In bed with the enemy

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Getting married at such a young age was not the future I planned for. Life just happened! It caught me unawares. You can run away from somethings in life....., but not love. How does this end? Married to Cyril Smith-Donovan; the renowned record label producer and director, entitling me the right to own the surname 'Mrs. SMITH-DONOVAN', a position all ladies crave for was my nemesis! I was not ready for this, but my heart plunged into it. If this story unfolds in two ways, I bet you would say I am the favored one right? But life is such a kill joy. Turning back the hands of time is simply a wish at this time. Could CYRIL SMITH-DONOVAN be my worst nightmare ever? Only time can tell how this tale unfolds. Join me as I discover the hidden truth within the heart of two hardened creatures. The ride is uncertain, but it sure is worth it.

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Chapter 1

Life they say is sometimes funny and hits you when you least expect it. I know that now. At least from a newly married lady's perspective. Married to Cyril Smith-Donovan; the renowned record label producer and director, entitling me the right to own the surname 'Mrs. SMITH-DONOVAN', a position all ladies crave for was my nemesis. Now, before you go thinking just how lucky I am to be married at the age of 18 to a 26 year old most sought- after bachelor in town, I'd tell you to have a re-think.

Married life was not for me. It was as simple as that. I was not your typical marriage material, and he knew that all too well. But, someway somehow, he managed to pull this whole sham of a union off. I must admit, I don't hate every aspect of this marriage. Because I have my benefits as well. The allowances and the attention I get when I step out with him. Oh, boy! Our marriage has just lasted few hours, but am enjoying the freebies already. Life as the wife of a filthy-rich celebrity aint so bad after all. Plus, I get to keep and have my own life without his interference. And this was going to last for 3 years. 3 unholy, annoying, fucking years! Can you beat that. Nope. I guess not.

Now, enough about me guys. Let me tell you a bit about him..., Cyril, my husband. I don't call him that though. Just on paper. lol. Anyway, so I was in my final year at Art school when I was given this proposal to get married to some dude and make me some good clean millions. I needed money for a lot of things. No kidding. Working at the strip club gave me some of that, but not what this job was offering. This gig was offering me a retirement plan, plus bonuses which I could only dream of. Which lady in her right state of mind wouldn't jump to that? Shoot! I jumped at it like nobody's business. If only I had known though.

On our wedding day, things fell apart. It was not my most exciting days ever! Unlike other brides, my wedding day was a disaster. I don't want to talk about it with you guys. it's simply awful. You'll understand better as we move on. But hey, one good thing about this day though was the fact that I got to see my whole family re-unite as one. My family never really gets together unless it's Christmas or Thanksgiving. So my wedding really did bring us together, not forgetting the drama that took place. Urghhh! I dread that day so much. Thank God it was over. We're in the phase of our honeymoon now. Cyril lodged us into this five-star hotel I never asked for. Guess that's how the rich really live. But seriously, who were we kidding? Honeymoon??? We are not an actual couple. This marriage was a contract. A sham to be precise. So why was a honeymoon included anyway? If he started getting any funny ideas about this arrangement, I'll have him know that am not that stupid. Naïve maybe, but definitely not stupid.

Most people still wonder why I married so young. I just give them the lie of falling head over heels in love with Cyril, and how we bonded so much. He proposed after we dated for a while and I said yes. That's the story even my mum knows. Nobody except Cyril and I knew of the arrangement. It was supposed to be that way. To protect him, most of the part. I didn't even get to meet Cyril till we actually finalized signing the last set of papers. I remember acting all goofy and weird around him the first time we met. He assured me that our arrangement was purely for business purposes and he'll never cross the line with me. He just saw me as this very young girl who was lost and needed help maybe. But I was not that kind of girl. I was looking for money, yeah, but I was not lost or stupid. The look on his face when the lawyer told him I was 18, almost left him in a state of coma. He opted out at that point, but later on got convinced that I was his only best option out there. I mean really, tell me which girl in her right state of mind would marry such a Casanova? He was and very much still is a ladies man. On and off camera. He has the perfect body type every girl literally dies for. He comes from one of the most popular and richest families in Ausburn. He owned several businesses including; the famous 'BUZZ HYPE' recording studio, Cyril's Lounge, C' Smith Publishing house, Smith-Donovan Brokerage,the list goes on and on. It's really every girl's dream to be in my shoes. If only they knew how bad it hurts! Let's now dive into how all this craziness started, shall we...……?

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