The Billionaire's Struggle

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Immediately after Silvia told Em the news, She called Guy to give him the news also. He literally screamed for joy over the phone and they agreed to meet at the hospital.

Emerald was thinking if she should ask Silvia if she could come with her. She wanted to see Luna so badly. She wanted to see the colour of her eyes, hear her voice. Maybe it’s what she had imagined. But on the other hand, she doesn’t want to pry. She was thinking of letting them have their family time. But Emerald couldn’t stop herself so she decided to ask anyway. “At least there is nothing wrong in trying.” She said to herself.

“Um, Silvia can I please come along with you. I would love to see Luna too. But it’s alright if you don’t want me to.” Em said.

“Sure, you can,” Silvia replied.

“Really?” Em asked surprised as she had expected a negative response from Silvia.

“Sure, go get ready. Luna deserves to know the wonderful person who had been taking care of her.” Silvia said.

So Emerald quickly changed her clothes to the dress she wore to work in the morning and left with Silvia.

Silvia rushed into the hospital with Emerald behind her. She opened the door to Luna’s room, rushed to the bedside and pulled her niece into a hug before taking a seat on the right-hand side of the bed.

“We have done a check-up on her and she’s very fine. We need to observe her for the night and then if everything goes well, She will be discharged tomorrow morning. I will be in my office if you need anything.” Doctor Skai said.

“Thanks, Doctor Skai.“Silvia said and with that, Doctor skai nodded and went out of Luna’s ward.

“I missed you, Aunt Silvia,” Luna said in her cute little voice.

“I missed you more my baby,” Silvia said while kissing her forehead.

“Where is my daddy?” Luna asked.

“He’s on his way sweetheart. He should be here at any moment from now.” Silvia replied.

“I want you to meet someone,” Silvia said to Luna and gestured Emerald who was standing by the door to come closer. Emerald walked towards them and sat on the left-hand side of the bed. just like the way Silvia sat on the right-hand side. The bed was big enough to contain the three of them.

“Luna, this is Emerald and Emerald, this is Luna.” Silvia introduced the two of them.

Emerald took in Luna’s features. The little girl was even more beautiful than she had imagined. She actually wants to have a child like Luna. Maybe, keeping the pregnancy won’t be a bad idea after all.

Then Emerald noticed Luna’s eyes. Her eyes look so familiar. As if she had seen them somewhere before. Before Em could try to think of where she had come across someone with that type of eyes, She was interrupted by a voice.

“I remember her,” Luna smiled.

“You do?” Silvia asked surprised.

“Yes, I do. I do hear her speak to me in my dreams. She is prettier than I thought she would be.” Luna smiled.

“Ohhhh...” That was only what Em could utter. She hoped Luna did not hear it all. As she remembered saying somethings which Luna shouldn’t have heard.

“I love your voice, thank you for always singing to me,” Luna said to Em after which she pulled Em into an unexpected hug. “And thank you for taking care of me” Luna whispered and Em almost teared up.

“You guys look so adorable.” Silvia cooed.

Luna surprised them again. After she pulled away from the hug, she placed her right hand on Em’s belly and said: “Will you still keep the baby?” She asked looking at Em with pleading eyes.

Silvia and Em’s jaw was literally on the ground and their eyes as wide as saucers.

“She was supposed to be in coma, how come she heard all that I said.” Emerald thought to herself.

Luna saw that her aunt and Em were still shocked so she said. “I hope you keep the baby Emerald. If its a girl, she’s going to be a very pretty baby like you and if it’s a boy, he’s going to be very charming.“Luna said.

“So, does that mean you could hear all that we were saying while you were sleeping?” Silvia asked Luna, describing the Coma condition as sleeping.

“Not all, but I do remember her telling me her name, Singing for me and telling me about the baby,” Luna said and Silvia nodded.

Silvia knew her niece was too smart for her age. With all the educational cartoons she watches, she knew how to pronounce words well.

Em was about to say something before they were interrupted by the door opening and somebody entering. Immediately, Em looked back and saw who she never expected to see. ‘The guy she had a one night stand with, the Father of her unborn child whom she’s having doubts about, her baby daddy.’

“But what could he be doing here?” She asked herself.

Guy, on the other hand, did not take notice of the people in the room while entering. His eyes were fixed on the hospital bed where his daughter was lying down. He quickly ran to the right-hand side of the bed where Silvia was sitting and hugged Luna. Silvia stood up so Guy would be comfortable with his daughter.

“I miss you, princess. I miss you so much.” Guy said as he showered Luna’s face with kisses.

“I miss you too daddy,” Luna replied.

“Oh my God.” Guy heard a very familiar voice say.

He looked to his left-hand side because that was where the voice came from and lo and behold, he saw that face. The face that has been haunting him for over three weeks now. The mysterious lady he had a one night stand with.

Guy’s mouth moved as if it wanted to say something. But words failed him and before he knew it, the mysterious Lady was out of his sight.

Silvia noticed Em’s weird look immediately Guy entered the room, She suddenly looked pale. As Emerald went outside the room, Silvia followed her. She walked fast this time so she was able to catch up with her.

“Em are you okay? You look as if you had just seen a ghost. Is anything the matter?” Silvia asked worriedly.

“That was Luna’s father right?” Em asked.

“Yes. That’s my brother. The one that wants to give you the job. Have you guys met somewhere before?” Silvia asked suspiciously.

“I don’t feel too well, I will just go home,” Em said avoiding Silvia’s question.

“But you can’t go alone. It’s late. Let me go get my keys and I will drop you off.” Silvia offered.

“Don’t worry about that. I will just get a taxi.” Em said after which she fled from Silvia’s front. And luckily for her, as she walked out of the hospital, she got a taxi.

Silvia watched as Em hurriedly entered the taxi and the taxi man drove off. There seems to be something Fishy between Em and her brother and she is so determined to find out.

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