Love Stripped

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Chapter 13

The rest of the weekend, Kimberly had spent it with Sidney, Tom and Eric, although she could notice that Eric was still acting in an aggressive way with her. She had to change it, Eric was the one who could help her. Then again, he didn’t agreed with what she was doing to his brother, Jake deserved it, though. Also, she had spent moments alone, trying to convince herself that she had to prove to Jake that she was capable of getting him, of making him beg for more.

When Kimberly came back from the strip club, it was already 5am in the morning and it was Tuesday. When she walked in her room, she noticed that the lights in the living room were still on. She walked towards there and caught Eric awake, “It’s late, you should get some sleep.”

“Look who talks.” Eric replied without taking his eyes from the TV.

“Come on, Eric. Stop talking to me like that.”

“And you should give up of that wild plan of yours. Jake will not fall, he will not let you seduce him, you’ll see.” They were now staring into each other’s eyes.

“Look, I know he’s your brother, and I understand you’re trying to help me, but at the same time, protect your brother, but he really is-”

“I’m not trying to protect my brother.” Eric interrupted her, “I know how he is, Kim. He’ll end up hurting; you’ll end up getting hurt.”

Kimberly laughed low, “Come on, why I would get out of this hurt?” Kimberly would manage to make her plan work, but she was sure she would not get hurt, why would she? It’s not like she loves him or something, she can’t even stand him and that little bitch, Joanne. Then again… when he touches her, she simply gets loose on that moment.

“I’m warning you, Kim.”

“Listen, Eric, I just want to be ok with you. I don’t want this between me and your brother interferes with our friendship. I know we only know each other for like almost a week, but I already think of you as a friend.” She said honestly. And Eric really was her friend, even if he didn’t thought of her as a friend. “Ok?”

Eric got up from the couch and walked towards her, “Ok, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Oh pleaseee.” Kimberly gave him a small punch in his arm, “I’m the best to do this. After all, being a stripper has its good things!” She winked her eyes towards him and then said, “Well, I should get some sleep. Have a good night!” Kimberly kissed his cheek and walked out of the living room, not noticing the way Eric watched her.

When she lay down on her bed, she fell asleep right away. Forgetting to turn on the alarm clock…

“Kimberly… Kim… Kiiiiiim!” Someone suddenly yelled on her left ear.

“What the? What the hell is wrong with you, Sid?” Kimberly yelled, as she sighted her sister knelt on the floor, looking at her.

“What the hell is wrong with me? Have you seen what time is it??”

“No… what…?” Kimberly slowly looked at her cell and her eyes opened real quick, “9am! Why didn’t you wake me up?”

“I woke you up now!” Sidney yelled back as her sister got up quickly and starting taking off her pajama and choosing some quick clothes. “Hurry up, Kim. You’re not the only one who’s going to get late.” Her younger sister got out of the room and ten minutes later, Kimberly went to the bathroom to brush her teeth, wearing some jeans and a brown halter top.

“’Morning, Kim.” Eric said watching her brushing her teeth, “I though you had already gone to college.”

“Well, I haven’t!” Kimberly yelled, but Eric didn’t get what she said, since she was brushing her teeth.

Eric laughed and said nothing more, walking towards the kitchen.

“Ok, so let’s go, Sid!” Kimberly suddenly said when she walked in the kitchen, catching Jake eating a toast. He met her silver eyes, but no smile appeared on his face, as for Eric he was laughing. “What?”


“Why the hell are you laughing? Do I look like a clown or something?” Kimberly yelled, not seeing her sister in the kitchen, “SIDNEY!”

“You’re in a bad mood! You look like you’re going to miss something really important, something that your life depends on.” Eric told Kimberly, and then he bit his toast.

“Yeah, my life depends on the college, not everyone are rich like you guys and don’t have to worry about these things to have a good job in the future. We’re not spoiled brats who don’t even care about the others who have to kill themselves to study every hour to have good grades in order to survive in the future!” Kimberly yelled all of that so fast, that both Eric’s and Jake’s jaw dropped. Not once they had seen her in such a bad mood.

“I’m here, Kim. I just went to grab my books. Let’s go.”

“It was about time.” Kimberly said already turned around to face Sidney. “Let’s go.” If Kimberly had seen the way she had said and talked with Eric and Sidney… Especially to Eric, she had never talked to him like that and she had never called them spoiled brats. But she was only thinking in her classes that she couldn’t miss and that the college was almost over since they were already at the beginning at May.

Kimberly walked in the classroom very quietly, trying to not disturb the teacher that was talking. She sat down next to Lisa, who said right away, “Why are you late?”

