Unexpected Fate

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chapter 6

The engine to my jeep hums softly as I turn the car off, getting out of the door I slam it shut earning a few glances from my team, I don’t want to be here I fucking hate kids; especially snotty little gross ones that hug you.

A shiver runs down my spine just thinking about it, this is my 17th school I have been too, I’m just counting down the day till this ends I’ve only got a few more schools to visit.

Collin jogs in-front of me opening the door as I walk into the school, the smell was horrid I almost gagged. Let’s get this over and done with.

A few more steps and I was greeted by

a tall guy wearing a black suit his hair going slightly grey at the sides.

“Mr.Everett, it’s a pleasure to meet you I know the kids are excited to see you, please right this way” he gestured for us to follow, my team and I did as instructed and followed the man.

As we turned a corridor the man spoke,

“I’m Mr.Floyd, you need anything I’m your guy” he chuckled pointing his thumbs at his chest. The corridor is filled with tiny lockers and some ugly ass paintings which I turn my nose up too.

We turn into what I think is the hall, it’s not very big but it’s bigger than some of the schools halls I’ve been in.

Mr.Floyd tells the team and I to set up whilst he gets the kids to come and sit down.

A few minutes later a stream of little kids burst from the door, I walk over to the side of the stage where I will be announced and walk on from. Once all the kids got into the hall they were pretty excited-I mean who wouldn’t, it’s me after all- a couple of parents and teachers fill in at the back.

Mr.Floyd stood on stage awkwardly tapping the microphone to see if it was working,

“Kids settle down, we have a very special guest with us today” he says a few more words to calm the kids, I’m not really sure what he said I was too grossed out staring at this completely oblivious little girl picking her nose, I can feel my stomach start to tighten, I want to hurl all over my designer shoes.

I can faintly hear my name being called, I look up from the girl to see Mr.Floyd sticking his hand in my direction gesturing me to come on stage. I happily climb on stage and stand in front of the mic swapping places with Mr.Floyd.

“Hello everyone, how are you all doing today?” The kids roared with excitement, I pan around the room until these crystal blue eyes caught my attention. I recognised them immediately along with her brown locks and petite body.

I can’t believe she’s here. She really works here? Wow she must hate her life if she’s choosing to work around kids. I personally hate them.

She turns away from me a continues talking to the man next to her, my hand starts to tighten around the mic- why am I getting worked up over this girl, she’s no one special-maybe she’s got a boyfriend. Never know until you ask.

I realise I’ve been gawking at her and the kids have settled down now,

“My names Finlay Everett and it’s nice to meet all of you” I never took my eyes off her as she was talking to that guy, she smiled at him and walked away not once looking back.

The first half of the assembly went unbelievably slow, we decided to cut the assembly into two sections as it’s so hot today the kids wouldn’t focus.

I have to admit I couldn’t get this damn girl out my head, I have to find her.

As we finish the first half I walk over to the man that she was talking with, he was wearing a blue pair of jeans and a white shirt- not too bad but could have been better- I tap him on the shoulder making him jump,

“You’re the second one to do that to me today” he chucked until he turned around and noticed it was me,

“Oh erm Mr.Everett what can I do for you?” I smirk in his reply

“The girl you were with do you know her?” I question,

“No, no we have never met before she came at the wrong time to pick up one of the kids” Oh she’s a mom, she looks too young, very young.

“Do you know where she went?” I ask I didn’t know if I sounded desperate or not, I don’t know theres just something about her, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

“Oh yeah she is waiting in one of the music rooms” before he could speak anymore I walk down the corridor reading the sign that says ‘music’.

The signs take me through 3 corridors until I reach music, I can hear a couple notes being played on the piano from the room in front of me, this has to be her.

I go to twist the door knob but as I do the door is swung open and a very exhausted looking girl comes out hitting me square in the chest and falls over. Her shock makes me laugh a little as this was exactly how we first met, but now I’m thinking maybe I should have caught her.

“We have to stop meeting like this” I say extending my hand for her to grab and to my surprise she does, her hand is small and gently but her palms are peppered with small calluses. She doesn’t work here with calluses like that, no chance.

“Or we could stop meeting in general?” Her voice rang in my ears, okay I’m 100% sure she don’t know who I am.

“You don’t know who I am do you?” A smug look plastered to my face and she stares at me blankly,

“Oh no, I know who you are” she said almost mocking me,

“You’re the guy with his head shoved so far up his ass you can’t even see when the sun sets and the moon rises” she said this time she smiled as if she was proud of her response, how can she have so much disrespect to me, i hope she knows I can crush her with a click of my fingers.

“You’re a funny one aren’t you? Look I came here to say I’m sorry for knocking you over and again for today” I wasn’t really that sorry but I have to make sure she believes it. She lets out a small sigh as if she was thinking about what I said,

“It’s fine, it’s in the past.” And still I don’t get a god damn name.

“I didn’t take you for the type to have a kid this young, where’s the dad?” I ask Wanting to know if anyone’s in the picture.

She looks at me puzzled for a moment and then her face relaxes and she says

“I don’t have a kid and certainly not any man in my life I’m a little bit busy for a guy right now, I’m here to pick up my baby brother but I forgot this thing was one” a wave of relief washed over me so she’s not seeing anyone and she doesn’t have a kid... phew.

A few seconds later I can here Collin cough loudly signalling to me that it is time to get back. I turn back to her seeing that she is looking down at her not so white ‘fake’ converses.

“Hey what’s your name” she looked back up at me,

“Nuh-uh I’m not telling you that, you could secretly be a stalker” she says ending with a smile making me laugh...

great I still don’t know her bloody name.

“Well can I at least have your phone number so I can text you” I ask I’ll take anything at this point,

“I don’t have a phone, I would but I can’t” I can tell that she is slightly embarrassed as she returns to looking down at the floor- who is this girl, I thought everyone owns a phone- another cough came from Collin’s direction, I knew I was pushing my luck. So we said our good byes and we walked our separate ways but this won’t be the last time.

I need to know her.

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