Love Stripped

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Chapter 11

“There is nothing between me and Jake.” Kimberly lied. She started to go upstairs, when she heard Eric.

“Oh really? Tell me, Kim,” Eric started to confront her, “Why did you get out of his room with your clothes on your hand and Jake’s shirt on you? And why do I always catch you two so close to each other and having secret talks? And what the hell were those moans last night?”

Kimberly stopped walking right before she walked in her room. She turned around, blushed and asked embarrassed, “You heard us?”

“Well yeah, the living room is right over the basement, where Jake sleeps. The others might not hear you, but I heard you.” Eric revealed, examining Kim’s expressions and moves.

“Get in.” Kimberly pointed to her room so that they could talk privately and without anyone there to hear them, unlike if they kept talking in the hall. When Kimberly closed the door she exploded, “I can’t believe this! I never met someone like you! It’s like, in less than one week, you know that I’m a stripper and I’ve slept with your brother!”

“Well, the stripper thing I found out about it just because I saw you that night, but the thing about you and Jake…” Eric paused, “It’s not that hard to discover. I just had to read the looks that you both trade and the talks you always have when you two are alone.”

“Oh god…” Kimberly sat on her bed and supported her head with her hand.

“How many times?”

Kimberly understood perfectly what he was asking. “Three times.”

“Three times? In less then like two weeks?”

“Yes.” Kimberly revealed.

“Wow… I didn’t expect already three times, I just expected like one I guess, the one from last night, but hell. My brother really knows how to-”

“Your brother is a pain in the ass! He’s a total jerk! And we only had sex, not because he wanted to, it was because I wanted!” Kimberly started yelling, like if what she had said made her feel better.

“Ok, calm down! I’m not saying anything!”

“I may be a stripper but I’m not a whore! Since I’ve been work as a stripper, for two years, Jake was the only guy I slept with!” Kimberly said and then she remembered that afternoon at the cemetery with Damien, when everything started, when he ‘made’ her sleep with Jake. Then she lowered her voice saying, “Although the second time we just did it, because… I don’t know… we were alone and Jake started to-”

“You don’t need to explain nothing to me.” Eric cut her words, sitting next to her.

“And then, now, he simply exploded saying that he didn’t get used by girls that girls were the ones to get used by him! What kind of guys says that?” She looked at Eric. It definitely wasn’t the kind of guy that Jake was yesterday, when they had sex, because that Jake had acted sweetly and Kimberly had loved that. Now… he wasn’t going to be like that anymore.

“If he said that, then it’s because you said something.”

“I didn’t say anything.”

“Did you really use him?” Eric said, and Kimberly saw he had understood what she had said with the use thing. She didn’t answered, “I see. Why would you do that?”

“I really don’t wanna talk about it.” Kimberly finally said, getting up. She put her hand over her neck, so Eric couldn’t see the wounds on her neck.

“He never calls you Kimberly when you two are alone, does he?”

Kimberly laughed weakly, “Never.”

“He calls you baby, right?”

“How do you know?”

“He calls that to every girl.”

“Jake doesn’t treat Sid like that.” Kimberly said.

“He calls them baby just when he knows what he can do with them.”

“What if I say he’s been treating me by Kimmy?”

“That one is new.” Eric laughed, “Jake never treats a girl by her diminutive name or even their name when they’re alone or are having sex. I hope that comforts you. And also… he never sleeps with a girl more than once.” That explained the fact that she never saw the other two girls Jake had brought to the house.

“Not now.”

“Well, you better get dressed.” Eric pointed at her legs. Kimberly looked down and saw that she had just the underwear.

“Oh fuck it. If you had gone to the bar to find me you would have seen me kind of like this, so…. It’s not like I’m very embarrassed.” Kimberly admitted. “I’m used to it.” She declared.

Eric smiled and got out of her bedroom, leaving Kimberly thinking about every damn thing about last night, Damien and Jake, her problems; her worst problems. Fuck Damien and Jake. Fuck everything. But one thing she was sure, Kimberly would finish everything between she and Damien, and Jake.

Jake… Hell, she was going to make him regret about what he said. He doesn’t get used by girls? He’s the one using them? He was just like Damien, he uses them. That was going to end. She was going to get to Jake, she was going to make him want her, desire her, want every little piece of her body. But Kimberly wasn’t going to give away anything. And then, she would just throw that to his face.

And Damien? One thing she maybe was certain… If someone had told his wife he had been going to stripper clubs, maybe he would stop now. But, she would never forget yesterday. But what if he would be even madder at her? What was he capable of doing? And who could help her in this fight?

Unbelievably, the answer occurred to her in a matter of seconds.


Eric already knew she was a stripper and he already had seen Damien. Maybe he could help her, if Kimberly explained him the whole thing, he was capable of help her and keep that secret.

Yes, she was going to talk to Eric and finish everything with Damien for once and for all. He would not abuse of her anymore.

By the time she was done with the decisions, she was already dressed and ready. She got out of her room and went to eat something at the kitchen, ending up seeing Jake, already dressed too, and Eric talking.

