Unexpected Fate

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chapter 7

I look up and see him, of course it’s him. Finlay Everett.

I thought by knocking me over twice now he would have caught me.

“We have to stop meeting like this” his chuckle was deep making me shiver slightly, yup he’s still a jerk. He extends out his hand for me to take and this time I do, I’m too tired to even get myself up. His hand is rough but gentle at the same time.

“Or we could stop meeting in general”

Hey that was a pretty good response a small smile formed on my face as his face stood still. Emotionless. Okay maybe I hurt his feelings.

“You don’t know who I am do you?” Finlay expression changed to a smug look as if he has the upper hand, what he doesn’t know is he’s playing with fire.

“Oh I know who you are” I mock him, there was a small stir in my stomach as he smiled deeply at me. I push my thoughts to the side and say,

“You’re the guy with his head shoved so far up his ass you can’t even see when the sun sets and the moon rises” I’m proud of that one, I mentally high five myself.

Finlay could probably crush me with a snap of his fingers but I have nothing (apart from Mathew) that has real value.

“You’re a funny one aren’t you? Look I came here to say I’m sorry for knocking you over and again for today” his apology seemed genuine but still I didn’t believe him. I’m not going to see him again so I might as-well except his apology,

“It’s fine, it’s in the past” I say almost getting lost in his hazel brown eyes.

“I didn’t take you for the type to have a kid this young, where’s the dad?” What is he going on about? Do I really look that old, I mean I know I haven’t got much sleep in a while but wow thanks buddy.

My brain suddenly clicked on what he was saying, I am waiting in a school to pick up Mathew, I reply with,

“I don’t have a kid and certainly not any man in my life I’m a little bit busy for a guy right now, I’m here to pick up my baby brother but I forgot this thing was one” I would like to have a man in my life but I can’t have anything right now things are so stressful.

I look down at my feet seeing my shoes that used to be white have turned a grey-brown colour (man I need new shoes)

“Hey what’s your name?” Finlay says snapping me out of my thoughts,

“Nuh-uh I’m not telling you that, you could secretly be a stalker” I laugh as I know someone with as much popularity as him wouldn’t coming chasing after a girl like me, after all I’m a no one.

He chuckles lightly as well but was cut short by his friend coughing. Finlay pulled his eyebrows together as he pulled his lips into a smoulder, sending pins and needles to shoot down my legs.

“Well can I at least have your phone number so I can text you” he says almost desperately, i must just be picturing that.

As much as I wanted to give Finlay my number to even see if he would message me I don’t actually own a phone, I don’t make enough money to buy one.

“I don’t have a phone, I would but I can’t” I’m slightly embarrassed by the shocked face he makes as I tell him.

A few moments went by and we said our good byes walking our separate ways, I watch as Finlay turns the corner walking back into the hall to finish the assembly.

I guess that’s the last time I’ll see him.

A small part of me wanted to see him again as he was a funny guy and would be a good friend but he hasn’t got time for me, I’m just a parent-less girl looking after her baby brother who is juggling two jobs.

I close the door to the music room sitting back on the stall, I wait patiently for the rest of the assembly to be over.

I finish singing my latest song, “head hurt’s” and the kids in the assembly erupt with cheers and claps as I thank them all for coming and walk down the stairs of the stage, Collin hands me my leather jacket which I put on- even tho it’s bloody boiling I still got to look good- the team and I walk out the hall as Mr.Floyd tells the kids to wait in the hall as their parents or guardians come and pick them up.

We reach the exit and I can see my car in the distance, as I open the drivers side to my car I hear the main entrance door being opened and I see her ( I don’t even know her name still) holding a small boys hand, he’s pretty stylish for a kid wearing jeans and a shirt almost like that teacher.

She walks past my car and catches me staring at her, she smiles and waves goodbye, I wave in return.

I get into my car and start to drive off slowly as I watch them get into a very rundown looking car it barely looks like it’s keeping its self going.

I continue on driving back to my house with the radio on but turned down so it’s just background music, I don’t like other people driving for me I don’t trust people enough to get into a car with them.

The drive home was peaceful it’s took close to an hour but I don’t mind driving, it gives me time to clear my head. I pull up to my house, it nothing fancy really, it’s a 3 story house that has a front and back garden with a pool. I drive up to my house and park my car in my garage along with my 3 other cars.

Opening the door to my house I’m greeted by my two grey hounds Buster and Pebbles. They both run up to my side wanting to be tickled.

After I finished saying hello to Pebbles and Buster I walking into the kitchen to grab a glass of water before walking into the lounge and crashing on the couch.

Buster and Pebbles jump on their own couch I had made for them as I switch on the tv skipping through some channels to find an old black and white movie beginning to play.

I take a sip of my drink, the refreshing water hits the back of my throat cooling it down. I place the cup onto the table and take of my jacket throwing it besides me. As I do I hear a faint crunch of paper coming from it, I remember that it was that girls paper she dropped at global.

I rushed to open my pocket, this might be my chance to see her again. I pull out the paper and unfold it carefully not wanting to rip it.

I see that it’s got two numbers on the paper and that’s it. So she lied to me I thought she didn’t have a phone?

I take my phone out from my pocket and dial one of the numbers, it rings for a while, I don’t even know this girls name yet I’m about to ring her.

“Hello?” A mans voice questions,

A bit taken back, I’m not sure what to say,

“Hi um I was wondering if you knew a girl with brown hair and blue eyes, she’s about 5′4 ” I say not wanting to tell him the true reason why I rang.

“Yes we do have a young lady working here of that description, she works the night shifts. Is there a message I could leave for her?”

This is her place of work. That’s great.

“Could you tell me what your business is?” I say impatiently,

“Of course sir, this is The Lounge on 52nd street” that’s right in the middle of the city.

I thank him and hang up the phone.

I decided to dial the other number, waiting for the call to go through a lady finally says,

“Buck’s dinner, how can we help?” I ask if the the lady knew the girl as well and she says she also works there but she’s works the morning until afternoon shift.

Once I hang up I slouch back into my seat, she works two jobs and picks her brother up from school, that must be why she looked so exhausted today she’s over working herself.

Guilt started to weigh on my shoulder as I’m here sat alone in my 3 story house and she’s probably off working somewhere.

I didn’t need to buy a house this big I just wanted to so I could show off to my family and friend about my lifestyle and every now and then host a party.

I smile at my small victory that I now know where she works.

A few hours have gone by and I’m in a fight with my mind about seeing this girl as I could go to The Lounge but that would be weird I mean we don’t even know each other and if the media gets hold of it I’ll never hear the end of it. I tell myself it’s best that I just forget about her, it’s probably what I should have done from the start.

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