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Chapter 10

I pulled down his neck, but instead of smashing my lips to his I kissed him on the cheek, very close to his moist, full lips – which seemed really inviting at the moment. I felt his body go rigid and smirked. My plan to tease him was working. I went further up, kissing his jaw, making sure to leave soft, hot kisses on every inch of his defined jaw bone. I felt his jaw clenching and instantly knew he is enjoying my actions.

I tangled my fingers in his messy hair, tugging him closer to me and felt our bodies collide. When I reached his ear, I grazed my teeth down his earlobe slowly, making sure not to hurt him, but tease him.

"But if you want a kiss from me," I whispered lightly in his ear and felt him shiver, "you will have to try harder."

I wanted to loosen my grip and walk away fabulously, like they do in movies, but I guess he had different plans. When I pulled away from him, he snapped out of trance he seemed to be seconds ago and grasped my waist, tugging me closer to him. I gasped in surprise, colliding with his muscular torso. He moved his hands up and put them on my hips, making sure to lift my shirt up, which provided him an access to my bare skin. I shivered because his touch actually felt really good. He started making circular motions with his fingers and suddenly grasped my waist tightly, eliminating the space between us. He smirked when he noticed my struggling and leaned down, pressing his forehead to mine. I felt his minty breath tickling my lips as he spoke in his sexy, husky voice.

"I think we both know you will be the one begging me to kiss you, Angel."

I was taken by surprise – again. I just stood there, unable to move when he finally let me go and smirked down at me one last time, before walking past me. I was so angry with myself. I wanted to be the one teasing, not get teased.

"Oh, and Angel," he turned around. I looked at him with my eyebrows raised and he smirked. "I'm taking you to a party in an hour. Prepare yourself, dress up and stuff girls do. Although," he paused for a second, his eyes sparkling with amusement, "I can already predict all your actions tonight."

"Oh, is that so?" I asked and raised my eyebrows. He sounded just like Jayden before. Annoying.

He smirked. "Yep," he said, popping the 'p'

I narrowed my eyes at him. "And why is that?"

He shrugged. "You're really predictable." I widened my eyes and gritted my teeth.

"No I am not!"

He scoffed and raised his eyebrow at me. "Seriously? We're going to argue about that?" I rolled my eyes and he continued. "Anyway, I have to go somewhere now, but I'll pick you in an hour. Surprise me, Angel. If you can," he winked, gave me one last smirk before turning around and leaving.

I inhaled deeply, trying to calm myself. He is probably the fifth person who said that to me while I was here in this stupid camp. And it really pissed me off. Firstly, it is none of their business, and they didn't even know what got me where I was. When I figured out some of my wrong actions may cause some accidents I will regret all my life, I just decided not to live the carefree life anymore. That is how it is. That is how it was.

But now, he crossed the line. Suddenly, I felt courage and anger raising in me and then, I promised myself I will not lose this game. There is no way I'm losing, even if that means becoming my old self.

I jogged my way back to the beach house and threw myself on the bed. When I turned on my computer, I saw 10 missed calls on skype and my eyes widened in horror. Oh my god, River will kill me.

I called him and waited for a minute before he picked up.

"Finally!" said a sexy, husky manly voice through my speakers. "What were you doing for so long? And if you weren't getting laid, you don't have an excuse."

Finally, his picture loaded and I got a view of him. The first thing I noticed was he was shirtless. And believe me, it was a nice view. He is not a model without a reason. His brown hair was messy, messier that normal. I wonder what he was doing – note the sarcasm. His brown eyes were staring to the screen, probably observing me. His lips were a bit swollen and he had a hickey on his neck.

I rolled my eyes. "Having fun?" I asked sarcastically and he smirked.

"I would like it better if you were here instead of others, so I could have fun," he wiggled his eyebrows and winked at me, "with you."

I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help but chuckle. I missed his flirting and … well, I missed him. We were usually always together and it just didn't seem right to be here without him.

"I see you are still the guy I left at home," I chuckled and he smirked.

"Only sexier, and more experienced in … many ways." He shot back and flashed me his infamous smirk every girl fell for.

"Well, I was going to ask you for your help, and since I see your ego can't possibly get any bigger – considering it is already in a size of Mars – I'll just ask you."


"I want you to help me make a guy fall in love with me."

He raised his eyebrows and frowned, but after a couple of seconds his lips curled in a smirk. "Is that about that ''hottie roommate,''" he said in a high-pitched voice and made donkey ears with his fingers to emphasize his sarcasm, "S told me about?"

I rolled my eyes and scoffed. I should have known that Sarah wasn't capable of keeping a secret, because every time I told her something first, River knew about it before I even had a chance to tell him.

"Yeah. So, I'm assuming S also told you about the game?" I asked and sat on the floor, putting the computer in my lap.

"Yeah, and she also told me you don't want to do it. Why are you being such a pussy, Meg?" He asked, frowning.

"Well," I crossed my arms over my chest, "if you had been willing to listen to me for a second, you would have found out I'm in the game."

