Love Stripped

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Chapter 14

When Kimberly arrived from work, she really was tired. She sunk in her own bed with her clothes on. Not even her jacket was off her body. She felt her eyes tired, tired of spending every free time looking at a laptop’s monitor, due to the work she had completely forgotten.

Minutes after making an effort to not fell asleep, Kimberly got up and caught Jake leaning of the door frame, gazing at her, his arms crossed on his chest. He said nothing when Kimberly sighted him.

“I’m surprised. What do you want?”

“Nothing.” His green eyes had a question.

“Then what are you doing awake at this hour? Have you been waiting for me?” She got up calmly and took off her jacket.

“No. I just woke up about half an hour ago to go to the bathroom and I remembered that you were almost home, so I decided to wait for you.” Jake revealed and Kimberly tried to hide her winning smile. That was a start, he was kind of waiting for her.

“Oh, ok.” Kimberly didn’t blush when she took off her clothes in front of him, nor did he took his eyes off her or said something. Kimberly was turned around, but even like that, she knew Jake was deliciously looking at her hourglass figure. “Come on, you really want to ask me something, don’t you? I just can see it in your eyes. Come in, or Eric might wake up and start babbling over nothing.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked calmly, as he walked in her room and let Kimberly close the door.

“Nothing, forget it. Sometimes, your brother just babbles a lot, that’s just it. Now, forget Eric, and ask me whatever the question you have in your eyes.”

Uncrossing his arms, he finally asked, “Damien was the one, wasn’t it?”

For just a few seconds, Kimberly avoided his piercing dark green eyes, until she slowly spoke her answer, “It depends by what you mean with the one.”

“You know damn well what I mean.” He cut her breath and made her turn around. She rubbed her neck where it still had some small wounds. “That Damien guy was the ne who did that, wasn’t it?” Kimberly didn’t react thereupon. “I’ll take that as a yes. Why? Why did he do that, Kimmy?”

Calling her Kimmy, talking about Damien and reminding her of that night of sex, somehow hurt her. It reminded her of the way Damien had dug his nails on her neck, the way she and Jake had had sex afterwards and the way that he had pronounce her name gently like a sweet caress and right in the same morning that same tenderness disappear. If she didn’t like him, then why the hell did it hurt so much to remember that she couldn’t have him anymore?

“I don’t wanna talk about this, Jake. I’ve said it the other night and I say it now.”

“Damn, don’t be like that! That guy hurt you and you didn’t do anything?”

“Yes, I did something! So, don’t worry, I won’t be running back to you when I have some problem.” Kimberly replied right after, looking at him again.

“It was him… It was him, who made you go to bed with me in the first place.” That wasn’t a question, it was a statement. “What did he do to you in the first time?”

It hurt so much remember that afternoon at the cemetery. “That’s none of your business.” There it was again, the ice in her voice, clearing away Jake from her barriers. Then, like if nothing had happened, the heat came back to her voice, “Baby, it’s late, I want to sleep.”

Jake walked beside her and then said, “I’ll find out one day, Kimberly.” Don’t call me Kimberly. She wanted to say, but it would hurt her pride.

Kimberly lay down on her bed, before Jake left her bedroom. “Wait. Come here, I want to ask you something.” Jake walked towards her and waited for her to ask him what she wanted to.

“Bent down.”

Jake bent down and Kimberly whispered in his ear, “Is Joanne your girlfriend?”

He looked deeply into her gray eyes and replied with a smile, “No, I do not have girlfriends, they just cause headaches.”

“Great!” He saw a huge smile appearing in Kimberly’s face and then he heard her, “Then, there’s no problem if I… do this.” She gently placed her hand over his neck, pushed him and smoothly touched his lips.

In her mind she was laughing, she was winning, she was getting him. Although Jake kissed her back, the kiss only lasted less than half a minute, because Jake stepped back and said, “You’re not gonna win, Kimberly.” He turned around and walked out of her room, letting her fall asleep right away due to the tiredness her body was feeling.

After three hours of sleep, and half an hour preparing to go to school, Kimberly was already in her classroom, sat down on her usually seat with Lisa at her side. This time, she was paying attention, writing down everything she thought it was useful for her essay, exams and her yet to come finals. That day had been exhausting. Since she was almost at the end of her course, the teachers just seem to pour the subjects and its topics in a second into the students’ ears and heads. When she arrived home, she caught them all gathered in the living room, including Ben and Aiden. But this time, Joanne wasn’t there.

