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Chapter 12

After a few rounds of amusing dares and sexual-connected questions, I had to admit I really liked Drew's group of friends. But that was probably the cause of the amount of alcohol we all consumed by then. The bottles of alcohol were revolving in our little circle and didn't seem to end anytime soon. I sat between Jess and Miles, which I'd got along pretty well, I mean both of them were hilarious. And hot. Drew on the other hand, as the perfect gentleman he was, didn't even hesitate to sit on the opposite side of me, positioned between two girls – a blonde and brunette.

I didn't like the brunette - I later on found out her name was Zoey - from the first second I saw her. She was namely looking at me, despise clear in her eyes. My hatred for her might as well be connected with the fact she was wearing a tight black dress, which was clearly not appropriate for a party like this, but more like a freaking strip club, or the fact that she seemed to know Drew really well, or better said, little Drew really well. His arm was thrown over her shoulder casually, and she had her head leaned on her shoulder. Don't get me wrong – I wasn't jealous, but if someone gives me a toy to play with, it's better for everyone not to touch it.

"Okay, Zoey, truth or dare?" asked one of the guys with a wide smirk. I diverted my attention to the brunette, who was smirking slightly. I instantly knew what her answer would be, and she confirmed by choosing the dare.

The guy who was asking her paused for a second, and his eyes met Drew's. Drew leaned in and whispered something to a guy, something I couldn't catch. The guy suddenly looked at me, a wide smirk spreading on his face and I groaned immediately, knowing the dare has something to do with me, something I definitely won't like.

"I dare you to exchange clothes with Megan," spoke the guy and leaned back, probably satisfied with Drew's suggestion. His eyes connected with mine as the wolf whistles echoed through the room, along with dirty remarks of guys. I narrowed my eyes at Drew and he gave me a smirk, his eyes challenging. That bastard knew I didn't like to wear dresses, and that was his way of annoying me. But, because of the alcohol, which was currently circulating in my body, I gave up quickly – a lot quicker than I usually would.

I pouted slightly and let out a breath as I stood up - with a help of Jess and Miles- since I wasn't able to get up by myself without falling straight back on my ass. I looked at Zoey and she caught my look, smirking slightly at me as she got up with Drew's help.

She grabbed the hem of her dress, but I stopped her by giving her a look of disbelief. It looked like at least one of us had kept her head clear – at least clear enough to know stripping in front of teenage guys won't bring anything but trouble (believe me, been there, done that), and that person was me. She groaned and her eyes narrowed at me as she slowly let go of her dress. "What?" she hissed, clearly annoyed with me.

"You're seriously going to get naked in front of at least 10 horny, teenage guys?" I spoke and raised my eyebrows at her.

Guys started to shout in disagreement, clearly not happy with my actions, but I couldn't care less. I looked at Zoey, and for a second she looked like she was thinking about my words. But when a smirk started forming on her face, I knew her comment will be either rude or offensive.

"Oh, please don't tell me Drew's new play toy is afraid of a little nudity," she mocked me and all the guys laughed as I gritted my teeth. I spotted Drew behind the brunette, his hands behind his head. He looked calm, as if everything was going according to plan. If I wouldn't have done it, his friends would immediately think of me as a prude, he would get the satisfaction of calling me one, plus I would do exactly what he predicted. So I had to do the only logical thing to prevent this to happen. I quickly grabbed the hem of my top, pulled it off myself in one swift movement and threw it in Zoey's face.

"Nope, I just wanted to be the first one," I smirked as the guys started cheering and whistling. I didn't even doubt every pair of eyes in the room was on me in that moment, and frankly, I couldn't care less. I was always pretty self-confident about my body, and judging by the wolf whistles, they were enjoying the view as well. I looked at Zoey and she just raised her eyebrows and yanked the dress off her body before anyone could manage to say the word cupcake. Clearly she had a lot of practice. Slut.

I realized I was a bit behind, so I pulled down my shorts and stepped out of them. My eyes were still connected with Zoey's as I we exchanged clothes and before I gave her my pants I hissed. "I want them back before the clock hits midnight, Cinderella, otherwise you might not avoid me changing your ride into a pumpkin, and by pumpkin I mean a pile of metal, with a hammer and saw."

