Love Stripped

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Chapter 12

“Before you can enter in the house,” Kimberly started, as she parked the car in front of the building where she lived, “Let me just warn you, Sid. There’s a blond bimbo in the house.”

Kimberly didn’t heard any answer, instead she just heard her sister clearing her throat. She looked at Sidney and saw why she was doing that. Sid was a blond girl, “I’m sorry, Sid. I wasn’t talking about you. I was just saying that Jake brought a woman into the house last night.”

“Oh… Ok, then. Have you seen her?” Sidney asked, after she closed the door of the car and started walking with Kimberly towards the entrance of the building.

“No.” Kimberly lied.

“Then how do you know there’s another woman in the house? And that she’s a blond one?” Sidney asked suspicious.

“I ah… I heard her talking to Jake and Tom said she was a blond one.” Kimberly said quickly her lie. “Anyways, I just wanted to warn you. You slept well last night?”

“Sure, we invited some other girls from our school and we made a little pajama party.” Sidney told her older sister. As they went upstairs, Sidney was telling Kimberly what had happened in the party, but Kimberly was so drowned in her thoughts that she didn’t paid any attention to Sidney.

“… and her father even came to the bedroom!” Kimberly heard that part when they walked in the house. Sidney went right away to the kitchen to say hi to Eric. Kimberly followed her. “Hey, Eric!” She said with a smile.

“Hey, Sid. How are you?”

“Fine! And-” Before Sid kept going, her cell ranged. “Oh, it’s James; I’ll pick up the call in my room. I’ll be right back for lunch.” Sidney turned around and went to her room.

The moment Eric heard Sidney close the door of her bedroom; he said right away, “Have you seen her?”

Kimberly sunk in the chair, supported her head with her hands and answered, “Yes! I have seen that bimbo! And I’ve even seen her naked!”


Kimberly looked into Eric’s greenish eyes and said, “Yes, you heard well! I caught them last night having sex! I saw them, Eric!”

“You might want to keep your voice down; they are in the living room.” Eric warned her, “I’ve seen her too, but it was a little bit after you left the house to pick up Sid. She has been walking through the house with just some shorts and a shirt from Jake. She was nice but-” Eric stopped talking when Kimberly almost burned him with her eyes, “She’s not that nice, but…” Then he understood. “I get it… You’re mad at him aren’t you?”

“Is that so easy to see?”

“A bit. For me it is, since I know you two… you know. You’re mad because he slept with her the night after you had sex with him.”

“Exactly! Is he that heartless?” Kimberly suddenly got up and said decided, “You know, I decided something last night.”


Kimberly told Eric what she had told Jake last night, “You’re kidding, right? You really don’t know Jake. Kim, he only lets himself getting seduced by whoever he wants! You-”

“I can do it, Eric. I will do it. And I’ll start right away!” Kimberly really meant it. She walked out of the kitchen and Eric followed the red haired girl. When she stepped into the living room, Jake and the girl gazed at Kimberly, “Good morning!”

“Hello.” The girl said with no smile, unlike Kimberly.

“We haven’t been properly introduced!” She looked at Jake, “I’m sorry about that thing last night, I just wanted to wish you good night… you know.” She blinked her eye towards him.

Jake suddenly got up and said, “Kimberly, this is Joanne. Joanne this is Kimberly.”

Kimberly walked till Jake and said in a low tone of voice, but in a tone that Joanne could hear it, without thinking Kimberly was making on purpose. “That was the girl you slept two days ago? Or the one you slept four days ago?”

The green eyed man didn’t answer, and just stayed there looking at Kimberly, “You…”

“That really doesn’t matter now, right baby?” Joanne got up and Kimberly looked better at her. Joanne was actually a pretty girl, she had this long brown hair, a bright skin, shining brown eyes, she was tall and with a good body. “You’re just focused on me now, right?”

Focused on her? Focused on her? Jake was…? That was what Joanne was thinking, but Kimberly would make her think otherwise, at the same time she would drive Jake crazy.

