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Chapter 11

After a shower I had to take to calm my nerves, I started getting ready. I had already forgotten how much time do girls need to make themselves look pretty for the party, and the answer was – too much precious time. That is why I had given up after I blow-dried my hair and applied a few layers of mascara. It should be okay. I mean, I didn't want to be any of those girls who paint their faces just to impress boys anyways. From my experience I knew boys don't even like that.

Or maybe it was just my excuse because I was too lazy to apply anything else.

I looked at my reflection in the mirror one last time, narrowing my eyes as I observed myself. My long blond hair was messy and reaching till my hips. I had big blue eyes and long eyelashes with a few layers of mascara surrounding them. My skin was naturally tanned, and since adolescence wasn't giving me hard time, I had almost never had any pimples or acne on my skin. My nose was straight and my lips slightly pursued. My teeth were white and straight – thanks to the braces I wore when I was 12. I was wearing white top which was cut so I could see my flat stomach and my pierced belly. I also had on my favorite ripped shorts and white converse.

I heard the door open and footsteps heading towards my room, and before I could turn around and head out of the bathroom, my door was yanked open. I raised my eyebrows at Drew and he gave me a sly smile, before his eyes traveled slowly down my body, checking me out. He licked his lip while I stood there steadily. I didn't cross my arms over my chest or anything else to cover myself, because I didn't want to give him the satisfaction of calling me a prude.

Instead, I started checking him out too. He was wearing tight white shirt under his black leather jacket and jeans. His brown hair was somehow shaped in a manly haircut, but didn't look like there was gel in them. Instead, they looked so soft and I wanted to run my hands through them and pull him closer to me –

Shit. What am I thinking? My stupid hormones are waking up again.

I didn't want to look at him anymore, because I didn't want to do something I would regret later, so I headed out of the bathroom, only to almost bump into his hard torso. He was now leaning on the door frame, smirking at me mischievously.

"You look bang-able today," he remarked, his eyes on my chest. I licked my lip slowly as I brought my hand up and tilted his chin upwards to prevent him the view to my chest. He slowly moved his eyes up, until they met mine.

"And you," I let out with a husky voice as I let my hand travel down his chest slowly. "Look like," I hooked my thumbs in the hem of his pants and yanked him closer, our lower bodies grinding together. His eyes were getting darker as I moved my head closer to him, slowly biting on my lower lip. "You're on my fucking way," I breathed as I used all my strength and pushed him backwards in the room, catching him off guard. He stumbled backwards, giving me a confused look and I offered him a sly smirk. "Surprised enough?" I asked him, smirked and headed towards the exit, making sure to add an extra sway to my hips, because I knew he was looking.

When we reached the parking lot, I spotted a big motorcycle and rolled my eyes.

"So cliché," I muttered and headed towards it. I must admit it, it looked really good, but since I didn't really know motors, it could have also been the shittiest brand ever. I reached it and turned towards Drew, who was walking a few steps behind me and crossed my arms over my chest.

"I knew you were a bad boy, but I didn't know you were a cliché one as well," I remarked and he raised his eyebrow, his lips curling in an amusing smile.

"What do you mean, Angel?" he asked as he stopped in front of me. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me closer to him.

"This," I said in a 'duh' tone and pointed at the motorcycle and continued. "And what now, huh? Did you think I will cry and ask you not to get me on this machine," I used air quotes and scoffed, "because I'm too much a wimp like every other girl and I'm afraid of speed?" I continued as he was getting more and more amused. "Because you're not the first guy who-"

"Okay, shut up," he suddenly snapped, his eyes glued to mine as they sparked mischievously, "otherwise I will find a more creative way to occupy your mouth." I opened my mouth to speak but he beat me. "And I think I will enjoy it way more than you," he said with a wink and I choked on my breath, literally. I looked at him in disbelief and he offered his infamous smirk.

I tried to come up with a comeback, but after a few times opening my mouth and closing it, I finally stopped trying. I never thought I would ever get used to his pervy comments anyways.

"And to answer your question, did you actually think I would let you ride my baby?" he looked at the motorcycle softly and gently stroked it with his hand. Then, his eyes snapped back to mine. "Because the answer is no. I would never let you ride my motorcycle. No one has ever sat on it and I'm not planning on changing that fact."

"And you couldn't mention that earlier, before I made a fool out of myself?" I asked sarcastically as he grinned at me.

"No. You will, however, get a seat in my car over there," he pointed at the direction and I turned around, spotting a big car, which also looked really expensive. I headed towards it and stopped in front of the door.

"You aren't getting the door for me?" I shouted to Drew as he hopped in the driver's seat. He gave me a weird look and I turned around, opening the door myself and getting in the car.