She snorted and threw her dress at me, before grabbing my shorts and yanked them on her slim legs. I tried to pull on her dress, but somehow didn't manage to pull down the zipper. I struggled with it a few seconds, but quickly gave up. I turned around and faced the guys, who's eyes were still checking me out after all this time. I didn't know what was going on or why wasn't I flipping out because the guys were looking at me like I was a chocolate and they were the fat kid. And by even thinking about something so stupid you can clearly see that the amount of alcohol I consumed tonight was too damn high.

I turned around and faced Jess. His eyes were raking up and down my body shamelessly and I had to snap my fingers in front of his face before his eyes finally met mine. He smirked at me and raised his eyebrows.

I pouted and took a step closer to him, but tripped on the carpet and fell directly in his lap. I looked up at his smug face and my heartbeat increased because of the embarrassment. But I knew I had to act cool, so I just smiled at him sweetly and stuck the dress under his nose. "The zipper is stuck," I said and he took it, his eyes still observing my face.

"Or she's just too fat to get it on," said the voice and I could only guess who it belonged to. "I swear, if she rips it, I will kill her," she hissed violently and Drew chuckled.

Jess finally repaired the zipper and smirked at me. "Do you want me to dress you too?"

I grabbed Jess' shoulders and pulled myself up. I exhaled and ran my fingers through my hair. I snatched the dress out of Jess's hands and gave him a fake smile.

"I think I'm able to do that myself," I replied sarcastically, as I finally hopped in the dress and pulled it on my body. The dress was really tight, it hugged every curve of my body and even though I liked my body, I felt self-conscious wearing that. It reached 'til my mid thighs and had a very low neckline.

I reached behind with my hands, because I wanted to zip it up, but I stopped when I felt strong hands on my waist. I could only guess who was standing behind me, and when I heard his voice beside my ear, my speculations were confirmed.

"Your turn, Angel," Drew lightly whispered in my ear and his hands traveled up to my hips and to my back, where he finally started zipping the dress slowly. "Truth or dare?"

My breath hitched because his touch was driving my hormonal body insane. My thoughts were mixed up because of the alcohol, and I felt dizzy. Drew spun me around so I was facing me and raised an eyebrow at me, waiting for my answer.

"Dare," I spoke and his eyes sparkled mischievously.

"Okay," he said, his voice a little raspy. "I dare you … to kiss the hottest guy in the room," he said and smirked slightly. He was cocky enough to think he was the hottest guy in the room, because … well, because he was. His hands were resting on my hips and he was making slow circular motions with his thumb which made me even crazier about his touch. I wanted to touch him so badly, kiss him, tug his hair, tease him … Tease him. That's when I remembered our challenge. I had to surprise him.

My eyes locked with his and I bit my lip. His smirk grew even more and he started tilting his head down. I was getting anxious. 'Surprise him, surprise him …' echoed in my head. But how?

Suddenly, when his lips were barely an inch away from mine, an idea flashed through my mind. I quickly made up my mind about it and lightly pushed him away from me.

"Okay," I shrugged and spun around. I smirked to Jess as I kneeled down on his level and locked my eyes with his. He was looking at me, his eyebrows raised slightly. I cupped his face with my hands and quickly brought my lips to his.

He was still at first, probably unsure what he should do, but after two seconds, he reacted and pulled me down, so I was straddling his lap, my things on each side of his legs. I moved my lips with his and he tangled his fingers in my hair, bringing my face closer to his. I thought I heard Drew mutter something, but I honestly wasn't interested in his sulking, so I just ignored it.

I felt his teeth graze my bottom lip, and I replied by parting my lips slightly. But before anything else happened, I was yanked away from him. I smirked as I felt strong grip on my arm and spun around, expecting Drew's angry face. But instead, I was facing someone else's angry face.


