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Chapter 3

When I came on the beach, there were a lot of people walking around, talking, and, of course, girls screaming when guys were chasing them. I scoffed. Gosh, what bimbos. I started walking towards the beautiful, sparkling turquoise sea, when I spotted Naomi and Alli.

"Meg!" they screeched and waved at me enthusiastically. I forced a smile and walked to them.

"Hey Meg, where do you have your roommate hottie?" Alli smirked and when I opened my mouth, she interrupted me. "Oh no, let me guess! Have you left him so out of breath that he had to stay in the house to calm his nerves?" She winked me and I rolled my eyes.

"Ha-ha, so funny," I replied, "I think you should look for another job, like a comedian or something like that since you're SO funny," I remarked sarcastically.

She squealed and hit Naomi's arm. "I told you I should be a comedian! I'm so hilarious."

"Yeah, sure you are," Naomi replied sarcastically.

"You guys going to the water?" I asked them and threw my towel on the sand beside them. Alli sneered and Naomi laughed.

"Sweetie, turn around. You know what a great view do we have? Who would even want to go to the water?" I looked around and saw a lot of shirtless guys everywhere. There were some girls, too, but I don't think Naomi meant them. I snored. Typical.

"But seriously," Alli looked at me over the top or her glasses, "where is the hottie that Sky was talking about?" I raised my eyebrows and turned around. She was right, he was gone. I furrowed my eyebrows and shrugged.

"Well, I thought he is right behind me, but I guess I was wrong. I should have known, though, since no one was talking constantly and annoying me anymore."

Alli rolled her eyes as Naomi intruded. "I hope you aren't rude to him, Megan," she said, using her strict voice and I smiled my sweetest fake smile.

"Of course not! We started talking, realized we have a lot in common, decided to get married and have two kids! We will be such a lovely family!" I replied sarcastically.

Alli burst out laughing as Naomi gritted her teeth. "That wasn't funny."

I shrugged. "Of course it was, I am always hilarious. Anyways, I gotta go, see ya later, alligator!"

They waved, and I finally started walking towards the sea, when Alli added. "And don't forget, there's a welcome party tonight! You better be there, or I'll come and drag your fat ass there by myself!" I rolled my eyes as I pretended I didn't hear her. I knew I couldn't avoid that party, Alli and Naomi would literally kill me.

I stepped in the warm sea and waves crashed in my legs. I smiled as I went deeper in the water, loving the feeling of sea surrounding you. The water wasn't cold, but it wasn't hot either, that means it was amazing for refreshing yourself.

I finally started swimming and diving under the surface. I absolutely hate those girls, who come to the sea with their sunglasses, high ponytail so they wouldn't wet their hair, and make up, so I basically hate girls who are like my sister and Alli. I don't get it, if you come in the sea, you have to dive, and spray others, otherwise there is no fun!

Suddenly, I felt a strong grip on my leg which pulled me under the surface. Of course, that asshole again. I knew it wouldn't last long, but still, why does he have to bug ME? I quickly got out and caught my breath. "You're such an asshole, Dr-" I spun around and saw two guys, one of them was black, but neither was Drew. I breathed out, relieved.

"Hey beautiful," said the black guy flirtatiously. I scoffed. "Of course I am beautiful," I replied sarcastically, "Especially now, with my wet hair, without make-up and without breath. Yup, I'm really stunning right now."

They both chuckled. "Well actually, you are. What's your name?" asked the blonde one. They were both looking good, kinda like the surfer kind of guy, if you like those, but, as painful as is was for me to admit it, they weren't even close as hot as Drew.

"Why do you care?" I replied sassily, crossing my arms over my chest. I was able to stand on my tiptoes, thanks god, otherwise I'd probably look like a stupid person.

"Well, we're just curious. I'm sure I haven't seen you before, because a girl like you is hard to actually forget," blond one winked at me and I pursed my lips.

"Well, smart-head, for your information, I've just arrived."

"Oh right, I totally forgot!" The black one exclaimed and hit the other one. "Four hot chicks are coming today! By the way, I'm Jayden," he said and offered me a hand.

I took it and smiled at him awkwardly. "Megan," I replied. I didn't want many people to know my name, because I don't like attention and popularity and these things all other girls like. "And I'm Mark," the blondie introduced himself and I shook his hand too.

I cocked my head. "How did you know we were coming?" I asked them.

"Well, Sky showed us pictures of you, and man you're all so hot!" Jayden exclaimed and threw his hands in the air dramatically. "When I was looking at your pictures I felt like I was going to die and go to heaven," he sighed dreamily and I laughed. I might like this guy, he's funny, and I absolutely adore his accent.

"Yeah, everyone here already know you," Mark added with a smirk. "I think girls are all really jealous of you."