“Sure, baby.” Jake put his arm over Joanne’s shoulder, “I’m just focused on you.” He raised his hand, lifted Joanne’s chin and gave her a kiss, right in front of Kimberly and Eric. But it had been a kiss without feelings, Kimberly knew it. While he kissed her, he looked at Kimberly. In a passionate kiss, both closed their eyes, which was the rule of a great and passionate kiss.

“So!” Kimberly interrupted them, “You’re gonna have lunch with us?”

“Yes, Jake invited me. He even woke me up to ask me that!”

“Oh he did that?” Kimberly smiled, “He woke you up about…” She waited for Joanne’s answer.

“A bit after seven.” Kimberly had her answer. And now she knew Jake was making all of this on purpose, he also knew they were in a war. And Kimberly didn’t intend to lose it. She was going to seduce him, and he wouldn’t resist her. Kimberly would be the one to say no, not Jake.

“Well, the lunch will be ready in fifteen minutes.” Tom said when he walked in the living room, “Good morning, Kim. I heard you talking last night when you arrived. With whom were you talking to?”

Another great chance. “With Jake.” She answered. “He came into my room at 7am to talk a little bit with me.”

“Oh, ok.” Tom said, but Kimberly didn’t hear him, she was more worried about the look Joanne was putting over Jake. But she said nothing. “Well, I’m going to set the table.”

“I’m going to change into my pajama, I’m not going to leave the house anymore today, so…” Kimberly turned around and left Eric, Jake and Joanne alone. When she closed the door of her bedroom, she threw herself over the bed. He had had the nerve to kiss Joanne right in front of her! What an idiot! But she would provoke him, oh… how she was going to provoke him so much. Kimberly was going to let out everything she had in her power to seduce him. He was going to pay.

Kimberly chose a particular pajama. When she was getting out of the room, Jake and Joanne also got out of the living room, and they both made an effort to not look at Kimberly. She was wearing these short shorts showing her great legs and this top that showed her upper attributes a little bit. But of course that couldn’t be compared to the mini clothes she had to wear every nigh in the strip club.

After Jake and his girl passed by Kimberly, she sighted Eric behind them. “You’re going to provoke Jake with those clothes?”

“Yes, why?”

“Are you sure you just want to provoke Jake?” Eric said trying to keep his eyes in Kimberly’s face and not on her body.

“What do you mean?”

“Girl, you don’t know the efforts I’m doing to keep my eyes looking at your eyes, instead of your body.” Eric replied directly.

“You think it’s too much?” Kimberly pointed at herself and when she looked back at Eric she said, “Maybe it’s too much, but… Damn, I’m exaggerating.”

“A little bit. Maybe you should try to provoke him like that when you two are alone. You don’t want my eyes and Tom’s eyes on you, right? And Sid’s amazed look? Put your robe over the pajama.” Eric said. Kimberly walked back in her room to get her robe and put it over her body. “Hum… Wait. I think we can manage something.” Eric reached Kimberly and started moving her robe around her chest and breasts for a while, “Done. That leaves a guy desiring and wanting more.” Eric had covered her entire body with her robe, but he left the robe opened a little bit so Jake could notice her breasts ‘looking’ at him, calling him.

“Thanks, Eric. But are you sure you’re not going to look?”

“Baby, I’ve seen you almost naked, this doesn’t surprises me now. Unlike Jake that, even if he saw you dressed up like a stripper that wouldn’t amaze him. Since he has seen you completely naked.”

“Don’t call me baby, Eric. And don’t remind me of those nights with him.” Kimberly said turning around.

“What? You’re going to say you didn’t like it? Three times, Kim.”

“And I’m getting my revenge now, so don’t piss me off by reminding me those nights.” Kimberly said aggressively when she opened the door. Eric followed her to the kitchen, where they were the only ones who were missing. There were two chairs free, one at Jake’s side and one between Sid and Joanne, which was sat down across Jake.

Of course Eric sat down between the girls, since he already knew Kimberly’s plan. Kimberly sat down slowly at Jake’s side, always looking at Joanne. “I’m sorry, Eric was just telling me some things.”

“He’s been telling a lot of ‘some things’ lately, don’t you think?” Jake said, already playing with Kimberly and Eric. When he looked to his side to see Kimberly’s reaction, she noticed he didn’t look right at her face; he looked at the spot where she wanted him to look at.

