seen Finlay come find me and I’ll give you a makeover and something to wear” I scrunch my eyebrows together as I face Kylee who’s beaming down at me before walking away. Why do I need a makeover? I think I waited about half an hour before I saw Tom come and stand next to me, we chatted a little until Finlay clears his throat next to me. “Tom what are you doing here?” Finlay says in a low tone and crosses his arms. “Hey nice to see you too Finlay” Tom says sarcastically, “I dropped Sam here and had a meeting with Kyle” Finlay nodded his head and said goodbye to Tom before walking away, “I’ll text you later” I call to Tom as I follow Finlay.

I walk into Finlay’s dressing room seeing him shirtless, his sweat glistens smoothly over his tanned body. “So Kylee said you wanted to talk to me?” Finlay leans his back on the wall besides him tensing his chest that he obviously knows I’m staring at. “I want to take you out tonight, for dinner if you’d like?” His voice came across confident like he had been rehearsing what he would say. My eyes bulge slightly, is he asking me out on a date? I knew this was coming but I didn’t think he would just ask me.

“Finlay Everett are you asking me on a date?” I step towards his gorgeous body and smile. Finlay pushes himself of the wall and closer to me, “yes Samantha Kane I am, so what do you say?” His eyes flick down to my lips as his licks his own. A wicked smile forms on my face as a quickly turn away and towards the door. As I’m just about to leave I turn back to him and say, “pick me up at 7”.

“Ugh I made a master piece” Kylee says behind me as I stare at myself in the mirror. I look stunning. Kylee curled my hair into beach waves and pinned the sides up, my face has been perfectly sculpted by contour and foundation. My lips look plump as Kylee put a subtle nude on, and my eyes are a smokey colour. But the best bit is the dress. It’s a beautiful plum maroon colour, the top half and the sleeves are made entirely out of lace and the bottom comes down to my knees, every part of this dress wraps perfectly around my body showing off my small waist, oh and of course I’m wearing converses.

“Thank you Kylee, I love it” I turn around and hug her, Kylee pulls away and wipes away her imaginary tears away while saying, “now go before I keep you forever” I laugh before leaving. Just as I leave I see Finlay walking down the hall shifting a black tie around his neck. My jaw drops as I see he’s wearing black slacks and a black dress shirt making his arms look even bigger than normal, his hairs messy and flops down his forehead. His hazel eyes connects with mine after he sorts out his tie, Finlay’s smiles at me before turning around in a circle and makes an action like he’s praying making me laugh. “You’re so cheesy” I say walking up to him. “You are stunning” Finlay says exaggerating each word making me blush.

Finlay pulls the jeep onto the curb and gets out, I wait a couple of seconds before seeing my car door open and Finlay’s arm sticks out in-front of me helping me out. I straighten my dress with one hand still holding onto Finlay’s in the other. I look up seeing a beautiful building but I didn’t have long to admire the impressive architecture as people with cameras were running in our direction. Finlay pulled me into the building before letting out a harsh breath. “Fucking paparazzi” Finlay shook his head and look down at me, I gave him a small smile and immediately his tense body seemed to relax. Finlay rubs circles with his thumb into the back of my hand causing me to deepen my smile, I know we can’t be seen by the paparazzi because the windows are tinted.

“You bought the restaurant?” I say looking around at all the empty chairs, Finlay smirks and says, “yeah, only for the night. I wanted it to just be you and I”. We take our seats and not long after we sat down a girl almost ran over to Finlay and pulled out her pen and paper. She wore a low cut top that showed her cleavage and obviously wore a push-up bra, “hi I’m Chelsea, I’ll be your waitress tonight, what can I get you?” I asked for the pasta and chicken (it was in fancy Italian words but I just pointed at the words), Finlay than ordered his pasta as-well but not once taking his eyes away from me. There is someone literally throwing herself at him and he just stares at me, I blush knowing that he doesn’t care about her or anyone else, it’s just the two of us.

Dinner flew by, we spent most the night laughing and talking about ourselves, every once in a while Finlay would say a cheesy pick up line making me cringe and hide my face. It’s around 10:30 and Finlay and I just made it back to his hotel room, I’m still blushing from the evening we just spent together. Finlay went to the bedroom to get changed while I grabbed some water. I finish taking a sip of my drink and screw the cap back on, thinking it’s been a reasonable amount of time I walk into Finlay’s room but soon stop seeing him in his skinny black slacks and nothing else, his back is currently facing me so I study his perfectly sculpted muscles. He folds his shirt causing his shoulders to tense making me weak at the knees, Finlay turn around staring at me lustfully in the eyes. His eyes wander over my body before he bites his lips, I feel my stomach twist and fill with butterflies.

“I’ve been wanting to do this all night” Finlay says quickly whilst walking up to me, one of Finlay’s hands wrap around my face and the other around my waist pulling me closer to him. I feel every muscle in his body press up against me as he slightly pushes me against a wall. Finlay’s head dips down crashing his lips against mine, sending fireworks through my face. I move my hands up and through his hair kissing him deeper, Finlay smiles through the kiss as his lifts me up grabbing my ass. We break from our kiss catching our breaths, I look into Finlay’s eyes that’s filled with hunger. Finlay gives a handsome smoulder and presses his lips against mine again sending my body into a frenzy. Oh my fricking god, I’ve been missing out on this?

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