The living room was all dark, and they were all sat down. Eric, Tom, Sidney and Aiden were all cramped in the sofa, while Jake and Ben seemed to be comfortable lain down on the floor, over some blankets and pillows.

When Kimberly turned on the light, they all looked at her, and Tom immediately stopped the movie they were watching. “Hi.”

“Hey, Kim!” Ben said cheerful, giving her an inviting smile. “How are you?”

“Great. What are you watching?”

“Some horror movie, called ‘The Abandoned’. Wanna watch?” Jake said, not looking at her.

“No thanks. I’ve got an essay to do.”

“Oh, you need my help, right?” Jake suddenly asked, his piercing green eyes calling her.

“Yeah.” She simply answered.

“Sure, I’ll help you, right now. I’m sorry about the movie guys; I’ll watch it some other day, ok?” Jake got up, jumped over Ben and walked out of the living room, not even waiting for someone’s answer.

When he closed the door, Kimberly asked right away, “You missed me?” She walked towards him and smiled sweetly.

“Kind of. I was waiting for you. I was waiting for you to ask me for help. I was getting tired of that movie; it was being so fucking boring.” Jake replied, passing beside her, like if her smile hadn’t triggered something inside him.

“Where’s Joanne?”

“She had to study for an exam she’s going to have tomorrow. And she’s only studying because I said so. Otherwise she would be here again.” Jake sat down in front of his laptop.

“I don’t know how you can stand her.”

“That’s an easy one to answer.” Jake said, with a mocking smile, “I can stand you, right? So standing her, it’s easy.”

“Really? I think you’re disagreeing with yourself.” Kimberly had no smile now, while remembering what Joanne had said last night, “The bitch- I’m sorry, Joanne, said you couldn’t stand me.”

“She said what?” His tone was an aggressive one. “When?”

“Last night, when she got out of the house with me. I said if she kept on acting like that, that she would lose you and she just said that.”

All of a sudden, Jake forgot what Joanne had said about him and Kimberly, “You gave her an advice?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I advise her about your relation with her?” Kimberly made use of that little topic, “You don’t want me to advise her? I just wanted you and her to be-”

“Yeah, right. You can be a real bitch sometimes, Kimmy.”

“Don’t call me Kimmy, and why the hell am I a bitch?” Kimberly was actually kind of amazed since Jake had never called her a bitch.

“You say you want us to be ok, when behind her back and sometimes right in front of her, you try to make me fall for you. And don’t say it isn’t true and why can’t I call you Kimmy?” Jake asked, since he felt it was his turn to ask.

“Because… I don’t want to.” She got up, tossing her fiery hair. And then, she felt him getting up too, right behind her., almost touching her back. When she turned around, his eyes were a bright green fixed on her.

“Kimmy.” Jake repeated. “Kimmy.” He stepped towards her and Kim stepped back. Until she reached her bed and couldn’t step back anymore, unless she fell on her bed.

“Kiss me.” Kimberly commanded.

“I’m not that easy, Kimmy.”

“Kiss me.”

It seemed that someone had pushed both of them against each other. Because when Kimberly ordered him to kiss her, he kissed her violently in the sec after, and then they both fell over her bed. The desire consumed them so hard, that they both were already gasping so hard, but still, they didn’t stopped kissing, while Jake’s hands were again over her body.

It felt good. Damn, it felt really good, feeling him again all over her. Out of the blue, Kimberly rolled over him and she was now on the top. She pushed up his shirt and wildly licked and kissed him. If she paid more attention to some things she would see what type of guy Jake really was. He was screwing Joanne and yet he let Kimberly do what she was doing. But still, Joanne was not on their minds in that exact moment.

All of a sudden, Kimberly stopped. She got up and said, “We better stop.”

“Kimmy, they’re watching a movie, come on, don’t-” Jake stopped when he saw a smile cutting Kim’s face. “Oh no, baby. I’m not gonna beg you for more.” He straightened his shirt and also got up. “Let’s do the damned essay.” And without anymore more words, they did exactly that. Just one more bit… and he would be finished.

They both didn’t talk about what happened for the rest of the two hours that followed. They only spoke about the essay and nothing more. Jake had started to use again that cold gaze, but still, Kimberly wouldn’t give up that easily.

It was only when Ben, Aiden and Eric walked in Kimberly’s room that Jake started to smile again. “Dude, we have to go out on Saturday, you know that, right?” Ben said to Jake.

Jake nodded and answered, “Sure. But only us, I don’t want any girls or stupid jocks around my ass. Ok?”

