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Chapter 6

»Well, count me in!« exclaimed a very annoying high-pitched voice. I felt Jett beside me stiffened and pulled me closer to him and I looked up, even though I already knew who it is.

I saw that baribe – what was her name again? It was something stupid, just like her … Oh right, Winter - approaching our little circle, with a boy who's hand was on her butt. Behind her, there were a few boys, but two particular ones caught my gaze. They walked straight to Megan and plopped themselves on both of her sides. The both threw their arms around her shoulders and started talking to her. She just rolled her eyes and tried to get rid of them, but they didn't let her. I smiled and shook my head. I already liked them.

I let my eyes travel to Winter again and my mood dropped. She was sitting on the opposite side of the fire so I will have to look at her annoying face all game. When she caught me staring, she smirked.

"Lydia!" she exclaimed and flashed me the sickest, sweetest fake smile you could ever imagine. "So nice to see you again!" she said with a voice, full of sarcasm. I just snorted and rolled my eyes.

"You know, it's not my fault that the boy you're obsessed with, Jett," I pointed at him, "likes me more than he likes you. Don't hate me for being better than you," I smirked and everyone chuckled. She just glared at me and I tell you, if looks could kill, I'd be a dead person by now.

"Okay, let's start," said Naomi as she looked at me, obviously amused. "Would you like to start, Lydia?" she emphasized the last word and raised her eyebrows. I smirked at her. I love how she can always follow my pranks and never rats me out. That's why she's one of my best friends. She literally reads my mind sometimes.

"Actually, go ahead," I smiled at her and turned around. I faced Jett, who was smirking at me.

"I like your name, Lydia," He breathed out and smirked at me. I just glared at him and raised my eyebrows as I stabbed him in a chest with my finger. "You will pay for this." He just laughed as I turned around.

"Okay. Megan," said Naomi and looked at her sister, her eyes sparkling mischievously. Megan glared at her as she rolled her eyes and tilted her head.

"Seriously?" she exclaimed. "I'm your sister!" I rolled my eyes and Jett chuckled behind me. "She is so hilarious," he murmured.

"I know," I replied.

"Truth or dare?" asked Naomi, the corners of her lips slightly twiching.

"You're such a traitor!" That was, again, our little drama queen herself.

"Just answer," sighed Naomi and rolled her eyes. Megan started murmuring something underneath her breath, probably cursing her sister. These two should make a reality show, they are so funny.

"Truth," murmured Megan and glared at her sister.

"You're so boring!" I exclaimed and Megan shot me a murderous look.

"Shut up."

"Fine, whatever, be boring," I said and raised my hands in surrender.

"Okay, so," said Naomi, "on a scale from 1-10, how hot do you think Drew is? And don't lie, because you know I will know when you will."

I smirked and looked at Megan, wondering what is she going to say. I really don't know how she can get out of this one. I mean, Drew is like a definition of a hot, bad, sexy, mischievous guy, and I know Megan has too much pride to admit that.

Megan paused for a second, and then answered. "8," she said and I scoffed. Seriously? If he's 8, then what does her perfect guy has to be, a God?

"Liar," said Naomi and I rolled my eyes. "Yeah, seriously Meg, even I know you're lying," I exclaimed.

She just glared at me. "You know, even if he is perfect in your eyes, that doesn't mean he is like that in mine. Plus, he has a shitty personality which makes him even less attractive."

"I am only asking you about his looks, which you are totally lying about. Forget about his personality," said Naomi and crossed her arms on her chest. "Hurry up, we don't have all day."

"Fine," Megan finally gave up. "He's a 9. But not more. I don't like his … body." Everyone scoffed and I rolled my eyes. She is so lame. If she needed an excuse, she could at least pick his hair, or nose … But not his body. I mean, he has a killer body. Six-packs, will built, broad shoulders … His body is perfect.

"You know, whatever, leave it," I said and smirked at her. "Everyone knows you think he's a 10 and honestly, I think everyone should think so. You just have too much pride to admit it."

Megan just rolled her eyes, not bothering to deny it and I smirked. Victory.