“I forgot to turn on the alarm clock when I arrived home last night.” Kimberly answered opening her notebook ready to start writing down whatever the hell her teacher was saying.

“Lately you’ve been forgetting a lot of things.” Lisa said low with her hand in front of her mouth so the teacher couldn’t see she was talking. “It’s Jake isn’t it?”

“Of course it’s that fucking bastard! Who else could it be? He’s the one who’s turning my life upside down! I can’t stand him! After I came back from the strip club with Eric, we resolved everything with Damien, I think he will not bother me anymore, anyways,” Kimberly didn’t even seem bothered by talking about Damien, the only thing that Lisa noticed in Kimberly was the anger she felt every time she pronounced Jake’s name. “When I was going to his room, can you believe he was having sex with another girl? I mean, he had sex with me the night before and then he just has sex with a different girl the night after? I swear-”

“Kim.” Lisa interrupted her.


“Shut up.”

“Why?” Kimberly asked and it was then when she noticed that more than 40 students were looking at her, including her teacher. “I-I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry, Miss Roberts? I think you should get out of this class, since you’re more worried about some boy who will not be part of your future and who will not help you getting a good job.” The teacher said coldly.

“I’m fine, I won’t talk anymore, and I’ll pay attention.” Kimberly lowered her eyes.

“If I hear your voice once more, I will send you out of this class for a week and don’t forget this week we will have an exam! And let’s not forget, Miss Roberts that your grades haven’t been the best and also don’t forget about the essay you have to do about Math and Sciences.”

“I won’t and I’m sorry.” Kimberly repeated feeling her blood running cold. Kimberly really didn’t remember about that essay. If her teacher hadn’t reminded her about the essay, Kimberly certainly wouldn’t remember and wouldn’t do the essay and her grades would fall down like water in a waterfall.

“I hope you do, Miss Roberts. Anyway, let’s keep going…”

Kimberly tried to pay attention to the class, but she needed to yell so much and reveal to Lisa how much she hated Jake.

“I swear I’ll make him pay for that!” Kimberly almost yelled as they both got out of college to get some lunch. “Why couldn’t he be just like his brother Eric? I think you don’t know Eric, right? I’m such a clueless person.” Kimberly laughed a little bit.

“I think I don’t know him. But you’ve talked about him.” Lisa said, walking by Kimberly’s right side, both with their books on their hands.

“Yeah, well, Eric is Jake’s younger brother and they are completely different! If you spent a day with those two, after an hour you would totally prefer Eric!”

“Do you prefer Eric?” Lisa asked directly and Kimberly’s stormy gray eyes, suddenly were on Lisa’s eyes.

“I don’t like Eric if that’s what you’re saying.” Kimberly answered coldly, although she knew Lisa wouldn’t be pissed off if she answered like that because Lisa already knew how Kimberly could lose her temper sometimes. “And I don’t like Jake.”

“Really? Because you seem to feel attracted to him.”

“Attracted to that fucking idiot? No, I’m not. He’s just like all the perverted guys that I have to face at work. But…”

“But…” Lisa caught a glimpse of something in Kimberly’s eyes.

But he just turns her on, just makes her want him so much, just makes her forget about everything and just… makes her hate him so much. “I don’t know, Lisa. I try to say to myself he’s a bastard and an idiot, but when he comes near me… its like if the only thing that existed in the world was sex.

“That’s because he must be good.” Lisa laughed at her comment. “In bed.”

“Why don’t you try him?”

“Thanks, but no. I love Justin and I don’t want to feel your hands digging on my neck, thanks.”

“Do you want to meet Eric?” Kimberly asked all of sudden; pretending that she didn’t hear her best friend’s comment. “We can have lunch there if you want. I’m sure Eric will not mind, besides he will like, he’s always alone, since he’s spending some days at the house.”

“Hum, ok. Sure, let’s go. My car or your car?”

“Mine.” Kimberly replied with a smile that Lisa didn’t noticed. After that conversation they headed off to Kimberly’s house.

“ERIC??” Kimberly yelled, when she closed the door after Lisa stepped in the house.

“Who’s calling me?”

“Me, of course!” Kimberly yelled back, laughing. The voice came from the living room, so Kimberly went there. She found him sat down eating some pizza and watching a movie.

When he saw her, he replied right away, “If you’re looking for Jake, he’s in his bedroom with Joanne.”

“I didn’t come here for that, I… He didn’t go to college?”

“Yes, but he came back with her.” Eric looked at her and then sighted Lisa behind Kimberly, “Oh, hello.” He said getting up right away, looking around him to get some t-shirt, since he had his torso naked and just had some shorts. Just like Jake, Kimberly remembered.