"You know, Angel, if you haven't noticed, we live in the 21th century. Chivalry is dead."

I looked at him and rolled my eyes. "You know, if you want to win my heart, you should be nicer to me," I replied as I looked at him. He smirked as he turned on the engine and started driving towards the exit.

He turned towards me and offered me a sly smile. "You will fall in love with me sooner or later," he replied nonchalantly and put his head in the normal position, his eyes focusing on the road again.

We drove in silence for a while. I didn't start a conversation, and neither did he. But it was a comfortable silence. I shut my eyes as I leaned my head back and sighed. I didn't know where he was taking me or who will be there. I just knew that this party will be the point, where I would have to decide, either to stay the goody-goody or become my old self. But I already knew the answer.

I was actually looking forward to the party. It was a well-known territory for me I mean, I did spend half of free time on these kind of parties.

Suddenly, I was snapped out of my thoughts as Drew placed his hand on my bare thigh and squeezed it. The heat started spreading on the place he was holding his hand and I gritted my teeth, annoyed because his touch had such a strong effect on me. I blame the hormones, though.

His hand started moving upwards and I didn't want to stop him. Everything we did seemed like a challenge between us, and with stopping him, I would lose, and that is exactly what he wants right now. His touches suddenly became softer, he was now touching my skin with only fingertips, and it sent me shivers all over my body.

Suddenly, I felt the car pull off and he suddenly removed his hand from my thigh. I instantly started to miss it, the warmth radiating from his hand to my thigh, and I shook my head, trying to calm myself.

"We're here, Angel," he said and looked at me amused, like he knew how big of an influence he has on me. He jumped out of the car and I followed soon after, stepping by his side. I looked towards the house and it looked filled with drunk people, who were dancing and dry-humping each other. The music was pounding so loudly, I was surprised none of the neighbors hadn't called the police yet.

"Come on, let's go inside," he said as he threw his arm around my shoulders casually.

When we came inside, I felt like our arrival was in slow motion. I could tell everyone was watching us. I saw guys checking me out, their eyes running lustfully up and down my body, and girls giving me the mean look because I was with the hottest guy here, but all I could do was smile, because in my head I was singing to myself - I'm with the boy you want to fuck and he chose me. ME. ME.

Drew was too occupied with saying hello to his friends to notice the girls who were throwing themselves at him, and I had to admit it – he is really popular. Everyone, like everyone here knew him. I could tell why girls know him, but guys? I mean, it's not like his personality is actually nice.

I suddenly snapped out of thoughts when someone yanked me in the kitchen. I looked at Drew, who was holding my arm and yanked it away from him. He eyed me and smirked, before turning to the boy behind the counter, giving him one of those man-hugs.

"How are you doing, man?" guy slurred and his eyes dropped on me. "Ohh, I see you brought a slut, nice. She's the hottest one I've ever seen you with," he said and I gritted my teeth. Suddenly, I leaned closer and grabbed his chin hard, holding him steadily on place and narrowed my eyes as they met his.

"I," I said in a low, dangerous tone, "am not a slut," I hissed and tilted my head as I gripped his chin even harder, my nails digging in his skin. His eyes widened and I spotted his Adam's apple move up and down as he swallowed his saliva hard. "Do you understand?" I let out softly and raised my eyebrows. He nodded eagerly and stuttered, "Y-e-es, I d-do."

I gave his a sickened smile and let go of my hold, crossing my arms over my chest. The guy moved his hand to his chin, checking if everything was on the right place. I honestly didn't want to do that, but I learned that these kind of comment can only be shut down with force. Girl has to show guy she isn't as delicate as he thinks she is.

Suddenly, Drew started laughing and threw his arm around my shoulders, bringing me closer to his side. "You heard my girl," he said and ruffled my hair as I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Now, Craig, do you think you are capable of giving us two tequila shots without making a dirty remark?" Said Drew and smirked at him as Craig winced uncomfortably. I could tell they weren't really close and that Craig was afraid of Drew. Frankly, I think everyone here was afraid of Drew. I wonder why …

"Here you go," said Craig as he positioned two shot glasses with lemon and salt in front of us and muttered something under his breath, leaving us alone. The music in the background wasn't so loud and there weren't many people in the kitchen.

I flicked my eyes to Drew's and he smirked. He grabbed two shots and offered one to me. I bit my lip and took it, knowing that if I wouldn't, I would lose. And I also hoped I would surprise his with my actions, but he didn't seem to be impressed by my actions. Dammit.

I licked my hand and applied salt to it. I caught Drew's gaze and smirked as he did the same. I grabbed lemon off the table and held tequila in the other hand.

