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Chapter 8

With that, he gently kicked my knee, so I lost balance, and then grabbed me and dunked me under the water. I struggled underwater, when he finally let me go. I quickly swam on the surface and inhaled sharply while fixing my hair back. I looked around me and narrowed my eyes, when I saw a stupid moron laughing his guts out. He was laughing so much I think he started crying.

"What d-did yo-ou think I w-ill do?" he choked out between laughter. "Kiss you?" He started laughing even harder and I just rolled my eyes, got closer to him and hit his head. Hard.

Then I turned around and started walking out of the sea. I fixed my wet dress and hair which was falling on my face, veiling my sight. I didn't even know what was I expecting. I mean, I wasn't expecting a kiss. I would move away if he'd try something like that. Probably I knew what he's going to do. But I wasn't sure why didn't I do something.

I shrugged. It doesn't matter now. "Hey, so you don't want to swim with me anymore?" he shouted behind me, and I turned around and showed him the finger. He put his hand on the side of his heart, pretending to be hurt and started walking behind me. "Ouch, princess, that hurt. I didn't know goody-goody's know the meaning of that nice finger of yours."

I just scoffed. We finally came to our beach house, so I opened the door and went inside. I quickly made my way toward my bedroom, but Drew yanked my wrists and pulled me back.

"Someone owns me a game," he sang as he batted his eyelashes, a fake smile lying on his face. I just rolled my eyes. "Give me 10 minutes. I am wet, I stink, and …" I started smelling something in the air, "I think you could use a shower as well." I batted my eyelashes and turned around, but he yanked me back again so I collided with his hard chest.

"Ever heard of: Save the water, shower with your girlfriend?"

"Well, as it contains me, you can shower with your girlfriend all you want. Now let me go of I'll punch you in the face." I flashed him a fake smile and finally yanked myself out of his grip. I quickly stepped in my room and shut the door. I grabbed some sweatpants, underwear and a loosen T-shirt for sleep.

I quickly took off those wet clothes and stepped in a hot shower. I was really tired from everything today and frankly, all I wanted was to curl up in my bed and fall asleep. But no, now I'll have to stay up just to play some stupid game with a jerk I can't stand. And now he thinks I want to kiss him. Great. Can life get any better?

I stepped out of the shower – unwillingly – and wrapped myself in a towel. I quickly pulled on my clothes and stepped out.

"Nice sweats," said a manly voice. I turned around and spotted him, already lying on my bed. I just rolled my eyes and threw myself on the bed as well.

"Well, might just get this done with," I sighed and looked at him. "You start."

He smirked as he held up a glass of vodka. "Want a shot?"

"I told you, I'm not drinking," I told him sternly. What did he not get about that?

"Oh come on," he said, a sly smirk lying on his face. I swear he only smirks – doesn't he know how to smile? "You're a goody-goody. You have nothing to be afraid of, because you haven't done any…" suddenly, he stopped himself and I shot my head up and looked at him. A smirk spread even wider, when he started chuckling lightly. "Oh, wait, that's not what you're afraid of, right? If you were a goody-goody, you wouldn't be afraid. That means that …" He trailed off, thinking. "you were different before."

"Everyone was different before, Drew. But guess what, people change. They grow up."

"No," he shook his head. "You have really changed. You were probably this really hot, crazy, bad girl sometimes. Partying, drinking, smoking. But then, everything changed. One moment changed you forever. And now you've became a stuck up b*tch." He finished and looked at me. "Am I right?"

I bit my lip and shot him a dirty look. "Even if I tell you no, it won't make any difference."

He shrugged. "True. Because you know, deeply in you, that all I just told you is the truth. And in heaven people probably teach you to always speak the truth, isn't that so, angel?"

I clenched my fists and gritted my teeth. "Start the game or get out."

"Okay. Never have I ever …" he trailed off, thinking. "had sex?" He looked at me questionably and I raised my eyebrows and smirked, not making any move.

He just groaned as he took the glass and drank a shot. "Seriously?" he exclaimed when he whipped his mouth. I just shrugged and looked at him, my eyebrows slightly furrowed. "What do you think I was, a hoe?"

"Something like that, yeah," he muttered under his breath and I hit him. "Ouch! Okay, fine. Your turn."

"Never have I ever … had a threesome." I smirked triumphantly when he shot his hands in the air.

"Seriously?" he exclaimed. "You haven't even had sex! How could you have a threesome?" I shrugged.

"I just wanted to show you that you are going to lose. With sentences like that, I can make you drunk so hard, that you won't even know your name. Drink up," I ordered him and he did as I said.

"Whatever," he muttered. Then, he looked at me, his eyes sparkling. "Never have I ever been in jail."

I rolled my eyes and crossed my hands on my chest. He gasped and pointed at me. "You have, haven't you? Drink up!"

"Drink up what?" I questioned and he groaned once again, putting his muscular hands on both sides of his body and pushing himself off the bed.