“It’s ok.” Lisa said, “I’m Lisa. And you’re Eric, right?”

“Yeah.” Eric smiled and shacked hands with Lisa. Then, he turned his eyes back at Kimberly and asked, “Why did you come here?”

“Oh, I just wanted Lisa to meet you.”

“Just that?” He asked, not believing in Kimberly’s real intentions.

“And eat something for lunch.”

“Hum… ok, then. Well, I have some pizza in the kitchen that I ordered. You two can eat that too.” Eric revealed nicely and politely. Not in the arrogant way that Jake would have said that. Not in the seductive way that Jake would have looked at Kimberly… She had to stop thinking about him.

“Thanks.” Both women turned around and went to the kitchen. “Well, make yourself comfortable, Lisa. I’ll be right back!” Kimberly said as if she was trying to distract her friend. She walked out of the kitchen and went towards the basement, getting ready to whatever the hell she could see them doing.

Just like the other times, she didn’t bother herself to knock and this time she saw that they were apart. Joanne was on Jake’s bed eating pizza and watching TV and Jake was on his desk writing something on his laptop. “Hey guys.” Kimberly said, trying to intimidate both, by using a little bit of her stripper’s attitude and posture.

“What do you want, Kimberly?” Jake asked right away, like if he wasn’t with much patience to put up with her right now.

“Don’t you know how to knock?” Joanne asked, breaking Kimberly’s and Jake’s eye contact.

“Yes, I know. But as far as I can see, Jake usually doesn’t complains about that when I come here, isn’t that right, baby? And since, you don’t live here; you can’t fight with me about that.” Kimberly snapped aggressively.

“BABY?” Joanne asked, forgetting the issue about knocking on the door and interrupting Jake that was about to say something.

“Oh, you didn’t tell her, Jake?” Kimberly closed the door and walked towards Jake, standing right behind him, but looking into Joanne’s eyes. Jake didn’t reply. “We treat each other by baby.”

“I treat every girl like that.” Jake said coldly, feeling Kimberly’s hands on his shoulders and hearing Joanne getting up from his bed.

Kimberly bent down and whispered into his ear right in front of Joanne, “But I’m special, right? You don’t call me baby, you call me Kimmy.” Suddenly, she turned at Joanne and said, “Don’t freak out, Jake’s like this, he likes to have girls around him. I even brought a friend of mine to have lunch with me and him, but I wasn’t expecting you.”

“You better get used to me.” Joanne replied back like a cold hearted bitch.

“Sure, I’m already used to him changing his girls all the time.” She loved that. And she knew Jake loved her acting like that. “BUT” She cut off whatever Joanne and Jake were going to say, “I just came here to ask something to you, Jake.”

Kimberly smiled and sat down at Jake’s lap just like that. “You’re not his girlfriend, are you? Of course you’re not. Jake’s doesn’t date girls, how stupid of me to ask that. Anyways, baby, I need your help.”

“Really? For what?” Since Joanne was standing at their left side, she wasn’t seeing Jake’s right hand sliding down through Kimberly’s right leg.

Kimberly smiled seductively and asked, “Do you think Sciences and Math are related?”

“Of course, everyone knows that, Kimmy.” Jake said, his amused smile enlightening his tan face. He called her Kimmy. He had called her Kimmy, Kimberly repeated to herself. That was a start, and a quick one.

“Well, I have to do an essay about Math, but at the same time I’ll have to talk about Pharmaceutical Sciences.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, I have to explain how Math and that type of Sciences are related. And didn’t Tom say one time you were studying Pharmaceutical Sciences?” Kimberly asked innocently.

“Oh come on. You do not believe in this, Jake.” Joanne said, and Kimberly noticed that she had some kind of accent in the way she pronounced certain words.

Kimberly ignored her and tried to make Jake ignore her, “Could you help me?

“You’re going to help her? She’s sitting on your lap like a…”

Suddenly Kimberly’s gray eyes turned cold instead of hot and were burning Joanne. “Like a what, Joanne? Can’t I be sat down in his lap? It’s not like he’s with his hands on me without you seeing it.” Kimberly was playing with Joanne.

“I’m not stupid, Kim, I-”

“Don’t call me Kim. My friends call me Kim. You’re nothing but some girl Jake decided to play with during some time.” Kimberly said aggressively, not seeing Jake getting up behind her.

“You know a lot of things about Jake playing with girls… Have you been played by him lately?” Jake decided not to interfere when Joanne said that, when Joanne touched Kimberly’s reason to hate Jake.

“Oh no, Joanne. He doesn’t play me. I’m the only girl he doesn’t play. I’m the girl he comes running when he lets other ones.”

