The Billionaire's Struggle

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“UGH what am I going to do?” Silvia said over the phone. She had just called Guy to ask for advice after explaining the whole Emerald’s situation to him.

Silvia has conflicted with herself since her talk with Emerald this morning. There was no way she would have a hand in killing an innocent one.

Silvia told Emerald she was going to think about it, after which she gave her some money to buy some food for herself and take the day off. Emerald didn’t want to collect the money but Silvia forced her to. She could not allow her to keep on eating leftovers. Especially now that she’s expecting a baby even though she’s still adamant about not keeping it.

Silvia told her not to worry as she will cover up for her as to taking the rest of the day off. Of course, She collected Em’s address, promising to come over later in the day and they would talk things out.

Silvia has just finished her shift for the day and does not know what to do so she called her brother to ask for some advice, hoping she will get something sensible out of him.

“Well, it’s her body. If she wants to, then maybe you should help her with the Abortion.” Guy said from the other side.

“Guy..... how can you be so cruel. It’s an innocent life we are talking about here.” Silvia said with a hint of anger in her voice while taking a seat behind her office desk.

“Besides, you know abortion is against the law and my license could be ceased if I’m caught,” Silvia said, clearly frustrated. She could not believe her brother is giving her such a dumb advise. He always gives her the best advice and that’s why she usually goes to him whenever she needs an opinion on how to go about something. But she thinks she had made a big mistake on this one.

“Forgive me, Silvia. It’s just that I’ve been having so much on my mind lately. you know, with Luna’s condition and work seems to be so hectic these days.” Guy said with a hint of guilt and tiredness in his voice.

“Don’t worry Guy, Luna will wake up very soon. We have seen lots of improvement in her. You don’t have to worry anymore. Let’s just keep praying and have faith.” Silvia said.

“I know. I just miss my baby girl a lot.” Guy replied.

“Me too,” Silvia said with a sad voice.

“Okay, what should I do concerning my friend?” Silvia asked, going back to the main reason why she called him.

“Maybe we should try and help her financially. But first of all, she has to quit working as a cleaner. Since she’s still in her first trimester like you said so she has to be extra careful and a cleaning job will do no good to her as it entails a lot of stress.” Guy said.

“Yeah, but she’s a very shy type. She almost did not want to collect the money I gave her this morning. I had to force her to accept it. She has always been independent all her life. And I guess receiving things from others is very foreign to her.” Silvia responded.

“I really feel for her. She has gone through a lot at such a young age.“Guy said with a sad voice.

“Yeah me too,” Silvia said.

“You know what? Tell her I’m offering her a job as my personal assistant. Apart from her Salary, she will also be getting other benefits too. Maybe with this job, she would change her mind about aborting the baby.”

“Thanks, Guy. I will try and convince her to accept the offer.“Silvia said with a huge smile on her face.

“Don’t mention sis. She has always been there for Luna so I guess it’s not bad if we help her also.” Guy replied.

“Yeah, she loves Luna as if she were her own.“Silvia said back.

“Yeah, mom told me. She even wanted me to see her. She has been emphasizing about how beautiful she is. You know, mom has been trying to get me to marry someone else but I don’t think I’m ready for that.” Guy said which earned a chuckle from Silvia.

“She’s a very beautiful lady.” Silvia agreed.

“Alright then. Keep me updated and let me know how it goes.” Guy said.

“Thanks, Guy,” Silvia said after which she ended the call.

Silvia decided to visit Emerald before heading to her apartment which was a twenty minutes drive from Em’s. She had branched a restaurant to get some food for her and Em. Which leaves her now to standing in front of Em’s apartment.

Silvia knocked and the door opened revealing Em in a Pajamas shorts and a tank top.

“Hi,” Silvia greeted.

“Hello,” Em replied while opening the door wider for Silvia to enter.

Silvia entered Em’s apartment and looked around. Em’s living condition was a big “NO.” for her.