"Now, it's my turn," I exclaimed. "Winter, truth or dare?" she glared at me and I smirked because I knew why. If she said truth, she would look like a coward. And no one, except for Megan, who honestly doesn't care, doesn't want to be known as a coward.

"Dare," she spoke and clenched her jaw as I smiled sweetly at her.

"I dare you to stay still for 1 minute, while Jett does everything he can to make you move. Understand?"

She gritted her teeth and nodded while Jett beside me chuckled. "Well done, partner in crime."

"And if you move, you have to be everyone's slave for 15 minutes. That means you have to do everything we ask you to. Do I make myself clear?" I raised my head as she narrowed her eyes and probably killed me in her head for about 10 times.

"Yes," she spat out and I smiled and clasped my hands. "Great!"

I turned to Jett who was smirking to Winter and gripped his wrist, leaning closer to him. "Do not

screw this up. Make her move or I will hurt you."

He smirked at me and wiggled his eyebrows. "As much as I would like to be punished by you, I will try my best. You will spank me later," he winked at me as he got up and walked to Winter.

I just scoffed and watched him sit beside her. She was still looking in front of her, not bothering to look at him.

"Here you go," said Sky and looked on his watch. "60 seconds. 3, 2, 1, go!"

Jett used his force and pulled her up so they were both standing. He leaned down and kissed her on her mouth while his hand went back to support her head. For now, she was doing good to not respond to him. He forced her so open her mouth and slipped his tongue in her mouth. Ew, gross. Poor guy.

She still didn't make any attempt and 20 seconds already passed by. I started getting nervous. If she would actually succeed, I couldn't survive looking at her victorious face.

Then Jett started moving up her ear, nibbling on it and god knows what else. I saw her swallow and she looked up, trying to stay still. In my head, I cheered for Jett. Come on Jett, you can do it!

Only 25 seconds left. I nervously looked at them and suddenly, Jett moved down to her neck. He was kissing it and trailing down, leaving kisses behind her. When he reached her collar-bone, he started sucking it and that's when she gasped and threw her head back for a bit.

"Yes!" I exclaimed and jumped off the bench, doing the little victory dance and everyone started laughing. Jett backed away from her immediately and smirked at me. He started walking towards me and I gave him a high-five.

I looked at Winter and saw she was really, really pissed. I just smirked at her and laughed in her face.

"You know what, I'm thirsty. Could you get us some more drinks, Winter?" I looked at her and batted my eyelashes. She clenched her jaw and her eyes started sparkling angrily.

"There's a cup right next to you," she replied and I rolled my eyes.

"I know, but I want another drink. Bring it. Please."

"Yeah, to me too," said Jett as he threw his arm around me and pulled me down, so I was sitting on his lap.

She just groaned, stood up and started leaving. "Yeah, to me too," said Sky and flashed her a smile. Suddenly, all people wanted drinks and she just groaned and left.

"Well, that was a good performance," I said to Jett and wrapped my arm around his neck. He pulled me even closer to him, eliminating the air between us.

"You will properly thank me later," he whispered lightly in my ear and caused me to shiver. I opened my mouth to reply, when my phone rang. I looked on it and saw caller's ID. Sarah.

"I gotta take this," I said and jumped off of his lap. I quickly started walking away, and when I distanced myself enough, I answered.

"Hey girl, what's up?" I said. I saw some beach house and quickly walked behind it so no one from the circle could see me.

"Hey, Alli, how are you all doing?" a cheerful voice said. The music in her background was loud, so I assumed she was on some party.

"Amazing, I'm loving it here, and so do Naomi and Ryan." I replied.

"And Megan …?" Sarah trailed off. She was a good friend of Megan's. Her, Megan and River were best friends and even though we hang out usually, I didn't get why she was calling me when she could call Megan.

"Well, she'll survive. Let's just say, there is a really hot guy involved, who is her roommate, and she hates him."

She chuckled. "That sounds exactly like Megan, yes. So listen, where is she? Does she have her phone with her?"

"She's playing truth or dare, and honestly, I don't know. You know, Megan, she probably doesn't know where it is. Why do you ask?" I asked her. That was weird. Something was going on.

