Unexpected Fate

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chapter 31

Finlay and I pant through our kiss and just as we did, a knocking came from the front door. A long sigh came from Finlay’s lips as he places me back down and I walk over to the bed throwing him a t-shirt to chuck on. I sit on the bed listening to Finlay talk to Kyle (it’s obvious from his low cracking voice) I touch my lips still feeling the numbing sparks coming from them and the taste of him on my tongue. Oh my macaroni and cheese I just kissed Finlay Everett. The self-centred, cocky Finlay Everett that I thought would never love a girl like me who hides in the shadows with a tragic family story. How can someone be attracted to such a broken person?

Finlay came back running his hands through his messy hair. He came up to me with a childish smug on his face, even when acting like a goof he still manages to be cute. “So Kyle just told me that Tom invited us all to a party tomorrow night to celebrate the album we’re going to make.” I look down into my hands and say, “oh great” I don’t know if I want people to know that Finlay and I have kissed, people might put pressure on us or make the situation weird. As if reading my mind finally asks, “so what are we?” My eyes bulge slightly as I look into his leather eyes, “umm we’re friends who kissed” I said not really sounding to sure in what I’m saying. In all honesty I don’t know what we are, if it’s friends or something more. A sad expression came across Finlay’s face but as soon as I saw it his face changed to his classic dead pan. “Okay, so I can kiss you whenever I want?” His eyes turned dark and a smirk whipped over his lips, those gorgeous plump lips... focus sam.

“Yeah” I said confidently but became shocked, I can’t believe I said yes. Holy cheese balls.

Finlay then moved from where he was sitting to come directly in front of my face, he took my hands and pulled them over my head as I feel back onto the bed. My hearts racing at a million miles an hour, his huge arms tense every so often causing a twitching in my stomach. Before I knew what was happening Finlay’s soft lips attached to mine, his strong hands travel down from my arms to my waist, his touch set my soul on fire. Everything in this moment felt right. Finlay breaks the kiss giving me time to breath, he peppers kisses down my neck, finding the stop just above my collar his kisses down longer sending sparks through me. I lace my fingers in his hair as he kisses down harder, i flip us over so I’m on top straddling him. It’s my time to do that kissing.

Finlay gives me a gentle smile placing his hands on my hips, I lean down kissing his warm lips, we move in sync as if we’ve been kissing for years. I could do this for years. My hands grip the hem of Finlay’s shirt and as if reading my mind he pulls his shirt over his head and tosses it to the side. I look down just to the right of his ripped abs seeing a tattoo of a tiger with its claws out and it’s teeth showing about to attack. On Finlay’s right side of his chest are three lines of writing in another language that’s joint to a sleeve of different shapes and patterns all interweaving each other. He looks gorgeous.

I brush my hands down his body feeling every muscle under my fingers twitch. Finlay lets out a staggers breath as my fingers reaches his very defined v-line, I let a devilish smile come over my face as I lean down kissing his neck. Finlay’s grip on my hips tighten and I move my kissing further down his chest, never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be kissing Finlay Everett’s chest but here I am. I pull my lips away looking at Finlay’s flushed cheeks, I then use my arms to support myself over Finlay’s head as I peck his lips before hopping of the bed. Don’t want to get into things to quickly.

Finlay stretches as he puts his arms behind his head and smiles. I open the draw that has my clothes piled into it and I decided to take my satin red shorts and a black tank top for my pyjama. After getting a wash and brushing my teeth I walk out and tie my hair into a loose bun seeing Finlay laying shirtless under the covers. I get in besides him and immediately hims warm arms pull me close to him, I lay my head of his chest hearting his heart beat a soft and slow tune.

“What dose it say?” I brush my fingers over his tattoo on his chest. He takes a deep breath in making my head go with him, Finlay hand come into my hair and he gently play with a couple loose stands from my bun.

“It’s French. It says, ‘be humble, be wise, be selfless and mostly be loving’ I got it when I started my first tour, it reminds me that I’m only a man. That I won’t be everyone’s expectations. That I’m not perfect.” As the words left Finlay’s lips he almost sounded sad. I didn’t know what to do apart from hug him tighter which he immediately hugged me back. Finlay was so confident, strong and cocky when i first met him but as times gone on I’m starting to see a more vulnerable and broken side to him, I don’t want to push him into telling me so I’m not going to ask. “You’re perfect in my eyes” I push my head off his chest and stare into those warm chocolate eyes, he gives me a warm smile before leaning down to kiss my forehead. “Well that’s all the matter to me then”.