I was a bit nervous, I admit. But it's not like I was doing this only to impress Drew, I was also doing it to finally find my old self again.

I gave him a sly smile and he returned it. "On what should we toast?" I exclaimed, sounding enthusiastic.

"To our new kind of a relationship," he smirked and bumped his glass into mine before raising it. He looked deeply into my eyes. "May the best one win."

He quickly licked salt of his hand and I did the same. I raised my glass and then brought it to my mouth and swallowed the hard liquid. I felt it spreading in my body and made a sour face after I was done. I quickly put lemon in my mouth and sucked on it eagerly, wanting the taste of tequila disappear.

I had already forgotten how disgusting alcohol actually is. I wiped my mouth with my hand and glanced at Drew. He was casually leaning on the counter, watching me amusingly.

"What?" I snapped as his eyes met mine. He chuckled and brought himself closer to me. He gripped my hips tightly and looked me in the eyes.

"Want another one?" he smirked and I narrowed my eyes at him. Then an idea appeared on my mind and I grinned.

"Bring it on," I said and clapped my hands together. He chuckled as he went behind the counter and poured us a drink and cut the lemon.

He drew himself nearer to me and leaned on the counter behind him. He handed me over my drink, but I put it on the counter and took salt in my hands. I locked my eyes on his as I licked my finger slowly and then glided it down on the spot between my collar-bone and neck. His eyes darkened when he got what was I doing, but his eyes were glued on my fingers and he swallowed, hard. He looked transfixed by my actions – because he never expected me to do something like that.

I applied salt on the spot where I glided my finger before and looked at him innocently. His eyes were still glued on my neck as he approached me and gripped my hips tightly, his nails digging in my skin. He pulled me into him, eliminating the space between us.

I sneaked my arms around his neck and tangled my fingers in his soft hair. I pulled his head down and grazed his earlobe with my teeth softly. "You first," I whispered in his ear and I felt him shiver. I mentally congratulated myself and grabbed the lemon and put it between my teeth.

He tilted his head and instead of licking the salt like I thought he would, he started kissing my neck below my jaw. I tensed as he started moving down my neck, leaving soft kisses behind. Every time he kissed my skin, I felt heavenly. His lips felt perfect against skin, and every spot he touched sent shivers down my body. I suddenly felt his teeth on the spot above my collar-bone. I whimpered and he must have heard it, because he sucked and licked on it slowly, and I took a sharp intake of breath. I tilted my head backwards, giving him more access to my skin, and he started nibbling on it lightly. I felt light-headed because of his lips, and I imagined other things his lips could be good at.

With that thought, I shuddered and snapped back to reality. I put my head back to the normal position and felt his tongue finally licked the salt. He moved away from me, grabbed the shot and swallowed it without wincing, and then faced me again. He leaned his head down and locked his eyes with mine. He bit the lemon I was holding between my teeth and started sucking on it slowly, still looking in my eyes. He suddenly snaked his arms around me, one was on my hip and the other supporting my neck.

My craving for him only increased as his fingers eagerly tangled themselves in my hair. I also knew that alcohol had already taken affect. Suddenly, I released the lemon from my teeth and so did he. He looked at me, his eyes dark, and I returned the gaze. The tension between us was rising. And there was nothing on the way to prevent us from kissing now. His gaze dropped to my mouth and I bit my lip slowly.

He growled and gripped my hip even harder, nails painfully digging in my skin. "Don't do that, Megan," he said, his eyes now dark as night. "Or you might get yourself in a lot of trouble."

I shuddered and opened my mouth to reply, but he started leaning towards me, his eyes still fixed on my lips. I shut my eyes close, waiting for his lips to crush down to mine, but that never happened.

He was suddenly yanked back by his friend. "What the actual fuck, Jess?" Drew shouted at him, his eyes still dark.

"We're going upstairs to play truth or dare, want to come?" said his friend calmly and grinned at me.

"We can't-" Drew snapped as his eyes raked up and down my body. He made eye contact with me and bit his lip. "We were in the middle of something and you moron just had to – " said Drew, but I cut in.

"I'd actually love to play truth or dare," I said and avoided Drew's gaze as Jess grinned at me and clasped his hands.

"That's awesome," he said and faced Drew once again. "And you, man? Want to join? You obviously don't have a chance, since your girl just –"

"I'll join," Drew growled and glanced at me. He suddenly smirked as his eyes landed on my neck. "And I will have a lot of fun." He turned around and started walking upstairs.

I rolled my eyes and followed him.

So, truth or dare it is.

This could be fun.

Plus, I've won. Sweet, sweet victory.

Drew 0:1 Megan

If only I knew what his revenge will be …

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