But, as soon as she walked in the kitchen, Jake stopped smiling and looked at her, freezing her, his eyes darker than any of the other time she had noticed them. She tried to ignore him when she turned to Eric, “Eric, I need to talk to you, I have a problem and...”

Jake choked while drinking his coffee.

“… And I need your help.” Kimberly said, ignoring Jake.

“Sure, what is it?” Eric said, looking at his older brother, cleaning his mouth.

“I’ll talk to you at lunch ok? I have to go to school now; besides, I want to talk to you alone.” Kimberly declared. “It’s ok for you?”

“Sure, I have nothing to do, and you’ll make me company during the lunch.” Eric smiled, and then he looked at the kitchen entrance, watching Sid and Tom, talking.

“Good morning.” Tom and Sidney said.

“’Morning, Sid.” Jake said, his expression happier, “Tom, Eric, I’m going out tonight, you guys wanna come with me, Aiden and Ben?”

“That’s fine by me.” Tom said.

“Fine by me too.” Eric agreed.

Suddenly Jake got up, and grabbed his cell, that was over the table. He dialed some numbers and leaned his cell onto his ear, at the same time he got out of the kitchen.

“Sid, hurry up.” Kimberly said, taking Jake’s image out of her head. Taking Jake’s image last night, grabbing her gently, caressing her softly…

“Kimberly can I got to Mary’s house tonight?” Sid asked all of a sudden.

“If you promise you’re not lying just so you can be with James.”

“I’m not lying, and I’m not going to be with James, since he doesn’t like to go out very much and Mary’s parents don’t allow boys at their house, so… I’m not lying, Kim. Can I?? Please, Kim!” Sidney insisted.

“Ok, well. You’re going to her house after school?”

“Yap.” Sidney said, a huge smile enlightening her face, “I’m not very hungry so we can go, Kim.”

“Ok, well, bye guys.” Kimberly said. Before she got out of the kitchen, she turned around and said, “Oh, Eric, don’t forget about today!”

“I won’t.” He winked his eyes towards her, and Kimberly offered him a smile.

Kimberly head off to drop Sidney at school and then dropped herself at college. Lisa was already there, “God, I can’t believe how can you be here so easily and not feel sleepy.”

“Well, I don’t work during the night.” Lisa said. “Ok, so what happened yesterday?”

“What do you mean?” Kimberly asked, looking at Lisa.

“You have that face something-happened-and-I’m-fucked.” Sidney revealed laughing of what she had said.

“Me and Jake, we-”

“AGAIN, KIMBERLY ROBERTS?” Lisa stopped walking. Then, she looked at Kimberly for a few seconds, “Yeah, that would explain that thing on your neck. He’s a wild one?”

Kimberly put her hand over her neck, “No! He-” She paused, she couldn’t say it was Damien. Or could she? Damn, Lisa was her best friend! She knew she was a stripper, she would understand everything! Damn, she and Eric could help her! “It was… Damien.”

“DAMIEN WHAT? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Why did he do that Kimberly?” Lisa asked, really, really surprised. “Kimberly…” Lisa said when she saw Kimberly breaking.

“He has been blackmailing me, Lisa…” Kimberly said, tears filling her gray eyes.

“Let’s go to the wc.” Lisa decided, looking around her. When they walked in, nobody was there, “Ok, calm down and explain me why the hell didn’t you tell me all of this before.”

“I don’t know! I wasn’t capable of telling you that he was blackmailing me!”

“Blackmailing you how?”

“He discovered I was a stripper and…” Kimberly started telling Lisa the story. “And that’s why I started sleeping with Jake! He-”

“Calm down, Kim.” Lisa said, her hand on Kim’s shoulder, “You should have told me this. I could have helped you earlier! I can’t believe Damien was capable of that!”

“I couldn’t tell anyone about this or he would tell everyone I was a stripper! Now, imagine that the whole college knows that I’m a stripper! This college is a good college, that arranges us good jobs, but if they all knew that I was a stripper, they wouldn’t do anything for me!”

“I never thought Damien would… Fucking bastard! Why did he do that?”

“Yesterday… someone told his wife that he was going to stripper clubs and I guess she wants the divorce him or something like that and he thinks it was me who told her! And I wasn’t, Lisa! But, he didn’t believe! So, right in the building where I live, he just put his hands around my neck, hurting me with his nails, almost suffocating me! And of course, nervous as I was, I knew that Jake would… We had sex, damn, it was so good, Lisa. He’s so… he can be so damn nice and sweet sometimes! Today, in the morning when I said I wasn’t going to tell him what happened with Damien, he just exploded!” Kimberly revealed. Kimberly leaned on the wall and once again, she remembered Jake’s worried voice talking to her.

“You’re fucked with both.”

“I know… I’m going to talk with Eric today and see if he can help me with Damien… I don’t know... scare him or something like that… I know he can help me…” Kimberly said desperately.

“If you need anything, Kim, tell me! Don’t hide things from me!” Lisa said, warning her friend, a little bit angry.