He raised his eyebrows up and an unknown emotion flashed through his eyes. But then he grinned.

"Finally, Megan is becoming her old self again. I must admit, I missed you." He said and flashed me a grin. I rolled my eyes.

"Even if I have joined the game, that doesn't mean I will become my old self," I exclaimed and threw my hands in the air.

"But you will," he winked and I sighed.

"River …" I whined, but he cut me off.

"Stop, Megan. Don't start with him. It wasn't your fault," he growled and stood up so I couldn't see his face, only his body. And boy, it was a good view. Suddenly, he bent down and looked in the camera, and I shook my head, trying to cover up my drooling. He had a serious expression on his face, his eyebrows furrowed and lips slightly parted.

I bit my lip hard, trying not to think about it, but I couldn't. "If I hadn't drunk that night …" I trailed off, gulping.

"Than what, Megan, what?" he asked, his eyes now filled with sadness. He was probably sick of talking to me about that. It was his best friend, after all. He suddenly turned around and with one swift movement of his hand swept everything which was on the table, on the floor.

"Dammit, Megan. I hate it how you always blame yourself for what happened. It wasn't your fault. Stop blaming yourself!" he finished and looked in the camera. "Do me a favor?" He asked, now with a calmer voice and I nodded slowly.

"Win the game."

I bit my lip, but then my lips started forming a smirk by themselves. "Of course I will. Who wouldn't fall in love with me?" I said sarcastically.

"Well, with your bitchy personality and …" River started but I cut him off.

"It was sarcasm, River," I whined and he smirked.

"I know. So … Do you have a plan?"

"No!" I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air, "that is the favor I asked you for. To help me make him fall in love with me." I explained, using my hands to emphasize my words.

"So you want my advice?" River raised his eyebrows and I nodded. "Be your old self," he shrugged and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"What?" he exclaimed. "You were hot, funny, and very likable."

I rolled my eyes and sighed. "I guess I could do it …" I trailed off and he grinned. "But I won't be able to live without my oh-so-witty-but-funny comments." I smirked.

He grinned. "I like those anyway. They make you even sexier, because you look like you are hard to get."

I scoffed and rolled my eyes at his remark. "I am hard to get River, and you're stupid."

"But you love me."

"Nope." I said, popping the 'p'. I suddenly got up and placed the computer on the bed. I stepped towards my suitcase and opened it, dragging it closer to the computer and then plopped myself on the floor beside it.

"What should I wear?" I asked River as I started digging in piles of clothes, pulling everything out. "He said I should 'surprise him'," I did donkey ears gesture and rolled my eyes. "As if I'm supposed to know how to surprise him."

"Well, dress hot," said River and I raised my head and frowned at him.

"And why should I do that?" I asked him, grimacing. "It's what girls like Alli and Naomi would do …" He sent me a bewildered look and I suddenly got it. If I want to surprise him, I shouldn't act like myself, but like my opposites.

"Ahh…" I exclaimed, "I got it now!" I said and looked at him, giving him the 'not bad' look. "I didn't know you are so smart, my friend."

He smirked and ran his fingers through his hair. "You can call me master from now on," he said and I chuckled. I turned my attention to the clothes again and suddenly spotted a piece of clothing I could wear. I pulled it out and recognized my old torn short jeans. The color was a bit washed off, but they were still my favorite piece of clothing.

I looked at River and wiggled my eyebrows. I showed them to him and pursed my lips. "Are they hot enough for you?"

River smirked. "Wear them. It will drive him insane. Your ass looks amazing in them," he remarked and I rolled my eyes and scoffed.

"You know that if you were here, I would hit you, right?" I said and looked in the camera and he chuckled.

"Now just wear that short white top which is cut above your pierced belly and you'll be perfect. Oh, and wear push-up bra, to emphasize your boobs. It will drive him insane." Said River and I frowned at him and shook my head.

"Can you remind me why are you my best friend again?" I asked him and raised my eyebrows.

"Because I'm hot," he shrugged it off and I couldn't help but smile because of his self-confidence.

I shook my head and started searching for the top. When I finally found it, I pulled it out and looked at it. It had three-quarter long sleeves and was really tight. I grimaced at River and showed him the top, pointing at it.

"I seriously have to wear that?" I whined and he smirked.

"Yes. If you want him to want you, you have to. Desperate times call for desperate measures, sweetheart." I suddenly heard noises which were coming from the speakers and I assumed they were at River's place. Suddenly, a girl appeared on the camera behind River and he turned around. She said something incoherent and he answered her, turning towards me again.

"I have to go sweetheart, but good luck on your party," he smirked. "Make him want you. Tease him," he said, his eyes twinkling. "Bye, Megan," he winked at me and ended the call.

I sighed. "Good bye to you too, River," I muttered and raised the top in front of me. I shook my head and bit my lip. "Well, better get this done with already," I muttered and grabbed clothes I wanted to wear. I got up from the floor and headed towards the bathroom, with only one thing on my mind.

I will win.

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