“You mean only me, Aiden and you?” Ben said, as he sat down on Kimberly’s bed, not even asking for permission.

“No, you dumb ass. Me, you, Aiden, Eric, Tom, and Joanne and... If she wants,” That she was Kimberly. “She can come.”

“Kimberly?” Eric asked.

“No, stupid, my neighbor maybe.” Jake answered full of sarcasm.

“Calm down man. I didn’t know you were talking about her.”

“Great guys.” Kimberly said, interrupting their conversation, “Keep talking about me, like if I wasn’t in my own bedroom.” She got up, turned to Jake and said, “If you want we can keep doing the essay after dinner, you can be with them now.”

“Yeah, I think its best. Let’s go to my room, guys.”

“But wait, why are you going out on Saturday?” Kimberly asked when it was only Jake and Aiden left in her room.

“Because it’s Ja-”

“Because I want to.” Jake cut Aiden’s words. “Do I need to have a reason to go out?”

“No.” Kimberly replied in the same way than Jake. She noticed the way Aiden looked at Jake. Jake was hiding something and she knew it. Kimberly was decided to found out what it was, but now, she had to focus on her essay and on how could she make Jake kiss her again like before.

When she lay down on her bed, she thought. Kimberly liked what she was doing. Not in the bad way, she didn’t liked playing Jake… maybe a little, but the only thing she really liked was when he responded to her signs. She fucking liked when he had kissed her when she told him to. Kimberly had to admit, it wasn’t like she didn’t felt anything for him… he wasn’t indifferent when he passed beside her.

The gray eyed girl decided to get up and socialize with his friends. When she walked in his room, Aiden was lain down on Jake’s bed, Jake was sat down on a chair writing something and Eric and Ben were playing ps2. “I didn’t know you were the type of guy that liked to play those games.”

“Kim, what guy doesn’t have a ps2?” Eric said, not taking his eyes off the TV.

“Yeah, right. Do you have a girlfriend, Aiden?” Both Aiden and Jake looked at her in an intense way.

“No, he doesn’t have, why?” Jake answered for Aiden.

“I was just curious. I mean, you’re like handsome, you must have lots of girls around you, so why not date one?” Kimberly was trying to focus more on Aiden than on Jake.

“Because he’s like those guys that only date when they really like that person.” Jake replied for Aiden again.

“That’s good. You’re not like some guys that seem to like a girl when behind they’re sucking another one’s tongue.” Her eyes were fixed on Aiden.

When Jake was going to open his mouth to reply again, Aiden managed to cut him off, “I really like when you answer things for me, man.” The blond boy said sarcastically. “I may be a quiet guy, but I’m not that quiet.” He put his eyes back on Kimberly, “Who’s sucking another one’s tongue?” Aiden asked innocently, like if he really didn’t know who Kimberly was talking about.

“I was just giving you an example.”

“Ok. Then let me ask you now. You’re beautiful, why don’t you have a boyfriend? Or you have one that I don’t know?” Jake was now paying full attention.

“I do not have one.” She tried not to look at Jake’s disturbing eyes, “And why I don’t have one… I just don’t have. I’m like you.”

All of a sudden, they heard Jake smirk. “Why are you laughing?”

“Nothing, Kimberly. I just didn’t know you were like Aiden.”

Kimberly ignored Jake’s comment and asked to Ben and Aiden, “You guys are going to have dinner here?”

“No. I have to study.” Aiden answered first and then Ben said, “Me too. I may not be the type of study, but since the finals are almost here, I seriously need to really study. And since is almost time for dinner, I should go.”

“Yeah, me too.” Aiden said as he got up.

“And we should go to the kitchen. I’m sure Tom as already set the table.” Eric placed the ps2 remote over a small table and opened the door of Jake’s bedroom. They all got out of the basement and walked Ben and Aiden out of their house.

Then, since the table was already set and the dinner was done, Eric, Jake, Tom, Sidney and Kimberly sat down and started eating in silence. Suddenly that quietude was lost when Jake turned to Sid and asked, “Kimmy would you pass me the salt, please?”

“It’s Sid.” Sidney answered, her ocean blue eyes looking at him.

“That’s what I said.”

“You said Kimmy.”

“No, I didn’t.” Jake looked at the others and they were all looking at him. “I said Sid.”

“No Jake, you said Kimmy.” Tom supported Sidney. Kimberly didn’t spoke a word. It was the first time ever that Jake had said Kimmy in front of everyone.