“I’m sorry, Lisa…”

“What a fucking son of bitch…. I never thought Damien would do this to you! To you! He loved you so much, Kim! You broke his heart when you broke up with him… He’s just like everyone else.”

“He’s just like Jake.” Kimberly said low.

“Jake?” Lisa asked, “I don’t think, I haven’t seen Jake blackmail you.”

“He didn’t blackmail me, but he’s just like Damien. Lisa, he yelled at my face, saying girls didn’t use him; he was the one who used them! No one says that!” Kimberly revealed to Lisa. She looked to the mirror.

Her eyeliner had disappeared due to the tears. She cleaned her face and said, “Let’s go to classes. I can’t miss, the exam is now… Oh shit… I haven’t fucking studied anything. I’m so fucked.”

Lisa picked her things and Kim’s things and said, “Kim, you can do it. You’re smart.”

“Yeah, well… Sometimes being smart isn’t enough. Let’s go.” Kimberly said a little bit coldly. Lisa didn’t said anything about the way she talked to her now, because she knew Kimberly was really nervous and stressed out, and with good reasons, but she had to do the exam.

“Ok, let’s go, Kim.”

20 minutes had passed, and Kimberly had already the exam in her hands, reading every question with attention. And after the whole reading, she knew she was damned fucked with the exam.

Damn Damien and Jake… She didn’t study anything! And, since she hadn’t paid a lot of attention to the classes, she wasn’t sure if she was capable of doing anything… Well, she might try it. And it was what she did.

After the whole calculations and answers were done, she red the exam a lot of times and she couldn’t find anything wrong. Maybe what Lisa had said was right. She was smart, maybe, just by being smart she could have a good grade. At least, that was what she was wishing.

By the time it was noon, Kimberly had closed the door of her house. She went to the room and put her things over the bed, when she heard Eric behind her, “Hey, Kim.”

She looked over her shoulder, “Hey, Eric. Are you having fun?”

“No, I’m tired of playing ps2 and pc. I never thought missing classes for some days would be so boring. But that’s the price when we confront a fucking stupid bastard stepfather who cheats our mother.” Eric said with anger.

“Why don’t you and Jake just tell your mother?”

“Because she’s in Paris, in some conference.”

“Really? What does she does?”

“She’s the owner of a pharmaceutical company.” Eric revealed with simplicity. Ok, so they were rich due to their mother, because owning a pharmaceutical company… could make a person very rich.

“What about your father?”

“He... hum… he past away five years ago.” Eric dropped his look.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” Kimberly said walking towards him. She smiled sweetly and gave him a hug. When he looked at her with a questioning look, she explained, “I think sometimes everyone needs a hug.”

“Ah… Ok.” Eric turned around and went to the kitchen with Kimberly following him, “So, tell me, Kim. What did you wanna say?”

“I need your help.” Kimberly said directly, when they both sat down. “And I really mean it.”

“You can start telling me what’s wrong.”

“Well… remember that guy… the one you caught with me… the first time we met?” Kimberly asked, a little bit embarrassed. Eric nodded and Kimberly continued, “He’s… blackmailing me.”

“What? Why?” Eric asked, and Kimberly noticed that she had his attention focused on the matter.

“He’s my ex boyfriend… and some time ago, he found out that I was a stripper… and…” Kimberly really tried not to brake in front of Eric, “He’s blackmailing me. He says he won’t tell anyone that I’m a stripper… if he… if I… let him use me for his own pleasure.” The words came out slowly and painfully.

“You’re fucking kidding me.”

“I’m not. When I said this morning that Jake had said I was using him… it was kind of true.” She revealed, “It all started the first time he… Damien… abused me… I was weak, I couldn’t do anything, I even slapped Sid… I noticed… every time I was with Jake or thought about him…. Damien simply vanished from my thoughts, so… for one night I didn’t cared about anything… and I… went to his room.”

“And it all started.” Eric kind of completed what Kimberly wanted to say. “But that guy… Damien… he still he’s blackmailing you?”

“Yes.” Kimberly lowered her eyes, “Last night… he saw me when I went to put the garbage outside. I tried to run from him, but he caught me, and said I had told his wife he was going to stripper clubs, which by the way I don’t even know his wife. And… he didn’t believe me, he simply went mad.” Kimberly paused. Pointed at her neck and then kept going, “He made me this and almost suffocated me.”

“You’re fucking kidding me.” Eric repeated for the second time.

“I’m not.”

“I thought that had been… you know… Jake.” Eric said, a light smile appearing in his lips. Then, it vanished again, “And you want me to help you.”

“Yes.” Kimberly replied sharply and then, painful silence that made Kimberly uncomfortable. Was Eric going to help her or not?

“Of course I will help you, Kim. Who could refuse to help a beautiful lady like you?”

The painful look vanished from Kimberly’s face, being replaced by a nice look, “You don’t know how much that means to me, Eric.” Kimberly got up and walked to Eric, and for the second time that day, she hugged him again.