“I’m up here, Jake.” Kimberly said sensually, waving her hand. “Has he done this to you? I mean, you ask him a question and he just stares at your boobs?” Tom and Sidney both looked at Kimberly and they were both shocked.

“Yes, he does that sometimes, but I always keep him on the line.” Joanne said provocatively, now smiling.

“So,” Tom started, “What do you do for life, Joanne?”

“Oh, I…” Joanne started talking, but Kimberly didn’t pay any attention afterwards. Eric was eating quietly and Sidney was paying attention to Tom and Joanne’s conversation.

Smoothly, Kimberly slid her hand underneath the table and put it over Jake’s leg. Jake stopped eating right away and looked at her with an amused smile, “Kimberly, you’re not going to get anywhere with those touches. I said I only am seduced when I want.” Jake whispered.

The gray eyed girl didn’t even bother to answer. Kim moved her hand lower… but smoothly and slowly… and Jake wasn’t stopping her. She was closed to what she wanted to feel.

“…and I live alone and all and…” Joanne kept talking without noticing Kimberly’s moves under the table. She grabbed what she wanted and a few seconds after, Kim felt his manhood. Oh, if they had seen Kimberly’s smile… And Jake closing his eyes for even a few seconds… until he grabbed her hand. And looked at her.

“That’s doesn’t seduce me.”

“I know. It just turns you on, right? Makes you horny, hum?” She bent her body just a little bit and there was Jake again looking at her breasts. Oh, Eric was a genius, so while thinking of him, she looked at Jake’s younger brother. Eric was watching them; he knew what Kimberly was doing and he didn’t have a happy expression, more of a confused one.

“Please, Kim. That part of me has felt more hands that you have ever felt in your but in your whole life.” That comment annoyed Kimberly. It wasn’t like it wasn’t true, simply annoyed her. Her smile vanished from her face and she sat down straight again. But not before she squeeze that part and hurt Jake so badly, that while he was drinking water, he chocked and spit out the water all over Joanne.

Kimberly removed the hand and watched Joanne’s reaction. She wasn’t expecting Jake would choke, she didn’t even saw him drinking the water.

“What the hell? Jake!!” Joanne yelled out, looking at him, “Why did you do that?” She looked at herself and she felt her clothes wet.

Jake was still coughing due to the chocking thing, but he managed to say, “I’m sorry, I-”

“Poor Jake.” Kimberly said with a fake worried tone, “You’re all wet!”

Jake got up and everybody noticed he was a little curved and both hands were between his legs. And he only let go of that part a few seconds later. “Are you sure you simply chocked?” Sidney asked, pointing at his hands.

“Yes, I just chocked…” Jake said slowly. “I’m sorry Joanne.” While he walked, he really seemed he had been kicked right on that spot and that made Eric laugh. “What are you laughing about, you asshole?”

“Nothing, can’t I laugh? It’s always fun when they squeeze us.” Eric replied and this time, Tom also had started to laugh, since he had understood Eric’s comment. But Kimberly noticed that Tom was looking at her, and due to Eric’s comment, he had known it had been her. Only Sidney and Joanne didn’t understand.

“You want some help?”

Jake heard her, but still he didn’t answer and asked Joanne, “Come on, baby. Let’s change clothes, ok?”

“Sure, baby.” Joanne walked ’till Jake and they walked out of the kitchen, holding hands.

“That was weird.” Sidney suddenly said, breaking the silence, “I wonder why Jake chocked.”

“Sid, there are tons of reasons for a person to chock.” Kimberly explained.

“Yeah, and what was the reason for Jake being grabbing that part?”

“I have no idea!” Kimberly lied, “I think Joanne kicked him or something. Anyway, it’s their problem, not yours. Now finish eating.”

“Don’t tell me to finish eating; you make me seem like a five-year-old-baby.” Sidney said, grabbing the fork and swallowing some meat.

The lunch went fine without Joanne and Jake present. But it had annoyed her, the fact that they had both gone to his bedroom in the basement and hadn’t come back up to finish their lunch. So, that let Kimberly think about what they were doing. She thought about going downstairs, but hell, she didn’t want to see him again with her, the way he had been with Kimberly. It didn’t hurt… it just bothered Kimberly.