It was a one-room apartment with a very tiny bathroom adjoined with a toilet. The living room also served as Em’s bedroom. She had no bed so the couch served as both her chair and bed. She also designated a very tiny corner as the kitchen.

Silvia really felt for Emerald. Her place was too tiny and not even well ventilated. There was no way Em could even raise a baby here.

“I hope you don’t mind, umm my house isn’t as gorgeous as you might have imagined,” Emerald said.

“No I don’t,” Silvia said with a smile on her face.

“I bought us dinner, hope you don’t mind,” Silvia said while handling Em the plastic bag which contains the food she bought.

“Thanks.” Em smiled and collected the plastic bag from Silvia.

They dished out the food and ate in silence after which Emerald and Silvia cleared the plates and washed the dishes.

“Thanks for this morning, thanks for coming over and thanks for dinner,” Em said while taking a seat beside Silvia on the couch.

“Don’t mention Em.” Silvia smiled.

“So have you decided on helping me? You know, with the abortion stuff.” Em asked and Silvia exhaled.

Silvia took Emerald’s hands in her and said “You know I can’t do that. it’s just not possible.”

“Please, you have to help me. I can’t raise a child in this condition.” Emerald said, already on the verge of tears.

Emerald works in the hospital as a cleaner so she has experienced different situations where young girls were brought to the hospital because they either took fake prescribed abortion pills or went to an unprofessional doctor to help them with the abortion. Some of them ended up losing their lives and the ones that survived got their womb damaged. Emerald does not want that to be her portion so she prefers to do it the right way. That is getting a professional. That’s why she really needs Silvia’s help.

“What if I help you find a better job that pays well, will you consider keeping the baby?” Silvia asked.

“A better job?” Em repeated.

“Yes, I told my brother about you and he agreed on giving you a job as his personal assistant,” Silvia said.

“Your brother? Luna’s father?” She asked and Silvia nodded.

“I don’t know about that Silvia.” Em said totally confused.

“You have gone through a lot and my brother and I want to help you. That’s why he offered you a job in his company and insisted you quit working as a cleaner. You have done so much for us by taking care of our Luna and we are happy to help you out. You know, with this job, you will be paid a lot more than you earn in the hospital and will be able to take care of your little one.” Silvia said trying to sound convincing as possible.

“But what about Luna, Who will take care of her while I’m gone?” Emerald asked, already sad with the thought of not being able to see the little girl again.

“Don’t worry, we will look for someone to take care of her.” Silvia said with a smile “And anytime you want to see her, you are allowed to.” Silvia said as if reading Em’s mind and Em smiled at her reply.

“So I guess you accept my offer?” Silvia asked hopefully.

“I will give it a try,”

“I’m happy you will.”

“But I’m still not sure about the baby. I’m scared.” Em said honestly.

“You don’t have to be. You have me. I will be very happy to help you and I’m sure my mom will be happy to help also. I know a bit about kids because I use to help my brother out with Luna. Don’t worry we will go through this together.” Silvia assured.

“Have you gone for a checkup yet?” Silvia asked out of the blue.

“No. I just took a test this morning.” Emerald replied.

“So how about the morning sickness?” Silvia asked again.

“It’s been horrible,” Em replied.

Before Silvia could say anything further, She was interrupted by her ringing cell phone.

Silvia did not look at the caller ID before she picked up the call.

“Hello, It’s Silvia Anderson on the line. How may I help you?” Silvia said to the other side.

Emerald noticed how quiet Silvia was. listening to the caller from the other side. And suddenly Silvia muttered “Oh My God” before tears rolled down her cheeks. But then She was also smiling So Emerald concluded it was tears of joy.

“Thank you very much Doctor Skai, I will inform my brother right away” Silvia said and then ended the call.

Then she turned to a worried Emerald who was giving her a “Please don’t keep me in the dark and tell me what is happening look.”

“Luna is out of Coma,” Silva said to Em with so much happiness in her voice.

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