“So what do I have to do?”

“I don’t know.” She went back to her seat. “I want to scare him. I want him to stop making those things with me. I don’t want to have anymore problems with him, I don’t want to feel that dirty hands on me and I don’t want to run after Jake, after Damien be finished with me.” Kimberly revealed sharply, at the same time painfully.

“Ok, then today, we’ll take care of that. But how do we know he’s going to be there?”

“I know he’s going to be there, I’m sure of it. He must be anxious of putting those hands back on my neck again… He didn’t believe in me when I said I didn’t tell his wife… and I kind of kicked him right between his legs so he could let me go.” Kimberly said, “So, yeah, I think he’ll be there-” Kimberly stopped talking when she heard the door opening.

“Is it Tom?” Eric asked but Kimberly didn’t answer. She already knew who it was.

“Hey there.” Jake said when he sighted Kimberly and Eric. Behind him were Ben and Aiden.

“Eric!” Ben yelled out when he saw Jake’s brother, “Get out of the way, Jake. How are you, man? I thought you were in college!” Ben punched Eric’s shoulder.

“Yeah, I’m still in college, I just decided to…” He paused and exchanged some looks with Jake, “… take some days off. How are you Aiden? Quiet as always?”

“You know me.” Aiden smiled.

“You guys are going to have lunch with us?” Kimberly asked nicely.

“Oh no, thanks. We just came here because Jake said he had to pick up some books for our afternoon classes.” Ben explained, “Right, Jake?”

“That’s it.” Jake said, in the same place.

“So why don’t you go to your room and grab the books you want?” Aiden asked, “I thought you were in a hurry.”

“And I am.” He even was cold to his friends; maybe it was because Kimberly was there. Or not. “I’ll be right back.”

When Jake walked out of the kitchen, Ben said right away, “Kim you look great since the last time I saw you.”

“It hasn’t passed much time, Ben.” Kimberly had her hand supporting her head.

“I know. And you also seem less pissed off too.” Both Aiden and Ben laughed.

“What happened?” Eric got up and went to grab a glass of water.

“Kim and Jake were mad at each other for something, which we still don’t know why, and she was really pissed off with him, but she looks fine now.” Ben told Eric.

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

“Done with the chat?” Jake said behind them, “’Cause I’m ready to go.”

“Why are you talking like that? Do we look like some kind of girl that hates you? Or that doesn’t want to f-” Aiden stopped and looked at Kimberly. “It’s ok, you can keep going.”

“Is that the ‘books’ you said you needed? That’s a tiny little thing! We came here just for that?” Ben said, “I’m so tired of you Jake… Can we go now?”


“Bye, Kim.” Ben and Aiden said at the same time. Jake was the last one to leave the kitchen, but not before he lay down on Kimberly an icy look. When the door closed, Eric said right away, “You know he just came here to check on you, right?”

“Maybe, why would he do that?”

“You don’t know? You said every time you had a problem you used him, today, in the morning you said you had a problem and you needed to talk to me alone, when Jake was right beside me. Can’t you get it?” Eric explained. And Kimberly got it.

“Oh my god! He thought I wanted to have sex with you? Oh my god!” Kimberly repeated, “He surely thinks that I’m some kind of whore… Oh god, what have I got myself into… You know… your brother was a mistake.”

“How about lunch? Is that a mistake too?” Eric asked, changing the conversation.

“No, it isn’t.” Kimberly offered him a sweet smile, got up and started preparing lunch along with Eric.

Kimberly spent the lunch with Eric talking about her past, how she had became a stripper, and how she was capable to hide that she was a stripper for two years. She had known that Eric’s mother had known Peterson almost two years ago and that she had fallen in love right away, and in the moment when Jake had seen Peterson for the first time, he had hated him in the sec after. Eric also had told her that Jake was totally like their mother, the same physical and psychological aspects; the only differences was that she was a woman and she wasn’t like Jake when it came to sleep with men.

By the time she got out of the college after the afternoon classes, she went home, only to find Jake, Eric, Ben and Aiden in Jake’s bedroom playing ps2. “Is that Tomb Raider?” Kimberly asked surprised.

“Yeah, and don’t you know out to knock?” Jake asked coldly, his eyes on the game.


“Yes, it is Tomb Raider.” Aiden said.

“Can I play a little bit? This is my favorite game ever! I used to play this game with…” She paused. With Damien. That was what she wanted to say and it hurt saying his name, “… an ex boyfriend.” Kimberly felt Jake’s and Eric’s eyes imprisoned on her, and she was sure they were both thinking about that. Jake surely was thinking that her ex boyfriend was the guy that made her go to bed with him and Eric must be thinking that that ex boyfriend she was talking about, was the one Kimberly wanted help with.

“Of course you can play.” Since Ben was the one who had the controller, he gave it to her and she started playing the game. “You’re good.” He said after 5 minutes seeing her killing some enemies along with Lara Croft.

After Kimberly killed the last guy, she looked at Jake and Eric and said, “Ok, do I have something stamped on my face? Because you guys are annoying me.” Instinctively Jake and Eric put their eyes on the TV.

