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Chapter 14

He grabbed my hand and yanked me closer to him. He snaked his arm around my waist and settled it on my ass, squeezing it. My hormones woke up again and were waiting for round number two. But this time, they wanted more.

I bit my lip. I didn't want to think too much. Huh, I couldn't think too much. I was still tipsy as hell, but at least I had that little amount of sobriety to talk some sense into me. I won't sleep with Drew. Well, at least not yet.

Then let's hope for my sake that my plan will work.

We have now found ourselves in front of a lot of trees. It looked like there was nothing behind it, but Drew spread them wide and looked at me. "Ladies first," he motioned with his hand. I rolled my eyes and walked in front of him. As if I didn't know he just wanted an excuse to look at my ass.

We arrived on the beach. The sand was incredibly warm and I wanted to feel it, so I took off my shoes. I walked close to the water, and then turned back to Drew, who was watching me with his muscular arms crossed over his chest, amused.

"Come here, honey," I mocked him as I stepped in the water and groaned at the blissful feeling. I threw my head back. "Oh god, this feels so good."

I heard him come behind me silently. He removed the locks of my hair from my neck and started it softly, and I couldn't suppress a moan. I realized that I have now finally reached the bliss point of my drunk state – the state in which I don't care for anything, I'm completely calm and happy. I don't know if others have it, but I do. And for this state, it's worth getting drunk.

I turned around to see Drew's handsome face. He was looking at me lustfully, his eyes now completely black. I let my gaze drop down to his lips, which were just a few millimeters away from me, and a thought shot through my brain. Don't think. Just do. It was my mantra then, and it will be my mantra now.

I hungrily attacked his lips, and he seemed surprised, because we didn't respond for a second. But the next thing I know, he wrapped his arms around my waist and closed the gap between us completely. He then took control over the kiss, and slid his tongue in my mouth.

I threw my arms around his shoulders and grabbed a fistful of his hair. He hissed and kissed me even harder than before. His hands slid down and he grabbed my ass forcefully. He bit down on my lip. I moaned out of pure bliss and threw my head back. He kissed down my jaw and my neck and stopped there to start licking and sucking. Because the neck is basically my weak point when it comes to kissing, I was completely powerless.

And he knew it.

His mouth were still working on my neck and collarbone, when his hands traveled down and grabbed the hem of my dress. He started pulling it up, but got a little bit impatient during it, so he just yanked it off my body. My hands found their way and pulled down his T-shirt as well. He lowered his look and when his eyes met mine again, he slammed his lips hard on mine as his hands started traveling down.

Of, god, this is not going according to plan, Megan. Code red!

I felt something hard pressing against my lower stomach and I knew this was the time. "Hey Drew," I tried to catch my breath and he stopped for a second. "Huh?" he said, also breathless.

"I've always wanted to go skinny dipping. Are you a pussy or will you join me?" I asked him and met his eyes.

"Wow, Angel, you do know how to pick the right time," he shook his head, his chest rising and falling. "Is that a challenge?" He asked and I smirked.

"I don't know, you tell me?" I tilted my head and looked at him challengingly. "I think the real challenge is, who will be the first one in, and sweetheart, it looks like you're a bit behind," I said mockingly, referring to his shorts, which were – on my misfortune, still on.

I turned around and started running towards the sea, but he was faster. He threw himself in warm water and started swimming fast. When he turned around, I was still on the beach.

"Come on, Angel, the water is awesome!" he shouted and I smirked.

"You know, I think I'll leave now," I shouted and his face changed from happy to shocked.

"What the-"

"That was my original plan. And you, sucker, just fell for it. So enjoy sorting your little problem out, and I guess I'll see you later." I winked at him as he cursed.


I turned around and picked up my shoes and my dress. I yanked it over my head quickly and put on my shoes, to look at least a bit decent, even though I knew I probably had sex hair and blushed cheeks.

I started walking towards the house. I was still a bit dizzy, so my steps were a bit uncertain, but I did manage to get in the house.

I headed towards the only place I actually knew here (except the room upstairs), the kitchen. When I arrived there, there were a few guys playing beer pong, and some other people as well. I made my way to the counter and asked the bartender to get me some water. He fulfilled my wish and brought me a cup of water in a second. I thanked him with a smile.

I looked around me. I didn't know anyone here, and if Drew was really pissed at me and decided to leave me here, who would I run to? But he wouldn't do that, would he?

Suddenly, I saw an incredibly familiar face making his way through the crowd with a hot blonde on each side. How typical.


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