"Why?" I furrowed my eyebrows. How could anyone be jealous of us when they don't even know us?

"Apparently, you've got the hottest roommates," he shrugged.

"Obviously, since you two aren't them," I replied with a smug smile and they chuckled. "Touché," said Jayden, still laughing.

"Hey, which one of you is staying with Drew?" Mark asked and I stiffened.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because she will have the most pressure." I gritted my teeth. Thanks for amazing vacation, being hated by hundreds and hundreds of girls just 'cuz I'm rooming with their eye candy.

"What do you mean?"

"He means that, girls absolutely adore Drew, and ever since his arrival, there are girls waiting for him around the corner, seducing him and so on," jumped in Jayden. Oh, so that explains where he is right now. Probably with some blonde chick with big boobs doing god knows what and … Ugh, now I can't get rid of that picture out of my head. Gross.

"Mhmpf," was all that I could say.

"So, how is it, rooming with Drew?" Mark asked, a smug smile lying on his face. I quickly snapped out of my thoughts and looked at him, my eyes wide opened.

"What!?" I exclaimed and they laughed. I put my hands on my hips and stared at them angrily. "Who said anything about that?"

"You did, sweetheart," said Jayden, "when we came, you said, and I quote: 'you're such an asshole, Drew!'" he said with a high pitched voice, his hands on his hips like I had them.

"Did not!"

"Did too!"

"No, I did not say that! And, oh my god, Jayden, please tell me this is not your best performance, because my voice is so not like that!"

"Yeah it is." Stupid Jayden again.

"Seriously? Why are you bugging me here? There are plenty other fishes in the sea," I replied and looked at him smugly, "Literally."

"Ha-ha, funny. Now, don't change the subject, sweetheart. Do you like him?" Jayden asked, his eyes sparkling mischievously.

I scoffed. "No, of course not! Firstly, I just met him, and secondly, that guy is a total-"

Suddenly, strong arms wrapped around my waist and hugged me from behind. Drew. I shivered as I felt his body touching my back. I was pressed closely to his chest while Drew bowed his head down. "Do you want to end that sentence, baby doll?" he said, his voice sexy and husky, his breath tingling my skin lightly.

I stiffened. I felt really uncomfortable in his arms, with two boys watching us and smirking mischievously. I tried to get out of his grip, but he was too strong. Damn him and his sexy muscles.

"Drew, let me go," I ordered, using my strict voice.

"I like it," He remarked and I furrowed my eyebrows.


"The way you say my name." His breath was hot, his lips inches away from my ear. "The way you make it sound so sexy, so dirty, it makes-"

"Okay, that's enough!" I exclaimed and tried to get out of his grip, but again, I failed.

"So, what are you two doing here? Already flirting with my girl?" He asked Jayden and Mark and I furrowed my eyebrows. "Your girl?" I exclaimed. "Please, I'd rather be a nun than date you."

He chuckled and even if I couldn't see him, I could tell that he was smirking. "We'll see about that."

"Hey, guys, we'll go now," said Jayden and I widened my eyes. "No!" I exclaimed, "Please don't leave me alone with him!"

Mark smirked. "Have fun," he winked at me and they turned around. Shit.

"Alone at last, baby doll," he said and turned me around, so I was facing him. Gosh, he was so hot. I hated him for his looks. That was the only thing good about him. Everything else sucks.

"Let me go!" I shrieked and gritted my teeth.

"As you wish," he replied simply. I breathed out. Finally he's being nice. Maybe he's changed. But before I knew, he pushed me under the surface, finally letting me go. I quickly swam on the surface and tried to catch my breath.

"You're such an …" I exclaimed, trying to find the right word, but none of them seemed appropriate.

He raised his eyebrows and put his hand behind his ear, pretending to listen. "What were you trying to say, baby doll?"

"Don't call me that," I spat out and turned around. I started swimming in other direction, hoping he would leave me alone, but of course, he didn't.

I felt a grip on my leg, and a second later, I was pulled in his embrace, again. "Trying to escape, baby doll?" he said directly in my ear. I couldn't help but shiver. "Maybe I should consider buying you hand-cuffs," he smirked against my skin and I scoffed.

"Fine, what do you want so you'll finally leave me alone?" I gave up and crossed my hands on my chest. He quickly spun me around and I was facing his smug face again.

"A kiss," he replied simply.

"Something achievable." I scoffed.

"Fine, I want to play a game," was his next answer.

"Which one?" I asked, now more curious.

He smirked. "Never have I ever."

I reconsidered my possibilities. If I didn't play that game with him, he would annoy me all day long. And I didn't want that. But, on the other hand, all my secrets and past can get told in this game.

I bit my lip. "Fine," I said and offered him a hand. He took it and smirked. "We have a deal."

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