“You guys wanna have dinner here?” Kimberly asked with her eyes always on the TV.

“Jake already asked us and yes. We decided to order some pizza.”

“Oh really? You don’t like Jake’s pizzas?”

“Of course they like, I’m just not in the mood of making pizzas.”

“Why not? You’ve got something on your head?” Kimberly asked, but she already knew the true answer.

“No. I wanna guard my energies for tonight, right boys?” Jake looked at his friends and Eric.

“Oh, don’t count with me.”

“Why not?” Jake suddenly asked, looking at Eric, with his deep green getting darker. Kimberly stopped playing and looked at both.

“I gotta do some things, Jake.”

“What things?”

“Things that are none of your business.” Eric said sharply. “Do I ask you what are you going to do tonight?”

“You know what I’m going to do. I’m going to have fun with them and I’m going to find some girl who wants me and then…” He said nastly, smiling towards the boys, before putting his dark green eyes over Kimberly.

God, he was making on purpose! How stupid can he be? God! “I’m done with Tomb Raider. You can play again, Ben. I’m going to take a bath. See you at dinner.” Kimberly suddenly dropped the controller and got out of the room closing the door aggressively.

Jake had had sex with her for the past two days and now, he just decided to have sex with another one? What a pig! “I don’t even know why the hell I’m getting angry!” Kimberly said after she slammed shut the door of her bedroom. She wasn’t going to feel jealous about some other girl in Jake’s bed. No. Kimberly wasn’t going.

She grabbed a towel and went to take a bath, with those thoughts flowing around her mind. Jake was going to regret it. She was going to make him regret for the things he was saying and was going to say and make. At least, Eric was there, and since he knew she was a stripper, knew about Damien, knew she was had slept with his own brother, wasn’t like Jake and was temporarily living there, she could talk about whatever she wanted with him.

After putting some clothes on, Kimberly decided to study. She wasn’t going to have an exam or a test, but she needed to study, to compensate her lack of attention in classes. Maybe doing some exercises would distract her from the real world for about two hours. And it was what she did. Since Math wasn’t easy, she took more than two hours to do the exercises. She kind of liked it, it wasn’t easy, but it was fun do try and solve some real and difficult problems. Next time, she would have an excellent grade and stamped into her teacher’s face.

“Kim, the pizzas are here.” Eric said outside, “Can I come in?”

“Sure!” Kimberly replied, thought her eyes still were on her book.

“What are you doing?”

“Studying.” Kimberly answered. She looked at him, “You haven’t been studying to compensate these days that you’ve been missing?”

“No, besides, I’m taking a course that it’s quite easy.”


“Yeah, I’m taking a course about languages. I want to travel around the world, but without a person translating me what another person is telling me. I want to… like, do things related with languages. Maybe deal with foreign people… I don’t know. Languages involve a lot of things.” Eric explained.

“Tell something in a foreign language.”

“Ok… Ah… How about, siete molto graziosi.”

“That’s Italian! What does it means?”

“You’re very pretty.” Kimberly smiled at him. “And…” Eric thought about something to say, “Eres muy dulce.” Kimberly didn’t say anything, waiting for him to translate. “You’re very sweet in Spanish. Let me see… How about Portuguese? Ah… Adoro os teus olhos cinzentos. Which means... I love your gray eyes.”

“Ohhh... So sweet!!!” Kimberly got up and hugged him.

“Now, let’s go.” Eric said, walking towards the door. “Ich habe Hunger.”


“I’m hungry in German. Let’s go, Kim. Aiden, Ben and Jake will eat everything.” He grabbed Kimberly’s hand and pushed her out of the bedroom and took her to the kitchen.

“You’re good at that, Eric.” Kimberly said, sitting down by his side and grabbing a slice of pizza.

“You’re good at what?”

“You have nothing to do with it, Jake.” Kimberly said coldly. Jake put his dark green eyes on her and stated, “I asked Eric, not you, Kimberly.”

“Come on guys. We’re eating, stop it.” Tom said quietly.

“She was just saying I’m good at languages. That’s nothing new for you, Jake.” Eric grabbed a slice of pizza, “Do you know what Jake’s studying, Kim?”

“No, we never talk about that sort of stuff.”

“You talk about pornography? That’s the only theme Jake talks well.” Ben said, laughing with his mouth full.

“Yeah, we just talk about the latest great positions in sex, right?” Jake said, mocking with Ben, he gave him a kick underneath the table, and Ben stopped laughing, “We don’t talk about anything.” His eyes met Kimberly’s. Unexpectedly, desire and anger exploded inside her, the usually feelings he caused on her and Jake knew it well. Kimberly bit another bit of pizza and didn’t replied to Jake’s comment.

“Anyways, he studies pharmaceutical sciences.” Eric revealed, “He wants to run the family business.”

“Really?” Kimberly asked interested, then she remembered Eric had already told her, their mother was the owner of a pharmaceutical company. “Oh yeah! You told your mother owned a pharmaceutical company.”