“Then in the end…” Joanne made a dramatic pause, “You’re just some left over. You’re just some girl he can use.” Kimberly didn’t back down when Joanne said that. When Joanne said what Jake really was doing to her.

“I can handle that.” She said provocatively. Her gray eyes turned to Jake, who was watching the cat fight. She smoothly ran her finger down his face and throat and kept on finish her sentence, “Because in the end, he’ll be running back at me.”

Like a true cold hearted bitch, Kimberly laughed before Joanne’s furious eyes. She passed at Joanne’s side and when she was opening the door, she pointed at Jake and said, “And I was really serious about that essay, baby.”

When she got out of the room, closing the door, she saw Eric standing right in front of her. “Gosh, do you really have to do that? You’re like always behind me after I talk to Jake.”

“I was going to call you for lunch and I assumed you were here. And I was right.” Eric replied coldly. Kimberly followed him when he turned around and walked through the hall. “What were they doing?”

“Nothing. Jake was in his laptop and she was in his bed. Anyways, now I have a reason to spend time with Jake when that bitch is around.” Kimberly revealed coldly. Kimberly really had to do an essay about how Math can be related to Sciences and they could choose the type of Sciences they wanted. And Kimberly had what she needed to be with Jake, to seduce Jake.

“Oh really? And what reason is that?” Eric asked, suspicious about Kim’s reason.

“I have to do an essay about Math related to some kind of Sciences.” They both sat down in front of Lisa that already had a slice of pizza in her hand. “So, I remembered that Jake studies Pharmaceutical Sciences. And I already asked him for help right in front of her.”

“What Sciences did you choose, Lisa?” Eric was trying to avoid Kimberly’s gray eyes that were trying to penetrate his mind in order to find out what he thought about her idea.

“Chemical Sciences. I think they are interesting so I decided to talk about that type of Sciences in my work. We have to deliver it at the end of this week.” Lisa revealed.

“At the end of this week??” Kimberly had a surprised expression in her face.

“Ah, yeah. I’m already finishing the essay.”

“Oh my god… I’m fucked.” Kimberly sunk her head in her arms and said, “I can’t do an essay that good in less than a week! If today is Tuesday, I have like… Three and a half days!” Kimberly counted the days.

“Thank god you have Jake, right Kim?” Eric said sarcastically, “Like if he really wasn’t that busy studying for his own exams and essays since this is also his final year.”

“You know Eric, I don’t care about what you think about what I’m doing, but he will help me. I know he will. He’s not that selfish.” Kimberly snapped, getting tired of Eric’s disproval about what she was planning to do to his brother. “You know, I’m going to my room, starting the essay as for you Lisa, feel free to eat what you want and talk to Eric, maybe with you he won’t be this arrogant.”

“Kim-” Both Lisa and Eric stopped talking and they lost Kimberly.

When Kimberly sat down on the chair and turned on her laptop, she remembered one thing. She still didn’t have internet in Jake’s house. She didn’t even remember about that. How was she supposed to look for information? Books weren’t that good and Jake wasn’t a center of information.

She walked out of her room again and for the second time that day she walked in Jake’s bedroom, and this time they were both laying down on his bed, kissing. “What the hell do you want now?” It was Jake.

“I’m sorry. Do you internet?”

“Ah yeah.” Jake said, straitening his body, “Why?”

“Can I borrow your laptop? Mine doesn’t have internet and Lisa told me just now that I only have like 3 days and a half to do the essay! And I’m kind of stressed now, so-”

“Kimberly!” Jake interrupted the red haired girl that had started talking really fast. She really was stressed about the fact that she just had a few days to do a really good essay. “Yes, you can take my laptop to your room.”

“Oh, thank you so much, Jake. And can you help me too but after I come home from college? About 5 pm?”

“I think so.”

“Jake!” Joanne yelled suddenly, “You said you were going to my house today after college! And now you’re gonna help her?”

“Calm down. Can’t you see she needs help?” Jake pointed at Kimberly, “We can have sex now if you want.” He had said that on purpose. He was going to help Kimberly, and Jake knew what she would try to do, but he was also provoking her.

Joanne smiled meanly towards Kimberly while giving Jake his answer, “Hum… ok then. I accept that. Still, can I come with you after you get out of college? Even when you’re with Kimberly?”

“Sure, baby.” Jake replied back. Kimberly avoided their eyes and just grabbed Jake’s top laptop and took it to her room, but before, she said, “Don’t forget about helping me, because this essay it’s really important, I will not have any second thoughts when you help me about the essay.”