“You made him chock.” Tom said, stopping Kimberly from walking out of the kitchen, after she helped him cleaning up the kitchen.


“You did-”


“Why? I thought you didn’t like him and-”

“I don’t like him.” Kimberly interrupted Tom, “Do I need to like him just to squeeze that part of him in a way that it made him chock? No, I don’t need to like him, in fact I even hate his cocky attitudes and that blond new girl he has now. I thought he had a better taste.”

“Calm down, Kim.” Tom said, raising his hands in a sign of peace. Tom tried to read her expression, but he read nothing. Maybe a bit of anger, but nothing more, Kimberly knew how to hide the anger she felt.

When Kimberly turned around to leave the kitchen, she saw Jake and Joanne. “Where are you going?” Tom asked behind her as he saw them opening the door to get out.

“I’m going with Joanne to her house. We’re better there.” Jake didn’t even bother to look at Kimberly. Without one single word or look, he left her there looking at him leaving the house with some slut who couldn’t even see Jake just wanted her for sex.

Kimberly decided to go to her room to study some more. She didn’t have exams this week, as far as she could remember, but still, she didn’t want to have another exam that could go bad like the last one.

“You know what he went to do, right?” Eric said leaned on the door frame just like his brother Jake sometimes. Jake would look at her, he would give her an amused smile, a bright green color looking at her, his lips saying he wanted her in his bed, other than some other girl, his body desiring her… “Kim? Kim?” When Eric called her for the second time, he interrupted her thoughts.

“I’m sorry.”

“You were thinking about him?”

“No.” She lied, and she knew Eric knew she was lying.

“Don’t lie to me, Miss Roberts.” Eric walked in and closed the door, “You’re not a good liar. You don’t even know how to hide the desire that your body has for Jake.” Eric was being direct, “I’m serious, Kim. Let it go. Jake may be my brother, but I know how he is. He can be a hell of an idiot when it comes to girls.”

“You don’t know that.” Kimberly got up and felt Eric’s look imprisoned on her. She didn’t want to say that, it simply came out of her mouth, “Forget it.”

“I don’t know that? He’s my brother, Kim. He wants girls for sex, for his own pleasure. You only know him for what? Like… two or three weeks? I know him my entire life. You are saying that you have hopes that he might change? My hopes have vanished a long time ago.”

“I didn’t say that!” Kimberly yelled suddenly, “I don’t have any hopes with him!”

“Oh really?” Eric’s eyes were deeply stuck on hers, “He isn’t going to change, Kim.”

“I don’t care if he changes or not! I just want him to pay!”

“To pay for what?” Eric was also yelling now, but he lowered his own voice, knowing that outside were Sidney and Tom, and they might be hearing the conversation. “For what, Kim?”

“For that fact that he has no right to fuck me and the next day fuck another one! I hate guys like him! I-”

“Then why in the first place did you get involved with him?” Eric interrupted Kimberly aggressively.

“Because of that thing with Damien! Jake made me forget about Damien, about what he was doing to me! Every time Damien tried something, I knew Jake was a way to forget things for a while!” Kimberly yelled, “I know I wasn’t drunk or anything like that, but-”

“You shouldn’t-”

“I know I shouldn’t-”

“You deserve better, Kim.” Eric interrupted her again, he had walked towards her, and Kim was just a step away from him, “You’re breathtaking, you can find someone else better than my brother.”

“I don’t even have your brother; you don’t need to say that!” Kimberly turned around, and looked to the mirror. Eric was standing right behind her, a guardian angel supporting her from falling. Eric put his hand on her shoulder and his eyes met Kim’s.

“Let him go. Let him do what he wants.”

“I will.” Kimberly said right away. Too easily. “After I’m finished with him.” She walked towards the door and opened it, “I need to study.”

Eric looked at her in a way that reminded her of a brokenhearted person. He said nothing in his defense to stay there and walked out of her bedroom. Annoyed and pissed off, Kimberly sat down on the chair and tried to focus on her study, but hell… it was so damn hard. Every time she tried to do some math, the results were always the same: Jake.

