Unexpected Fate

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chapter 4

It’s been almost 2 weeks since my audition and life’s gone back to the way it always has been; I drop Mathew off at school and drive to the small diner for a 6 hour work shift and leave just in time to pick up Mathew from school and take him home to have dinner, to then put him to bed.

At 10:30 my shift at the bar starts, it’s not too bad juggling two jobs at once I just wish I would have more time to spend with Mathew.

It’s around 8:30 and Mathew and I had just finished our dinner and are washing up our plates. I scrape off what’s left of my lasagna into the bin and walkover to the sink. I dip my hands into the warm water trying to find the sponge under the soapy bubbles.

“So how was school?” I asked Mathew who was walking over to the sink.

“It was alright, we had an assembly today and mrs Floyd said that we are going to have a celebrity come in after school, so can I stay please?”

He fluttered his long eye lashes at me in a desperate plead.

“Okay yeah you can go but I want to know everything okay?”

I say stopping from what I’m doing and look down at his huge toothy smile,

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

He put his plate in the sink and ran off in excitement, I chuckle to myself and finish cleaning up our plates.

It’s 10:28 I sigh in relief as I was almost late, I open the wooden door to the bar and in an instant I was met with a huge gathering of people congregating in their friendship groups. The noise of chatter and people laughing overwhelmed my ears.

I make my way over to the bar and give a small nod to Jeremy, who nods back,

“Hey Sam I thought you were going to be late for a minute” he said with a small chuckle scratching the back of his blond hair, his deep blue eyes stare at me intensely.

“Oh yeah sorry I couldn’t get Mathew to sleep” I shout a little so he could hear me over the crowd.

“Oh right is he okay?” He asked with a look of genuine worry,

" yeah he’s fine he’s just excited about this assembly thing after school that i said he could go to” I say still locking eyes with Jeremy I walk over to grab a cloth to dry up a few cups.

“On right” he laughs awkwardly as if he’s just realised he said ‘oh right’ again.

Jeremy and I work the night shift at the bar which last until about 2 in the morning, it’s such long hours that I can barely keep my eyes open by the end of the night but I keep thinking to myself that it’s for Mathew.

If the night is quiet Jeremy let’s me leave early and insists that he’s got it under control I think he just pity’s me for having to look after Mathew.

Jeremy isn’t that much older than me he’s 24 only 5 years older than me, he’s very well built and has a great smile, I’ve known him since I got my job here it’s been great working with someone who you can have a laugh with.

“Hey you two, I hope the crowds not too much to handle” a recognisable voice comes from behind me, a huge smile paints across my face as I say,

“Louis” and turn around giving him a hug.

Louis is like a father to me he’s helped Mathew and I out so many times and I’m so grateful for having him in my life, without him I wouldn’t have got this job. Louis was actually my fathers best friend and he made a promise to my father to always look out for Matthew and I.

“Ah how you doing kiddo” he replies whilst hugging me back, he doesn’t know how my audition went and I’d rather not tell him.

“I’m doing great and so is Mathew he’s missing you though” I say breaking the hug,

“Well I’ll come and see you both soon if you’d like, but you need to tell me about your audition” he beams at me slightly, I turn to see Jeremy filling up someone’s glass and talking to them; I don’t really want him to know it would be embarrassing.

“Oh well um you know I didn’t get it” i scratch my arm slightly trying to not look as embarrassed as I’m feeling.

“Well they are just idiots like the rest of them, you are worth more than what they can give you” I know what he’s saying is from the heart but it’s just to make me feel better.

“Look I’ve got to go” Louis says looking down at his phone,

“but I know you’re stressed and looking after a kid can be a lot especially at your age, so how about I look after Mathew next weekend and you could have some time to your self and don’t even think about coming in to work you need some time off”

He gives me a small wink,

“No I couldn’t do that to you plus I need the money to look after us both”

As much as I want the time off I can’t be selfish.

“Don’t be silly I bet daisy would love to spend time with Mathew” daisy is Louis’ daughter who is roughly the same age as Mathew. “and you’ll still be paid, I want you to look after your self as well as Mathew”

After a couple more minutes of convincing I finally gave in and said yes it will be nice to have some alone time.

Louis shoots off back home and Jeremy and I finish the rest of our shift.

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