She closed the door and returned to her room, where she took off her laptop from the desk and replaced it for Jake’s laptop that was much better than hers. When she turn it on, she saw Jake’s messenger getting started and right away a window appeared and someone wrote, - I though you were going to be with Joanne. -

- And Jake is with Joanne. It’s Kimberly who’s writing. - Kimberly wrote down on the laptop, - Who are you? -

While the person was writing who he was, Kimberly saw Jake’s wallpaper. It was him with Aiden and Ben in some kind of party with girls surrounding them.

- It’s Aiden. What are you doing with Jake’s laptop? – Kimberly red. Hum, it was Aiden after all. She liked him, Aiden looked like the type of guy that she wouldn’t mind dating. He was handsome and wasn’t like Jake.

- He borrowed me his laptop because I need to do an essay and I need the internet and his laptop is the only one in the house that has internet. – Kimberly explained.

- Hum ok, then. Good luck for your essay. – Kimberly didn’t bother to answer, she didn’t wanted to lose anymore time, she wanted to work on her essay in this free hour she had to have lunch.

Exactly an hour later, Eric walked in her room followed by Lisa, “It’s time to go to school, Kim. We’ll be late if you don’t turn off your laptop.”

“Ok, let me just finish writing one thing.” Kimberly answered never taking her stormy silver eyes from the laptop.

“That’s Jake’s laptop.” Eric noticed, “He borrowed you his laptop?”

“Yes.” Kimberly replied coldly.

“He usually doesn’t let anyone touch on his laptop. He loves his laptop.” Eric revealed and this time Kimberly turned to him, turning off the laptop and said, “Yeah well, this time he was with such a hurry to have sex with that bitch that he even borrowed me his laptop.” Kimberly sounded so much like a heartbroken girl, but she let no one read her hate.

“Let’s go, Lisa.” Kimberly grabbed her books again and walked out of her bedroom, walking towards the door. She turned around and said to Eric, “Don’t bother your brother; he’s having sex with the bitch.”

After that said; Lisa and Kim headed off to college. “What you think of Eric?”

“He’s nice.” Lisa replied in the passenger seat. “And yes, he’s different from Jake, less arrogant and cocky.” The blond girl laughed. “We talked the whole time about you and Jake. He thinks you like him.”

“Yeah, well I don’t.”

“I know, or at least I think I know. He also told something about you trying to seduce him at all costs and then, ending up getting hurt.” Lisa told Kimberly.

“Well, I won’t get hurt. That’s a promise.”

A promise Lisa would try hard not to forget.

In the afternoon classes, Kimberly really tried hard to focus and she succeeded in it, moving away Jake from her main thoughts. As she was walking up the stairs to go to her house, she was thinking now, on how would she manage to focus on her essay at the same time Jake was at her side helping her?

When she walked in the house, she heard no noise. “Eric?” She called. No answer. She walked to the living room and he wasn’t there. Maybe he had gone out a little bit since he had said lots of times that he was tired of being always inside and alone.


The gray eyed girl turned around and saw Jake at the end of the hall with just some jeans on. “If you’re still with her, don’t bother to help now.”

“No, I’m not with her. I arrived like 5 minutes ago.”

“Where’s your little girlfriend?” Kimberly asked, walking to her room.

“She went to her house to take a bath and change her clothes. And she’s not my girlfriend. You should already know that I don’t have girlfriends. I only have one night stands.” Jake revealed. He followed Kimberly into her bedroom and sat down at the edge of her bed, watching her taking off her jacket.

“Really? One night stands are just one night. You had sex with me like three times and more than I-have-no-idea-and-I-really-don’t-want-to-know times with Joanne.”

“You think you and Joanne are special?”

“No, I don’t think so.” Kimberly turned on Jake’s laptop and then she turned around and got closer to him. “Are you like those guys who like being in control when they have sex?”

“Hell yeah, baby.”

“Then, I’m special.” She laughed. “You wanna know why don’t ya? ’Cause in the three times we had sex, two of them I was in control.” She smiled nicely, not understanding that she made him shiver with that smile.

“Oh, come on. You’re basing yourself in worthless information.” Jake got, inches apart from Kimberly.

“No, I’m not, Jake.” She looked up and her eyes met Jake’s. “You know I’m special. I’m…” She paused and a second after, one of her hands was sliding down through his abs. “…special and that’s it.” She completed her sentenced and then she just turned around, sitting on her chair.

“What are you waiting? Go get a chair, Jake.”

Before he went to get a chair, he bent down and his lips got really close to Kimberly’s cheeks, said, “You’ll only be special in the moment you succeed in what you said you would do. Seduce me.”