After two hours of trying to focus on Math and Science and the result being always the same, Kimberly fell asleep. It was inevitable. She had fallen asleep last night very late, so it was normal the fact that she had fallen asleep. Nobody bothered her.

When Kimberly woke up, she looked around her with her eyes half closed. Outside the window, the sky wasn’t a bright blue; it was now a dark blue. It was around 7pm maybe. She also noticed she had a blanket over her; maybe it could have been Sidney or Eric. No, not Eric. She had had a fight with him before, and he surely hadn’t come back to her room to put a blanket over her. Yes, she was sure it had been Sidney.

Kimberly got up, closed her book and got out of her room. No noise. She walked to the living room, and saw Tom and Eric, sat on the couch, both quiet and watching the news, “Where’s Sidney?”

Both Tom and Eric sighted her at the entrance of the living room, but it was Tom who answered, “She went to meet with James. She was going to warn you, but she said you were sleeping and we shouldn’t bother you, so we did exactly that.”

“Hum, ok, thanks. Well, I’m going to make something for us to eat.” She turned around, but seconds later, she asked, “Has Jake already arrived?”

“No, he hasn’t.” It had been Eric the one to answer, and in an aggressive way, “I guess he must be occupied with Joanne.”

Kimberly burned him with her eyes, but Eric never left her gray eyes. She walked out of the living room, recognizing how Eric sometimes could be just like Jake, arrogant and mean.

In the next hour, Kimberly spent her time, making the dinner and some desert. In the meantime, she had received a message from Sidney saying she was going to have dinner out with James and that she would arrive around 10pm.

Right before Kimberly call them for dinner, she heard the door being opened and seconds later, she saw Jake passing through the kitchen’s door. “About time, hum?”

“You’ve been waiting for me?” He asked, arrogantly.

“No, I never wait for you; you’re the one who waits for me sometimes.” She said provocatively. “What did you do during the afternoon?”

“You really want to know?” Jake asked, an amused smile enlightening his face and Kimberly knew right way that good things, he definitely didn’t do any. “I spent the afternoon having sex with Joanne.”

“Really?” Kimberly said, trying to hide the hot anger she felt growing inside her body, trying to hide her will of putting her hands around his neck and make him say he would never use another woman never again. “Who’s better?” She dared to ask, at the same Jake felt her closer to him.

“Just so you know, we did it the entire afternoon.”

“You didn’t answer.” Kimberly insisted.

“And it was so damn good. Different from the times I made with any other girl. It’s like I can’t get enough… She can make me feel alive. She feds this flame inside me… The way her eyes look at me, the way she burns and freezes my soul… That fiery way she has to do her things… You know what I mean?” The way Jake said that… the way he closed his eyes, like if he really was feeling what he was trying to explain to Kimberly… it hurt her, and Kimberly couldn’t deny it. She felt this will of yelling and say Joanne was not the one he wanted, was not the right one, that Kimberly was the one who should have spent the night with him. But… that would go against her goals and that was something she didn’t want. “I guess you did not understand.” His smile had vanished.


“Forget it, Kimberly.” Jake turned around, but he heard Kimberly saying, “You’re going to see who’s the one who feds that flame of yours.” Kimberly didn’t saw the smile that had appeared again on Jake’s face, but she didn’t even bother to see it. She just bothered to call the others for dinner.

The dinner was quiet for everyone. Tom tried to make some conversation, but only Jake had answered. Kimberly and Eric were too absorbed in their own thoughts to give a damn about anything that Tom was asking. But Kimberly knew, during the whole dinner, she had been watched by the two brothers.

“The desert was very good, Kim.” Tom said gently.

“Thank you. My mother taught me this desert.”

“She should teach you some more. You’re good at making deserts.” Tom said and Eric agreed, “I think the same, this is quite good.” Although Eric was still a bit mad, he couldn’t deny the fact that the desert was really good, but he also didn’t knew that Kimberly’s mother was dead and the way Tom and Eric said that, it hurt her heart, and Jake was the one who understood that.

“Yeah, well…” Kimberly tried to say, “I can’t learn anymore deserts, my parents died two years ago.” Both Tom and Eric didn’t know what to say. Eric looked at Jake to get some support, but Jake only nodded. “Well, I’ll clean the kitchen. You guys can go.”

