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He had dark hair, dreamy eyes and also a dreamy bone structure. I did not even realise I was staring at him when suddenly he turned to my direction.He had dark hair, dreamy eyes and also a dreamy bone Bella is a werewolf. She is not an ordinary werewolf though, she is also a witch. Her powers grew stronger as she grew older but she did not understand the true meaning of it till she meets her mate, Asher. She knew that she need strength from her mate since she lost her mother at a very young age and blamed it on herself. She had always wanted to meet her mate but she did not expected it to be an Alpha from a pack that was not on good terms with her pack lately. Follow Bella in an adventurous journey. She would be having many ups and downs but at the same time its going to be thrilling to watch Bella and her mate have their romantic and sweet time together and also heartbreaking moments. Their journey may be filled with danger but that isn't going to stop them being together, in each other arms., Whoever they have to fight against, they won't be alone. They have each other and both their packs right by their side.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter one

Chapter One

Aria’s POV

“Hurry up Bella or not you’re gonna be late for school!” My dad shouted.

“Coming,” I said while running down the stairs. Today was the first day of senior high. I could not wait to start a brand new year.

“Go grab your breakfast dear. I’ll be in the car,” My dad said. Before entering the kitchen, I went to look at the mirror to see if I looked fine and to be honest I look much better than before. I was a mess when my mother passed away. She died because werewolves of another pack attacked our pack. They wanted me. They wanted my power. I’m not only a werewolf. I’m also a witch. I can do a few spells. Like lifting things up and even teleportation. My mother died to protect me. I could never forget how they killed my mother. It’s as if it only happened yesterday.

“Get the girl! And if anyone gets in your way, kill them! Understood?!″

″Yes Alpha!!!″ The wolves said. I was terrified. I was hiding behind my cupboard. There is a secret basement behind my

“We got to go now,” She said softly. I nodded and followed her. All of a sudden, we could hear footsteps. We quickened our steps but still could hear footsteps and they were getting nearer.

“There!! The girl is there!” HURRY UP EVERYONE GET HER!″

Everything happened so quickly.

“Honey I need you to run as fast as you can. Don’t look back. I love you so very much. Don’t blame yourself. When you grow up, you are gonna be a beautiful person. Tell your brother and father I love them so very much,” she said. She hugged me for the final time. I could see she was sobbing. I didn’t even know that I was crying until I felt a tear on my hand.

″Well well, look who we have. The young girl and her mother,” A man said. He was wearing a mask so I could not see his face.

He was walking closer to me until my mother leapt at him. All of a sudden, another man from behind took out a silver knife and stabbed my mother in the stomach a couple of times.

″NOOOO!″ I cried out. Tears were pouring down my face.

The two men dropped my mother on the ground and started to walk towards me. I was frightened. All of a sudden, I saw one of the men fall to the ground. My mother stabbed him with the same silver knife that he used to stab her.

“GO NOW ARIA!!″ She cried out.

I didn’t want to leave her here but I knew better than to stay here. I had to survive. I will make my mother proud.

“I love you mom!″ I cried out. I ran as fast as I could. When I saw the opening, I was so glad. I saw my father smiling but once he saw tears streaming down my face, he knew that he had lost his mate. He had also started feeling the pain of losing a mate. When a wolf’s mate is dying or dead, the mate can feel it. It’s like a part of them dying. It’s hard to explain the feeling but surely, it is painful as hell. I can remember my dad’s face clearly. He was clearly feeling an excruciating pain. He ran to me and hugged me. We cried in each other’s arms.

I have been living in a low profile since that day. Everyone, except for my father, brother and a few of the pack members, thinks I’m dead. He never allowed me to go and see the pack. I have begged him to let me be with the pack but no matter how many times I ask, his answer would only be a no. Luckily, it was all gonna change this year as he promised me when I

turn 18, I’ll be able to meet the pack like my older brother and him. I have also wanted to meet my mate.

My wolf, Angel, has been waiting for that moment so badly and how is she gonna find him if she is stuck in this lifestyle. It’s not like he goes to my school.

“Hurry up darling!” My father exclaimed. I came back to reality when I heard my dad’s voice. I quickly grabbed my food and headed towards the car.

Soon, we reached my school. There were already many students in the school. My eyes were searching for my best friend, Maia. She is also a wolf, from my pack. She is my guardian.

“Bye Bell. See you later,” My father says. I waved goodbye to him. I slowly walked into the school. On my way in, I saw a guy that made my wolf excited. What is wrong with me? I thought to myself. He had dark hair, dreamy eyes and also a dreamy bone structure. I didn’t even realise I was staring at him when suddenly he turned to my direction. He was staring deeply into my eyes as if he was seeing through my soul.

Could it be? Is he my mate? I questioned myself. My wolf was asking me to go to him.

Luckily, Maia came just in time.

“Hey Babe,” She said when she saw me. She looked at me and then looked at him to see what was going on.

″I think he is my mate,” I told her, which sounded more like a whisper. She looked at me with both eyes wide open. Before I could say anything, she dragged me to the janitor closet.

My eyebrows furrowed. “Why did you drag me here?” I asked.

“Well, firstly your mate is a powerful alpha from a pack called the “Blood Wars”. I’ve heard that he is very ruthless and acts like a monster. Besides, our pack and his have not really been on good terms lately. Secondly, are you really sure he is your mate?” She explained and at the same time asked.

“Yes, I’m sure. My wolf started getting excited when she saw him and it was like she wanted to gain control over me and go to him. She was really yearning for his touch. It’s shocking that I could feel this way about someone without even knowing them yet,” I told her.

“I know. Having a mate is a wonderful feeling. You would find out that you can really care and love someone so much and also how he can make you feel heartbroken so just be careful. No one has really seen him be kind so just don’t get your expectations too high,” She warned me but my wolf somehow knew that he is kind. He is not a monster like how everyone sees him as. It was shocking that I could feel this way about someone.

We headed straight to our class once we heard the school bell. We surely did not want to be late for our class on the first day of school.

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