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"Don´t be scared Princess. You´re with me now." "Kim Taehyung is mine!" "Every man in the Mafia would kill to have you, but I saw you first." "Thought you could escape, huh?" ~ Jeon Jungkook Kim Taehyung was just an ordinary student, with an ordinary life, friends and family. That was until he met Jeon Jungkook, the CEO everyone feared. Who was not only a CEO of a powerful company, but also the leader of a dangerous Mafia. And when even this man laid his eyes on the beautiful young boy, he knew he needed to have him. Jungkook kidnapped Taehyung to make him his and only his. But he wasn´t the only one who took interest into the gorgeous beauty he marked with everything he had. Because now, Jungkook had to protect Taehyung from Choi Minho, his Arch enemy.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Jungkook’s perspective

Life was boring. I had everything other people dreamed of but I was bored. I was handsome, rich, famous and wanted by many girls and boys in the world.

But what I didn’t have, was Love. That was until I’ve met him. Kim Taehyung. He was the most beautiful boy I’ve ever seen. And I knew that I need to have him.

Seoul, Korea, the day they met

I spent the whole day in my office, working on my new project. This project includes Drug Trading and was very dangerous to work with since my Company wasn’t very familiar with Heroin. But it will bring money.

My Driver/Bodyguard/Secretary Jimin waited for me in front of the car and bowed respectfully when I reached him. “Mr Jeon. You have a telephone conference at five”, he informed me and I nodded in response, sliding into the car. We drove back to my other company, my legal one. My partners didn’t know of my other, illegal business and they didn’t need to.

I leaned back in my seat, looking bored out of the window. I was always bored. I needed Satisfaction, something new, something exciting.

The car came to an abrupt stop and Jimin cursed loudly at the person who almost ran into the car. I groaned annoyed as I rubbed my head from the sting. “Boy, can’t you look where you going?!“, Jimin yelled out of the window and I saw a frighten Boy looking at Jimin with wide eyes.


I thought, Angels only live in heaven? God, I was wrong. Because right in front of my expensive car stood the most beautiful angel God ever created. The Boy had perfect tan skin that seemed to glow, big doe eyes, now filled with tears from the shock and the most perfect face structures I had ever seen in my whole life.

In short, he was extremely gorgeous. And extremely scared as Jimin continued yelling at him. Crystal clear tears left his eyes as he apologized to my furious driver over and over again. “Jimin, would you please stop yelling at the poor boy?“, I said in a deep voice and he immediately stopped, feared of me. Good. That was the right reaction.

I got out of the car and the unknown beauty stared at me with curiosity in his eyes. “I-Im really sorry, Sir, that I’ve gotten into your way. I w-wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings”, he said to me ashamed and bowed his head, waiting for my reaction. Surprisingly, I got angry that he turned his beautiful face away from me, so I wasn’t able to adore his features anymore. I reached forward to grab his chin and lifted it up harshly. He shrieked in surprise, beautiful hazel eyes meeting my cold orbs.

“Look at me when you’re talking to me”, I commanded and he immediately muttered a soft ‘Sorry’. I smirked at his Submission. It was oddly adorable. “What’s your Name, Princess?“, i asked him and admired his face, already imagining how he would look in my clothes after we fucked. ‘Shit. He would look so hot.’, I thought, impatiently waiting for his answer. He looked away from me, slightly blushing.

A car horn was heard behind us but I didn’t care. What counted was the gorgeous male infront of me. “I’m not asking another time, Princess”, I growled at him and he flinched as he heard the Dominance in my dark voice.

“K-Kim T-Taeh-hyung”, he whispered shakily and I sighed satisfied. Such a beautiful name for such a Beauty. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Kim Taehyung. I think we will see each other more often. Until then”, I winked at him and let him out of my firm grip. He mumbled a shy ‘goodbye’ and hurried to run away, in another direction. My attention fell on his ass and I growned lightly. Fuck. He was perfect.

I entered the car again and Jimin lifted one eyebrow. “Find everything out about Kim Taehyung. I want him”, I stated and Jimin nodded. “Yes, Boss.”

You will be mine, Kim Taehyung. Just you wait. No one else will have you.

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