The three got up and both Eric and Tom said, “I’m sorry.” And got out of the kitchen, following Jake, who hadn’t spoken a word about what they had said.

At 10pm Sidney arrived with a huge smile, “Dinner was fine, hum? I can see it by your face.” Kimberly said, as her sister walked in the room.

“Yeah, it was great! He took me to that restaurant that we went the other day with that bad waitress, remember?”

How could Kimberly not remember, “Yes, I remember. So he’s rich, hum?”

“Yeah, he didn’t need his parents to go there and pay the dinner for him.” Sidney said laughing. And Kimberly remembered that night where Damien and Lisa’s boyfriend, Justin, didn’t had enough money to pay for the dinner. “You really like him?”

“Yeah, he’s sweet for me. Not like some guys from school. I don’t know what has been happening to the world… Lately, guys just want sex and girls are just some whores. I’m sorry for the language, but it’s the truth.”

“I agree with you.” Kimberly said as she thought about Jake.

“Anyway, Jake called you. He said he wanted to ask you something.” Sidney said as she walked out of Kimberly’s room.


“I don’t know, when I come in, he was in the kitchen drinking a glass of water and he said to me to say for you to go to his room because he had something he wanted to talk to you.” Sidney explained. Weird.

“Hum ok. I’ll see what he wants.” Kimberly got up from her bed, and walked out of her bedroom, heading off to Jake’s bedroom in the basement. Kimberly didn’t even bother to knock.

She just walked in and closed the door right away, but suddenly, she just felt a pair of hands grabbing her waist and pulling her against something. And a second later, his lips were glued on hers. Although the lights were off, Kimberly didn’t need to see who it was, she already knew it was Jake.

For how much she wanted to stick to her goals, Kimberly wasn’t able to think at all, at the same time Jake’s lips were licking hers harshly. He was pulling her against the wall, and Kimberly felt her back in the wall, and the front part of her body glued on Jake’s.

What a lame excuse he had used to call her into his bedroom, then again he couldn’t say, “Sid, call your sister, I want to make out with her right now.” No, he simply couldn’t.

His hands were already under Kim’s shirt, and her hands locked on his hair. The way they both touched… Kimberly couldn’t deny, it turned her on…

Her goals…

She had to stick to her goals…


His lips… His hands…

She couldn’t think.

Jake’s lips slid down to her neck and throat, at the same time his hands pushed up Kimberly that automatically surrounded his waist with her legs. He walked in the direction of his bed and let Kimberly fall and after, he fell over her. His lips never rest; Kimberly’s neck, chest and breasts had never stopped being kissed.

Jake was contradicting himself. Kimberly thought. He had said Kimberly would never manage to seduce him, but it seemed he was wrong…

The desire yelled louder than her goals. Kisses yelled louder than words.

All of a sudden, Jake got up, turned on the light and looked into Kimberly’s eyes. Slowly, in his face started appearing that amused smile, “You see Kimberly?” He started, “I only started kissing you and if I wanted I could have had sex with you right now.”

He had been playing her.

“You got to be fucking kidding, right? You made this on purpose?” Kimberly yelled, already up and pulling her shirt down. “I can’t believe you made this on purpose… You’re such a pig, Jake!”

“I’m the jerk? You’re the one who said you would make me holla for your name and bla bla bla, but in the end… you ended up almost asking for more.” Jake said meanly. He passed his hand through his dark brown hair and said, “Get out, Kimberly.”

“You’re a bastard, Jake. You’re the worse guy I’ve ever met in my whole life. I can’t believe you’re capable of doing this, I don’t even know what women see in you.”

“The same thing you see in me, baby.” Oh that cocky voice and that nickname, it made her even angrier.

“Disgust? Oh Jake, you fooled me this time, but you will not fool me again. I will get want I want, you will ask me for more, you will call my name, you will do what I want when the time comes and I will not forget this.” Her tone was serious, decided. Kimberly straightened her hair and gave him one more disgusted look. Then, she walked out of his room and went to her bedroom, never coming out of there for the rest of the night.

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