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Tempted By My Boss

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Chapter 2 -Mr asshole

“Would you like anything to drink?” the stranger asked me.

“No thanks” I exclaimed “I am waiting for the boss so if you don’t mind I would like to wait in peace.” I carried on.

“Really” the handsome stranger replied.

“Yes” I responded with a sassy tone. “I don’t want to give a bad impression.”

The stranger chuckled. “You are a feisty one aren’t you ?”

( well he was probably an intern also...so I can reply however I wanted) “Yes asshole as you can tell”. Then there was another figure that got in.

Oh he might be the tea boy. “You know I dislike people like you, I mean you want to exercise the authority that you don’t have”

“You do” He replied with a disbelief look on his face. I wanted to laugh, people like him had to be put in place at the very least.

“You know, you even have a face of a pervert” I carried on. As he was about to respond we were cut off.

A pretty blonde and I’m guessing one of the clerks. Oh I recognized her and it was Clara from earlier on.

She was here to probably tell me he was running late. But to my horror she addressed him not me. “Sir you have a meeting in 5 min”.

“Thank you Clara that’s all”.( Oh my gosh...no I didn’t call my boss an asshole.I guess no job for me.I can’t even look up..how should I play this off?)

How was he so young and he had a huge firm, I expected some old man to the very least not him. I was cringing inside with embarrassment.

He was now sitting at the corner of the desk in front of me...“Oh where were we...Miss Hatfield?. Let me remind you he said with a smirk, "Mr Asshole you said”...

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