Her eyes were filled with rage and when she looked in my eyes, I could almost feel the knives she was stabbing in my skin. Her face was red and she was clenching her jaw, hard. She suddenly opened her mouth to scream at me, but no sound came out as all of the sudden, someone cut her off. "Zoey …" Drew warned her as he stood up.

He looked at me and stepped closer. I couldn't read the expression on his face. Was he angry, jealous or both. Or he didn't even care. He grabbed my arm and started dragging me towards the door. He opened them furiously and pushed me out of the room. "Later," he called to his friends and they greeted him with shouts.

He closed the door and stepped in my direction. "Walk," he ordered, his voice low. I raised my eyebrows and shot him a disbelief look. "What was that?" I exclaimed and threw my hands in the air. He rolled his eyes and pushed me slightly towards the kitchen. I rolled my eyes as I stumbled down the stairs and in the kitchen. I stepped towards the counter, but Drew grabbed my arm again and dragged me behind him.

What was that about? Is Jess Zoey's boyfriend? Oh, if he is, then I don't blame the girl for hating me. I was practically throwing myself at him the whole night – not something I a proud of, I must admit. I mean, he was hot, sure, with his sparkly green eyes, brown tousled hair and a boyish grin. But even though I don't want to admit it, Drew was hotter.

After a painful minute of dragging me between sweaty, grinding bodies, we finally came outside. I stumbled out and took a sharp intake of breath. I felt dizzy and everything around me was spinning. It usually took a lot of alcohol to get me in that state, but I guess I hadn't been drinking for so long and my body wasn't used to that amount of alcohol anymore.

My head was telling me I was going to do something stupid if I don't sober up, but I just ignored. I felt Drew's body behind me and I spun around.

"What was that all about?" I asked him once again and threw my hands in the air. I tried to take a step closer, but failed and fell directly in his arms.

He caught me and laughed. "You know, if you want me so badly," he said and helped me get a balance again, "you could have just said so." His voice was huskier as he stepped closer to me until our chests were touching. "I could have taken you here," he murmured in my ear and gripped my waist as he brought my body eyen closer to him, completely eliminating the space between us. "in the lake," he trailed off as he pressed his lips on my neck and nibbled on it. I moaned slightly and he smirked against my skin.

"Or even in the room," he murmured against my skin as he started planting soft kisses down my collar-bone. "God, you were so sexy in your underwear," he whispered huskily as he found the spot between the neck and the collar-bone and started sucking on it, hard. I felt the pain, but it was also a great pleasure and my body was craving for more. (Don't blame me, blame my hormones. I am a 17 year old girl after all).

"I just wanted to take you to another room so no one besides me could see your hot body, and then rip your lingerie off of you and f*ck you senselessly." I moaned slightly as he dug his fingers in my hip and his hands traveled down. I threw my hands around his neck and lifted his head to look at me. His eyes were dark, almost black, filled with lust and need. And I bet mine were the same.

"Don't you like the dress?" I asked in a teasing tone and he smirked as he grabbed my ass and lifted me up. I quickly wrapped my legs around his torso and tangled my fingers in his hair.

"I love it so much on you I want to rip it off of you in one piece so I could see you again in it," he said, his voice hoarse. His large hands were cupping my things and he leaned me on the wall. He was standing so close to me there was no space between us and I loved it.

"What a romantic guy you are," I laughed, my voice coming out huskier than I wanted it to. Then, I looked in his eyes and smirked.

"Were you jealous?" I asked playfully, tilting my head as I played with the tips of his hair. He chuckled on my question. "Please, Angel, if I were jealous, that would mean I care about you, which I don't and never will."

You think his words probably hurt, but they didn't. In my life, I was dealing with a lot of players, and I knew none of them actually had any feelings for anyone, except their friends and family. It was just their way of not getting attached.

"Really?" I asked him mockingly as I cupped his face with my hands and he looked in my eyes. He nodded and smirked and I mirrored it. "Because neither will I. And you should know, I never lose."

His smirk grew even wider. "I always liked a challenge, Angel."

"I hope you're not a sore loser, then," I mocked him and winked, before grabbing his neck and smashing his lips to mine.

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