Unexpected Fate

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chapter 5

It’s a Thursday afternoon, and I just finished my shift at the diner and I’m exhausted. My shift at the bar ran later than usual as there was a Bachelor party and Jeremy and I didn’t finish work until 3:43 so my eye bags are definitely showing today.

I say my goodbyes to my co-workers and pop off to the bathroom to get changed out of my work clothes. I brought a pair of high waisted jeans and a white small t-shirt I’m not really that concerned about the way I look as long as I don’t walk around with something in my teeth I’m all good.

I fold my work clothes and place them in my bag not wanting to crease them to badly.

After leaving the dinner I hop into my car and drive to Mathews school to pick him up, I’m not going to be late as traffic this side of the city is fairly quiet.

The drive was peaceful and quick I managed to pull up to Mathews school at 3:17.

When I pull up the school was eerily quiet normally if I turn up at this time there are a few eager parents waiting to pick there kids up first.

It’s now 3:39 and still no other cars have arrived apart from a big black jeep and a couple smaller black cars around it parked up at the front entrance and hasn’t moved since 3:27.

I unbuckle my seatbelt and get out the car making sure I lock it behind myself.

I walk past the black cars and into the front entrance of the school, no noise, no kids, no nothing.

Okay this is weird. They haven’t gone on a trip I don’t think. I feel my heart start to drop what is something has happed to Mathew.

I quicken my pace as I walk through the corridors covered in small lockers and bad paintings of what I think are giraffes.

A small noise in the distance starts to catch my attention, with out even thinking I run towards it. I end up reaching the hall where the kids have their assembly’s, I see someone leaning on the doorway dressed in smart blue jeans and a white button up, I’m guessing this is the teacher Mathew takes a shine too.

I lightly tap him on the shoulder making him jump a little, as he turns around his blue iris staring deeply at me, he looks young for a teacher, very young.

“Oh hello” his raspy voice whispered.

“Hi I was wondering if you can help my little brother hasn’t come out of school yet and I can’t find him or anyone for that matter.” I say slightly out of breath, I panic a little as I think of the worst possible scenarios.

In stead of panicking with me the man simple chuckles giving a goofy smile.

Why is he laughing does he not know that my baby brother is missing!

“You must have forgotten, we have a celebrity in today to hold an after school assembly about their life style and things like that” he said gesturing for me to have a look, I switch places with him so I stood in the door way looking out to see Mr.Floyd stood on stage,

“Kids settle down, we have a very special guest with us today”

Instant relief washed over me as I saw the top of Mathews mousy brown locks.

I’ve been so busy with work it completely escaped my mind, feeling slightly embarrassed I turn back to the teacher,

“My names Samantha” I say sticking my hand out for him to shake. He gladly took my offer and replied

“I’m Jake Wallis, it’s nice to meet you finally” he says slightly chuckling again.

“Finally?” I repeat,

“Oh yeah Mathew doesn’t stop talking about you, he really looks up to you ya know? And from what I’ve heard you’re like his rock” a small warmth stirred in my stomach. Mathew really thinks of me like that?

A smile crept on my face,

“He’s a little sweetheart” I say, he runs his hands through his blond hair that’s styled in a quiff; his gaze never leaving me.

A few more seconds pass and this is getting quite awkward, I cough quietly snapping him out of his daze,

“Oh um feel free to stay if you want I know that other parents have”,

I turn to see if I could spot any parents my eyes panned around and as they did I met eyes with a familiar hazel brown pair.

It was him the obnoxiously rude guy from global, his jaw dropped slightly probably in shock of seeing me again.

I didn’t want to look at him to much in case he thought I was gawking at him, so I turn back to Jake,

“I think I’m alright thanks, do you have anywhere I can wait for him?” I didn’t want to wait in the car as the air-con wasn’t working and it was extremely hot today.

“I think the music rooms are open you can wait in there” Oh great a music room how ironic, my choices where either to stay in a room with that jerk of a guy and listen to him tell people about his life or stay in a music room.

“Which ways the music room?”

Jake gives me the directions, I thank him and shoot him a small smile, he walks back into the hall and joins the others, I turn the other way towards the music rooms, I don’t look up as I don’t want to look at the guy stood on the stage.

I pass 3 more corridors to reach the music corridor, I open the first door I see and to my surprise it opens; as I walk in a deep smell of chemicals hit my nose -The cleaners must have just been in here- I look around seeing a lot of very small chairs and a big piano and stall.

I take a seat on the stall. This is what I should be doing with my life, I should be doing what I love instead of waiting on people at a bar or diner in a stupid outfit, but I have to make sacrifices if I want to give Mathew a life.

I sigh a little running my fingers softly over the piano keys.

I start to play some chords, I feel like singing, I feel like getting out everything I need to say right now, I mean no ones listening.

I start to sing,

"Everything seems so different,

When you’re thinking in your head,

It’s so hard to smile when you’re ten foot deep in worry and doubt,

But I got to be strong, not for my self but ones love”

I stop slightly breath less, I hold back a tear that wants to fall down my cheek. This isn’t the place to cry. I look up at the clock I read that it’s almost 4 o’clock, hear a faint chatter out the door thinking that the assembly had finished I pull the door open slightly. Sighing I close my eyes deep in thought, I walk straight into a hard chest knocking me back on my bum- right on my bruise. Frickin great- a small chuckle caused me to look up.

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