Unexpected Fate

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chapter 8

“One moment sir” I snap at the man sitting in the stalls to the bar. He’s not a regular and certainly not one I want to waiter on again he’s rude and is absolutely vile to some of the women in the bar.

“Oi you, where’s my bloody drink?” He spat licking his lips as he stairs me up and down. I’m utterly repulsed by him I didn’t even think about what came out my mouth,

“In the parking lot where you left your god damn manners so I suggest you go and pick them up and take a good look at yourself. Now get out” I point my finger to the door and I realise the whole bar had gone quiet. My cheeks flushed a little but I didn’t want to show him I was embarrassed that people were staring.

He scoffed as he picked up his wallet from the side and stumbled his drunken self out the bar.

As the door closed a few people began to clap and it soon got louder, I smiled and continued to serve drinks.

“Sam that was pretty dope” two comforting hands grasped around my shoulders I instantly relaxed as I knew it was Jeremy.

“Thanks I hate dudes like that” I say turning to see his toothy smile causing me to laugh.

It’s a Tuesday evening and I’m tired I had to juggle work and Mathew on the weekend as Louis Couldn’t look after him last weekend because Daisy fell sick and didn’t want to make Mathew sick as-well, but we rearranged that he would send time with them this weekend instead.

“Yeah me too, hey can I ask you something?” Jeremy looks down at me his blue orbs burning holes into mine.

“Yeah sure what is it?”

I turn back to cleaning a glass seeing if anyone else needs to be served.

“Well I know that you don’t have work next weekend so I was wondering if you want to grab lunch or something?” I freeze for a moment as the words left his mouth. Is this a date? No it can’t be, I mean we are just friends.

“Yeah that sounds good thank you” my words spill out of my mouth before I had a chance to think of what I was saying.

Jeremy almost looked surprised at my response and soon composed himself,

“That’s great” he beamed at me.

We arranged the time he would pick me up and where from.

I have to say I’m looking forward to it I haven’t done much for myself In a long time.

The rest of the night slowly dragged on and one by one the costumers faded out the bar.

I carefully twisted the key open too my apartment. I took off my shoes and slumped my bag off my shoulder trying to be as silent as possible so I don’t wake Mathew.

I wanted to fall sleep as soon as my head hit my pillow, but I couldn’t I just kept thinking of what Jeremy had said to me. I didn’t see Jeremy in that way at all and I don’t think I ever would, I hope he knows that. I know I feel comfortable around Jeremy but it’s not a loving comfortable it’s just as co-workers.

I sigh as I tuck myself into the sheets and prepare myself for a restless night.

Friday had gone quite quick after I had dropped Mathew off at Louis house.

I had finished the shift at the bar and was closing down. As I stepped outside I was bombarded by freezing winds hitting my warm cheeks, a small shiver escaped my lips as I walked fast to my car. I got in slamming the door, as I started the engine I reached for the heater turning it up. I slowly made my way home like any other day, but today felt different there was -for some reason- fear coursing through my veins.

An unexplained fear then answered it’s self moments later as the car screeched making me winch at the noise. I looked down panicking as the car was slowing even though I was putting my foot on the gas. A small flicking light caught my attention, I had forgotten to fill up the tank. I’ve been so busy that I thought I already done it.

I pulled the car over on to a curb with what little gas the car had left.

I let out a frustrated moan as I put my head on my stirring wheel hitting myself lightly against it a few times.

I didn’t think I was that far away from the apartment.

I climbed out of the drivers side the cold wind hitting me even harder than before, I heard the locking of the car as I started walking past the front of shop windows.

Each window is filled with different colours that are bursting with life.

I peel my eyes away from the window fronts to see a road split in road- I’m sure that wasn’t there before- things look so differently when you’re in a car.

My mind goes through how I would get home in a car usually and the first split in the road I would turn left so of course I turn left.

My mind races round only one thing... sleep. I’m so bloody tired, and I guess fate just doesn’t want me too sleep.

I always found that saying funny “it’s fate, it’s meant to be” but why is it fate?

Because too people meet on an elevator ride and fell in love? No, that’s just coincidence. People tell me I’m wrong because I haven’t experience this so called ‘fate’ but I have, it’s just called ‘bad luck’ and I have an endless amount of it.

I lost track of time who knows how long I’ve been walking for.

I look around me seeing some tall buildings that look very well presented, all of them slathered with huge tinted glass panels, each one of them kept in perfect condition not and single crack, smear or dirt presented its self on the mighty buildings. Wait a minute, I don’t have huge towering buildings were I live, I have cracked, smeared and broken windows, I have hooded men looking to score what ever kind of drug that is going, I have music that blast constantly every night from my neighbours. These streets are quiet and completely empty, I know now that I should have gone right instead of left. I’m not even sure where I am anymore.

I start to feel this sinking feeling Im my stomach, holy crap I’m lost. I pull my arms up to my chest to stop myself from shivering.

Something in the distance catches my attention, a small hum of a car I turn my head to see a slick red Corvette Stingray behind me (yeah that’s right I know a bit about cars). It creeps slowly behind me not speeding up and not slowing down. As I quicken my pace I see in the distance a turning in the street I make my way towards the turning and quickly take it. I look behind me again and see that the cars following me, my blood starts to pump through my veins, my breathing get heavier as I can hear the car drawing near.

The car pulls up in front of me and stops, I stare are the tinted windows- maybe if I creep them out by starring at them they would leave me alone.

The window slowly starts to roll down and my breathing stops and my heart speeds up.

“What are you doing?” A voice came out of the car sounding almost worried,

I knew exactly who it was when his hazel eyes dig into my skin as he glares at me. What’s his problem?

“My car broke down so I got out to walk home but I took the wrong turn and ended up here” I said shouting a little, the car door is then pushed open, I looked in to see Finlay leaning over the passenger seat holding the door open,

“Get in” his stern voice echoed through my ears.

“What no you could be some serial killer” I through my hands up in protest.

“Will you just get in the damn fucking car, I’ll just drive you back to your place. If you stay out here you’re going to get sick.” His voice almost sounded angry.

“Fine” I say, I get into the seat immediately feeling relaxed as I sink into the heated seat. I do my seatbelt up and I can feel two holes burning the back of my head. I can’t believe I’m in his car not because he’s famous because truthfully I don’t care about that, I can’t believe I’m in his car because he’s he’s still a jackass I should have said no but I don’t know my way round this part of the city.

I turn to see Finlay staring at me intensely,

“Well where do you live then?” His face deadpan, no emotion came from his words, my stomach dropped I didn’t want to tell him I lived in a rough part of the city.

“Um just drop me off at chase bank” I say quietly, his eyes widened a little still staring at me

“You do know you’re on the complete other side of the city”

I nodded as he pulled away from the curb.

I sat there just staring out the window the streets becoming a blur as I feel my eye lids get heavy, I couldn’t even stop myself before I closed my eyes drifting into a dreamless sleep.

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