"Wait." He left the room and returned a second later with a glass in one hand and a cartoon of juice in another.

"Here you go, your majesty," he bowed to me as he poured me a juice in the glass and handed it to me. I smiled and took it.

"Cheers!" I said and drank it all. And so did he.

"So, what's the story," he asked when we were done. I rolled my eyes.

"Nu-huh. I'm not telling you that one."

"Rules are rules, princess. Tell," he ordered me.

"Who made up those stupid rules?" I exclaimed but already knew the answer.

"I did. Now … Want to tell the story or do you prefer the punishment for not obeying my rules?" he asked, a sweet smile playing on his lips. "And believe me, you don't want to hear the punishment. Though I might really enjoy it ..." he trailed off and I frowned. Eww.

"Fine," I grunted. "It was about a year ago, maybe a year and a half. Me and my friends …"

"Your boys," he muttered under his breath and I glared at him. He raised his hands in surrender. "Fine, fine, continue."

"Well, me and my friends-"

"Still guys."

"Shut up," I muttered. "Well, we decided one day, that we don't want to go to school, and some smartass proposed that we go on the school roof and do … stuff."

"You dirty girl! You didn't tell me you've had an orgy!" He exclaimed in a girly voice, slightly hitting my arm. I frowned and looked at him, horrified.

"I did not have an orgy!" I exclaimed, defending myself. "We just drank alcohol and … other stuff." I sighed as he looked at me. "Fine, smoked weed and … water pipe. And, of course, the teacher noticed we weren't in class, so they somehow figured out – I still don't know how – we were on the roof, so not being friendly and human, they called the police. You know, I think she was always jealous of me," I exclaimed, pointing my finger at him. "Because I was hanging out with the guy she had a huge crush on."

He started laughing. "Yeah, superstar, of course she was jealous of you," he chuckled and I rolled my eyes, poking my finger in his chest.

"You weren't there, you have no idea how was she like! I swear she was jealous!"

He chuckled again. "How many hours did you stay there?" he questioned and I sighed.

"Five. Five the most funniest hours of my life," I cracked a smile, reminiscing those memories. "You know, we got thrown in a cell with some other guys. And one of them started flirting with my friend – who's a real player – and he got so scared, because the other dude was like really huge, with tattoos and everything. He was like touching him and whispering those cheesy pick-up lines guys usually use on a girl and he was soooo poor. He tried asking us for help, but other guys and I were just cracking up every five seconds. It was so hilarious!"

Suddenly, Drew and I looked at each other, and both burst out laughing. "And there was this girl," I continued to choke out between laughter, "woman, more exactly, and she … well, she looked like a dude. Well, now that I think of that, she was probably a transvestite," I furrowed my eyebrows, trying to remember. "Well, anyways, it doesn't matter. And she started hitting on the other player, who was always hitting on me, and he was so funny, making up excuses not to go out with her when they come out of jail. And they were really stupid ones. Once, he told her I was his girlfriend, but she just looked at me and said: Boy, this girl is on a lot higher level than you." I tried to imitate, with my hand in my hip and the other holding up my imaginary purse, but I failed.

Drew coughed my eye and burst out laughing again, falling on the bed. I fell beside him right after, while I was trying not to cry again. Oh, sweet memories.

When we both stopped laughing, we got up and sat again. "Okay, your turn. Why did you end up in jail?" I raised my eyebrows and looked at him.

He smirked. "Knife fight," he replied and I rolled my eyes.

"I could have thought so," I sighed. "So, you're a bad boy, huh?"

"What do you mean?" he frowned and looked at me, confused. In his eyes I could already see he was a bit buzzed already, and I didn't want any problems with anyone, especially with a guy who was – and probably won – in a knife fight.

"Well, since I came in camp, I'm trying to figure out where to put you – ultimate bad boy or a player? But I still can't decide where." I replied, licking my lips. "So," I cocked my head, "what's it gonna be?"

He smirked and held up a glass. "I'm an ultimate sex God," he breathed out as he drank up the drink and put it down too harsh, so the glass broke.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed his arm. "Okay, ultimate sex God," I said sarcastically, "I think you've had enough to drink. Come on, let's go." He let me drag him off the bed and to the hallway. But then, he yanked his hand away from my grip and looked at me.

"I don't need you as baby sitter, Megan," he whispered and I questioned how many drinks had he had already. He probably must've had a few before he came. "I need you as … something else," he trailed off and I rolled my eyes. Typical men. He was getting closer and closer and I stepped back, only to let my back hit the wall.

He cocked his head on the side when he came really close, eliminating the space between our bodies. "Let's play a game," he whispered huskily as he pinned me up against the wall, his chest pressed firmly against mine, "Let's sweet talk. Let's play fight. Let's talk all day. Let's give each other nicknames. Let's kiss. Let's go on dates. Let's talk on phone all night long. Let's act like a couple. And whoever falls in love first?" he said and looked deeply in my eyes, "Loses."

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