“When someone says other one’s name instead of the person you’re trying to call, it means you’re thinking about that person.” Tom told Jake. For a second, Kimberly could swear that Jake had put his eyes on her.

“That’s bullshit. I don’t believe in that stuff-”

“You called her Kimmy.” Sidney interrupted Jake. The way she was looking at Jake, made him get uncomfortable.

“So what?” He tried to pretend that that was just nothing out of the ordinary.

"No one calls her Kimmy and you never treat her by any other name than Kimberly.”

“So what, Sid? Is that a crime?” Jake was getting tired of the way Sidney and Tom were looking at him. Like if they were suspicious about something.


“That’s enough, Sid.” Kimberly cut off coldly her sister’s words.

“I just think it’s weird. I mean, he never treats you by Kim and out of the blue he says Kimmy? Only dad called you Kimmy.” Sidney explained, like if the fact that Jake had said Kimmy had hurt her.

“I can’t call her Kimmy? Is that it, Sid? I mean, I call you Sid, right?” Jake said, attacking Sidney. But Sidney really had a serious look on her face. Kimberly didn’t know why her sister was acting so mad. Maybe she didn’t like other person to call her Kimmy, because their father was the only one that called her that.

“Calling her Kimmy is different than calling me Sid. Everyone treats us by Kim or Sid, but only my dad called her Kimmy. You can only call her Kimmy if you love her.”

Now Sid was pushing, “Sid, I said that is enough. That’s nonsense and you know it.” Sidney was really exaggerating about the name thing. “Now, keep quiet and keep eating.”

“That’s ok, Kimberly.”

Sidney seemed to cool down in the minutes after, but all of a sudden she asked Jake, “Do you like my sister?”

Everyone’s jaw dropped


“Not even Damien called her Kimmy. Because I remembered on my parents’ funeral, he had called her Kimmy and she seriously said for him not to call her Kimmy. That it hurt her, that only our father could call her that.” She put her eyes on Kimberly, extremely cold, just like Kimberly had them sometimes, “And it surprises me, that you, Kim, didn’t even looked surprised.”

Both Jake and Kimberly were speechless. Kimberly was looking at Sid and Jake was looking at Kimberly, and they only kept eating because Eric broke their eye contact, “Come on, guys. Let’s eat.”

This time, it was Eric’s turn to clean the kitchen. Sidney had gone to her room, Tom too, and Kimberly and Jake had gone to Kim’s room in order to keep doing her essay.

The atmosphere between them was heavy, due to the dinner’s conversation. But Jake couldn’t help but to say, “I can’t believe your sister freaked out because of that.”

“Forget it, Jake.” Kimberly said at the same she was typing on the laptop, trying to not think about what had happened during dinner.

“That’s why sometimes you would just freeze or made this hurt face or say ‘Don’t call me Kimmy.’” Jake grabbed her hands in order for Kim to stop writing. “Do I hurt you when I call you Kimmy?”

All of a sudden, Kimberly got up and lied, “No, Jake, you don’t.”

Jake also got up and said, “You’re lying.”

Kimberly didn’t know what to say. Damned Sidney, she didn’t had the right to say those things. It wasn’t like it hurt her a lot. Maybe in the beginning, it hurt her more, but now, she was used to Jake calling her Kimmy…

“I’m not.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Don’t. It’s not like it hurts that much, now.” She admitted. But now it was hurting her, now that Sidney had reminded her of that. She turned around slowly, trying to stop the tears from falling from her eyes. It made her feel so special every time her father called her Kimmy with such tenderness and care. But now that tenderness and care were gone. “I-I’m already used to y-you calling me K-Kimmy.” She couldn’t help, the tears started to fall down her face. God, she missed them so much now that she had them in her mind again.

“Oh, don’t cry…” Jake didn’t know what to do. He didn’t know if he would hug her or just place his hand on her shoulder. The only thing he knew was that he didn’t like seeing her cry.

“It’s ok.” Kimberly said, pretending it was everything fine. She cleaned her tears and tried to smile and laugh but her eyes betrayed her, because they kept being filled with tears that kept rolling down her face.

Jake couldn’t help. He put his arms around her and warmed her up with the heat of his body. Then, he said slowly, “I’ll never call you Kimmy again, if… if you want.” Kimberly might want that, but Jake didn’t. He liked calling her Kimmy, because like Tom had asked him once, she was becoming different from the others.

Her head rested in his strong chest, protecting her. Later, Kimberly revealed, “No. like I said I’m already used to you calling me Kimmy.” She lifted her head and looked at him. Her eyes were shining, “I like when you call me Kimmy.”