“And you’re taking a Math’s course, right Kim? You told that right on our first days.” Tom remembered Kim.

“Yeah, but it involves Sciences as well.”

“So, you two can like, help each other.” Aiden said, after a while watching them talking.

“I think I don’t need Jake’s help. I’m fine, I have good grades and I’m quite smart. Maybe he’s the one who needs help in his course; he doesn’t look that smart some times.” Everybody closed their mouths and waited for Jake to answer, but his answer was actually, quite calm and simple.

“Thank you, but no. And I am smart. Otherwise I wouldn’t be one of the students that have the best grades in my college.” And he took another slice of pizza into his hands.

Time passed without them noticing it. Around half past ten, Kimberly and Eric were already alone and ready to go to Kim’s work. “Well, let’s go?” Eric asked, seeing Kimberly grabbing a jacket and her bag.

“Sure, let’s go.”

Ten minutes later, Eric was entering in the bar with Kimberly on his side. He didn’t seem surprised with nothing, since he had already been there when he had met Kimberly nights ago. “Well, we’re here. I ah… better get ready to… ah… you know.” Kimberly said a little bit embarrassed. She never had performed with a close friend in the bar and when she went back down to earth again, she finally noticed, in order for Eric to help her with Damien, if he shown up, he had to watch her.

“Sure, go ahead.” Eric said, and when Kimberly went to the dressing room, he sat down on a couch with a round table in front of him, near one stage.

When Kimberly stepped into the stage, he was amazed. He had never seen her like that. The short shorts and top, her breasts almost popping out of her top, her tanned and beautiful legs, her good ass, her make up and hair done… it looked like Kimberly was calling his name without pronouncing a word. She started moving around the pole… and Eric noticed the hunger in the other men’s eyes, as they watched Kimberly moving her perfect body around the pole.

Even with all that make up and that cold mask and the fact that Eric had never seen her perform, he knew Kimberly was embarrassed due to his presence there. And that was when a good idea flashed on his mind. He called a man, that was near the bar and that he knew he worked there.

Five minutes after, Kimberly was walking towards Eric, her hands behind her back, looking like a five year old girl that was about to give her first kiss. “You… you ordered a private lap dance?”

“I didn’t order one, I ordered like ten lap dances!” Eric pointed at the couch to give permission to Kimberly to sit down.

“You asked a lap dance.”

“I know.”

“Then, I’m supposed to do the lap dance.” Kimberly said, her eyes turning cold, like if she was talking to the pervert ones that were watching her.

“Kim, relax! I saw the look on your face, so how about not working tonight?” Eric gave her a relaxed smile, “I asked for the lap dances so that you could be here with me, instead of being there dancing to those guys. And you’re not going to dance for me; you’re going to talk with me!”

Kimberly sat down right away and smiled, “Really? But the lap dances are a little bit expensive…” She blushed.

“Let it go, Kim. I’m rich; I don’t have to worry about those things.” Eric saw the mask vanishing from Kimberly’s face, “So, if one lap dance is half an hour and it costs 100 dollars, I have to pay like 1000 dollars right?”

“Eric… ah… you really don’t need to do that…”

Eric pretended he hadn’t heard her, “And still that isn’t enough till 5am… if its 11pm now… then… let me think… Ah…” He stayed there counting and counting, until he reached for a conclusion, “I have to pay you like 12 lap dances, so… it’s 1200 dollars, right?” He looked at Kimberly and saw her blushing again.

“I’m serious; you don’t need to spend that money. I don’t mind of performing I’m used to it and-”

“Kimberly, it’s my money, and I do with it whatever I want. You’re a stripper here, so you have to do what the client wants, so… I want you to be here with me ’till 5am talking, and instead of dancing, we just talk with each other and in the end I’ll pay you. And don’t say anything more or I’ll talk to Bob. And yes, I know Bob, since I already came here to talk with him, and… supposedly with you. Now… how about chatting, Kim?”

And talking with Eric was the only thing Kimberly made the rest of the night.

When Kimberly came out of the dressing room, she didn’t saw Eric there. But when she looked at the entrance of the door, she saw him coming in. “Where did you go?” She asked him when she reached him.

“I had to get some money; I didn’t have the 1200 dollars with me.” Eric said, taking his wallet from his trouser pockets.

“You really don’t need to-”

“Don’t start.” Eric said, he raised and stretched his arm towards Kimberly, “Take it. It’s yours, Kim, to pay for our lap talks.” He laughed.

“I don’t feel comfortable.” She admitted. But hell, 1200 dollars, she needed, and they both knew it. Suddenly, Eric grabbed her hand and put it on her hand. “Eric…”

“It’s yours Kim. Besides, you need it more than I do. Seriously, you should work on a pharmaceutical company or own one. I can talk with my mother if you want. You’re smart; you’re on your last year of college… Yeah, maybe my mum would let you work in the company.” Eric revealed. Kimberly smiled at the same time she put the money on her bag.