Kimberly didn’t bother to answer. But feeling him breathe so close to her, and saying that so seductively, made her want to squeeze her against him. Oh, damned Jake. He made her hate him, and he made her want him. But he would never make her to like him.

“Ok, so what do you want me to do?” Jake said, already sat next and close to Kimberly.

“So, it’s like…” She put her hand on his leg, while explaining what she wanted to do in her essay. He glanced at her hand, but Kimberly didn’t tale it nor did she smile. She had made that on purpose.

“Yeah, and… what am I supposed to do here?”

“Oh, come on, Jake!” Kimberly said impatiently after spending some minutes explaining what the issue in her essay was.

“I know what the essay is about, but I don’t know why you want my help. Why don’t you go to the internet or something?”

"Because it was better if I had someone next to me, studying Pharmaceutical Sciences, so, therefore, that someone could also help me explain why they are related. For example, in what subjects of your course do you use Math and why?”

“That’s an easy one, baby.”

“Don’t call me baby. I so hate that nickname.”

“Why?” Jake asked, with his usual amused smile.

“Because I’m not one of your girls, because you treat any of your girls like that.” Kimberly explained him, and she tried hard to not just yell that she wanted him to treat her by Kimmy. Why? Kimberly didn’t know it; she just wanted him to call her that. At the same time she hated him, she wanted him to say she was the special one.

“I see.”

“You don’t see anything.” She put her eyes over him, “Not even if the girl of your life appeared right in front of you, you wouldn’t see it. You would just hurt her like you hurt any other girl.”

She approached his face, being just a few inches apart, “You think so?” His lips almost on hers, his eyes gazing at her in a hard way. But no, she would not fall for him.

“Yeah, I think so.” And she just turned her head around, not giving him what he wanted.

“Ok, then. Well, Math and Pharmaceutical Sciences are related because,” When Jake started saying that, his posture became different, like if he was in some business meeting, like a true president of a company speaking to some crowd, really serious, “In some subjects we really have to use Math in order to produce the certain quantity or amount of ingredients to a medicine.”

“What else?” She was writing down on the computer everything Jake was saying.

“And…” For almost an hour Jake kept talking for what he used Math in his course. Until, the door bell ranged and they both looked at each other.

“Open the door, you know it’s her.” Kimberly’s silver and glowing eyes became this stormy color. Jake had no smile when he got up to open the door for Joanne.

“Hello baby!” Kim heard Joanne from the hall, “What have you been doing? I missed you since I last saw you!”

“Babe, you saw me like an hour ago.” Jake said with a tired voice.

“Yeah, but I still miss you. Anyways, what are you doing?”

When Jake walked in Kimberly’s bedroom again was when he replied, “I was helping Kimberly with her essay.”

“That’s just it?” The brown haired girl asked.

“Yeah, just that, Joanne.” Jake took a really deep breath after answering to her question. He was getting tired of her, always over him and Kimberly could easily notice that.

“Do you want to stop?” Kimberly asked. She took one lock of hair from his green eyes before he answer, “No, don’t you have to deliver your essay in like three days?”

“Yeah, but don’t you want to be with your plastic girl?”

“What did you-”

“I want to help now.” Jake cut off Joanne’s words, “Your essay is more important.”

“You have got to be kidding me. You said I could meet you here? You said we would be together!” Joanne cried, “And now you’re going to help her?”

“Oh, please. Joanne. You can stay here if you want; I’m just going to help her.” Jake took his hand to his head like saying if he was saying he was getting tired of her.

“Great!” Kimberly said before Joanne could say anything else, “Where were we?”

They both heard Joanne muttering over something, but they didn’t even bother to ask what it was. They simply kept talking to each other and completely ignored Joanne. “And you like, have to know formulas in order to do the medicines?”

“Yeah, we can say that. Not many formulas, since we have to know more about microbes than formulas, but yeah, I even have a subject called Pharmaceutical Calculations and not to mention Pharmaceutical Care Labe where we do our experiences and of course learn more formulas.” Jake told Kimberly slowly and nicely so she could type it on slowly on the computer.

“I didn’t know you really had a subject that had almost only Math involved.”

“You don’t know a lot about me too.” He said, mocking her.

“You don’t tell me any.”

“You want me to tell you?” The way Jake said that, it reminded her a little bit about the tenderness he had talked to her on their last night of sex. The gentle way he had talked to her, the way he spoke the right words at the right time.

I’ll take care of you, baby. That sentence echoed in her inner thoughts.

“Someday, yeah.” She approached her face, “I would love to.” She offered him a smile. Not too big, not too small, not too happy, not too sad. Just the right one to make him fall and want more than just a simple smile.