He offered her a small smile and wiped off her tears. Jake wasn’t expecting that answer. “Great.” He declared openly, “Because I like calling you Kimmy.”

That earned him a smile.

Suddenly, the door opened and Eric came in.

Jake let go of Kimberly and the gray eyed girl cleaned her face, “What do you want Eric?” She tried not to sound too nervous.

“I was just going to call Jake. Joanne is calling him on the phone.” Eric said without looking at Jake. Anger started to grow in Kimberly’s heart. Why did the bitch have to call him now? And why did Eric have to walk in the room in that same moment?

“Sure, I’ll…” He turned to Kimberly. He didn’t know what to say, “I’ll… call her right now…” Clumsy, Jake passed beside Eric without looking at Kimberly once. When Eric was sure that Jake had closed the door of the basement to talk with Joanne, he closed the door of Kimberly’s room.

Before he could say anything, Kimberly said first, “Don’t say anything, Eric.”

“Why were you crying?”

“Nothing that matters to you.” She said arrogantly.

“Did he say or did something to you?” Eric was not getting anything. He had caught them hugged and had noticed that Kimberly had been crying. But why, he had no idea. “I knew you were going to get hurt.”

“No, Eric, forget what you saw.”

“That was part of your plan?”


“Then why the hell were you crying?” Before Kimberly could reply to Eric, Jake came back.

“Am I interrupting something?” Jake looked at Eric, a question hanging in his green, dark eyes.

“No, you’re not.” Kimberly answered, “Eric was just going to leave my room and leave us working on my essay peacefully.”

Without any word to say, Eric left her room, closing the door violently. Jake looked back at Kimberly and asked, “Did he ask something?”


Jake walked towards her and lifted her head, “He’s suspicious isn’t he? I know it; he’s been trying to know what has been happening between us.”

“And what has been happening to us?”

“What has been happening… is that… you’re trying to get me.” Amazingly, he smiled to that. Not an arrogant and cocky smile, but surprisingly, a nice one.

“And… Am I getting you?” Kimberly asked, trying to know the truth. Trying to know if Jake was slowly walking towards her, close to call her name when she would want him to call her.

“No, you’re not.” The arrogance had come back, “No one can get me.”

“We’ll see about that.” Kimberly said as she and Jake sat down again, not forgetting what Jake had mentioned early about her name. That he liked calling her Kimmy. She would never forget that.

When Kimberly was about to head off to work, she asked, “What did Joanne want?”

“Baby, you have nothing to do with that.”

“You know… you look just like those guys that don’t let girls do whatever they want with them, but then again… you let Joanne do whatever she damn wants with you. She says she wants to be here, you let her, expect for today, she cries for something and you go after her, she calls, you call back right after… didn’t know you were like that.”

“I’m not like that, believe me.”

“Then why do you let her act like that?”

“You tell me.” Kimberly did not understand Jake’s answer, but Jake didn’t try to explain it either.

“You may look that type of guy… but you might not be that type of guy.” Kimberly paused and gazed at him, while opening the door in order to leave the house to go to work, “Then again, I don’t know you at all.” With that said, Kimberly left the house.

The work that night had been quiet. Since they were in the middle of the week, the bar wasn’t that full. But everybody noticed that something was wrong with Kimberly. But no one dared to ask. That night, Jake wasn’t waiting for her.

After she get undressed and put on a t-shirt and some shorts, Kimberly decided to go to his room. She didn’t care if she was being a pain in the ass; she really just wanted to see him. Why? Not even she knew.

When she walked in the basement, Jake was lay down on his bed, with his back turned up, his arms underneath the pillow and his head resting on that same pillow. The TV was on, so Kimberly was sure that Jake had fallen asleep while watching TV. She looked at him with her mysterious gray eyes.

Jake looked so calm and quiet. He didn’t seem like him, because he didn’t had that hard expression or that amused smile, ready to make fun of her. He looked like a kid, quietly sleeping on his bed.

She sat down at his side and took off his hair from his eyes. He didn’t look like he was ready to say something hard to her. And Kimberly didn’t even know why she was feeling something different, while looking at him. She was crossing her own limits.

Kimberly never wanted to fell in love now. Not until she had a real job, and was not a stripper anymore. She wasn’t falling in love with Jake; he simply made her feel something different. If he had known that, oh how he would make fun of her and would hurt her. She knew the kind of guy that Jake was. He could never fall in love with a girl. He would never fall in love with girl. And she would never fall in love with him. She was ready to get out of his house in the same second when she would be sure she had a new job that would gave a new house.