As they walked out of the bar, Kimberly declared, “Thank you for everything, Eric.”

“You’re welcome, Kim.” They stopped walking, and Eric gave her a hug, a sweet and warm one. And Kimberly noticed was that… a part of herself… desired Jake in Eric’s place. She was being selfish, and she knew it. But hell, that was what she was feeling! How could she feel that after he say those tings to her? She thought she was more capable of feeling those feelings for Jake before they have sex the third time, than now!

“Kim…” Eric whispered in her ear. Oh god was he going to kiss her or something? Kimberly took her arms off him and looked at him. But Eric wasn’t looking at her. “Behind you.”

Kimberly turned around right away and what she was waiting for was right there. Damien was there, watching her. “I knew you would be here, but not with your guardian angel again.” Damien said with disdain as he looked at Eric. “I thought you didn’t know him.”

Kimberly was incapable of talking, while in her mind was flashing what had happened yesterday. “Don’t you think you’re exaggerating, man? I think you better leave her alone.” She heard Eric say.

“Oh, please… I’m better than him, Kim.”

“No you’re not. You’re an idiot, disgusting bastard, and a fucking stupid man that I hate the most!” Kimberly just yelled, without feeling Eric’s hand on her shoulder.

“Yeah, right.” Damien just said.

“You better leave her alone.” Eric warned, “And if I ever see you around here again, you wish you had never known Kimberly or me.”


“You’re funny, hum? You will not think it will funny when my lawyers sue you.” Eric declared determined.

“I’m a lawyer myself; I can defend myself, besides, if you sue me, everyone would know Kimberly works as a whore.” Damien said nastly.

Eric stepped towards him, “I have the ways to make things not be known, and much better lawyers than you, idiot.” Kimberly believed in every word Eric was saying. He had paid her 1200 dollars just like that, so how could he not know ways and not have very good lawyers at his disposal? “You better think twice before taking a step towards her.”

In took a while ’till Damien reply, “You do not scare me.”

“Really? Think well.”

“She started everything!” Damien yelled suddenly, “If she hadn’t broken up with me just to work as a stripper, maybe this would never happen!”

“Damien I had to!” Kimberly revealed, “I couldn’t lie to you! And I had to do it, you know it! My parents died and I had my sister to take care of! You knew how my uncles were! Why the hell can’t you understand that? And I never told anything to your wife! I don’t even know her!”

Damien gave a step towards her, and Eric walked right away and put himself in front of Kimberly, so that if Damien wanted to do something, Kimberly was protected. “I don’t care!”

“Stop walking, Damien.” Eric gave him another warning, “I have my cell right here, and I can call the police and my lawyers right away!” Damien stopped walking automatically. “Good. Now, will you stop going after Kim?”

Damien didn’t answered, “Please, Damien.” It was Kimberly. She walked towards him. “I’m sorry I hurt you, I loved you when I broke up with you but I had to do, don’t think it didn’t hurt me too.”

Those words seemed to soften Damien’s expression. “I loved you too, Kim.”

“You hurt me so much…” Kimberly said, and she was noticing that she was going trough the right way, “I never thought you would be capable of doing that to me.” Eric didn’t say anything, but he always stayed close to her.

“My wife is pregnant and seeing you at the bar… watching you dancing to those guys… made me longing for you again. But, knowing as I knew you, I was sure you wouldn’t want anything with me, especially knowing that I was married.” There was the Damien Kimberly dated. A calm and nice Damien.

“I… I’m willing to forgive you and forget everything you have done, if you leave me alone and never bother me again.” She said decided, very close to Damien. Kimberly looked at him and noticed he was thinking.

“I’m sorry for everything, Kim.” He finally said the words Kimberly wanted to hear, “I’m sorry.” He looked to the floor, “I will never bother you again. I’m sorry about that time at the cemetery and the other nights when I hurt you.” It seemed that reason was finally hitting Damien.

“You promise you won’t do anything more?”

“I won’t. I promise.”

“Then, we’re done here.” Kimberly walked backwards, “I wish we could have met again in other ways, but this was your entire fault.”

“I know, and I’m sorry.” Damien repeated.

“Ok, I forgive you… but don’t ever talk to me again.” And with that issue solved, she turned around along with Eric and went home.

“So he did all of this, because you broke his heart apart and because he’s wife was pregnant? Oh my god… There are really some guys that are fucking crazy.” Eric said, getting out of the car, after a while thinking on what had happened.

“It was actually pretty easy. Wish me good luck, Eric. I hope Damien doesn’t try anything anymore.” Kimberly and Eric entered in the building. “He really is different, but I think that without you there I would never face him, I wouldn’t have the guts to do it on my own.” She turned around in the middle of the stairs and said, “Thank you. You really are my guardian angel.” She smiled and then hugged him.

“Whenever you need any help, I’ll be there, Kim.” Eric declared.

When they walked in the house, everybody seemed to be quiet. The heard some noise coming from Jake’s and Tom’s room, but they knew it was just the TV. “Well, good night.”