“Maybe this week we-” Someone clearing its throat interrupted Jake. Joanne. Maybe this week? Was that what he wanted to say? Maybe this week they could what? Talk more? He wanted to be with her? Just with her so they could talk freely?

“I’m really getting tired of being here, I’m bored, Jake.”

“You know, go on, Jake. We’ll keep going after dinner or something, if you want.” Kimberly blinked her eye towards him, making Joanne see it. Jake smiled, but he did nothing else. He knew Kimberly was trying to seduce him, but still, he couldn’t help but to smile when she was kind of nice to him.

“Yeah, fine by me.”

After Jake and Joanne got out of her bedroom, Kimberly decided to study for an important exam of Functional Analyses that she was going to have tomorrow. She grabbed her notebook to do some exercises of the book she had already over her desk. But, when she started writing, someone interrupted her, “Hey there.”

“Hey Eric.” Kimberly replied without looking. She knew it was him. “Where have you been?”

“Around. I was sick of being here. My mum only comes back this weekend so…”

“Oh yeah.”

“I already told her me and Jake needed to speak with her. Anyways, what are you doing?” Eric asked, curious.

“Studying, I have another exam tomorrow. I have to study hard, I really have. My final examinations are coming. You know they are always in May. And we are almost at the end of April.” Kimberly reminded herself and Eric.

“I also have that, but I’m sure they will not be as hard as yours, since I do not have Applied Mathematics and I’m not in my final year of college like you and Jake. And talking about Jake, where is he?”

“He was here a while ago.” This time, Kimberly looked him in the eyes. “He was helping me with my essay. But the bitch appeared and she ruined all. You know, we really were working.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Eric, go away. I want to study and if you just want to be here to mess around with my head about Jake, please. Just leave.” Kimberly declared. “I’m sick of that, really.”

Without answering, Eric did what Kimberly wanted to. And with that, Kimberly only focused on her studies. This time, all of her results came out right. She did everything right and without any mistakes. She smiled to herself, an hour later, when she was called to have dinner, and she saw her notebook with the right formulas and the right results.

Kimberly wasn’t surprised when she saw Joanne on the table. Boy, she really was stalking Jake. She didn’t let him go for just a sec. Not even when they were doing Kim’s essay. She looked kind of obsessed with Jake or maybe she was just afraid that Kimberly could get Jake from her, but she didn’t know her plan, nor she knew Kimberly had had sex with Jake, right? Jake surely hadn’t told her that.

This time, Kimberly sat across Jake. The others simply didn’t matter. She didn’t care if she was next to Joanne or if Eric was next to her and would try to stop her from doing what she wanted.

Tom started serving the food, since this time it had been him the one to make the dinner. The next day would be Kimberly and she already knew she had to do a quick meal in order to have more time to do the essay.

When Kimberly grabbed her fork and the knife and started eating, her leg started moving around Jake’s legs, second by second, moving towards that part. But Jake understood what she was planning and locked her leg with his. Since Jake was strong and Kimberly was having dinner with them, she didn’t try to unlock her leg from his.

“You want to be a lawyer?” Eric asked, calling Kimberly to reality.

“Yeah, I like to be in court, attacking the other lawyer.” Joanne answered as she ate a little bit of meat.

Another goddamn lawyer, like if Damien hadn’t been enough, Joanne also had to be one. Maybe lawyers were going to be her enemies for life. Kimberly laughed at her thought.

“What are you laughing?” Eric asked and Kimberly answered, “Well, I had my share with lawyers. I really don’t like lawyers. They’re just some snobs who think they can do whatever they want just because they’re lawyers.”

“You dated a lawyer, Kim.” Sidney reminded Kimberly, “You dated with Damien.”

Both Eric and Jake looked at Kimberly, waiting for her to say something more, “But at that time, Damien was studying to become a lawyer. He wasn’t in his final year, but that didn’t matter. He hadn’t become one stupid, pervert, arrogant, aggressive-”

“That’s enough, Kim.” Eric stopped her. “I think that’s already enough bad adjectives for that Damien.”

“This Damien,” Jake started, “He was your last boyfriend?”


“For how long did you date him?”

“Two years.” Two years where she had been really happy, the best years of her life.

“So, he’s like your… actual ex boyfriend, right?”

Kimberly didn’t reply right away. Why was he doing all of those questions? “Yes, he’s my actual ex boyfriend. Why?”

Jake lowered his eyes and said, “Nothing, I’m just curious.”

“I wouldn’t be capable of dating a guy for two years!” Joanne said suddenly, “That would be so boring!”

“It would be boring if you didn’t like him.”

“Yeah, right. Did you like this Damien?”