While lost in her thoughts, Jake had woken up. “Kimmy? What are you doing here?” He hadn’t moved from his position, but he had now his eyes opened and gazing at her.

“I... I just-”

“You came here to see me?”

“No, I-”

“My mum used to do that to me and Eric.” Jake cut off Kimberly’s words for the second time. Kimberly thought that that was the first time that Jake talked about his past moments. “She would appear during the night, sat down at our side and would look at us, in a sweet and worried way.”

“You miss her?” Kimberly dared to ask.

“Who doesn’t miss their mum?” Jake yawned.

“You’re right. Then... Why did you get out of her house?”

“If I hadn’t gotten out of her house, you wouldn’t have met me, Kimmy. I wouldn’t have met you and I wouldn’t have spent those nights with you.”

Kimberly couldn’t help but to smile. But still, she wanted to know why he had left his mother’s house. “You didn’t reply to me.”

“I don’t need to. Its something you don’t need to know, baby.”

“But I would like to know.” Kimberly said and then she felt Jake’s arm pushing her, and making her lay down by his side. He had his eyes closed while answering to Kimberly. “I would love to know more things about you.”

She didn’t move. What the hell was happening to her? Sometimes she just wanted him to want her and yell for her, but sometimes, like this time, she just wanted to forget everything and feel him close to her, without thinking on her damned plan. He pushed her to him.

“Yeah, I would love to know more things about you too, Kimmy.” He yawned again. “Now, shh, let’s sleep.”

Kimberly was sure that Jake had only been nice to her, due to the fact that he was really sleepy. But still, Kimberly didn’t want to get up and because of that, she fell asleep in Jake’s arms, and had never felt safer.

The alarm clock didn’t wake them up. Nor Eric or Sidney woke them up. And when it was only half past ten, it was when Jake woke up. He looked at his side, and saw Kimberly crouched, right at his side. He wasn’t surprised, because their conversation appeared on his mind. She was one hell of a hot girl. He didn’t want to get up, so he didn’t get up. He simple leaned more against Kimberly’s body, and his face was right in front of Kimberly’s, their noses inches apart.

He softly caressed her cheeks with his finger. She had a soft skin. And really slowly, he saw her opening her eyes, and he got a glimpse of the gray color.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning.” Kimberly replied back at the same time she was yawning. “I-I’m sorry I came here last night, I didn’t mean to fell asleep in your arms, I-I mean, in your bed...” Although she tried to apologize for that situation, she didn’t bother to get up. She didn’t want to get up.

“It’s ok. I know I was the one who pulled you to my bed.” He admitted without any problem. “It’s so weird,” Jake started, “The fact that sometimes we just can’t look at each other, but then again… you’re here in my bed.”

Kimberly smiled, and closed her eyes again, feeling Jake’s finger on her face. “What time is it?”

“I have no idea. It must be early; I haven’t heard a noise yet.”

“We should get up, then.”

“No, just a sec, Kimmy. I don’t feel like getting up right now. I like to feel you close to me.”

“Careful, Jake.” Kimberly warned him, “You’re asking what I want you to ask. You’re saying I what you to say. And you don’t want that, right?”

“Don’t ruin the mood, baby.” Jake sat down and looked towards Kimberly, “You have your night off today, right?”

“Right, why? How do you know?” Kimberly also sat down and didn’t make an effort to avoid his penetrating green eyes.

“I’ve been counting the days. I know you have your night off on Saturday, too.” Jake revealed. Then, Kimberly remembered that Bob was supposed to change her nights off this weekend. But she didn’t care right now. “Anyways, you have to deliver your essay tomorrow, right?”

“Oh yeah…” Tomorrow was Friday. She had to finish the essay today, or she would be fucked. She couldn’t screw things now that this was her final year. “We have to finish the essay today.”


“Come on, Jake. You know you have to help me. And so far, your help has been great. I don’t want to lose it.” After she said that, she offered him a smile.

“Ok.” He smiled back, “I have an idea… we could make them have dinner out and we could finish the essay quietly, without anyone to disturb us.”

“What about Joanne?” That idea sounded great, actually. She wouldn’t have Sidney or Eric to bother them, since Tom never bothered her at all. And she would be alone with him. Was that his idea?

“Don’t worry about her.” After, Jake decided to get up. Kimberly also decided to get up, only that she got up very slowly, since she was feeling very lazy. Suddenly, she heard Jake saying, “Shit.” He quickly turned around to say, “It’s almost eleven.”