“Good night, Kim.” Eric said sweetly, before Kimberly closed her bedroom’s door. She took her clothes slowly and she also put over her pajama slowly… A bit sleepy, but happy that maybe everything was done with Damien. She felt good, and that was thanks to Eric. He had really nothing to do with his older brother… If Jake could be like Eric… Who knows if their relation could be different?

With those thoughts on her head, she noticed the shirt that belonged to Jake over her desk. The shirt she had used after they had sex, after that night… and before Jake exploded. She grabbed the shirt and opened the door.

Kimberly went downstairs, knocked on Jake’s bedroom’s door and walked in without hearing the answer. And what she saw shocked her. There was no one on his bed, but when she looked at her right side… she saw him.

With another girl.

Having sex.

The girl was leaned on the wall, with her back turned to Jake, Jake’s hand grabbing her hair, pulling it to him. The other hand was on the girl’s waist... thrusting on her. But stopped right away as they saw Kimberly.

The girl’s reaction was to cover her breasts and say, “JAKE!” When Kimberly heard the voice of the girl calling Jake’s name, she came back to reality and walked out of his room right way, with his shirt still on her hand.

He had had sex with her yesterday… YESTERDAY! How could he do that? Kimberly slammed shut the door of her room, without caring about Eric or Tom. The vision of Jake having sex with that girl was always appearing in Kim’s head, never letting her forget that. She wasn’t jealous, they weren’t even dating, it just made her mad, right? But, this mad? Jake was nothing special to her, he was just a guy in her house, he was in his right to have sex with another girl, but damn… right after their night together?

Then, it occurred to Kim that the first time they had had sex, Jake had had sex the night before with a girl… One named Joanne. But hell… she wasn’t expecting this…. But he had warned her today… He had told he was going to have fun… Kimberly already knew this was going to happen, that it was a reality. Jake wasn’t like Eric or Tom, he was a fucking disgusting idiot. Worse than Damien!

Worse than Damien? Was Kimberly thinking straight? Jake hadn’t blackmailed her. But why was she feeling angrier with Jake than Damien? What did Jake have that was leaving her in this state since the first time she stepped inside this house? Why did he always leave her desire him? Why did he always make her angry? Why did those two feelings were always with her when she thought about him?

Kimberly didn’t notice the time pass as she thought about everything. It was already seven am, when someone knocked on the door. Seven am? Already? She had passed more than an hour thinking about Jake… and the feeling he left her feeling. Someone knocked again on the door and Kimberly was kind of expecting him.

“Go away.” Was the answer she gave Jake, right before he walked in her bedroom, without persisting more. She got up right away and pointed to the door, “Go away now, Jake.”

Jake had his arms crossed on his chest, and he was only wearing, like always, just some shorts. “Don’t you know how to knock and wait for the person to answer?”

“Apparently you also don’t know.” She replied coldly. “I didn’t hear your fuck getting out of the house.

“That’s because she’s sleeping in my room.” Jake said. Oh and there was that amused smile appearing on his face. It was hurting Kim. But why?

“That was Joanne. Remember her? The one you heard having an orgasm one night?” Jake said, leaned on the door frame, his smile playing Kimberly “Why did you entered in my room?”

“I just wanted to give you this.” She tossed his shirt at him.

“You can keep it to remind you of our last night.” Jake tossed the shirt back at Kimberly.

“Our last night?”

“Yes. Baby, move on, because I’ve already moved on. Or haven’t you noticed that it was Joanne that had the orgasm, and not you? But, I already see that you’ve been hitting on my brother.” Jake said harshly. “We’re done.”

“We’re done? We’re done?” Kimberly started saying. She couldn’t say in words how much she hated him in that moment. She felt this inner hate, capable of putting her hands on his neck and strangle him. “And hell, I haven’t been hitting on your brother! He’s not like you!”

“Yes, baby.” Jake said with disdain, “We’re done and over.” Jake said with blood in his words. “This means, no more sex for you, when some problem appear.” Kimberly noticed that they were alone and not once Jake had called her Kimmy.

“You will want it.”

“You will need it.” Jake attacked, “But I will say no, baby.”

“Oh… you fucking- ERRR!” Kimberly turned around, so she couldn’t strangle him.

“Fucking what?”

All of a sudden Kimberly turned around and walked towards him, pointed her finger at his chest and declared war, “Listen very carefully, Jake. I’m gonna take you out of my head, I’m gonna make you scream my name, I’m gonna make you holla for more, and I ain’t gonna stop, baby, ’till you’re done to the verylastdrop.” Kimberly had anger stamped on her face.

Jake laughed, “Baby, I can survive to women seducing me. I’m no weak man; I only let them seduce me just because I want.” Jake answered coldly.

“That’s what we’ll see, Jake. Don’t forget it, because I won’t. Now go.” Without fighting back, and always with his amused smile on his face, Jake walked away to his room, leaving Kim alone. She slammed shut the door again and went to her bed furious.

And until she fell asleep, she kept repeating to herself: To the very last drop.

And she had really meant it.


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