“Of course. I loved him.” Kimberly revealed. “We just broke up… because my…” Both Sidney and Kimberly lowered their heads, not intentionally.

“Your…” Joanne was waiting for the answer, but it was so hard for Kimberly to repeat that again. She was tired of saying her parents had died, why wouldn’t people let that issue rest?

“How about some desert?” Jake said, cutting that mood. “You did some desert right, Tom? You always do!”

“Yeah, I made chocolate mousse!” Tom got up and went to the fridge. In the meanwhile, Jake put his hands beneath the table and smoothly passed his fingers though Kimberly’s foot. It felt good.

She closed her eyes for a second and enjoyed that little message she was receiving from Jake. God, he didn’t even seem that they had had a really big fight. That Kimberly was planning to seduce him and that he was planning on surviving to her plan.

“Thanks, but I don’t want any desert.” Joanne said and that made Kim open her eyes again. They were all looking at her.

“Why?” Jake asked, “Tom makes some really good deserts.”

“And that makes us get fat.”

“You gotta be kidding me.” Kimberly said laughing, “You’re like those girls that can’t eat any chocolate or any candy because you think you’ll get fat right away?”

“I don’t think that, I’m sure of it.” Joanne declared. “What, Jake?”

“Nothing, I just didn’t knew you were like that. You see, I like girls that eat everything, just like me.” Jake declared and the impact that he had on Joanne was amazing, “So that, if they one day become my girlfriends, I don’t want to be embarrassed when I go with them to a restaurant.”


“Look at Kimberly for example.” Jake pointed at her, letting go of her leg, “She eats every damn thing and she’s in great shape.”

“And that comes from a man who said some days ago that Kim was fat.”

“Oh yeah, I remember that.”

“Ok, give me the mousse.” Joanne said with a defeated-pissed off look. Tom placed the mousse in front of her, and they all saw Joanne looking at the mousse with a disgusted look, then she grabbed the spoon and started eating the mousse.

They all tried hard not to laugh of her, until she was finished with the mousse, “That wasn’t hard was it, Jo?”

Jo. He never called her Jo.

“No, it wasn’t.” She seemed like she was about to throw up. “Anyways, let’s go to your room, Jake.”

“I can’t. I have to help Kimberly with her essay. You can go or you can be bored again.” Jake declared as they all started to get up of their chairs, leaving Tom to clean the kitchen.

“Again? Can’t she make her own essay alone?”

“I could.” Kimberly said as she turned around to face the brown eyed girl, “But, if Jake is a centre of information for my essay, why can’t he help me? Right, Jake?” Without thinking, Kimberly leaned her head on Jake’s chest, but Jake stepped back. He had to step back. Not just because of Joanne, but because he wasn’t going to let Kimberly win.

“Let’s go. You can keep doing whatever you were doing before dinner, but I’m going to help her.” Jake said. He walked in her bedroom, followed by the two girls.

Kimberly was confused. Sometimes Jake would let her do what she wanted; sometimes he talked or touched her with tenderness like when they were having dinner. Sometimes he would just speak to her like if she was just some woman he could screw, sometimes he wouldn’t even let her touch him. Despite all this, if he was still pissed of about she used him, why was he helping her with the essay?

They both sat down in front of Jake’s laptop and continued to do Kim’s essay, letting Joanne behind them, read some magazine. Joanne really didn’t let him alone with her. But when Kimberly said she had to go to work, suddenly she became much happier.

“So, now you can spend time with me!”

Breaking her good mood, Jake replied, “No, now it’s my turn to do my essays and study for my finals.”

“You gotta be kidding me, Jake. You spent the whole time with her!” Joanne cried.

“Aren’t you tired of me? Because I’m getting tired of you, just a little bit.” Jake said sharply.

“Right.” Kimberly said between the two of them, “I’m going to work. We’ll talk tomorrow, Jake. Bye.”

“Yeah, bye, Jake. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Joanne said in a bad mood. Along with Kimberly she got out of the house, but on the contrary of Kimberly, Joanne was in a really bad mood.

“If you keep going like that, Jake will leave you.” Kimberly said, as if she didn’t want that.

“Yeah, like if you’re so worried about it.”

“Whatever.” They both got out of the building, “I’ll see you tomorrow. I’m sure.”

“You bet. I will not leave you alone with him.”

“Yeah, I don’t even live in the same house than him, you know.” Kimberly said sarcastically, laughing to herself. She really didn’t like Joanne.

“I know what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to get him. But you know, he doesn’t give a damn about you. He told me that himself during the weekend, so don’t bother yourself to try and ruin our relation.”

With that said they both followed separated ways.

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