Death Survivor

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Death Survivor This short story is about a young man in his early 40's named David that finally reunited back with a teenage Lover from his past Vicky. David actually dies in the story...?" This short story is about a young man in his early 40's named David that finally reunites back with a teenage love from his past whom is also in her early 40's named Vicky they get together and David Purposes to her in front her Family from her Mom's side the Family for New Years...?" that same New years Night they Make Love and conceive two Twin Girls Within her wound...?" In July of "2019" they all get together for the 4th of July in West Virginia in her Dads side the Family they go to the 4th July Parade all together they had plans to go for the big 4th July Fireworks display that night but that was not until that night, so after the Parade the Family, haves a big 4th of July Bar-B-Que cook out after they eat the guy's decided to go four wheeling up the mountain where her Dad's Brother which was Vicky's uncle cabin was, on the way back down the Mountain David has the accident and actually dies..?" But David is Brought back, but the doctor said he was Brain dead and his Pregnant wife Vicky had to decide to leave David on Life support or Pull the Plug...?" For Vicky was Day, and David was Night without one, the other was sure to fade...?" So What Happens to David ...?" .

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Chapter 1 when Vicky and david finally find each other.

“It was The Month of Early November of “2018”

41 year old Single Mother of a Handsome 20 year old Son Lee Her Name was Vicky, They Lived together in a single wide in Troutman, NC. Vicky had been sip-rated for several years now From her ex-Husband that she wanted to divorce but had yet had the money to get it done, She didn’t want him back but she did want to get on with her Life with the man in her Heart she had been seeking for her Earlier teenage year Soul-Mate

Vicky awaited him and in hopes someday she would soon Find Her teenage Soul-mate 41 and a hafe year Old David Again...?”

Vicky Knew in her heart that he was still out there seeking for her too which was Pulled apart from each other in the year of “1990” by their babysitter and his Bozo Nightmare of a step Father and hadn’t seen one another since, David promised her that day, that he will find her again...?”

Both was seeking for each other Since but both prayed and hoped by Fate they would soon be reunited...?”

Will in Troutman, NC. In the early November of “2018” There was a Horse show on the troutman Fairgrounds.

Vicky wanted to go to this Horse show not to far from where Vicky and her son Lee Lived and Vicky Loves Horses hoping Someday she’d have a Big Beautiful log Cabin Ranch home with horses.

As soon as Vicky heard that there would be a Horse show she wanted to go see the Horses and Things, so Vicky her son her Mom and Dad and Baby Brother and his Wife and kids all go to the horse show to see The Horses and People riding them or their own Horses some people Sal-en Horses and some horses are Auctioned and a few other things Auctioned as well for the horses...?”

so they go to the Horse show together and one of the Family’s that was There sailing Horses themselves Unexpectedly

Vicky’s Mom said Vicky Look over yonder it’s your Bu!- David her teenage soul-mate Vicky said humph... where...?”

her Mom Pointed at the family sailing Horses and Vicky already Knew how he looked somehow, and Obviously he to already Knew How Vicky Looked he was sitting there with the family playing his Guitar why another young man probably much younger then him But still she thought looked a lot like David Brushing the Horses but for some reason she knew already that the Guy playing his Guitar was the one she had been seeking for all of these years was right there was it Fate...?” Maybe...?”

but once his Bright-eye’s saw Vicky he to knew who she already was he was the one that made the first move he said to her in a voice as deep as Thor’s, Howdy! Little Lady tilting his Whyte Cowboy hat at her Like to Buy a Beautiful Horse arching his eyebrow at her...?” her Brother and all looked at her, Her Mom said go talk to him...?”

Vicky was Nerves at first because she knew it was him bit didn’t Know for sure but she had that feeling of Butterfly’s in the depth of her Tummy that it was her baby Brother said go... sis.. are you crazy...?”

Vicky “giggled” no... Silly...?”

Her brother said OK then go...?”

Vicky walked to him as her eye’s Narrowed looking way up at him he had to be bout 7′0” tall and about eh...330Ibs or more roped with Muscles, Long Brown hair down the middle of his back with Blonde tips he wore up in a pony tail that hung down over the Broad width of his Chest, Big Shiny Lips, the same Beautiful Brightest eye’s she had looked up into before....?” everything was just the way she knew it would be the two hooped Golding earrings in his right ear, Tattoo of the Sun Behind the American Flag with eagle flying over on his big upper Bicep, which he had a freshly cut Flannel on and it was opened wide...?”

unbuttoned in other words with a little baggy Holy Powder blue jeans with Belt with big Bull gold Buckle, chain wallet and his old working Cowboy boots on yes a Long haired Country redneck Cowboy Whyte cowboy hat and all just as she knew he would look, she was in shocked but at the same-time Nerves, and didn’t know if she should just bust out in tears of Joy or just be calm cool and collective about it...?” he had no rings on though however he to was a single Parent of a early or late 20 year old Daughter but as well as Vicky only a parent of One though he had not ever been Married...?” he was Amazingly Beautiful, handsome just as she knew already be....?” she walks to him slowly but surely and she to would say Howdy! Cowboy I wish I could buy one of your horses I’d Love too but I have no where to put it or have the money for it but what is it a she or a he...?”

David said it’s one of my Buddies here female horses...?”

Vicky said oh she’s Beautiful...?”

David said yeah she is The Names David...?”