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.”

“I’m not.”

“Oh my fucking god!” She said louder, “Sid!! College! I’m so fucked!” Kimberly walked towards the door and walked out with Jake following her. When they were going to the kitchen, they heard a voice from the living room, “I was wondering when you two would decide to get up from bed.”

They looked at their right side and saw Eric calmly looking at them.

“Eric, I-”

“You don’t need to explain anything to me, nor you, Kim. Just hurry up and go to college.”

They were both speechless and without one word to say to each other, Kimberly and Jake prepared themselves to go to college, doing what Eric had told them to. Shit, Eric had caught them. And god knows what Jake was thinking right now. Kimberly knew Jake didn’t want his brother to find out about anything. But before Kimberly head off to college, she asked to Eric, “Sidney asked something?”

“Yes.” His reply was cold, “But I said you must have gotten up earlier, and I faked that you needed to go to school earlier because of something related to the essay. I said to her to not make any questions about that to you, since you were already stressed about this essay. She said it was ok, but at least you could have warned her. Don’t worry, Tom took her to school.”

Suddenly, Jake appeared behind Kimberly and asked, “You already knew she was with me.” That wasn’t a question.

“That’s not hard to figure out for someone that notices everyday, the way you both look at each other.” Eric’s answers were being so cold. Kimberly had no idea why he was acting like that.

“You’re saying you’re always looking at us?”

“Since I’ve been here, it’s not hard to figure that out. It was enough for me to catch you two with those secret conversations, to understand that something was going on.” Eric didn’t even look at Kimberly.

“And what is going on, Eric?”

Eric didn’t answer.

“I thought so. You don’t know anything, Eric. Since always that you don’t know anything. You don’t do anything to solve what’s hurting you or what’s bothering you. Grow up, Eric. Find something to do other than spy on other people’s life, like mine.”

Suddenly, Eric got up and yelled, “And you stop being so self-absorbed! You were the one who didn’t do anything! At least I stayed with mom, even when I knew he wasn’t that good! But no! You don’t care about other people’s well being! You just care about yourself!”

“At least I can solve my problems! I’m not like you that sit down when something is hurting you! At least I try to change what’s bothering me! If I didn’t fucking like him, why would I stay there, watching him every day, every night, sucking on our mom’s money? You fucking know damn well that I tried to talk to her!” Jake yelled back, losing control.

“Yeah, like a 5 minutes’ talk! That was a hell of a great talk, Jake!”

“Just fucking shut up! You don’t know what we fucking talked!” Jake walked towards his own brother, ready to do something out of control.

Kimberly walked between them two and said, “Come on, guys. Stop that.”

But Jake didn’t seem to hear her, “You don’t know what she said to me! You don’t know why I got out of there! You think it was only because of him? Well, you’re fucking wrong!”

Jake pushed Kimberly out of his way, ready to raise his arm and do something, when Kimberly said, “Jake, stop. He’s your brother.” That seemed to stop Jake’s fist from hitting his bother’s face due to the anger that boiled inside Jake.

“I don’t know why I fucking let you stay in my house.” Jake turned around and walked out of the house.

Kimberly was looking at Eric. She was about to say something, when Eric stopped her, “Aren’t you going to run after him? After all, you’re anxious to seem him calling your name, aren’t you? You’re anxious for him to beg you for sex, to fucking screw you.” She slapped him.

“I don’t know why the hell I thought Jake could be so much better if he could be like you.” She turned around and ran after Jake. She still didn’t believed what Eric had said. Kimberly surely wasn’t expecting Eric was capable of saying something like that.

“Jake!” Kimberly yelled, already outside the building, “JAKE!” He was already inside his car, but he hadn’t started it yet. He had a blank gaze that quickly disappeared when he sighted Kimberly running in his direction.

She walked in his car and asked, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Kimberly.”

“If you’re calling me Kimberly, that’s because you’re not ok.” She tried to smile towards him. Jake didn’t smile, but at least he looked at her.

“I’m ok, Kimmy.”

“I… I ah… never thought your brother could yell to you just like that. And I didn’t know… you were almost to hit your own brother.” Kimberly said, as she remembered the slap she gave Eric. He had no right to say those things.

“He’s been acting so fucking weird!”

“Why do you say that?”

