Tempted By My Boss

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Haley is hired by her ruthless, cold and Sexy boss who is also wealthy Mr. Valerian. He is used to getting his way with girls, any girl. But Haley is different she is not amused much by guys because love was never her forte. Can He bring her to her knees? " When she slightly turned I felt her ass press up my crotch, the things I could do to her in this very instant in the boardroom on the table. I had to release her cause I wouldn't be able to resist myself. " "why was she avoiding me and it seemed as if my charms did not work on her as she didn't seem bothered by my presence or how close we had been."

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 1-him

At the age of nineteen Hailey was done studying at Harvard as she had started school at a very young. She never went out much as she kept to herself most of the time.

She didn’t have much time to spare to herself because if she wasn’t studying, she was working part-time in order to fund her studies.

Her life hadn’t been the greatest but this was going to change. She was very determined from an early age to have a better life and that was within her grasp. She just lacked the resources and the funds to make that happen.

Many guys pursued had pursued her but she was not interested. Her main priorities were books and her life revolved around them. She had never dated much because of her fixation on her school work.

Hailey had always dreamed about making it big in life and she hoped that this was the breakthrough that she had been waiting for.

She felt very nervous as she got to the company that she was going for an interview at.

She got in the building and she immediately saw the front desk, she approached it eagerly. She saw two ladies sitting there and she automatically assumed that they were the receptionists. “Morning, I’m Hailey Hartfield.”

They both looked up from their work and one of them responded”We have been expecting you” She had blonde hair and her name tag read Clara. “I will be with you in a moment” as she carried on.

A few moments later Clara stood up “This way Hailey.”

She leads her to an office and told me to wait there. She sat down and looked around the office, it was very huge and it exuded an aurora of wealth. She also noticed that it was clean and neat.

She could also dream of having such an office herself someday.

Today had officially been her first day as she was already accepted into the company. All she needed now was to meet her boss. She was anxious and nervous. She wanted to make a great first impression.

She prayed that this would not be a competition amongst many of them on who would impress the boss. She sat upright and tried to make herself look more confident.

She got a start when all of a sudden a guy had appeared out of nowhere. How had he managed to walk so smoothly without her hearing him? Was he a vampire? Stop it Hailey and focus. She looked at the guy properly. He had on a black tuxedo, his hair was slick and he had blue eyes that looked like a lake.

But one thing that was certain was that he looked certainly young.

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