Unexpected Fate

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chapter 32

I storm into the club looking for Samantha, I think I upset her. I have to explain.

I scan around the crowded room until I see Emma’s hair flowing behind her, she pushes her way through people dancing trying to get to the bar. She can’t drink. I catch up to her pushing my way through people who are all trying to talk to me, i clasp my hand around her small wrist pulling her back into me. Her crystal blue eyes are full of sadness and annoyance.

“Where are you going?” I shout over the music to make sure she hears me.

“To find Tom, hey it’s a party you should enjoy your self” Samantha pulls her arm out of my hold and walk away. I catch her rolling her eyes before she turns away, she going to see tom? I ball my hands into fists and walk past people dancing until I get to the bar,

“Get me a beer and open a tab” I shout to the bartender, I start to feel my finger nails pierce my skin so I relax my hands a take in a deep breath. The bartender come back with an ice cold beer that I snatch from his grasp and take a swig of. I look around me seeing people two women approaching me, “hi I was wondering if we could have your autograph?” One of them shouted nervously as she let out an awkward chuckle at the end, I nod my head and sign the paper they gave me. I don’t mind signing autographs because it’s part of the job to make people happy but I’m not in the mood so I don’t start a conversation. As the girls walk away I see in the corner of my eye two people hugging, I let out a groan and take another gulp of my drink. All I wanted to do was explain to sam why I don’t want people to know, why is she so upset about this?

I hear a laugh coming from behind me and instantly recognise it as Sam’s, I turn my head over my shoulder seeing sam sat with Tom laughing. Her face is bright and blushing slightly, she shows her teeth in a cheesy smile as she giggles flipping some hair behind her shoulder. I press my finer nails back into my palms trying to calm myself down, I need her here, with me.

I pull out my phone finding her contact and messaging her.

Come over here now.

I huff impatiently waiting for her to receive the text. Sam looks down at her lap, the screen lighting her face is a dead giveaway that she’s seen my text, her blue eyes look up from her phone and into my eyes. For just a split second I could see pain before she gave me a smile and turned her attention back to Tom. I gulp down the rest of my beer before hopping off the bar stool to try find the bathroom. After about 20 minuets of pushing past people, signing autographs and asking I finally found the bathroom, I walk into it being pleasantly surprise to find glossed cream wall accompanied by creams doors to the toilets. Not to shabby. Once I had finished using the bathroom, I opened the door immediately the noise attacking my ears again. I walk up the stairs seeing a wasted girl trying to walk down them, I was going to walk past her but that’s not what sam would do.

“Hey do you need some help?” I shout, she looks over at me with a sheepish smile on her face as she stumbles down another step, I catch her arm and place it over my shoulder helping her down, we get to the ladies bathroom and the girl turns around giving me a genuine smile.

“Thank you, you’re very kind” she said before walking in. A smile creeps over my face as I climb back up the stairs, she thought I was kind. This is what sam is doing to me, she’s making me a better man even if she doesn’t see it and I’ve upset her. I didn’t want people to know, I’m scared of the media and what they will say and what my family and fans would think, and I don’t care what they would say. Sam was made for me, she was made to show me a better life and I’m not about to throw that away. If there’s anything I’ve ever been certain about it’s that I need Samantha in my life.

I walk through people getting to the vip section we are in, I look around trying to find Sam, instead, I find Tom. As if he knows I’m coming he straightens his posture and sticks out his chest, he turns around giving me a fake smile.

“Have you seen sam?” I ask watching his eye brows raise, he doesn’t say a word instead he pats me on the back signalling for me to follow him. He takes me to the bar where I see Samantha drinking a cocktail,

“Woahhhh princess you shouldn’t be drinking that” my body instantly tenses hearing the nickname he called her, sam gives him a smile as she turns in her seat.

“Relax it’s alcohol free, I at least gotta look the part, Emma would be proud.” She laughs until I clear my throat to make my presence known. Samantha gives me an expressionless look, “could you come with me for a second?” I ask, knowing she would want to hear what I would have to say I turn around and walk into a booth before sitting down. Samantha follows close behind letting out a sigh after taking a seat with me. “What do you want now Finlay, more things you don’t want to tell people?” She crosses her arms over her chest.

“Look I didn’t come here to argue, I came to say I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being a dick and for hurting you. You deserve so much better than what I gave you and I’m sorry. I didn’t want to tell any one because I’m scared” for the very first time tonight Samantha shows a look of shock and pity for me. “I’m scared that people will get in between us and rip us away from each other, I’m scared that I’m not going to wake up next to you and see those gorgeous blue eyes that I get lost into” I was about to carry on but stopped as Samantha grabbed my hands and held them tight sending a numbing feeling through my body.

“Finaly it’s okay, I overreacted, i thought you where ashamed in me. You’re not going to lose me and I’m not going to lose you.” She gives me a warm smile and her cheeks turn a dusty red. I stand up from my seat and pull sam up with me, I walk over to the Dj and ask him to change the song which he kindly does.

The tempo changes to a slower song and I see that people in the crowd pair up and start to dance.

“Dance with me?” I look down at Samantha and smile, she nods her head and hides her blush. I pull her body close to mine wrapping my arms around her waist, she rests her head on my chest and loops her arms around my neck. This is the best feeling ever, everyone’s too drunk to know who we are and Samantha and I look like an ordinary couple, I wish this could last forever but I know that tomorrow I’m going to wake up and the publicity and media will be right back in my face.

I hold Samantha closer, my hearts pounding out of my chest.

“Sam, I-i love you, I have been in love with you since I carried you in my arms and into my house. I love waking up and thinking of you. It’s you and always has been you. You bumped into my life and fate gave me a blessing. I-i just wanted to tell you” sam looks into my eyes and gives me a heart warming smile.

“Well that’s good because I feel the same way, you mister Finlay Everett have made my life an adventure that I wouldn’t changer for the world” I clasp my hands around Samantha’s warm face an plant a strong and passionate kiss on her lips which she returns instantly. I don’t care if someone’s filming, all I care about is sam, I’ll deal with anything I have to tomorrow. “What was that for?” Sam asks as we pull away from the kiss. “I would never be ashamed in you” sam then smiles and rests her head on my chest again.

We dance until the slow song stop but the whole time I couldn’t stop think about fate, I hate it because we could never act like a normal couple when cameras are around but if I never had my fame I would never have met her.

“Come on lets get out of here” I say as the song changes. We say our good byes to everyone and soon leave the night club, I know it’s not Samantha’s thing. We walk out side and I click the button to my keys. “Woah woah woah, I am not getting in a car with you, you’re drunk” I didn’t realise how much I had drank until I got outside seeing the building spin around me.

“Shit” I mumble under my breath knowing what sam is going to say next.

“Give me the keys, I’ll drive” she sticks out her hand waiting for my keys. Fuck. I let out a lengthy sigh before putting my keys in her hand, if she scratches my car I’m going to cry.

After a gut wrenching ride back home with no damage on my car we finally get into our hotel suit, already in bed I watch sam walk out in her shorts and my hoodie I gave her a while ago. A bright smile comes across my face seeing how cute she look, the hoodie engulf her small body and the arms are too big to even see her arms. She climbs into bed and wraps her body against mine, I feel her heart beat into my chest.

“Tonight you said you would get scared of not seeing my blue eyes that you get lost into, isn’t that in your song?” Her words hum softy in my ear. The song was about Samantha, everything I said in that song was true.

“Yes it is, your eyes are deep blue oceans, and I feel like when I stare into them I’m on a ship wreck waiting to fall in to the warm ocean, at first I dipped my legs in and now, now I’m fully submerged”.

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