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Chapter 13

The second my lips met his, he took over the control. His lips smashed against mine in a passionate, rough kiss, full of need. I threw my arms around his neck and brought his head closer to mine. His hands were still under my thighs, keeping me in place.

I was still feeling a bit dizzy from all the alcohol I had drunk and I didn't exactly knew what I was doing, but in this moment, kissing Drew was what I wanted.

I felt his tongue lick my lips, wanting to part them, but I didn't give in just yet. I just smiled teasingly against them when he growled in frustration, loving how much control I can have over a guy. He suddenly but on my lip and caught me by surprise, so I gasped and he took advantage of the situation by sliding his tongue in my mouth.

I didn't feel any sparkles when we kissed, but I had to admit, kissing Drew was the best experience in the world, no exaggerating. That was probably because the guy had more experience than a usual hooker.

He started exploring my mouth with his tongue and I didn't hesitate to return the favor. Even though I hadn't kissed a guy in a year, I still knew what to do due to my earlier experience with guys. His hands traveled further up and ended up cupping my ass and squeezing it. I moaned in pleasure and ran my nails over his back, making him smirk against my lips. He suddenly pulled away and rested his forehead on mine, breathing heavily.

"There's no way you're a virgin," he said with a hoarse voice and looked in my eyes, searching for an answer. His eyes were dark and reflected pure lust for me. Sadly, mine were probably the same. Even though I hate to admit it, maybe this game won't be so bad at all, especially if there's going to be a lot of kissing involved.

I looked at him with a mischievous glint in my eyes and smirked. "Who said I was a virgin?" I breathed out and tilted my head. My chest was still rising up and down and his eyes were only a bit above it, so he wasn't exactly hiding he was looking at it. I fake-coughed and he chuckled, slowly raising his gaze to meet my eyes.

"You did, remember?" he pointed out and I raised my eyebrows. "When we were playing never have I ever?"

"Oh!" I exclaimed, "Now I remember, yeah." I said and smirked. "But I've never really said I have never had sex, did I?"

He narrowed his eyes. "But you drank, liar"

"Well, I lied, get over it," I shrugged and laughed. His lips started forming in a grin, and his face brightened.

"So you aren't a virgin?" He asked, excided, and I gave him a crook smile.

"I guess you'll never know. Now shut up and kiss me," I said, grabbed his neck forcefully and smashed his lips against mine. He did not spend any time and this time, I let his skilled tongue in my mouth quickly. He suddenly fixed his hold on me and pulled me off the wall I was leaning on.

I almost lost my balance and fell on the floor, but I saved myself because I grabbed his shoulders fast.

"You moron!" I exclaimed and hit his head, after he finally put me down on my feet. "I almost fell!" He started laughing and that made me even angrier. "I almost fell and you're here, laughing your ass off about it and –"

He cut me off by grabbing my neck and pressing his moist, full lips against mine again, and even though I tried to fight it, I gave up. He was just too good of a kisser.

I suddenly realized we were at a party and there were probably people around us, engrossed by our horny-teenage behavior. I grabbed fistful of his T-shirt and pushed him away with all the force I had, although the second his lips parted from mine I started to miss them.

"What are we doing?" I asked him, still out of breath after an intense make-out session with the sex-god. He looked me like I was dumb and rolled his eyes. "We're making out on a party, like you know, normal people."

"Yeah, but there are people around us," I explained with a duh-tone and looked around us. I actually spotted a few guys, but they were far from us.

"Are you dum-?" He raised his tone, but cut off in the middle of the sentence. "No, you're right, there are people here. We must take this somewhere else, someplace more … quiet," he implied, and wiggled his eyebrows.

I inhaled a sharp breath and was just about to yell at him for making me look like a sl*t, but I stopped myself, because I just got a great idea. I coughed his glance. "Sure, why not," I replied and smirked when his face brightened like a child's on Christmas morning.

This boy is going down.

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