"Yeah, I know. Um … I'm at some party right now, with River. And … well, let's just say he is really drunk."

"Yeah, and …" I trailed, not getting her point.

"He wants to call her and tell her what he feels," She explained and I nearly choked on air. Shit. That's not good.

River was Megan's best friend. He is a really hot player, brown hair, football star, shining smile, blah blah blah you get my point. Anyways, everyone, who knows him well, knows he has a crush on Megan, except, well, Megan. And he never wanted to tell her because he thought it would ruin their friendship.

"Shit." I cursed. This is not suppose to happen, not like this. She is suppose to have fun this summer. I hope she lost her phone.

"I know," she replied. "Anything you can do about it?"

"Yeah, I will- AAA!" I exclaimed, because suddenly, strong hands wrapped around my waist tightly from behind, causing me to jump and scream.

"Are you okay?" Sarah asked and I tilted my head to find out who it is. Jett. What a surprise. He was smirking at me while I rolled my eyes.

"Yeah, I'm- Hey, what are you doing?" I exclaimed when he took my phone and released me, stepping a few steps away from me. He put it on his ear and started talking.

"Allison is currently very busy, so she doesn't have time for you. If you're a girl, call her some other time, and if you're a guy …" He looked at me and his gaze traveled up and down my body, checking me. His jaw clenched and his eyes sparkled. "… don't bother. She's taken." With that, he hung up the phone.

I scoffed and hit his arm. "You are such a moron!" I exclaimed. He just looked at me and suddenly, he gripped my waist, spun me around and pushed me roughly against the wall. I gasped as he pushed himself even closer, eliminating the space between us. I was immobile to do anything.

"Who were you talking to?" He breathed out and I felt his breath on my face.

"A friend," I answered and looked at his eyes. They were darker than usual, mischievously sparkling as he leaned down and whispered in my ear.

"Was it your boyfriend?" he breathed out and caused me to shiver. His lips slightly brushed against my jaw as he slowly moved down, leaving soft kisses behind.

I smirked. "Are you jealous?" I whispered, my voice coming out husky. I felt him smirk on my skin as he continued spreading kisses down my throat and on my collar-bone. He kissed is softly, and then started sucking it.

I quickly pushed him away. "Stop it, you moron, you'll leave a hickey!" I exclaimed and he smirked, stepping closer to me again.

"That's the plan," he smirked and pushed me against the cold wall of a beach house. I raised my eyebrows.

"You won't do me a hickey. I hate hickeys. I feel like you're marking your territory. And I'm not a dog. I can't be marked." I told him and crossed my arms on my chest.

He just smirked as he quickly stepped closer to me, grabbing my wrists and pinning them above my head against the wall. He was standing so close, I couldn't move a bit, even if I tried.

I tried to get away from his grip, but didn't succeed. "Why the hell do you want to give me a hickey so bad?" I whispered angrily and glared at him.

He smirked and leaned down, so his lips were just inches away from mine, his minty breath tickling me. "After you left, I got a dare to give you a hickey. And I will accomplish it no matter what, princess," he murmured in a husky, sexy voice. "You can struggle all you want, but sooner or later, this pretty little neck of yours," he moved down and planted a kiss on my neck, "will have a hickey."

I just sighed and when he didn't hear me respond, he smirked and started sucking on the base on my neck. I clenched my jaw and bit my lip, not wanting to show him how much of a pleasure it actually was.

"Don't like it?" he murmured as he moved up and nibbled on my earlobe lightly. I just closed my eyes and he smirked against my skin. "Don't bother answering. I know you do." He murmured and moved down my neck and started sucking again, this time on another place. He was slowly moving against my skin, his nose brushing against it, and I finally gave up. I knew I couldn't prevent him from doing it anyways, so why wouldn't I participate too. So I threw my head away, making my neck more accessible, so he and I could both enjoy it even more. But he suddenly stopped and pushed himself away from me.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it," he smirked, turned around and walked away.

I just stood there in complete shock. What the hell just happened? Seriously?!

Why the hell did I have to show him I actually enjoyed it? And now, he will constantly brag about it.

Fine, if he wants to play it that way, we will play it that way.

It's on.

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