Unexpected Fate

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chapter 9

My hands clench tightly to the stirring wheel as I turn the corner, she’s almost an hour away from ‘chase bank’. Why does she want to get dropped off there in the first place doesn’t she know that place isn’t a nice area.

“Why do you want to get dropped if at chase bank I can drop you off at your house” I ask but no reply came for her side. I stopped the car to see if I was correct in thinking that she was asleep. I moved my hand sweeping away some hair that’s in front of her face seeing her peaceful face sound asleep.

I smiled a little as I turned the car around. I’m not going to drop her off in a rough part of the city especially when she’s asleep.

I drive back to mine which is only a 20 minuet drive. As I pull up to the house I get out closing my door quietly and open the door to my house I run back and open the passenger side, unclipping her seatbelt I pick her up bridal style, she stirred in my arms a little but soon stopped.

She wasn’t heavy at all in fact she was too light she felt as if she hadn’t eaten for ages but her body looked good she was skinny but not too skinny so you could feel every bone in her body and her ass was amazing. She’s curvy in every good way.

I’m not going to lie I did stare at it the first time we met whilst she was walking away.

I reached one of my guest bedrooms and quietly kicked the door open I placed her on the bed my hand still pressed against her back, I took this time to study her face fully. She was stunning. Her lips were plump and a rose colour. Her cheeks were sculpted to her face and her hair, every strand was in the right place.

I removed my hand from her back and tucked her hair behind her ear, a small smile painting across her face. Was she awake?

I carefully take off her shoes noticing that they have hole in them at the sides, damn see really doesn’t care for her appearance what so ever.

I pulled the covers over her body, I would have changed her into one of my t-shirts but she would have probably hated me for it. I chuckle to myself quietly at the thought as I closed the door.

I walked across the hall opening the door to my bedroom, I kick my shoes off and pull my shirt over my head. I jump onto my bed hitting the feathered duvet I sigh in comfort.

A warm feeling spread through my stomach as i smiled to myself, why am I feeling so merry all of a sudden?

I closed my eyes shut and slowly fell into a deep sleep.

I’m awake but I don’t open my eyes I can’t be bothered I have no work so I might as well sleep in today,

I take in a deep breath and the smell of sweet chocolate instantly hitting me like a punch to the face. I peel my eyes open and start to rub the sleepy dust out from my eyes. I take a look around me, my thoughts filling up with confusion as I see a huge room painted grey with a beautiful hand carved desk sitting at the side of the room, I peer down to see I’m laying in a huge king sized bed the sheets are soft as silk and as light as a feather but still keeping me warm. There are various artworks displayed around the room each one has some link to the ocean.

As much as I hated to I flipped the covers off my body and jumped out of the bed hitting the soft carpets that I scrunch between my toes, I realise now that the bed is a lot taller than I expected.

I notice that my shoes have been taken off and layer neatly by my side of the bed, I pick them up and walk towards the curtains pulling them open, my eyes are shocked by the intensity of the sunlight it take me a few blinks to be able to see a beautiful view of the tops of trees and the city in the distance. Okay so I’m quite a walk away from the city, looks like my shoes are going to get some new holes.

I open the door and peer my head out of the door way seeing that the coast is clear. I walk out of the room and down the grey painted hall leading to a spiral stair case, someone has a lot of money if they can waste it on a huge spiral staircases.

I creep down them slowly not wanting to make a noise and wake anyone, after three flights of stairs I make it down a little exhausted.

Yeah I didn’t really think of a plan from here, I stood at the bottom of the steps for a while staring at nothing in particular, I was just staring trying to figure out where to go from here.

“Good morning sleepy head”

A low voice came from a room next to the stairs, I turned in surprise to see Finlay laying flat on a couch looking at me with a small smirk on his face. I knew I was in his house no doubt about it, this house was one big pissing contest to show that he has money and can throw it around. But what I didn’t know is why I was here in the first place,

“Hey um how did I uh how did I get here?” I say stepping forwards a little,

“You don’t remember? I was about to take you too ‘chase bank’ and you fell asleep in my car, I didn’t want to wake you up so I took you here and you slept in one of my guest room” he gestured above him meaning his bedrooms.

“Well thank you, it’s very kind of you to do that” I move a little closer to see Finlay in full view, I gasp slightly as I see a quite large grey dog curled up by Finlay’s feet where he is laying.

“No it’s alright this is Pebbles, he’s harmless really he just gets excited when someone knocked at the front door” Finlay says as he shifts in his seat making room for me to sit.

I take him up on his offer and place myself next to Finlay his sofa is so comfy unlike mine that has many broken spring in it- you can definitely hear them when you sit down- I should tell him my name, I mean he’s opened up his home to me and if I didn’t I would just seem rude.

“I’m Samantha by the way” I stick out my hand for him to shake, Finlay’s eyes go wide for a moment, he’s probably shocked I finally told him my name.

Finlay took my hand and held it gently within his whilst saying,

“Well Samantha it is lovely to meet you” we both chuckle together as we let go of our hand shake.

“So did you want some breakfast?” Finlay asked and I nodded in response, he got up and signals me to walk with him. We walk down the corridor into his huge kitchen that has an island in the middle of the room with some leather cushioned breakfast stools, he pulls one out for me to sit on.

After Finlay had finished cooking the bacon sandwiches he sat next to me and began to eat.

“Thank you for all of this you really didn’t have too” I say taking a bit of my sandwich, he looks at me for a moment his eyes scanning every inch of my face.

“It’s alright, I didn’t mind at all. I hope that we can become friends and get to know each other a little better” his hazel irises beam at me,

“I would like that Finlay” I smile whilst taking another bite of my sandwich.

After we had finished our sandwiches Finlay took me to where my car broke down and we filled it up with some gas that he brought I protested of course but he insisted. After almost 20 minuets of him complaining that I should get a new car, the engine hummed as I turned the key. I smiled intensely rubbing circles into the dashboard. I got out the car to say good bye to Finlay but as I did he told me to wait where I was and walked off back to his car, a few moment later he came back with a phone in his hand,

“Here I want you to have this” he stuck out the phone towards me, my eyes went wide at the thought.

“No I can’t take this, it’s too much you shouldn’t have spent your money on me” I shake my hands in reply.

“I didn’t, this is one of my old phones, I don’t like the thought that you could be in trouble and can’t call anyone. So take the phone” I hesitantly took the phone from his hands.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I’ll do to repay you” I say hugging him tightly, he instantly hugs me back,

“Well you could come round mine and we could watch a move or something later tonight if you want, that way I’ll have a chance in getting to know you” he says leaning his forearm on my car door, I’m smile in response. Tonight would be good Jeremy is coming to pick me up at 5 so we can go for early dinner so he’s not late for his shift at the diner and after that I’ll drive up to Finlay’s.

“Sounds like a plan I’ll um text you if I can” I giggle to myself, Finlay then spent them next half and hour showing me how to work the touch screen phone he gave me and I’ll tell you what it’s blooming confusing. I think I have the basics down of texting and calling don’t even get me started on all this Snapchat and email malarkey. We said our good byes and I hop into my car pulling it off the curb and driving home, all I need to do is figure out what I am going to wear.

I watch as she pulls away from the curb turning the corner, I start my car as well pulling slowly of the curb I took out my jeep today as I didn’t feel like driving fancy.

Non of this would have happened if I hadn’t of convinced myself to go see her at The longe and then at the last minute quickly changed my mind I was so angry with myself that I didn’t go in I decided to drive around and that’s when I came across her.

Samantha. I can’t believe she told me her name. I smile still driving through the city to get back home. I guess fate works in mysterious ways.

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