“A little bit after he spent his first days here, he just started to act coldly towards me. Like if I had done something wrong! I don’t even know why he’s been acting like that! He rarely talks to me! And the fact that he’s been suspicious about us just makes me… Err!” He punched his seat, “He has nothing to do with us! What happens between me and you is between me and you! If we have sex or not, it’s none of his business! If we sleep together or not, he has nothing to do with it!”

“Calm down, Jake.”

“In addition, he talks about the talk I had with my mother like if he even knew what she said to me!” Jake lowered his head, “You know what? We should go to college. At least that keeps our minds full.”

“I’m not sure if I can say the same.” Kimberly said too loud. It was true. For how more she wanted to concentrate and pay attention to the class, she couldn’t. It was enough for her to think about Jake, that all of her attention disappeared in one second.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. Well, I’ll see you later.” Kimberly was ready to leave his car, when he put his hand over her leg and said, “Wait.”

“Jake I have to go, I’m already late.”

“No, Kimmy. Let’s spend this day away from everyone.” That made Kimberly’s jaw dropped. What the hell was he saying?

“You’re kidding me, right?”

“No, I’m not.”

“You know what I’ve been trying to do with you, and still you want to spend this day with me, away from everyone else?” That had really surprised Kimberly, she wasn’t waiting for this.

“I’m strong, I know I can resist to your assets and attempts to get me.” He smiled calmly. “Come on; don’t say you don’t want to spend a day away from everyone. No one would know. And we would have the entire day to finish your essay and… get to know each other.” That ‘get to know each other’ didn’t sounded pervert at all. It seemed to Kimberly that Jake had really meant that.

It was dangerous to spend the day alone with Jake. Kimberly didn’t know what to say. She wanted that, no doubt, but it seemed that she was afraid of something. Besides, she just couldn’t miss college just like that.

“You don’t need to be afraid of me, Kimmy. We would be back after dinner. We could say you were at Lisa’s and I was at Joanne’s or at Ben’s house. What do you think? Come on, baby. I know you want it.”

That idea sounded crazy, but Kimberly couldn’t deny it. It was a hell of a great idea. “What about the essay? I don’t have the laptop here.”

“Baby, we can solve that. I can go back there and grab my laptop.”

“What about Eric?” She asked worried, “Are you sure he’s not gonna start another fight just like that?”

“No, because I’ll be out of the house in a second. So, wait here.” Jake replied. And then, he got out of his car and walked toward the building were they lived. Kimberly didn’t move to go after him and say that this idea was crazy. It could be. But she wanted it. She could get to know him better and she could grab this opportunity to finish everything with Jake and make him learn a lesson. Yes, Kimberly would go with him. She had nothing to lose, only to win. The only thing that really stopped her it was her sister and college… She could just say something to Sidney… but college… Well, she hadn’t missed a lot of times… ok, well, she barely had missed college. So, there wasn’t anything wrong in missing just this day, right? Right.

Jake took longer than Kimberly was expecting him to. When he was back, he had his laptop and a backpack with him. He didn’t say what the backpack was for; he only put it on the backseat and didn’t talk about it.

“I have another question. Where the hell do you want to go? I mean, you want to spend the entire day where? On some restaurant doing the essay? Restaurants don’t even have internet and-”

“Kimmy, don’t worry about that. I know of an excellent place for us to go.”

“What place is that?”

“A Spanish hotel called Paraíso Español.” Although Eric was the one who dealt with the languages, Jake had a good Spanish accent. But when he said the name of the hotel, Kimberly forgot that. Paraíso Español was one of the best and more expensive hotels in town. Jake was certainly playing with her.

“You gotta be fucking kidding. You’re going to spent almost a thousand dollars just for the room today? Not to mention the food and the room service and-” She seemed to be stressing.

“Kimmy, don’t worry about that. I’m the one who’s paying, so you have nothing to worry about.”

“But, I-”

“I’m serious. Let’s forget the money. Money is no problem here. Let’s just focus on us and on your essay, ok?”

Kimberly was speechless. She had no idea how could that day be spent fine in the company of Jake, alone in a room, in one of the most expensive hotels she knew. Not to mention, that she really needed to do the essay, since she had to deliver the essay tomorrow. Kimberly couldn’t believe in this. She remembered the past days, when Jake had spoken to her arrogantly and in such a cocky way that she just wanted to strangle him. Not to mention that the night after they had had sex, he had Joanne with him. But… she also remembered the moments when Jake seemed to forget his cocky manners and had acted nice with her.

While lost in her thoughts, Kimberly hadn’t noticed that Jake had already started the car and was heading off to the hotel, ready to spend the day just with her.

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