The next day went fast, Finlay spent most of the day rehearsing his set and composing songs with Tom (which he didn’t seem too thrilled about). I was going to stay in the hotel and lounge around but, Finlay wanted me to come with him so we could spend some time together, we mostly talked in between songs about random stuff.

We’re currently back at the hotel getting ready for Toms party, Finlay told me that Tom bought out a nightclub for tonight. There’re going to be loads of people and I’ve never gone to a party before so I’m a bit nervous.

I look into the full length mirror seeing my body encased in a perfectly soft red dress, it’s short but not too slutty and the dress shows just the right amount of boob. My hair drapes down my back in loose curls and my make up is simple because I’m not amazing at make up. When we got back to our hotel room there was a dress hanging on the front door, I’m guessing Kylee hooked me up. That girl is a life saver.

I hear a whistle come from behind me, I look in the reflection to see Finlay wearing black jeans and a black shirt with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows (a huge turn on).

“God you’re hot” he whines as he hugs me from behind resting his chin on my shoulder. I look down and smile as I blush a deep red, he drives me crazy in all the right ways. “Coming from the guy who’s looking hella hot right now” I turn around in his arms and loosely wrap my arms around his waist. He smiles as he pecks my nose, I scrunch my face up at his cuteness making him laugh.

“Right we better get going” he grabs one of my hands from behind his back and intwines his fingers in mine, Finlay leads me down the hotel and to his jeep. I feel my heart pounding at a million miles an hour, what if I lose Finlay and get lost? I can’t drink, what if people make fun of that. Before I could think of another bad scenario my phone shows I have a text, I open it seeing Emma has sent me an attachment with a message saying.

Love is in the air. Ooooo how romantic xx

I pull my eyebrows together in confusion as I klick on the attachment. It brings me to a news platform and the first words I read was...


Finlay Everett the 24 year old singer seen hand in hand with mystery girl who is non other than Samantha Kane. The couple have been seen holding hands multiple times.

The article shows pictures from the time where Finlay and I where at the beach, hugging in the diner after I had just saved him from a mob of people and us walking into the restaurant from a couple days ago. I carry on reading.

Is this a real thing? Or just a one time fling? Samantha Kane is just an ordinary girl with no real record of her life in any social media, it makes us wonder just how did they fall in love?

I turn my phone off and feel a pair of eyes gazing over me. “Sorry sam, I didn’t want to tell you” Finlay said, I don’t look him in the eyes. I get why he didn’t want to tell me because he thought I would get upset by it but I had the right to know. “It’s fine” Finlay lets out a sigh and says, “come on sam whenever someone says it’s fine it’s not. I’m sorry” I look down at my fingers and sigh, “look I said I’m fine, just why didn’t you tell me? Are you scared that people know something about us?” I question still not having enough courage to look him in the eyes.

“Yeah I’m scared, I’m scared because we’re finally in a good place and I don’t want people to come in a fuck it up. I don’t want to tell people and that’s that.” Finlay’s tone was cold and distant. Is he ashamed in me? In us?

The rest of the car ride was quiet, as soon as we parked up but the nightclub I hopped out and walked inside not even waiting for Finlay. The sound of a fast paced techno music fills my ears and multi-coloured strings of light flicker through the air as people dance. The place is packed with people, holy crap I am going to get lost.

I shimmy my way through some people until I feel a strong hand grasp around my arm, the hand pulls me back and I turn to see a slightly pissed Finlay. “Where are you going?” He shouts over the music, I pull my hand out of his grasp and shout back, “to find Tom, hey it’s a party you should enjoy your self” I roll my eyes before walking away from him. It take me at least 3 songs before I find Tom sat in a booth drinking wine and laughing with one of his friends. Tom look good wearing a black pair of jeans and a long sleeve designer shirt, as I’m admiring his build I feel his eyes stare into mine. He gives me a bright smile before moving away from the booth and towards me, “sam! I’m so glad you came. You look beautiful” he says as he pulls me into a big hug, I give him a warm smile as I hug him tightly.

Tom and I talk for a while but I start to feel uncomfortable and shift in my seat, so things wrong. I turn around looking at the people dancing and then to the bar where I see Finlay staring intently at me, his face has an angered expression, Finlay grabs his phone out his pocket and starts typing, I watch as his knuckles turn white from frustration.

He puts away his phone and stares back at me, my phone goes off and I look seeing a text from Finlay saying.

Come over here now.

I give him a petty smile and turn back to Tom. I feel Finlay burn holes in the side of my head, I have the feeling shits about to go down.

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