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"Petal, do you have any idea who I am?" "You´re the fucktard that kidnapped me!" "Ah ah ah, Babyboy, don´t talk to me like that. Or does my pretty little angel want to get punished?" Jeon Jungkook is the leader of a famous gang and his biggest enemy is the adorable little brother of Min Yoongi and happens to be Jungkook´s childhood friend and biggest desire. Min Taehyung is unaware to the danger surrounding his brother and Yoongi would do anything to keep it that way. But Taehyung is already a prt of the dangerous world of the Mafia, being Min Yoongi´s beloved little brother makes him an easy target. Especially for Jeon Jungkook who kidnaps him in order to show Yoongi that no one messes with Jeon Jungkook. What he didn´t know is, that Taehyung is actually his childhood love. And he´ll do everything to make Taehyung fall in love with him again. But this won´t be easy because not only Yoongi and Hoseok, his best friend, would try to stop him, also Park Jimin, Taehyung´s mysterious best friend doesn´t want the two being together. Along with the dangers surrounding the lives of Jungkook and Yoongi, Taehyung gets deeper and deeper into the world of Korea´s biggest Mafias. Realizing that nothing is like it was supposed to be.

Romance / Drama
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Part 1

Third Person POV

“Do you have any idea who the fuck I am?“, Min Yoongi, the head of the famous and very dangerous gang Cypher snarled towards the sweating man in front of him. He tried to kill the man and got caught. And now, he would get the prize for it.

The man screamed in agony when two buff looking men punched him repeatly, making his bones crack while Yoongi stared emotionless at him. “Your boss. I just want his name and you’ll be free”, Yoongi said, his face blank and no one, ever has found out what the Gang leader was thinking when he was wearing his mask.

Min Yoongi was a young boy when his parents were killed by a rival gang so he had to take over the gang. With the age of sixteen. Now, nine years later, the old Min Yoongi was gone. A once happy, but sassy child was replaced by a cold hearted Gang leader.

Well, not really cold hearted. Only for two persons he would go soft.

“You have the choice... Either you tell us who your boss is or else I’mma tell my guys to punch the information out of you”, Yoongi said when the man’s head was thrown to the side from a very violent punch. Blood dripped down his chin, mixed with saliva.

Yoongi heard a small laugh and the ravenette looked to the side to see his right hand and best friend Jung Hoseok swinging his gun in between his hands while wearing a creepy smile. The two have been friends for twenty years now, starting their friendship when they were little and since then, they’ve been through everything together.

Hoseok soon joined the gang after Yoongi took over, becoming his best friend’s right hand. The male was usually a big softie and a true sunshine but he was a perfect actor, perfect at hiding his true personality.

“Tell us”, he demanded in his deep, cold voice which he used to scare his victims while staring deadly in the injured man’s eyes. And the man did. “J-Je-eon-n”, he managed to choke out before he coughed blood, his face black and blue from the punches, one eye swollen.

No one dared to speak into the silence, Yoongi stared at the male in front of him, his expression still blank. That was until his phone in his pocket vibrated. He took his phone out of his pocket, glancing at the caller ID.

And when he saw the name of his precious Babybrother, he answered the call.

“Tae, Baby what is it? I’m at work right now”, Yoongi greeted the caller.

“Hyuuung, m’sorry but you promised to pick me up today!”, the sweet, adorable voice of Min Taehyung whined at the other side of the call and Yoongi allowed his lips to form a small smile by the cuteness of his babybrother.

Min Taehyung was the nineteen- years- old brother of Yoongi, and happened to be the second person who Yoongi trusted along with Hoseok. The boy was a stunning beauty, very fragile and feminine looking and Yoongi did everything to protect the cute little fluff ball.

That was why Taehyung didn’t know about the gang or his brother’s ‘second’ life. To him, Yoongi was just a successful businessman but not a gang leader. Yoongi had ordered to hold Taehyung away from the gang and anything relating to it.

He wanted his brother to have a normal peaceful life, away from the harshness and cruel underworld.

“I’m sorry, Baby, but I’m very busy right now. How about Hoseok comes and picks you up, hm?“, Yoongi suggested while forming a ‘V’ sign with his fingers to his men and Hoseok to show them who he was talking to. ‘V’ was Taehyung’s code name in their gang it stands for Victory since the innocent and kind nature of Taehyung means a victory against the underworld for Yoongi.

Hoseok smiled by the name and gave his best friend a thumbs up, signalling that he was fine with picking Taehyung up. “B-but you promised, H-Hyung”, the younger boy whimpered at the other line and Yoongi immediately felt bad.

“Tae Honey, I’m really sorry, okay? How about we get pizza today?“, he suggested his sweet fluff ball and the line went silent for a while. “O-okay”, a small voice finally said and Yoongi smiled by this. He could clearly see his brother chewing softly on his bottom lip like he always did when he was thinking or upset.

Just when he wanted to answer, the captured man screamed loudly in agony when his arm broke from falling onto the ground.

“H-Hyung? What’s going on?! Are you okay?!“, the worried voice of Taehyung immediately called out for Yoongi and Yoongi groaned. “It’s nothing Baby, I needa go, Hoseok’s gonna pick you up. Just tell him where you are, Honeybear”, Yoongi quickly handed Hoseok the phone who took it from his hand.

“Hey Tae Love, how are you?“, he said warmly while walking out of the basement.

Yoongi turned to the whimpering man in front of his feet, growling lowly at him. “You just made my Babybrother worried”, Yoongi stated angrily and took out his gun, pointing it towards the now pleading man. Pleading to spare his life.

“And when I hate something than it is my Baby being worried. He’s gonna ask questions, questions I needa answer because of you pathetic worm! And”, Yoongi said, loading his gun. “You heard his name”, and with that, he shot the man right into the head and the man slumped down on the ground, dead.

“No one’s scares my brother and gets away with it.”

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