Vicky’s eye’s Narrowed looking way up at him and said David My Names Vicky and may I pet her...?”

David said yeah sure go head...?”

Vicky said M-Kay cool...?” and she pet her why they talked...?” and it was the one man she had waited and was seeking to find...?”

So Obviously Her Mom was right it was her Bu!

David said Derrick man Imam go walking with Vicky here you and your Family good here or should you need me...?”

Derrick said no man we got this go a head man...?”

David Smiled:)! Thanks man...?”

David said so Little Lady may I walk with you...?”

Vicky “Smiled:)!” please.

David said as you wish...?” so he hop’s over the stable and they started walking together reminiscing on the lost long times...?”

so yes they already knew each other Blast from their Pasts and was reunited he asked so you married...?′

Vicky said I am but I have been apart from him since “2003” I just hadn’t had the money to get the divorce...?”

David said Humph...?”

Vicky said so you Married...?”

David said No and don’t recollect getting Married in other words Never been Married...?”

Vicky said Why...?”

David said Why... Humph... because I’ve been seeking for you, I do recollect in the year of “1990” I promised you that I would find you again reamer that...?”

Vicky said do...?”

David said will here I am and there you are I dunno about you but I’ve alway’s Loved you funny that right when you thank that me finding you wasn’t going to happened, happens when you I guess less expected...?”

Vicky “Giggled!” yeah I know right wow...?”

David Chuckled so you with anybody...?”

Vicky said are you...?”

David said eh.... Sorry not for a very, long, long, long time but what about you...?”

Vicky “Giggled” well David you just answered you own question...?”

David said you mean...?”

Vicky said yes and hate to say it but just like you I haven’t been for a very long, long, long time either...?”

David said Humph... that’s interesting...?”

Vicky said is it...?”

David Chuckled yes it is very...will would you like to perhaps go out with me sometime soon...?”

Vicky “Giggled” sure Love to when...?”

David said humph... this Friday maybe...?”

Vicky “Smiled:)!” Love too at what time...?”

David said eh... about oh maybe six or seven O’clock I’ll pick you up but you have to show me where I can pick you up at...?”

Vicky said M-Kay...?”

Well that Night after the Horse Auction he asked would it be OK if I take your Daughter home Fallow yous or something...?”

Vicky’s Parents said fine with us she’s old enough to make her own decisions...?”

David said OK Vicky may I take you home...?”

Vicky said sure...?”

David said alright my Trucks this way...?”

Vicky said Kay she Hugs her Baby brother and his good bye for now cause they to had a long way Back home so they said their good bye’s to Vicky Their Mom and Dad and Vicky’s Son Lee...?”

So to make a Very Long story Short David met them all, and they all met him and they all was so happy that David and Vicky Finally found each other

Vicky and David Both was also happy that they finally found each other too...?”

Yes they went out that Friday and loved it and made many more Friday night dates, and had Thanksgiving with the family’s, and had Christmas together...?”

and what comes after Christmas, yes New Years, so they all go to Vicky’s Aunts for the New years party that Night which many of the family of Vicky’s Mom’s side was there, Playing cards having some poison- Drinks, getting drunk playing Cards but right when that Clock Strikes 12:00 midnight for New Years they let off some Fireworks in the back Vicky’s Aunts house...?”

This time out of all these years she had someone to Kiss for New years yes David..?”

though However that Night after partying and having a Great time with Vicky’s Family for New Years and latterly Purposed to her in front of them all and Of course Vicky said Yes! As streams of joy Rolled down her flushed red checks and she was so happy!” but that same night.

Made a Romantic plane and Surprise for her he had rented a big Beautiful moon sweet Hotel room and had things sit there for their Night of New Years...?”

David took her to that moon sweet gave her a sensual massage, then they both got into the big Hot tub with Bubble’s, drinking a couple more drinks then he picked her up out the Hot Tub and Carried her to the Big soft heart Shape King size bed of Roses and they Made sweet sensual Passionate Love that New Years giving to her the best Night of her Life as he laid her down Slow and easy in the bed of rose petals her eye’s Narrowed looking up into the Most Beautiful-est Bright-eye’s she so long ago looked into and his long hair was wet and down and he asked May I kiss you...?”

Vicky said please do...?” he did as he came over her as he took his big Hard breathing shiny lips to her’s as they Both go into a Sensual tongue fun filled kiss that Blew Both their Minds, he took her Breath away he’d ask May I make Love to you My Love...?”

Vicky said Yes...?”

David said as you wish... Baby-Gurl...?” that’s what he called her every since the year of “1990” as they fail back into a Sensual passionate Tongue fun filled kiss...?”

As They kiss he takes his big long huge Strong Slow smooth heavenly Veined hands up her arm’s and into her little hands Compared to his holding them as he’s kiss her, down her neck all over her Chest pressing heated kisses upon her Breast down her tummy over her partly shaved Vulva give her a little sensitivity rubbing his pitch red hot face and checks all over it and her tummy making her all Gushy inside...?”

Vicky would open to him like a Rose to the rain four-play and begins by kissing all over her Love and prepared himself to taste of her sweet Love, till Vicky came twist for him, then he’d come up from in between her thigh’s and take one her legs in his hand and place it up against his hip then would give his hip’s a sensual, sexy Slow roll and a gentle jerk they gasp him hafe way within her warm wetness feeling Much, Much tautness now as he held in his Breath...?

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